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9-6-02: (1:53 am CST) I've found the brain power to start writing up the recs. There is a huge pile of them in a bunch of different fandoms. I've managed to make a nice little dent in them. I didn't realize there were so many of them until I started looking through them. Fooling my ownself I have managed to find close to a dozen Smallville fics I wanted to rec. Some old ones I decided I really did want to rec and some new ones I came across and really enjoyed. Please forgive me for the MPREG fics that snuck in among the SV recs. All but one of them the MPREGs snuck in at the end of the stories and by then I liked the story so much that I decided to overlook it. The other one I'll explain why I decided to rec it in the actual rec itself. Don't think badly of me. I don't rec them very often. You know I don't.

I just found out today that Witchblade was fucking canceled. No one really knows why. The ratings were good and it was like TNT's baby. Here's a story about it from over at the Comics Continuum. I didn't even think about them canceling it really. Not with how good it's been doing. That totally sucks. I loved the character of Sara Pezzini. She was tough, strong, and feminine all at the same time. Now I'm a little depressed about it. Was planning on mentioning some shit about the cliffhangers in this season's finale. Wondering what will happen next. What's the point now.

Callum Keith Rennie was on The Dead Zone a week or so ago. I didn't see the ep in the first running. I caught it when they reran it a couple of hours later. I was completely shocked. I had heard nothing at all about him being in it. I hoped on the net to check my e-mail to see if anyone else on the DS mailing lists I'm on were as shocked as I was. Most were. He did not play a nice character. More like an abusive, psycho, stalking mother fucker you'd cross the street to avoid. Ugh! I recorded it anyway, just because I'm such a CKR slut. He cut his hair short again. I'm not sure if I like it or not. The last one, the longer look, took some getting used to. I'd just started liking it. Guess I'll have to get used to the short look again. Either way I'm cool with it. Just as long as he doesn't go back to that really long shaggy look he had years ago. That so didn't work for him.

I thought that showed filmed in Canada, but I wasn't sure. I knew Witchblade did. I was wondering when Callum was going to be on one of them. Won't get a chance to be on Witchblade now. I was really hoping he would, but oh well.

Watched the Behind the Music thing on Aerosmith again tonight. Still, successful in resisting the RPS urge. Yah, me! It's a concentrated effort, trust me. I am being vigilant.


9-5-02:(2:11 am CST) It's been a while I know. Been a busy couple of weeks. The kind that make me want to pull my hair out in utter frustration. I really don't want to go into it.

During that time there was sort of a lull where not to many fics were coming into my favorite fandoms. So I kind of gave in to the lure of Alan Rickman and started reading Harry Potter slash. Don't look at me like that. I read enough that I was able to pull together enough for a whole page of recs for the next update and then I seemed to snap out of it. I mean Alan Rickman is just so Guh! from the pics I've seen of him as Severus Snape. Now I'm going to have to rent that damn movie. I just know it.

Thanks to seeing Dogma I'm probably going to have to rent Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back eventually too. AR plays Metatron in Dogma, loved him in that. I know he isn't in the next one, but Jay and Bob are just so damn slashy. I could never see it until Dogma, thanks to that movie there will be a couple of J/SB recs next time around too. The Askewinverse is one rec shy of getting it's own page now on my site. I have so many recs piled up and just not enough time to sit down and get them written up. Nor enough brain power to spare.

I'm damning VH1's Behind the Music specials right now. I just saw the one on Aerosmith, my second favorite band ever. (The first being The Doors, all hail Jim!) Damn, thing confirmed the suspicion I've had for years that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have a thing for one another. I've never cared one whit for a boy band in my life, so I have no interest in BBS. Aerosmith, however, I have loved since I was 13. I am morally opposed to RPS. So I'm sitting here nearly stripping a mental gear in an attempt to keep my brain from going there. I will not do it. I swear.

No matter how much evidence there was. No matter how many times various people in the band and who have worked with them described the sexual tension between Joe and Steven or wondered if they were in love with each other. Even Steven saying how much he hated Joe's first wife with a passion because she took Joe's attention away from him. I am going to ignore the fact that Steven said he married a chick just because she and Joe's 1st wife couldn't stand one another. I will ignore how Steven nearly broke down and cried in an interview around the time Joe left, where he was trying to talk about. (He was drugged out of his skull so I'll attribute part of it to that.) No matter how many times everyone mentioned how heartbroken Steven was when Joe left, how it nearly destroyed him. I am going to chock a snippet of conversation I heard where Steven was talking about a fight he had with Joe; where he yelled at Joe asking basically (and I'm paraphrasing here, I couldn't remember the entire thing, I was to shocked) why he didn't love him and wasn't turned on by him as misinterpretation on my part. I didn't hear it all, so I could be taking it totally out of context. I am going to ignore that and all the other comments. Completely.

Boy bands. Could never and would never hold a candle to the slashability of these guys slash. The Toxic Twin. The angst twins. Steven so wanted Joe to nail his ass. <sigh> I will not go there. (My Mantra.) My head hurts. Going to have to record that episode when it repeats tomorrow night.


8-3-02:(12:40 am CST) Weirdness of Marriage viewed from the sidelines. (Since I've never been married. Though married women always say I'm bitter enough all on my own about men to have been divorced a couple of times.) My mom and step-dad are having marital troubles. Just read some of the shit below. Anyway, my mom was talking on the phone to my grandmother tonight about it. My mom says that whether get divorced or she just out lives the step-rent she's never getting married again. No more husbands.

My grandmother has said before that she never is going to either. My grandmother is like in her 70's, but looks like she's in her late 40's. She a very pretty woman, no plastic surgery. (We're poor folks, we don't have those kind of bucks. Even if we did. Yuck and Ouch!) She could get another man if she wants, but she doesn't want. She and my grandfather were married for close to 45 years before he died. Not all of them were good. He was a manic-depressive paranoid schizophrenic. Mostly he was able to manage it with meds, but in the last decade of his life nothing worked to balance him anymore. She's had enough. She says it would be nice to have a man to go to lunch with sometimes and talk to, but she doesn't want to get married again.

I don't know how many women I've talked to who have been turned off marriage by being married themselves. Even my sister who's in her 30's is bitter about it. She wants to throttle her bastard of a husband most of the time. The consensus among bitter divorcee's and bitter still married women seems to be that alone is better. Weird. Mostly, I don't hate being single.

Ok, moving onto more fannish things. There's this gen fic I've been reading. Yes, I know gen. Leave me be. I've found very little good slash lately, I'm desperate. It's called When Hellmouth's Collide by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wilson. It's a Hercules:TLJ/Xena/Buffy X-Over that actually works. Don't ask me how, but it does. It actually makes sense in a way. It's also damn funny. I've been reading it for the last two days. There have been times I literally just had to stop reading I was laughing so damn hard. A few of those moments involved Herc wondering how much of a Bride Price he's have to pay Giles for Buffy. Iolaus is rather smitten by her you see. I may have to rec the damn thing. I probably won't be able to resist.

Speaking of recs. I have a nice little collection of stories gathered. So I'll probably be doing an update soon. I'm going to try and work on some of it tonight.

I'm watching Brimstone. I think this is the first episode. It looks like it. Yep, JG just mentioned it was Ezekiel's first day on the job, so I guess so. Cool. I've never seen the first ep before. Mmmm...John Glover.

Speaking of Mmm...moments. My favorite local video store had a copy of Torso on sale. I rented it a while back. It's a crappy movie, but Callum looks gorgeous in it and naturally does a fine job acting wise. So I couldn't resist it. I'm waiting for a copy of Slap Shots 2 to come on sale too. Not the best character he ever played in that, but he still looks fabulous in it. So I want a copy of it, as well.

Law & Order. I've been watching reruns of all the shows this summer. I was never really into them so all the eps are new to me. I've been watching the original show, SVU, and Criminal Intent. It's been a big L&O fest for me this summer. Watching reruns on various different networks. Playing spot the guys who have been on Oz before. Man, there are a lot of them. TF just reuses actors like crazy.

Dune. Yes, I'm still going on about that. I think I'm becoming a weird fangirl about it. Oh look. They have an official Dune Novels website. I'm so sad. I liked Leto so damn much that I had to go out and buy the two Dune prequels co-written by Frank Herbert's son. Leto is alive in those. I couldn't help it. I really liked him. Big, hot, poor, doomed Alpha dog that he was in the book. So I gave in and now I have all of the Dune books. (Oooh, looks like there is a new one that's going to come out soon. Heck, a whole series of them. Tee Hee! Sad, I tell you. Fangirl. How did that happen?)

I watched the Sci-Fi channel version of the Dune movie the other night. It was worse than I feared. When they first announced that movie and I started seeing the previews I knew I didn't want to see it. I know why now. I really don't know where to begin.

I knew William Hurt would be dull, the man always is. No shock there. I didn't expect everyone else to be ten times duller than he was. I didn't think it was possible. The guy playing Paul was whiny and petulant. Pouting and stomping his feet around the set like a spoiled brat. Paul is only 15 when the story begins, but he's constantly referred to as a man/child. The other characters often mention how mature he is. That he has such a grasp of the adult political matters he's sitting in on. He's not some whining brat. That was just the first fuck up. The other actors fluctuated somewhere between boring and overacting. There seemed no middle ground. No room for subtlety. Leto's death scene was just comical. WH looked like someone miming a death scene. He looked goofy. I nearly laughed.

The clothing, ship models,  and the sets. Dear lord it all looked like some kind of rejects/knock-offs from Star Wars. The stuff they didn't use because it just looked to cheap and goofy. Some of the outfits were blinding in their color scheme. Paul's outfits frequently looked like a jedi uniform. Can you say trying to cash in on the new Star Wars movies? That just made it lame. It was such a blatant rip off I was rolling my eyes at it.

I'm not sure who to blame for the choppy editing/pacing of the movie. The director or the editor. Probably both are to blame. They included small blocks of dialogue straight from the book. Without backing it up with the rest of the scene, or the ones before and after it that really gave it meaning. There is one pivotal scene where you come to realize that Leto is a truly good man and begin to mourn that he's going to die. You know he will and you feel for him. They gave that damn scene to Jessica. It's wasn't a scene to explain her, it was one to give him depth. The whole movie was just horrendous. I can't believe some people praised that thing. David Lynch's version may not have stuck completely with the book, but it at least kept he tone of the piece. I like DL's version much better.

I couldn't even watch the whole movie. As soon as Princess Irulan showed up for no apparent reason way to early in the movie I turned it off. She doesn't show up until the end of the book and then only minimally. She appears more in later books. We do see quotes from various things she will write about Paul and his family one day at the beginning of each chapter. Still, we don't see her until the end. When Paul marries her for political reasons. When she showed up all of a sudden I was wondering if they were going to be combining Irulan and Chani. I found I didn't care and turned the damn thing off.  I honestly can't believe how much that movie sucked. More than I ever thought it would. For reasons I never guessed.

Oh, the first Lord of the Rings movie is coming out on video and DVD next week. I'm going to have to pick up a copy. I just loved that movie. I sat there stunned by how beautiful it was. I can't wait until the next one comes out at the end of the year.


7-28-02:(12:25 am CST) First off let me just say that "Yay! Those miners are alive." I can't believe it. Those 9 workers who were trapped in that mine in Pennsylvania are all alive. So far they have pulled the second one out. I didn't think they would find any of them alive. They finally made it to them and they are all ok. That is so amazing. They have been down there for nearly 4 days. That's a bit of uplifting news. (I looked back up from writing some more of the post and they've rescued 3 of the men now. Make that 4 miners rescued since I started writing this.)

On to more trivial things, now that I've gotten the other shit off my chest in the last post. There will be some *Spoilers* here for last week's ep of The Dead Zone so beware of that.

One thing I didn't get about last week's ep. We found out Johnny's mother killed herself. Did they never tell her about her grandson? I mean that would be one reason to keep her going. Knowing that a part of her son lived on. Wanting to share some of her memories of Johnny with him.

How damn fast did his ex Sarah get remarried? She knew that she was pregnant. She didn't think it might bring Johnny's mother some comfort to know she had a grandchild? I can't see Sarah deciding not to tell her. She sure as shit told Johnny about him pretty quickly. Sprung that news on him as soon as possible. Wanted the boy to meet him, for Johnny to be a part of their lives. I can't see her not telling his mother. That's just to cruel. From what little we know of Johnny's mother, just from the fact that she loved him so, I think she would have fought to see her grandchild. Going to court to see him if need be. If she was willing to kill herself over the loss of her son, I'd say she was willing to live to see her grandson grow up. That would fuck with the whole plot about the kid not knowing Johnny is his real dad, though. Which lost all coherency with this little plot point here.

One reason I don't see any of this is that Sarah still had contact with his family. When his mother died she was notified. She was listed as one of the emergency contacts to call if there was any change in Johnny's condition. She still had connections to him. So that makes no sense. His mother wouldn't have seen the kid and suspected something? Sarah named him Johnny for goodness sakes. Big honking clue right there. So still not making sense.

The whole Reverend Purdy is an evil man plot was just a ruse. I figured that from the start. He didn't kill her, he covered up her suicide to protect her good name. The whole thing about Johnny's mother committing suicide was just so Johnny could say the right thing and prevent another mother who lost her son from killing herself anyway. It just didn't make sense in the long run. Sorry. I didn't buy it.

Oh, I found this article over at Viridian 5's LJ. It's called The Smoldering Man - Callum Keith Rennie by Jen Johnston. The writer of the article is a big old CKR fangirl, which I can thoroughly appreciate. It was nice to read an article written by someone who is a big old fan of Callum's. She got to interview him to. Lucky girl.

Still, reading Dune by Frank Herbert. Man, I didn't remember the book being so good. I know I read it before, but I'm not sure that I actually paid attention while reading it. It's like reading an entirely new book. It's so much better than I remembered. I just loved Duke Leto in it. I didn't remember him being in that much of the book. I saw David Lynch's movie version of Dune when I was younger and several times over the years before I even read the book. That influenced my perceptions the first time around, I think. Man, looking back DL didn't stick that closely to it. I may have to rent the version that was made by Sci-Fi channel a few years ago to see if it's any better. Though one strike against them is they didn't get anyone's hair color right. At least DL did that in his version. Plus, William Hurt, dullest man alive. Having him play Leto might be enough to make me hate it. Leto was a very passionate and fiery man. Who loved his son and his lover (he never married Jessica). William Hurt could suck all the passion out of Leto I'm sure. So anyway, loving the first book. Can't wait to read the second and see how it stacks up on second reading.


7-27-02:(11:24 pm CST) Man to get a little more into the inanity of the step-sister bitch. The dimwit keeps changing her story of who was there and what all was stolen. Now it wasn't my grandmother and me that someone told her was there. It was my mother and step-father. Yeah, my step-father was over a thousand miles away and my mom was with me and my grandmother all day. She keeps adding things to what was stolen too. Now it's not just that payment book and money order receipts (finally found out that's what she said originally). It was a folder that had those items, plus her social security card, a copy of her driver's license, and some "mysterious" credit cards in it. Who the hell keeps a copy of their driver's license? Where the hell did these credit cards come from? When she lived with us I never saw her use one, nor did she mention one. My mom and I never saw any bills come in for them. Her credit is so crappy I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to give her one.

She went to the cops and told them this stuff was missing. I'm thinking she didn't tell them about the "mysterious" credit cards, because they told her there was nothing of any value worth stealing among those items so what were they supposed to do. She told them it was her parents who were there (my mom and step-father). Since they own the trailer and land she's living on (they don't charge her rent either) and have a key to the place they cops told her they had every right to enter it any time they chose. In other words go home you whining bitch and quit wasting our time.

My mom is so fucking pissed. Not just at her, but more so at my step-father. For maybe believing this bullshit just a little bit. I mean how stupid is the man. Moron. Why would any of us want that shit? The fact that she keeps changing her story should tell anyone she's lying. She probably lost the shit herself or threw it away to get rid of any evidence she didn't pay her car note. She actually thought of getting a lawyer to keep them from repossessing her truck. The bitch didn't pay them. I'm sure somewhere in the loan agreement there is a provision that if she doesn't make a certain number of payments in a row they can repo the truck. They have every right to. I hope the damn lawyer told her to take a hike. Stop wasting his time too.

I swear it may sound paranoid, but if anything ever happens to me, my mom, or my grandmother I'm betting that bitch has something to do with it. Like I said, may be paranoid, but still I'm putting it out there just in case. She's got this scary quality to her that I just can't explain. Something about her just makes me uneasy. Like she could just go off. I've seen her have screaming fits at people before over the least things. She can turn fucking tears on and off like you have never seen.

I'm a southern woman. We have an unspoken rule, "You don't cry in front of people." Every southern woman knows it. I have to be really fucking mad or hurt to cry. Doesn't happen often. I don't get people who can cry over every frigging thing. It's just not done down here. The men wouldn't have a fucking clue how to handle it.

I really can't talk about that any more. Just gets me to pissed off. I can't believe that twit accusing any of us of that shit. Most annoying person on the planet.

Me, my mother, and grandmother have all felt like shit today, I think it must be the week's tension catching up with us. I went to sleep with a neck ache/headache. Woke up with one ten times worse. The pain forced me to get up. My pillow had become a hard frigging rock. I came up front and sat on the couch trying to not move a muscle. I took some excedrine as soon as I got up. Then I concentrated really hard on not throwing up, trying to keep the meds down. That didn't work out. I think I kept most of the medicine down, but had to take some more later to knock it the rest of the way out. The tension of the week and starting my period brought all this on. Man, it has been a sucky week.


7-23-02:(1:11 am CST) My bitch of a step-sister is blaming me and my grandmother for some shit. I'm not sure what, exactly. Has to do with some payment book on her vehicle or something she lost. I don't know what the fuck she's talking about. I haven't been in her damn home in probably 6 months or more. I haven't even seen her in about a month. She lives in a small town outside of the one I live in. I haven't even been to that town in over a month, since before my mom had her surgery. She either lost the damn thing herself or didn't pay the bill at all and is just shifting the blame onto anyone else. Making shit up, which is no where near past what she would do. Little cunt. I hate her. It's official now. I don't even know why she's saying this shit. I've never done anything to her. She's just fucking psycho. Literally, you don't want to know.

Why would I even steal that? What reason would I want to? It's a payment book on a loan. There's nothing I could do with that. I mean what am I going to pay her bill off? Why would my grandmother or I want to take that? It makes no sense. I don't give enough of a shit about her to care about that. Nor does my grandmother care enough to bother. She's off her nut. I swear. Loser bitch. She needs to start taking responsibility for her own shit. I mean it's a payment book. She can call the fucking bank and get another one if she lost it. Why she had to turn the fucking thing into this big ass drama I don't know. I just know my grandmother and I had nothing to do with it. Whatever.

Gotta get rid of my rage. Moving on to something else.

I bought these little wooden boxes at the store today. I've bought them before, they aren't very expensive. They are unfinished and you can paint them however you want. I've done a bunch of them before. I bought about 6 or 7 of them today. Painted two of them for a couple of the neighbor kids across the street. Thought they might like them. Made them look all girly for them. One of them likes purple a lot, so I did it in various shades of that color. The other one I had a kind of spring motif going with it; yellow, orange, pink, and green. Oddly, enough it didn't turn out ugly. It works. I hope they will both like them. It's a little attempt to cheer them up. Their dad is having some health problems, not for the first time. Just a little something cute for them to let them know I'm thinking about them.

Witchblade: Might be some spoilers here, not many. It's me though, so most likely. I really liked last night's ep. I just loved Sara in it. She was appropriately tough and at the same time vulnerable. I thought Yancy did a fabulous job in the ep. Roger Daltry was in the ep, he did play the same character again. I don't know if he's supposed to be a demon or the devil himself. They kept playing Who songs throughout the ep. Very cute. Or something. I thought it was pretty cool overall and Yancy just kicked ass acting wise.

I think Gabriel kept trying to ask her out, I'm not sure. That's not really a spoiler since I don't know if he was really or not. Just something I kept feeling. Which was weird since two weeks ago, I think,  he said he wouldn't ask her out. Since he was of this world and she wasn't. They have like this serious brother and sister thing with a little bit of heat going on.

Then there is Ian, Sara's own personal stalker. If he wasn't so crazy, she would probably date him. Poor, fucked up Ian.

Jake and Danny. They are her buddies. You know someone is when they help you dig up your father's grave to make sure he's in there.

Sara and all her men. Gabriel, Ian, Jake, and Danny. They'd do just about anything for her. The only chick friend she seems to have is the whacky coroner.

I think I might end up writing a Witchblade series of fanfics. Something to do with the multiverse. I'm not sure. I just keep getting these little hints of an idea. I'm not sure where it's going yet, not even by far. It'll probably blend the tv show canon with the comics. Well, what little I know of the comics canon, seeing as how I just started reading the comics. Not a back issue of it to be found at my local comic book store. Sold out. What a shock. I think some of the series may be het fic, possibly even gen, I might be able to work in some femslash possibly. I don't know where it's going yet. Truly, not a clue. I've just got hints of something brewing in my brain. We'll see.

It just fits, I don't like het fics and gen fics I have no feelings good or bad for. All my slash fics are stalled. Mulder and Krycek are just wrapped tight around one another canoodling and won't acknowledge me with much more than a grunt when I poke them. Methos is drunk and napping. Later, he says. Billy Tallent is still freaked over the prospect of immortality and I still don't know what to do about Billie (his daughter). Jim and Brian (Kessler from the movie Kalifornia) are just basking in lazy summer days. Playing baseball and shit with the guys. So it would just figure that a het fic was sneaking up on me. My one het pairing would be Sara/Ian. I might cry. A Het Fic! Why?!?

The Dead Zone: I wasn't sure I would like this show. I liked the book and thought the movie with Chris Walken was fabulous. CW's Johnny Smith was just wonderful. I developed a crush on him from that role alone. So I wasn't sure if I would like this new series.

The Sci-Fi channel attempted to turn Firestarter into a series and it was just awful. I tried to watch it several times and just thought it was stupid. So I was leery of being burned by this series.

I'm finding that I really like it. It sticks just close enough to book/movie canon that fans of the book could like it. Yet, it differs enough to make it work as a series. Expands things a little.

Anthony Michael Hall pays a little homage to CW by always wearing a coat and walking with a cane. Which gives a nice little connection back to the movie. I've really come to like the show.

With rerun hell in full swing, anything new is a breath of fresh air. That it's damn good, just gives me a happy that I've found something new besides Witchblade to watch.

Seeing AMH now just makes me feel old. He's a grown man now. He's older, his body has filled out. He isn't the scrawny little geek from Sixteen Candles anymore. That is just weird. I feel so old every time I see him. It's probably because I am getting old. <weeps>

Check out this site. The Breast Cancer Site, click on the pink button to help an underprivileged woman get a free mammogram. It's no cost you. You don't have to make a donation. The ad sponsors on the site pay for one every day depending on how many hits the site gets. So show your support by going to the site once a day and clicking on the pink button to help a woman get a free mammogram.

One more little thing to give me a happy. has some screen caps of Suspicious River up. Mucho thanks to Bast and Shar for creating them. For those of us who have never had a chance to see him in it. Shar is like a screen capping goddess.

Screencap of Callum in Suspicious River

Callum has chest hair. Who knew. He's been shaving it, obviously. Why? Sex on stick. I just want to lick it.


7-20-02:(12:46 am CST) Well, I made some updates to the sites. Finally, finished the Smallville and Buffy/Angel recs. I had to do some really judicious paring down of the fics so I could ever get the update finished. There were just to many for it to be anything, but overwhelming. So any fics I couldn't remember, even upon re-reading them, why I wanted to rec them had to go. There are still plenty of recs on both pages for you to enjoy. I also fixed a bunch of broken links on pages. If you find any more please tell me.

You know honestly where Smallville is concerned the bloom has sort of fallen off the rose for me. I mean TPTB found out about how much it was slashed. That there was no viable het pairing that could stand up to the CLex. So they started cutting down on the scenes between them. Which was the only way you could avoid it. Any scene they are in is slashy, even just a little bit. Hell, I stopped voting in the Gayle awards long ago. Maybe it will be better next season. If not, I may just have to cry. They couldn't kill the CLex, but they can damn sure limit their screen time together. Bastards. For me the early blush of it's fanfiction has faded even more. I only check the archives every now and then. So we might get more recs in that fandom, maybe not. We'll have to see. I'm so depressed where the guys are concerned. <*sigh*>

I'm just up late, sitting around waiting for Brimstone to show on the Sci-Fi channel. Trying to get sleepy enough to head off to bed.

Since Daniel appeared in tonight's Stargate ep, I watched it. I've tried watching season 6 a few times, but the minute Jonas opens his mouth I'm out of there. It's how they are writing his character. The guy has only been on Earth for a few months, he's from an alien planet, and yet he seems to know everything about our lovely little planet. He's up on past and current history. Seems to have a really great bead on who all his team mates are too. He's Super. It's a blatant case of shoving a character down viewers throats and trying to force us to like them. Didn't work where Fred was concerned on Angel. Didn't work with Dawn on Buffy. Never works with me. The more they push them on me, the less I like them. I was fine with Fred at first, I thought she was cute. Then came the campaign of "You must love Fred above all others." Only made me like her less. She became all knowing and perfect. I hated that. Same thing with Jonas, he's just annoying. Not even Corin's fault really, he's a victim of bad writing. His character was doomed from the start, few people were going to like him no matter what he did.

Can I just ask this one thing here about him? What is up with Corin Nemic's hair? I just want to attack it with a brush and some styling gel. He is not aging well. He was quite cute in I Know My First Name is Steven a million years ago. Had the bad hair thing going on Parker Lewis, though. So I'm not completely shocked now. I just hate looking at it.

I did love the Jack/Daniel interaction in the ep. I remembered how great they are together when I saw them again. Man, no wonder some of the Sam/Jack shippers hated Daniel. The chemistry between J/D is so strong it only shows how little there is between S/J. I swear when they brought that up in that ep with the zatarks (?spelling) I was completely shocked. Going, "Since when are they hot for one another.?" My mom (who also watches the show) felt the same. They have so little chemistry it's laughable. Especially, in comparison to J/D, even if you are only looking at them on a friendship level.

The Sci-Fi channel is showing Return of the Living Dead 3. Or better known to me as, "The Reason why I stopped watching horror movies". Which is pretty ironic considering that RotLD 2 was the first real horror film I saw when I was 13. I don't count The Lost Boys, since it was filled with more cute guys than frights. RotLD 3 sucks on so many levels. They went so over the top that not a thing in it looks real. To have been scared by it, I would have had bought the effects. They were so bad, they just made me sick to my stomache. In the non-scary way. So it sucked the big one.

Had a weird dream last night. Woke up and suddenly had some strange insights into Kenneth Irons from Witchblade. I'm not sure why. Just sort of happened. Nor do I really know how to explain it. Involves Nietzche's Superman, dillusions of grandure, and shit. I'm still working it all out in my head. Gave me some leads to insights on Ian and Sara too. How they fit into Irons plans. God, I hope I'm not on the verge of writing het fics. Help me! I'm afraid. I'm more a shipper of I/S from the comics than the tv show. Damn, I so want someone to slash Ian with. Jake is just to fluffy brained. Danny looks to be pretty much het. Irons is his father on the show. Eww! Gabriel he would so just destroy. So no go there. Ian is even bi on the shows canon dammit. Just can't get a break.


7-17-02:(2:57 am CST) This is why I worship at the alter of Callum Keith Rennie. (It's big and didn't shrink down well is why I linked to it instead of just slapping it on the journal page.) Dear lord the man looks hot in that pic. That one is courtesy of . I just want to lick those vinyl pants he's wearing. Sorry, my kinks! Won't inflict them on you further.

Mom's appointment with the neuro doc hit a few snags. Like the fact that she didn't get to see the doctor at all. He was called away earlier in the day to do emergency brain surgery. Seems some guy decided it was a good idea to ride his motorcycle without a helmet, in the rain on slick roads. The doctor had been trying to get his brains back in his head for probably over 6 hours when we left and he wasn't done yet. There is a big lesson in that. Mainly, that the Texas law passed saying you don't have to wear a helmet if you don't want to is a BAD IDEA!

We did get to speak to the nurse after 3 hours of waiting. She made an appointment for mom to have the dye test done (I think they called it a milogram. Not sure of the spelling.). Then a follow up visit after that to talk to the doc about the surgery, the options, and what he's going to do. Then the actual surgery. They are going to schedule all of these appointments now just to get it all down in their books ahead of time. We don't actually know when any of this is going to be. They are going to call us later with the appointment dates. So it's a relief and at the same time strikes terror in us all.

My mom may just need to have two or three disks removed, not the vertebrae. Depends on how it looks when he gets in there.

The nurse said this could be genetic, which is just a big "Duh!" Thanks I'm getting that. Since my neck is already sort of fucked up. I get neck aches a lot, which turn into nasty headaches.

My mom will probably have to wear a neck brace for 6 weeks or more. She won't be able to drive in all that time. My grandmother is going to move in with us. My mom and dad are already taking bets on who will lose their cool and get into the first fight. We may not all make it out alive. The 'rents were also joking about taking out extra life insurance policies on me and my grandmother. Aren't they funny? My grandmother and I haven't gotten along since I hit puberty. Most people above the age of puberty have a hard time getting along with her. It's a given fact. I'm sort of afraid. I'll miss you all terribly if I don't make it. I'll volunteer as someone's muse on the other side. You know when I'm not haunting my grandmother from her prison cell. If I end up in prison maybe I'll have access to the net and can still read stories. We'll see how that saga turns out in a few months.

I've been taking the first Dune book with me to read at my mom's doctors visits. (Man, did it come in handy today.) Damn, the book is better than I remembered and I already thought it was really good. Alot of stuff I didn't remember from my first reading of it. I'm just relishing it. Savoring it. Keeps me floating on a happy place. Which I was definitely needing today.


7-16-02:(12:36 am CST) More Survey Question, continued from the ones Jane came up with. These I found on The Spike's Journal.

The Spike's questions:

What pairing did you realize you had slashed before you even knew about slash? Hard one, had to think about this one for a little bit. I think it would have to be Armand/Daniel from Queen of the Damned.

What pairing do you love to read, but have no desire to write? Jim/Blair (used to read them a lot, not so much now), Duncan/Methos; I do have a desire to write Jim/other and Methos/other fics.

Have you ever enjoyed reading in a fandom in which you hadn't seen or didn't care for the source material? Or dear lord yes. "I'll give anything a shot once." Is like my motto when it comes to fanfic. I'll read any fandom once, as long as I I think at least one of the guys is cute. It doesn't even matter if I like the show or haven't seen it. I'm easy like that. I would never dare write a fanfic if I haven't seen the show, but I'd read it.

On to other things. Which will include some *Spoilers* for Witchblade so be aware and move on if you haven't seen it. Only warning you get.

Witchblade: I really liked tonight's ep. Man, Sara cannot get a break with a man. She can't seem to meet one that the Witchblade approves of. It's worse than your dad sitting on the front porch with a shotgun waiting for your date to pick you up. Last season she fell for Concobar (?spelling) and the blade killed him when she handed it over to a terrorist chick trying to barter for his life. This time around, the blade was willing to let her guy use it to commit suicide. Tough judge that blade.

Sara does have horrible taste in men, though. Concobar wasn't so bad, but he had ties to the IRA, which is what led to his death. This time around Cartaphilus man. A Roman soldier cursed to walk the earth because he beat Christ during his questioning. Though on the show they used another version of the story of Cartaphilus mixed with that one. A shopkeeper who shoved Christ out of his shop's doorway when he stopped to rest while carrying the cross on his way to be crucified. He told him to hurry along and so Christ cursed him to walk the Earth until he (Christ) returned to Earth in the Second Coming. From stuff I found on the net, he's sometimes referred to as The Wandering Jew. Mixed the soldier and the shopkeeper's stories together to form a soldier who shoved him. The first time I heard of him was in the movie The Seventh Sign. My family is Baptist, what can I say. We don't often know about shit like that..

So Sara way to pick a date. Some taste she has there. Guy's whose family are terrorists and men cursed with immortality.

Sara even put on girl clothes for the guy. Not just a dress, but an extremely abbreviated/slutty "come fuck me" dress. Poofed up her hair, put on make-up and slapped on some spiked heels. Even frilly, sexy girl underwear (in the movie pilot she was wearing men's boxer briefs). Ok, can I just take a moment to say Yancy Butler is totally hot. I've got like a crush on her, I admit it. I'd nail her in a minute. Thanks, I just needed to mention that. At least she didn't shave her lip for the guy. I never noticed she had a hairy lip until tonight's ep. I really can't talk though, so do I. My grandmother is totally to blame for passing on that lovely trait.

So, I liked the ep, my favorite one so far. I thought this one was totally good. Next week Roger Daltry is going to be on the show again. Not playing the same character, I don't think. He was a demon or something last time, so could sort of be the same guy in a way.

My mom goes back to the neurosurgeon again tomorrow. My step-dad, the long haul trucker, took off the whole week so he could be home to go to the doctor with her too. I'm scared shitless. I'll let him go back into the office with her and report back with what neuro doc said. He might want more tests before he does anything, I figure he will. Get as much info as he can before he goes in and starts cutting. We'll have to see. Her appointment isn't until the afternoon, so I have plenty of time to get worried before then. I will be calm. I will be calm. I'll just keep repeating that and see if it works.


7-14-02:(10:23 pm CST) Didn't find any charms at the Arts and Crafts thing. In fact there wasn't very much there at all. They are doing some work on the mall, have been for months. Pulling up the floor tiles and working on the lighting fixtures. So the place looks like it's falling apart in that interim stage.

I ended up buying the last two Dune books. So now I have the whole set. There are 6 total, I've read about 3 of them and started on the 4th the last time I read them. I'm starting from the beginning now to refresh my memory, so it doesn't matter where I was.

Went to see Reign of Fire today. It was pretty cool. Had some plot holes, but I'm not shocked. I expected as much. I liked it though. The dragons were really cool. Christian Bale looked damn good. Matthew McConaughey has apparently been working out, despite his horrid non-hair do (he's bald in the film) he looked pretty good, muscles galore.

I was seeing slashiness everywhere. Between Christian's character Quinn and his friend Creedy. Even a little bit between Quinn and Van Zandt.

It was sort of fun watching Izabella Scorupco's southern accent disappear about 5 minutes into the movie. From then on out she just struggled to keep an American accent going. I liked her character, she was a tough bitch, but watching her try and maintain an accent was funny.

Matthew's character was all about the big weapons as phallic symbols. Every time I turned around there he was near another one. I got a giggle out of that too.

Over all it was cool. Not the best movie in the world plot wise, but a good mindless bit of violence to wile away the time.


7-14-02:(5:00 am CST) Stole this from Jane St. Clair's LJ. Thought it was cool.

Jane's Survey Questions:

What's the first fandom you wrote fic for? Oz

What's the most recent fandom that you've written fic for? Still, working it in my head, but X-Files. (It's long and I write really sloowww. Don't ask.)

What's the title of your first fanfic?A Case of You

Does it suck beyond the telling of it? Dear lord yes. In my opinion, it probably isn't so bad really. Just an first effort.

Is it slash or het? slash

What was your first 'ship? Beecher/Keller from Oz.

What's your fave 'ship now? Fraser/Kowalski or Mulder/Krycek

What 'ship makes your eyes bleed and your loins turn into monkey guts? Anybody/Skinner or Lana/Anybody

What are your most common fic pairings? Mulder/Krycek

What pairing did you swear that you'd never write, but eventually did? I haven't written it yet, but well, as much as Skinner annoys me (see question above). I so want to hook him up with Doggett.

What pairing do you swear you will never, ever write, even if your favorite character promised to make sweet love to you in their crypt/hotel/van/haunted apartment/prison cell/flat if you did? Skinner/Doggett (I'm so ambivelant about that. After the bad thing that Skinner didn't really do to Krycek. I'd probably have John do a hetero freak out and dump the bald bastard cruely.)

What's the wackiest fanfic situation you've put the characters in? Don't know. Haven't really put them in many wacky situations. Though resistance fighters against an alien conspiracty is pretty out there. Again, I'm working on the fics, don't ask.

How many times has magick solved/created the main problem/plot in your fics? None

What pairing do you hate to admit to actually indulging in, against your better judgment? That Sons of Thunder Fic I rec'd over on the Miscellaneous page (very bottom of the page). I don't know what possessed me to read that.

Can you remember the first fanfic you ever read? Had to have been an Oz fanfic. I'm not sure which one, one of the early fics over at the Em City archive.

How long have you been involved in internet fandom(s)? 97 or 98, I'm not absolutely positive.

Ever written a cross over? Got a couple of Sentinel/Kalifornia X-Overs in the works, Jim/Brian Kessler (David Duchovny played Brian). Also, got a Highlander/Hard Core Logo fic brewing about, Methos/Billy. I think the old man would just love Billy. I think Billy would get a kick out of him too.

Best crossover fic you've read? My favorite is probably Shell's Going Under series HCL/Homicide, Billy Tallent/Tim Bayliss.

What pairing do you want to write, but don't think you could? Jack/Daniel from Stargate. I don't think I could stand having Jack in my head and I just don't know what Danny's voice would sound like. Fraser/Kowalski too. I've got Ray's voice down, but not Fraser. Again, I have no clue how he would sound.


7-13-02:(11:37 pm CST) I'm over at TWoP reading a BTVS classic recap of Revelations by Couch Baron (season 3 ep). He is totally funny and appears to actually like the show. Which is more than I can say for the regular recapper Ace. I can hardly read her recaps for the vitriol being spewed about. Sorry, I liked season 6 for the most part. I'm looking forward to season 7, I don't hate Buffy yet. So I'm liking Couch Baron's recaps a lot. I've also been loving Demien's recaps of the first season Charmed eps. To see those you have to change the display using the drop down menus to see all eps.

I'm going to go see Reign of Fire tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Should be a lot of action and special effects. I'm not expecting perfect characterization or plotting. Just a good time. If it fails to meet even those low expectations then I'll be upset, but I'm not betting it will.

They are having this little arts and crafts fair at my local mall. I think they call it The Strawberry Junction or something like that. I'm not sure. Doesn't matter. I'm going there tomorrow looking for some silver charms for my charm bracelet. Yes, I have one of those. Got a heart theme going on. Gonna see what I can find. There's always this one booth with this couple who have some pretty good ones. I might pick up a few. I found a really cool one a few years back from that booth. It's a heart with what looks like a stake run through it. Hoping to see what funky one I kind find this time around.

I'm dehydrating some herbs right now. Only the second time I've tried to grow some. A bunch of them died. We had some funky weather this year. It's hot, no it's cold now. It's dry, no it's humid and might rain, but won't. So only a few of them lived. I'm not sure what some of them are. I was using the packages they came in as labels for them and those didn't last long. Got blow away in a rain storm or just fell out. (I'm growing them outside in pots.) The smell of the rosemary drying is starting to give me a headache.

We have been having some crappy weather lately. Every day it looks like it's going to ran, clouds up and even thunders, then nothing happens. They keep predicting rain just about every day and it just passes right over us. Keeps on going. Some places in Texas are having flooding, I wonder where that is? Not here, that's for sure. I'm beginning to hate the weather guys. They are so wrong most of the time of late. I've been taking the weather as, if I see it rain, then I'll believe it. I'm certainly not believing them.

The Sci-Fi channel is showing a crappy ass Nick Fury: Agent of Shield movie they made a couple of years ago. I think Fox tormented us with that one. David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury. Just shoot me. I love Nick, he's one of my favorite comic book characters. I growl every time I see an ad for that thing. Marvel is going to have to make some damn good movies in the future to make up for that one. For me to forgive them that bad casting choice, thought they probably had little to do with it. They have a ton of movies based on their comics that they plan to make. I keep hearing about more of them in the works. I'm probably going to take my mom to see Daredevil, she has a thing for Ben Afleck. Personally, I can't have a crush on anyone who dated Gwyneth Paltrow. Ew!

The Gunn/Wesley Archive is back up and running at it's new location. Which means that I can start to work on the Buffy/Angel Recs. I was waiting to fix the links that were broken when the archive had to move after closing down. So the archive is back and I'm working on the recs for that fandom. I hope to get that up in the next few days or so. Depends on how my mom's doctor visit goes next week. She's back to see the neurosurgeon, to see what he says about the last set of MRI scans. So it all depends on how busy things get next week. I'm hoping to get to work on it.


7-13-02:(1:24 am CST) Added a Guestmap to my site. Which is sort of like a guestbook. You mark where you're from on a map and leave a message. It's pretty cool. Check it out and leave me a message. It's a little hard to move around at first, but if you piddle with it a while you can figure it out. I think it's pretty cool. It's from Bravenet. I also got an Add a Link page, where people can add their own links to my site. Only stipulation to adding a link is that the site contains slash.

I'm trying to get caught up on my back log of e-mail. I've been really bad about replying to people. I'm trying to catch up on it. Working at it slowly, but surely. My memory is just sucking lately. I'm lucky to remember my own name lately. Much less to write people back. So shame on me. i'll try to do better, I promise.

It's late and I'm sitting her watching Brimstone. John Glover just showed up in the ep, I'm just basking in his Magnificent Bastardness.

I've been re-reading the Dune books by Frank Herbert lately. Kind of mood I'm in. Those are about the only sci-fi novels I've ever really liked. They focus more on the characters than "Gee, see the cool futuristic technology I've created." It's been a while since I read them and they seem different. Maybe because I know the characters now I can visualize them better or something. I don't know. Maybe I'm just paying closer attention to what I read. Not sure. I don't have all of them. Just up to God Emperor of Dune. After I read all the ones I have, I may pick up some of the others. I don't think I'll buy any of the ones that his son wrote. I've skimmed them in a bookstore and they just aren't as good. I think there are one or two that I don't have by Frank in the series.


7-8-02:(11:07 pm CST) I mentioned a few entries ago that my mom didn't have a doctors appointment for two whole weeks. Well, I spoke too soon. Seems a little complication arose. When they did the MRI two days after the surgery they sedated her, intravenously. They put the IV in the same arm that she had her shoulder surgery. My mom has bad veins and the ones on the other hand were bruised up from when she had an IV in it during the arthoscopy. So there wasn't much choice. Her lower arm started hurting her and she had a vein swell up. The doctor called it "inflamed". She had to go back Friday (a week after the IV was put in, for maybe 15 minutes). So he gave her some Viox and antibiotics just in case there was any infection. He wants to see her again tomorrow, to see how she's doing. So as of tomorrow that makes two doctors appointments she'll have had in one week. I really spoke way to soon. She's basically ok, the swelling has gone down mostly and she's been groggy as shit from the meds. Pretty good though. Tomorrow it's back to the doctor we go. I hate hospitals.

I had to ban someone from my discussion list today. First time I've ever done that. I usually play it pretty fast and loose when it comes to my list. Unless I see a real problem I don't step in. I've only had to go Admin on people once before and that was settled pretty much before I stepped in. This person was just trying to get into a fight with everyone. Would hear no one else's point of view on the topic being discussed. Even very childishly dismissed other people's view points as if they didn't matter at all. I didn't want to ban the person. I hoped the list members would work it out amongst themselves. Just wasn't happening. The last straw was when the person dismissed my Admin message to kill the thread. Brushed me off. It's my damn list! What I say goes. I don't enforce strict rules on anybody there. I do have one big rule you can talk about anything you want, but no fighting. As long as everyone plays nice, talk about any aspect of slash, fanfic, or fandom in general. Fine with me. I didn't step in until it was obvious that something was going to have to be done. Pissed me off and made me nervous as shit. It's over now so no biggie. Moving on. I'm relieved it's over.

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Truer words were never spoken. I'm a bitch to the core.


7-4-02:(7:00 pm CST) Happy 4th of July! to all the Americans out there.

Another update made to the site. This time to the Hosted Authors section . I added two new parts to Terlonian's Quicksand. Also, I'm proud to announce a new author has been added to our site, the wonderful Rebop. She writes some fabulous X-Men slash. So go check out all the new stories.


7-2-02:(11:03 pm CST) Once more with Feeling. I watched the Buffy Musical ep earlier. Damn, Anthony Stewart Head can sing. That man's got the kind of voice that makes you just stop and listen. You don't want to make a sound when he sings. Love his voice.

James Marsters has one hell of a voice too. That song he sings, 'Let me Rest in Peace', I just love that one. It's going to be stuck in my head for days.

Amber Benson has a good voice too. It's in to high a range for me to fully enjoy it. I usually like chicks with a little deeper resonating voices. Those in the higher range tend to make me wince. I have pretty sensitive hearing, high pitch sounds bug me. As do sounds that are heavy on the bass. A car goes down the street with the volume on maximum and the bass cranked up all the way, I'm clutching my head. (The walls of our house are sort of thin.) Still, Amber does sing well.

Watched the rerun of last night's Witchblade. The ep was pretty good. Except for the nutty psychiatrist plot line. That was boring as shit. I could totally see that coming from a mile away. The rest of it was good. Sara's scene's with Gabriel and Ian were good. Seeing her discover more about the Witchblade was cool. The shrink bit, snooze worthy.

I just love Ian, he's crazy as can be, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He's crazy along the same lines Sara is. Seen to much, been exposed to far to many mystical elements. Like he said in the ep, "There's a fine line between clarity and insanity." He pretty much walks that line, teeters from one side to the other.

I'm liking the way the season is going so far. They are tying in elements from last season and the characterization is getting better.

I'm getting a handle on Sara. This time she isn't as hardened by all the losses that she suffered last season. She hasn't been shaped by that. So I'm getting her.

Gabriel is still a little cutie. I'm liking him more and more. Adorable little doll that he is.

I'm watching Grosse Point Blank right now. I love John Cusack. He is definitely a hottie. I remember when he first started acting. He was a giant geek. He just gets better looking the older he gets.

Oh, I just finished updating the Due South Recs. I also fixed a few broken links over on the Oz Page. Going to try and find new ones, but I'm not holding out much hope. They are fics that were at the old Em City archive, which no long exists. I'll give it a shot though. Lots of new DS recs and I'm getting much closer to catching up than I was. Which makes me very happy. I can see the update being finished from here. It's a good feeling. So go check out the new recs.


7-2-02:(7:28 pm CST) Mom got her stitches out today. There were just about 4 of them, two in each incision. So it wasn't bad. The doctor says that she's healing nicely. He range of motion with her arm is getting better every day. She can lift it up to shoulder level now. So that's good. He gave her some exercise bands as therapy for her arm. Three of these weird thin, rubber bands. They are really long and wide. She's supposed to work out with them for about 10 minutes every day. He wants to see her again at the end of te month for a follow-up. That's about it. She doesn't go to see the neuro doc again for two weeks. 14 days without a doctor's appointment. That's a happy thought for us. Kind of relaxing, in an odd way.

It's been raining here for two days, with more predicted. The forecasters predicted rain for two weeks and nothing more than a sprinkle. They finally got it right now. I had a killer sinus headache last night. I was praying for someone to shoot me. It didn't go away until earlier today. I slept like shit due to pounding sinuses. I'm glad it's over. Got that giddy, loose limbed feeling of "thank goodness my head's not hurting now". I'm really glad it stopped.

I'm just glad I don't get migraines anymore. I had those throughout the third grade. That was one bad year. Our house burnt down. Well it didn't burn to the ground, there was enough left to rebuild. Just the kitchen (where it started), dining room, and part of the living room were gutted. I also had the chicken pox mixed with scarletina (a mild form of scarlet fever) that year. Which had me out of school for two weeks. I had the yearly flu, which kept me out for a week. Then I had migraine head aches all year long. If you've never had a migraine the best way I can describe them is, "Darkness hurts." In other words everything hurts. Light hurts, sound hurts, touch hurts, everything hurts. All you want is to lie down in a cool dark place and try not to throw up. Darkness doesn't really help, but it feels better than anything else.

Sinus head aches are a breeze compared to those. I'm glad I grew out of them. I literally prayed for death with those, was sure they might kill me sometimes. They were horrid.


6-30-02:(2:56 am CST) I'm still up trying to burn off this damn caffeine. So I thought I might as well put this energy to good use. I updated the recs pages like I said I would. I decided to conquer all the pages that just had one rec on them first, to get them out of the way.

So the X-Files, Sentinel, Highlander, X-Men, and X-Overs pages all have new recs up. The HCL and Oz pages I fixed some broken links on. I noticed a few on the Oz page I thought I'd fixed, but it turns out I hadn't. So I'm going to have to go back later and correct those later. Added some new snarks to the Bitch Fest. I'm still working on updating the links page. I'm also trying to repair any broken links on the recs pages that I can find along the way. I might miss some though. So if you see any tell me.


6-29-02:(11:28 pm CST) Been making freezer jam all day today. I've been like a girl on a mission. I've made 14 jars today all total. That's on top of the 12 jars (I think it's 12) that I made the other day. So basically we've got blueberry freezer jam running out our ears. We are going to be giving this stuff away forever trying to get rid of it. We've already given some away, I'm just going to have to be more proactive. Give more away to the neighbors. They're probably going to start being afraid when they see me coming. They'll refuse to answer their doors when they see through the peep hole that it's me. <g>

I used two different methods to make it this time. One method with this pectin I mentioned before that's made especially for freezer jam. Another way with the regular pectin in boxes. You have to heat that up before you use it. With that method you use a ton of sugar. To 3 cups of blueberries I had to add 5 1/4 cups of sugar. So it's like all sugar. It yields a little more though. I got about a jar more out of it. I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough berries for all I  planned to make. Turns out I had just a little over what I needed. You might be able to tell that my grandmother finally remembered to bring me more blueberries. Took her several days, but she finally remembered to.

My mom is doing pretty good. She was really tired today, but I think that's partially  because she had to take some pain meds. Her shoulder was hurting her a little. I think she may have moved it wrong while she slept. She's been able to lift it a little higher each day. At first she couldn't lift it at all. Now she can bring it up a couple of inches. Which is improvement. I've been changing her dressings, the wounds look pretty good. They are clean, no drainage or blood. Looks like there is a scab forming along the little incision line. She has some bruising around one of them and some bruising in her general shoulder area. Other than that it looks pretty good.

It rained today, finally. They've been predicting rain for several weeks now and we've gotten nothing more than some sprinkling. Today we finally got some. The weather forecasters have just had no clue what they were talking about lately. They've just been guessing and guessing wrong a lot lately. We had a pretty good rain today.

Which lead to me having a spectacular headache earlier. It was one of those that hits you fast. I was fine when I first got up and then wham I was just finishing checking my e-mail when it started up. Wasn't bad at first, but it got worse quick. I went to go empty the dishwasher and it just started thundering around in my skull. Literally just pounding. I thought I might hit the floor. I went and sat down. I thought maybe it could be because I hadn't had my daily dose of caffeine, so I drank a Dr. Pepper. It was still there. So I ate something and took a couple of Excedrine. It finally started letting up after that. I'm not sure which helped; the food, the Dr. P, or the Excedrine. Maybe it was a combo of all three. Now I'm running on the caffeine high from the Excedrine. I'm lucky my step-dad (he's a long haul trucker) was in for the day. I was thinking I might pass out a few times. My mom was worried I would too. If I'd hit the ground she never would have been able to get me up with her shoulder like it is right now. So it's lucky he was here, just in case.

He brought home some muffin and cornbread mixes. Just a few boxes of what he was hauling that the companies let him have. I made some blueberry muffins. (More damn blueberries. They aren't even my favorite fruit. My favorite is cherries, with strawberries running a close second.) They were pretty good. We spread butter and some blueberry freezer jam on them as we were eating them. It was pretty good.

I've been working on updating my recs. I've been checking for dead links and adding new links to the Links page for the past two days. I'm not even half done. Damn, there are a lot of links on those pages. I've decided to update the recs in small increments. Like the Due South recs in one update. Then the Miscellaneous recs in another. Then another with the Smallville recs. Etc. Pieces at a time. That way it won't overwhelm me completely. So there will be a lot of smallish updates coming in the next few weeks. With one page done at a time. It's the only way I'll ever get them all done. All at once is just to daunting and overwhelming. It'll be easier that way.


6-28-02:(6:57 pm CST) Well, I've been a busy little beaver. I've uploaded my site to it's new location over here at populli. It looks great and I'm really happy with it. Everything is loading really quickly and I'm still all giddy. I'm going to post a message to my update list about the move in a little while.

Again, thanks so much to Alice. Do we love her? Why yes we do.


6-28-02:(4:01 pm CST) Mom had her MRI today. It went pretty quick. They sedated her, but it wasn't all that bad. She's come out of it pretty much right now, as far as I can tell. It was just a few hours ago. They gave it to her in an IV, so they could control it better. How long she was under, how deep, and all that. We've got copies of the films to take to the neuro doc. That won't be for a few weeks. Who knows what the heck is on them, not like I know how to read them. So I'll just worry about it quietly until then.

We found out last night that my great-aunt had been put in the hospital. She had a heart attack. We went to see her today, after mom had her MRI. She was in the same hospital. She's had heart problems for years. She had to have bypass surgery several years back. She had a blockage that caused the heart attack this time around. They went in and cleaned it out. They think she should be all right. They are going to keep her until Sunday. She looks good, was able to talk to us coherently and everything when we visited. She'll hopefully be ok. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Alice over at populli has my account set up and as soon as I can I'm going to move my site over there today. Sorry about all the moves, but most of them just couldn't be helped. I was really hoping for a slash friendly home, anyway. I'm so glad to have found one now. 0catch was just the first place I could find and get set up. I was worried from the start about getting TOSsed, now I don't have to be. Thanks for everyone's patience. I'm hoping to get to stay at this one for a while. Let's hope.

So the new site addy is:


6-27-02:(11:12 pm CST) My mom's surgery went fine yesterday. It only took about an hour or so. He removed the bone spur that was causing the "impingement" as he calls it. So I'm relieved, that's a real load off my mind. She was hurting yesterday and totally drugged out from the anesthesia. She was out of it a lot of the day and doped up further by the pain meds he gave her. She's a lot better today. Aware and able to move around. She says she's not really in pain, just sore. In other words it doesn't hurt unless she moves her arm. If it's still then there's no pain, but if she tries to move it around much it hurts then. She's keeping it still, so she's doing pretty good. She didn't need to take any pain meds today. She took some when she went to bed just in case she moved around much in her sleep.

There are just these two little incisions. With about two stitches in each one. She goes back next Tues. to get those removed and for the doc to see how she's doing. They put this weird bandage on her after surgery. They use this weird tape. It was wide and kind of rubbery, stretchy like. They had a ton of gauze packed on there. It looked like half of a football players shoulder pad. All that for these two little incisions. She got to take that off today. They doc said to just wash it off with a wet cloth and put some band aids on them. So it doesn't look as bad now. There is a small amount of bruising, but not much really.

Instead of performing the surgery at the hospital, they performed it at a surgery center. All they do there are day surgeries, it's down the street from the hospital. The people there were really nice. Explained everything to us thoroughly. Made sure she was as comfortable as possible. They called today to see how she was feeling. They really made the experience as good as it could be, under the circumstances.

She might not be able to stand wearing a bra for a couple of weeks they said. We are not flat chested women in my family, so that could be a problem. She has a couple of tank tops with this bra thing built in them. She found another one at the store today, she's thinking of seeing if she can find a couple more. She really can't run around outside the house without a bra, just doesn't work for well endowed chicks.

Now that the shoulder surgery is out of the way, I can just be shit scared about the impending back surgery. She has an MRI for that tomorrow. She has already had one. They used an open air machine for that one, she didn't want them to use the "shaking coffin with lights" as she puts it. The neuro doc wanted another one using that. It gives a clearer picture he says. He also wants one that covers her lower back. The first one was just of her neck and shoulders. So she has that tomorrow. Then she sees him again in two weeks to go over the results of that. More doctor visits, oh joy. I've got to stop talking about this. I've already depressed myself right out of my happy "Mom's feeling pretty good today!" high. Gotta move on to something else.

On a good note Alice over at has offered to host my site. Yah! just sucks. I've lost count of the number of times my site has disappeared for exceeding it's bandwidth or something. I don't know. Just shoot me. So I'm going to get the heck out of here. Go back to a slash friendly site I won't have to worry about being TOSsed from at any time. Clio is a happy girl about that. So the site will be moved again, but that isn't so bad. I've done it before, I'm getting used to it. So I'll be moving soon to a more permanent home.

I'm still working on updating the recs, but since this Tuesday we've been doing nothing but seeing doctors. That doesn't end until the weekend. I've been so damn tired. The night before her surgery I slept maybe 4 hours, then woke up and stared at the walls all night. I was awake all total for about 18 hours. Then at 11 o'clock last night I crashed and slept for around 12 hours straight. I don't think I even got up to go to the bathroom even once last night. I just conked out totally.


6-22-02:(11:44 pm CST) Just finished making two batches of blueberry freezer jam. It was fun and pretty easy. We got a little over 5 jars worth. At the store the other day we found this pectin that you use especially for freezer jams. You don't even have to heat up the pectin with water or cook the fruit. Just throw the stuff in with the fruit and sugar. We still have some berries left. We need to pick up some more pectin and lids tomorrow before we can finish making the last batch or so. We weren't sure how much we had.

The blueberries are courtesy of my grandmother. She has a couple of blueberry bushes in her back yard and they produce way more blueberries than any of us can eat. So she freezes them and gives them away. I've been making stuff out of them lately. I made some scones out of them and now I've made some jam.

I've helped make cooked jam before and freezer jam, using a different method. I've also canned tomatoes and pickled peaches before. It's sort of something all the women in my family learn to do at some point or another. So I guess I'm learning a skill passed down from one generation to the next. Which is cool. Never good for those things to get lost. I've always enjoyed doing it.

I was just in the mood to make something and that was just the perfect thing to occupy my mind with.

I've been noticing that my site seems to be running out of it's bandwidth allotment every day pretty quick at it's new location. I hope that eases up, I really don't want to have to move again. That would drive me nuts. Last thing I need. I'm going to stick it out for a while and see how it goes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

None of you had better be hot linking images from my site. Including the banners. Save them to your own hard drive and upload the pics onto your own site. Save me some grief, huh. I don't have that many images on my site, what's there of interest to link to. That you can't find at other locations. I'm not saying anyone is. I hope that's not it.

Maybe I'm just getting a lot of traffic. Kat who owned said my site was one of the most popular ones in it's section. I had a thing where I could check hit counts for the day and month there. I got a lot of hit per day. Which is a good thing. I don't mind so much if it's that. I just may have to look for a new host that provides more bandwidth. We'll have to see how this works out.


6-22-02:(5:57 pm CST) In the entry below I added another new banner you can use to link to my site, a Mulder/Krycek one also made for me by Dichotomy. Again, much thanks to her for that. The banners are lovely. I also added a link to her site. Just click on her name linked in the last entry.

I went to see Minority Report this morning. It was pretty damn good. Action packed, I liked it a lot. One thing I liked was Tom Cruise's character, John Anderton (yes it is spelled with a T), wasn't this perfect hero. He was flawed and fucked up. I always appreciate that in a hero (which is why I like Marvel's superheroes so much). I wasn't expecting that about his character, it made him more likable. More of a well rounded guy, instead of a cookie cutter hero.

The thing that I liked the best as far as the effects went were these little spider things. They were totally cool. I got a big kick out of them. The cars of the future were way cool too. Lexus managed to get a nice product placement sneak into the movie.

There were some squicky moments in the film, but it's PG-13 rated so they weren't so bad. Implied more than shown.

One nice little joke about the pre-cogs were their names: Agatha, Arthur, and Dashel. As in Agatha Christy, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dashel Hammet the mystery writers.

One thing that bugged me though. They only had three pre-cogs and their occurrence was explained as sort of a naturally occurring accident. I won't say much more so as not to spoil it. How the hell could you base a system of justice and crime prevention on three people? Three people who aren't going to live forever. Whose abilities can't be replicated, because they aren't completely certain how they developed. That would only last a generation. Maybe less depending on if they ended up burning out fast. So the crime of murder is supposed to be abolished in a single generation? People won't go right back to the way they were with no threat of the pre-cogs catching them before hand. Yeah, right. Maybe if they had several generations, a few hundred years to instill this fully into people. If people ever manage to evolve beyond it, which I doubt. Just a little something they should have thought of in the movie.

One thing I really liked was John's evolution from thinking of the pre-cogs as sub-human or barely even human in the beginning of the movie. To seeing them as real people with thoughts, feelings, and gifts that were more a curse than anything else by the end.

I really enjoyed the film. I thought it was pretty damn good. Even though it had a flaw or so in it's logic. It was an enjoying two hours and twenty minutes. The action scenes were tight enough that things moved so quickly I didn't even realize it had been that long. I enjoyed myself. I'd see it again, so I could try and catch some things I may have missed. So that says something.


6-21-02:(11:03 pm CST) Dichotomy has made me some lovely banners for my site. I just love them. Callum Keith Rennie, did she know the right guy to put on them or what. If you'd like you can save them to your own hard drive and use them to link back to my site. Thank you so much Dichotomy.

I'm taking my mom to see Minority Report tomorrow. I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan. I still remember the first time I saw him, in The Outsiders. That image of him is frozen in my head. So not cute in that. He's gotten better looking with age, but I've never seen the attraction to him. I saw he and Steven Spielberg on Oprah a while ago. The movie looks really interesting. So I'm going to go see it tomorrow. I'll probably stick a review of it up here. Every time I see it I keep thinking it sounds a little to much like Logan's Run. I have high hopes though.

I took my mom to see The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood a week or so ago. That is definitely a movie to take your Mom to see. The whole theater was filled with women. I could count on one hand the number of men that were in there. Lots of chicks taking their moms to see it. In fact the girl in front of me in line was taking her mom to see it too. I loved it. A movie about Southern women, what's not to love. I don't think any of the actresses were southern besides Ashley Judd. I'll give Sandra Bullock points because she lives in Texas, last I heard any way. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to have to buy a copy when it goes out on video, definitely.

One movie I really want to see that's coming out in July is Reign of Fire. A movie about dragons coming back to life somehow in the modern world. Sounds cool. I can't believe that's Matthew McConaughey in it. Totally did a nasty make over for this movie. He's from around the area where I live. Which is why he totally creeps me out. He's like every guy around here that I know and won't date. The movie also has Christian Bale and Izabella Scorupco (Vertical Limit) in it. That's a summer movie I'm  looking forward to seeing.

I want to see White Oleander too. I saw a preview for that during Ya Ya Sisterhood and it sounds really good. I'm looking forward to when that movie comes out as well. I'm going to try to find the book before I see the movie, that way I'll know what's going on.

Witchblade's second season premiered last week. The two hour season opener was Sunday and they showed a new ep Monday at it's regular time too. I'm not sure what to think of it. I was wondering what they were going to do this season. Since at the end of last season they pretty much pulled a Hamlet and killed all of the major characters off. Then reversed time to bring them all back to life. The show this season is like looking at some weird alternate universe version of everyone. That's the way I'm thinking of it. Everyone seems subtly different, just enough you know. Which makes it weird to watch. In a way it's like they forgot to put in characterization this season. Like we should know who these people are, except we sort of don't. I mean this is rewind, starting over, everyone going through different experiences, and thus they are different. So I'm not sure who these people are. I'm learning, I'm not sure I like them as much though. I like Gabriel a lot more and Danny's great, but everyone else I'm not sure of. Even Sara I'm wondering about. Still, like her. I'm just wondering who she is this time around. I'm having to get to know everyone again. It's only been a two eps, so there is plenty of time left to get to acquainted. I just hope they put more charactization in as we go along.

One sad little guilty pleasure I'm indulging in lately is Big Wolf on Campus. It's really a kids show, but I don't care. It's pretty slashy. Tommy is just to cute and Merton's just adorable. Lori is a tough little cookie. I don't really have to think much during it. Just watch and enjoy. I'm wanting a little of that lately. Most shows I watch make me think way to much, a little mindless viewing won't kill me every now and then.

I heard this song on the radio yesterday called Barbed Wire and Roses. It felt like they were singing about me. That's how I feel, all wrapped up in barbed wire and thorny roses for protection. The song was haunting in a way. I liked it a lot. At first I thought the lead singer was female, then half way through I was pretty sure the singer was male. Turns out it is a guy. He has an unusual voice. I came home and searched the net to figure out who it was by, since the radio station non-helpfully didn't mention it. It's by some alternative country band (I didn't know there was such a thing as alternative country.) named of all things Pinmonkey. They seem to be the new darlings of every reviewer I read. If they get enough air play around here, maybe the local stores will pick up their album. It's on a small label, so we might not getting it around here unless they really start to get requested a lot. We'll see.

We have this farmer's market around here, actual local farmers selling their produce. We've been getting some really good veggies there lately. Yellow squash, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, little red potatoes, and other stuff. It's really been good. They do it three days a week. We're going early tomorrow morning to pick up some stuff. You have to get there early or it will all be gone.

The mosquitoes around here have been really horrible. Of course, the city isn't doing any spraying. It seems like every night on the local news they are talking about mosquitoes and the viruses they can carry. Which doesn't freak me out, even though they love me. The little booger pounce on me at first sight. I can go outside and within a few minutes have a half dozen or so bites. They'll bite me and leave everyone else alone. Little bastards. I hate them. They've been getting into the house lately and biting me even. They are driving me nuts.

We are having a block party this Sunday around here. Just a little get together and get to know your neighbors thing. We are having ice cream, watermelon, lemon aide, and such. I made some cookies, the kind with the images on them. These have little flags. (They have version of them for just about every holiday.) I don't know what else we are having. Have to wait and see. It sounds like fun. I'll be thoroughly coating myself in insect repellent before going out. We are having it later in the evening, so it will be cooler. I'm looking forward to it.


6-20-02:(8:08 pm CST) Well, the site at disappeared yesterday unexpectedly. It wasn't supposed to shut down before the 23 or 22 of June. It came back up today though. So I was able to get a back-up version of it and load it up to the new site location. I'm working on an update and hope to have it done in the next week or two. There are a ton of recs in about a dozen or so fandoms. I'm working on it right now. I'm not sure when it will be done though. My mom is going to have day surgery on her shoulder next week, so I'm not sure how much I'll be free to work on it then. Definitely, from Wednesday on is going to be hectic. I'm hoping to get done as much as possible before then. We'll have to see.

The new site addy is:
Also: Or:

Oh, Viridian has posted her fic Shanghaied!. I'm listed at the bottom of the story as part of her Ship Naming Brain Trust. I donated the ship names Cerberus and Regalia. That's so cool to get a little footnote of thanks. I had posted the suggestions in her V5's Live Journal.


6-18-02:(2:13 am CST) Checked out the Mary Sue Name Generator. These are my results.

Mary Sue Name: Bella Haviland
Eye Color: Smoky Winter Sky (Here I thought they were just green.)
Signature Scent: Antique Jasmine (Actually, it's honeysuckle, citrus, and lilies)
Paranormal Power: Controls the Weather
Specialized Skill: Astrophysicist
Distinguishing Mark: Nipple Ring (ouch!)
Newly Revealed Relationship to a Major Character: Methos' Best Friend

Heh! If I ever feel the desire to write a Mary Sue Fic, I'll have to use that. Though I never will. I admit that I fudged the last one. I didn't like what I got at first so I kept clicking until I got one I liked.


6-14-02:(1:31 pm CST) Having a "Callum Keith Rennie is Yummy!" day. Got to see him in an episode of Forever Knight. Well, actually I only got to see half of it. I knew it was coming on soon, but I couldn't remember the day. I kept reminding myself to check, but forgot. I did record half of it, he's got some pretty good scenes in it. I was just wiggling around and drooling over how hot he looked. I have plans of pulling out some tapes later and having a little Callum fest. Just to make me extra special happy.

The orthopedic surgeon has decided that the bone spur in my mom's shoulder that is causing the bursitis might have to be removed. The cortisone shot only lasted a short while. He's going to do a shoulder arthoscopy on her in at the end of the month. It's a day surgery. They go in with a camera and have a look around. Might shave off the bone spur, I guess that's if he can with that equipment. Then she has the MRI later that week. Not sure if she'll feel up to it, she's going to have to contact her neurosurgeon and see what he thinks. If they need to move that. So we just have to wait and see.

I'm going to have to move my website again. The owner of is having some financial problems and is going to have to shut it down. She's shutting down all the sites free and paid. I understand why she has to do it, no big deal. I'm actually getting used to moving everything around. So I'm going to have to seek out a new home for my site. I'll see what I can come up with.


6-3-02:(11:31 pm CST) Allergy hell! That pretty much sums up how I've felt the last few days. I've been coughing my head off and I feel like I can't draw in a deep enough breath. Fun, fun, fun. These seasonal allergies of mine didn't kick in until last fall so this is the first time I've had to deal with them during a Texas summer.

You know that saying, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." It is the Humidity! If you've never lived in a place that's really humid and hot, you have no clue. I've always described Texas summers like this, "The air is so heavy you can barely breathe it in. Once you do, you wish you hadn't, because it's so hot it burns your lungs."

I'm having trouble drawing a deep breath now, in air conditioned buildings. It's worse outside. We aren't even to the really hot months yet. That would be from the end of July-September. Just shoot me now.

So I'm floating along on allergy meds, hoping to just be able to breathe as deep as I want.

I've got this bed full of lilies planted in the back yard and I'm pretty sure the pollen from them would only make things worse. So I just stare at them from the back door.

I can't go outside anyway. The mosquitoes are bad here and they just love me. I mean they love me. I can be outside for 10 minutes and come in with 20-30 bites on me. I step outside and the little vampires pounce on me in a matter of seconds. It's to hot to go around wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts if I'm going to work out in the yard for a long period of time. Wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt is like an open invite to them. That Off Skintastic spray I can't use, I found out years ago that I'm allergic to that product when I bought some from Avon. Makes me all itchy and it burns. So that's out. I really don't trust any spray on insecticide. I don't like putting that stuff on my skin. The other day one of those little buggers got into the house and bit me several times. Ignored my mom completely and just went after me. I have no idea why. Damn, mosquitoes. I hate them.

I've gotten into summer reading mode. I've got like a stock pile of books ready to be devoured. I'm trying out new authors, looking for something good to read. Just started on a Tami Hoag book, Dust to Dust. It's pretty good. I like the tough cookie female cop, who's still a chick. She worries about spending enough time with her kids. Tries to resist the temptation of falling into bed with her ex-husband. This one has a gay theme to it. A gay IA agent is found hung in his apartment from either an accident (autoerotic asphyxiation) or suicide. Two cops are trying to figure out if maybe it was murder, because some things just don't add up. It's pretty good so far, hint of slashiness, but nothing really graphic. The homophobe cops are the asses who get smacked down a lot. I like that. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm going to finish reading it maybe tonight. I'm a fast reader so I can finish a book in a day or so, depending on how much time I have to really sit down and get into it. My mom loaned me some other books by Tami Hoag to read. Never really been much on mysteries, but I'm willing to give it a try.

I'm mixing in some easy crap reading with the better stuff. Light fair, with stuff of a better quality. I picked up a book based on the tv show Charmed the other day. It was like reading a sort of good fanfic. The thing had typos and other errors in it. [Like a mix up of who was speaking and who was being addressed. An ex.: Phoebe talking to Phoebe and Piper. Was supposed to be Paige and Piper.]  How that got past the editors and publishers I don't know. Picked up a copy of the novelization of the Men in Black 2 movie. Wasn't bad, of course, now I know how the movie ends. I think I'm going to pick up a Buffy book too. Saw one the other day about Oz. That should be a nice lightish read. Just something to idyll away the time.

I'm always reading something, even if it's only fanfic off the net. I've been in a mood to read pro stuff lately. To sink my money into as many books as I could get my grubby little hands on. Been having a fun time too. I think I like reading better than anything. I've always loved to read. I can't understand anyone who doesn't. My mom always loved to read, my step-dad too. So I got that encouragement at home to just enjoy some quiet time reading. I know some people who just don't like to read at all. I think that's just weird. Of course, from the look on their faces when I talk about some book I'm reading I can see they don't get why I like to do it. I think they are missing out on something. I prefer reading to tv, music, and even the net. Hell, mostly what I do on the internet is read. So I'm even doing it there.


6-1-02:(12:37 am CST) Ok, I'm going to go on a little rant here So forgive me ahead of time. This little rant is about commercial, infomercials, and how stupid they are.

The thing that has really been annoying the shit out of me lately are those damn infomercials for these high powered vacuum cleaners. They show these frigging things having the suction power to lift a bowling ball, a safe, and once I even saw one lift a Volkswagen Beetle. Why the fuck do I want a vacuum that powerful? I just want it to suck the dirt off the floor. Not suck my carpet right off the floor. Ever since I saw the one about the vac lifting the car I just keep envisioning those old cartoons. Where there is a vacuum so powerful it sucks up the rug, the furniture, and even the wallpaper right off the walls. There is even a commercial out there for some steam vac that steams the hair right off a cat. Thanks I don't want to give my cat 2nd and 3rd degree steam burns. I like my cat you fuckers.

In Kat's Blog she was talking about the creepy girl in the car commercial doing the weird arm dance. I have to agree, I hate that damn thing. Creeps me the fuck out. Plus, that damn techno cap music sets my teeth on edge. I just want to scream every time I hear it. Instead I just grab the remote and either change the channel or mute the tv.

Hell, that damn 7-Up commercial where they have the mock taste test skewed horribly has made me boycott 7-Up forever. The one with spoiler milk, bile, dirty dishwater and the like pitted against 7-Up. Shows real confidence in the product first off all. I didn't mind that whole line of commercials at first, they were cute or even funny. That one went to damn far though. It was disgusting, annoying, and even though I love bizarre/off beat humor I didn't even chuckle over it. The thing was just creepy and made me never want to drink the stuff again. Their ad campaigns have now driven me over to Sprite permanently. (Though every thing comes in second to Dr. Pepper.) Way to go ad execs, good job.

Do the advertising people think these things make me want to buy their products. No sorry. So many commercials today are stupid and amoral. I look at those and just think what kind of lesson that is teaching children. They watch them and pay attention more than you'd think. Parents had better start explaining those are fake and no example of how to behave.

Ok, rant over. Now I'm going to move onto a happier topic. Something fannish that I've been meaning to do.

I wanted to mention a series that I just love. (It's already rec'd over in the Rec pages. I just wanted to mention something about it here too.) It's in the Buffy/Angel fandom. It's called The Epiphany Series by The Brat Queen. The pairing is Angel/Wesley. It's nice and long, watches the guys relationship unfold slowly. One thing I like about it in particular is that not every part has sex in it. The stories range from G to NC-17. That's my favorite part of it. The writer doesn't try and force a sex scene into every installment. Some times the characters just talk. Work shit out the best they can. Sometimes they angst all over the place. They don't have to have sex every five minutes. In some stories they do, in others they don't. Some stories deal with their relationship itself, rather than the sex. In it Wes is coming to terms with the fact that he might be gay or bi and it isn't easy for him. His self image has been rocked and he's coming to terms with the fact that he may have hidden some things from himself. It's hard for him to reconcile his feelings for Angel with who he thought he was. It's a great series that just has it all. Definitely something to check out.

Oh, one more thing to rant about. I forgot. Just a little one though. My cat has allergies (just like I do). When they act up his eyes tend to water really bad and get sortof puffy. So I have to put this medicine in his eyes that the vet prescribed. Suddenly, today I wondered what the heck the stuff was. I peeled back the label and checked the ingredients. I looked the ingredients up on the the net. It was just as I suspected, the damn stuff was Neosporin. That damn vet has been charging me no telling what (I can't remember the exact price) for something I could buy over the counter much cheaper. Just label me a sucker. I'm almost out of it and his allergies are bugging him. I'm just going to pick up some Neosporin at the store tomorrow. Sadly, I can totally believe they pulled that at the vets office.


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