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pairings thrown in for flavor

Bride Price by Basingstoke
This is a story I stumbled upon yesterday, I think I found it on a rec page, but I can't remember whose. It's a short little fic that is just too funny. Methos and Amanda teasing Duncan. Setting the price for how much she's willing to sell Duncan for. It's really a rather cute story. Methos' way of telling Duncan he's interested. There really isn't much to say about it, since it's so short. Just that's it's a humerous read. I can so see Methos and Amanda doing this to Duncan. Teasing the snot out, just for the hell of it. I still smile every time I think about it. Little light hearted fic that I just think is to cute. Go read it just for the fun of it.

Sacred Trust by Lanning Cook
Note: You can read the story in several parts or in one large text file, whichever you'd prefer. Both can be found on the page I've linked to.

This is a long wonderful story that just had me enraptured for the several hours it took me to read it. At times I was laughing and through a good chunk of it I was weeping like crazy. There is some fabulous back story in here for Methos. She fills out his past in relation to what's going on here just beautifully. The ending to this story you will just not believe. It will totally shock the hell out of you. I never saw it coming. (I always see these things coming too.) The relationship between the guys is just superbly done as well. I must admit that Methos is my favorite among these two. I just love the old man. Of all the characters I've ever seen on tv, I feel like I can relate to him the most. I may not look it, but I always feel like the oldest person in the room myself. <g> I was so stunned by this story that I had to write Lanning and tell her how much I loved immediately. It's got a hint of mystery to it that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. This instantly became one of my favorite Highlander stories. It's not one to be missed. If you haven't read it rush on over and do so. If you have and loved it, read it again. Either way tell Lanning how much you like it when you're done.

The Freshest and the Best by Julad
No sex in this one, though Methos does give off his usual sensual air of mischief. I think what I like best about this is that Julad captured something that I think is essential to Methos' characterization. His changeability. You can't live for over 5000 years without learning to adapt very well. I think Methos was summed up best in the line where he was  describing himself to Duncan, "I'm just a guy". I think that's something it would have taken him a very long time to perfect. The ability to fit in and be "just a guy". Some average guy you see on the street and pay no mind to, because he seems so like everyone else around him. Duncan always seemed so static and set in his ways to me, not wanting to change. Methos is a very versatile characters, changing and morphing according to the times. As the current styles and trends dictate. Knowing nothing stays the same, that everything changes. From clothes, to attitude, things always shift and what was once a taboo becomes common and every day. I think that is the best wisdom he could ever impart on Duncan, that everything has to change or it dies. Nothing can survive if it stays the same. A lesson Methos has mastered and Duncan would do well to learn. This fic captures both how set in his ways Duncan is and how mercurial Methos is, changing like the weather. A force of nature unto himself, as he moves through his life. <*sigh*> I do love Methos. Can't tell can you? <g> I've got this Methos muse just lurking around waiting for someone to be paired up with. I just don't have a Duncan to pair him with. Guess, I'll have to keep searching for someone else. He's so hard to make happy. (What a shock? Huh? No. Well, I didn't think I was fooling anyone with that.)

The Declaration by Aristide
I think I saw a rec for this one on someone else's rec pages and decided to check it out. I can't remember where or I'd throw up a mention of that. Sorry. I obviously liked it well enough to rec it myself. This takes place after the series finale, not taking the movie into account. I do believe. In this one Duncan and Methos feel that their relationship has taken some hard knocks over the years and they need to repair it. They've pretty much healed things as much as they can verbally. Now they just need something, some action they can do together that will help seal the rift that formed between them completely. They talk about going on vacation together and other types of bonding activities that might help them regain some closeness. They settle on make-up sex. Which would make much more sense if they had actually been a couple romantically speaking before hand. (They both realize this.) Methos (the one who brought this up, like you'd expect Duncan to) says it really doesn't matter. Neither can deny they've been dancing around this for some times now. So it's time to just say to hell with it and go for it. You know in stories I generally like to see Duncan bottom, but Methos doing it is equally hot. I love seeing either of the boys doing it really. Boy does 'the old man' do it well in this story. It is explosively hot. I'm surprised Duncan didn't burst into flames. Honestly. Methos is just so hot and wanton in this. Aristide (AKA Mairead Triste when in her more darker moods) is a great writer and weaves just a fabulous story here. Might just melt you right out of your chair, but who cares. What a way to go!<g>

The Mottled King by Dayspring
I don't know why I didn't rec this when it first came out, since I loved it. Must have been some kind of brain freeze or maybe sub-consciously I was saving up something for a dry spell. I love the opening scene to this story. The forces of Dark and Light are playing a chess game, that has real repercussions in the real world. They notice one piece on the board that seems to belong to neither of them though. One way or the other they decide to get him to tip over to one side. Dark wants him and Light is willing to help if he can. It's a game to them and neither hates the other, even though they are playing on opposite sides. The object of their play is, of course, Methos. They decide to throw some things at him thinking that these events will throw him firmly back onto the side of the Dark. They are in for a big surprise though, seems he's a little more steadfast than they believed. They don't understand that all he has seen and done has made him a very grey character. Composed of both dark and light. That he has done good in his time and made resoundingly bad choices. He's played on both sides of the fence and has learned that to be a whole person he has to embrace both elements within himself. I like that characterization of him. It's very much what I see in him. A figure that is very grey, experienced enough to know that's how the world really works. That the world is really played out in shades of grey.

The Cookie Story by Chelle
This is a wonderful little story that came out a little while ago. When I first read it, there were only about two parts to it. I decided to wait and see if there were going to be more parts posted before I rec'd it. Sometimes RL stuff can happen you know, unavoidable. Plus, I like to see where someone is going with a story. I've seen stories I really liked at first, but after a while the writer just went off into weird directions with it. Sometimes the story turned sour along the way and others just went places that I didn't like. So I waited. Then a few days ago I saw a post on a list where Chelle was talking about it being up to Part 6. The link I had for it was to someone else's page who was archiving it and had never gotten past part 2 or three. I went to her webpage and found all the parts. It was still wonderful and growing strong so I decided to rec it. In this story Methos and Duncan haven't seen each other for a while. They finally meet up by chance at a party given by a mutual friend and start up their friendship again. This time around they realize that they want to take things to a new level though, that their feelings are running much deeper than friendship now. This is an m/m first time thing for Duncan. At one point he realizes that he used to be prejudiced about homosexual relationships, but time and changing attitudes have mellowed him to this. Mellowed to the point that he can face up to the fact that he wants to fully pursue one with Methos. While this is going on a couple of Watchers are searching out the identity of a mysterious immortal often mentioned in recent chronicles linked with Duncan MacLeod. Anyone want to make guesses as to who this is? Hmmm? The boys know of this search, but don't realize that these intrepid Watchers may be closing in on Methos. So we get romance, hot sex, and a little mystery of will they put the pieces together on the side. A great series that I am really starting to like in this fandom. I hope Chelle continues to do more of it.

Toeing the Line by Kamil & The Gift by Chelle
I was in a Highlander kindof mood the other day, couldn't find anything new that looked good at the Seventh Dimension archive, so I went scouting around the Methos Boxer Brigade. I found these two stories and just the premise of them alone made me read them to see if they could pull it off. The moment I read the summary I was smiling and trying to stifle a giggle. You see, the premise is Methos is a virgin to m/m sex. I can't keep a straight face even while writing it. I have always found Highlander slash believable because I mean come on, if you live for 5,000 years like Methos or even 400 like Duncan you have to have at least thought about swinging to the other side of the street a few times. If you haven't hell, I think, you deserve to be crowned the King or Queen of Hetland. I mean Methos knew Lord Byron, you can't even tell me that wasn't a hint. George Gordon, also known as Lord Byron, was rather famous for playing both sides of the street. I figure at least one or two of those 68 wives of Methos' might have been husbands. As for Duncan, I know he was in love with Brian Cullen, just from how hard he broke down and weeped after he took his head. So seeing if they could pull off Methos as a virgin to m/m sex, I had to check out. They actually do it well. I didn't think it would be possible, without being campy, but it's just plain hot. Seeing that 5000 year old virgin seduced by the much younger and more experienced Duncan MacLeod. Too hot to handle, trust me. In the first story Duncan gets his and in the second Methos does some giving back. The Gift  picks up right where Toeing the line leaves off, like a few minutes recovery time after. Both are great. Even the writers don't think it's likely either man would be a virgin, but they just had to try the concept. I mean someone had to. It was begging to be done. Duncan as a virgin, sortof believable, that he has thought about it and ready to try it now, ok. Methos though is a little harder to pull off. Luckily, they did it well and seriously enough to give it believability, at least in the context of the story.

Chance Meetings, Good Enough, & Rush by Amy B.
Pairing: Cory Raines/Tyler King

Ok, you'll notice under the picture where it says mostly DM/M, but a few other pairing. Well, this is one of the others. This one matches up Cory Raines, a character played by Nicholas Lea, in the ep Money is No Object with Tyler King, played by Callum Keith Rennie, in the ep The Innocent. It diverges from canon in that the two characters never appeared together on screen. Well, in fact, I think Tyler King was a bad guy of the week and probably died, though I can't remember the ep clearly. Speaking of bad guys. Can anyone answer me why all the bad guys, at least the really bad ones on the show all had names that started with the letter K? What was up with that, some writer on the show have some trauma over some one whose name started with a K? Never mind, just wondering. Cory Raines was my favorite one time guest star on the show. Besides thinking Nick is just too fucking gorgeous, his character was just so sweet, sexy, funny, & charming. Nick definitely knows how to do all of those things well. These stories aren't more than PWP's really. The sex is excruciatingly hot, though I don't really think Cory is that much of a bottom, but writer's perspective I always say and up to the readers to read it or move on. Well, I've been dying for some more good stories with Cory in them, I had heard about these for a while before I read them, then I forgot all about them. I recently rediscovered them and since they were pretty good, decided to throw a rec up here. Hot and well-written, can't go wrong there. Oh, there is a tad bit of a Due South crossover, but not really a heavy one. No biggie. If you would like to check out another great Cory Raines story you can read a rec for it by clicking here, to decide if it's worth your while. I think it is.

Save the last dance for me by Dayspring
What is it about Dayspring's Highlander fic I love so much? Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a Methos kindof girl. Love the old man, Peter Wingfield is totally gorgeous. Dayspring realizes something about him few writers really pick up on. He isn't Methos anymore, not the one from 3000 years ago. He's exactly who you see now, this is what he has evolved into. He kept trying to tell Duncan he was just a guy, no one to be looked up to. He knows himself, exactly who he is and what he has done. He regrets yes, but knows he cannot change the past. He is who he, he accepts himself for all he is, what choice does he have? I love her characterization of him, she actually made me realize that "Adam", though a false name is who Methos has become. This is him now. Some aspects of Adam may be false, but other parts are just truly him. I love her for that. Love this story too. It has moments when it is hilariously funny, others sweetly angsty enough to make you feel tears prickling, and it does it all so seamlessly it isn't a rough transition. Her Methos is who he is, a man who has lived a long life and made some resounding mistakes he regrets that he can never change. Her Duncan is not some half-wit who could never match up to the old man. A Duncan who finally steps back and sees what, or rather who, Methos is exactly. Both are sweet and strong. There is one moment I love where Duncan realizes just how strong Methos is and he never has to worry falling apart around him, Methos can take it. She remembered Alphas only mate with other Alphas, someone just as strong as they are. Far to many writers miss that.

Still Heart by Ladonna King
Methos is an immortal so old that he can't remember exactly how old he is. He has no memory of his youth or what his early life was like. What if he started to remember? I love this story. It leaves you with your jaw hanging open at the wonderful history Ladonna laid out for Methos. Ladonna is my favorite Highlander writer. Still Heart and Hush (below) are my two favorite Highlander fanfics, in fact. this story is so amazing it stunned me. But all of Ladonna's Highlander stuff does that. She is absolutely fabulous in this fandom. She came up with such a fascinating history for Methos and it linked him to Duncan in such an amazing way. By the way did you know that Cheetahs really are domesticated? People used to keep them as pets. Once you read the story you'll understand why that little tid bit of useless knowledge popped out of my head. My brain is filled with that crap, I think it takes up the space meant for Algebra. Oh well. I am still amazed by this story, it still gets that Wow! reaction from me. I can't say enough about it. One of the best Highlander slash stories out there in my opinion.

Hope Chest by elynross
Duncan has decided to go through the ritual of reminiscing about his past by going through his Hope Chest. Who knew guys had those. No, this isn't the prelude to a good old Scottish brood. It's actually a happy thing for him. Shockingly. Going through it he realizes that he does this everytime he is about to move on after the loss of a lover. I found that sweet and endearing. Remembering the past so you can release yourself from it. Duncan isn't as het vanilla as made out to be in the series. The way I say it if a damn man has lived hundreds or even thousands of years and hasn't experimented on the other side of the fence, shit it's time to get out more. Methos factors in to this along the way and let's just say Duncan still likes those courtship rituals. Diners, presents, and the like. He's just to damned adorable in this, in an honest sort of way. It isn't forced and I doubt the writer even tried to make him, but he is. A read with no angst really, but wonderful writing and a great plot.

Hush by Ladonna King
Methos witness first hand a mystery that has plagued the minds of all immortals. How exactly do immortals come to be? This story answers that question. Forget that stupid second movie. In my mind this is how immortals come into the world. It is an amazing story. I can't ever say enough about it. It was the first one of her Highlander stories I read and it stuns me to this day. She took that mystery of their birth and put it to rest. I love this story so much. It is my favorite Highlander story, Still Heart following a close second. I just love Methos. He is my favorite character from all the shows and movies. Just fascinating. Personally, I don't know about you, but I can understand him becoming Death and all. Living all that time I expected him to have made some huge ass mistakes along the way. Duncan really just needs to lighten up. End of my rant, back to the rec. I loved this story. I'm positive you will too. If you don't read it again you missed something. Oh, if you want to know about the myth of Dionysus you can find it Here.

Beautiful Friendship by elynross
In this one Duncan gets a visit from Rebecca Lord, can't remember the name of the ep she was in, but if you read the story you might recognize it. If you've seen it that is. This disrupts his time with Methos and the old man gets jealous. It's not a hard read, no heavy angst here. Duncan is a little slow on the uptake that he had effectively been dating Methos with out the sex. Courtship rituals, complicated things. But I love them. Always nice to be court, or to court. It's well written and one of my faves, obviously or it wouldn't be here now would it. Go read it when you want something low on angst, with good plot, and excellent writing.

The Domesticity Series by Monica L. Anthony
A great series that I love. In it Methos and Duncan are trying to make a relationship work. It isn't easy and Methos is trying to let Duncan in and not be afraid of being judged. It has tons of sweet moments. Plenty of angst. Good writing, like I'd rec someone whose writing sucked. I have taste. The points of view shift around from Duncan and Methos, to friends viewing things from the outside. I just love these stories. There is even a crossover with the Sentinel in the last part or two that isn't too unbelievable. Better than some crossovers I've seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't wait to get to the next part.

Found and Lost by Ladonna King
This story is and AU of NTB. What if MacLeod had the choice to stay on an alternate world to be with Tessa again and have a chance at a normal life? Would he? And at what cost would he have to pay for this life? Ok, I rec'd this story because I really wanted to rec it's sequel. You sort of need to read this short little piece for the second to make complete sense. It would help, but isn't required. Will give you a reference to ground yourself in which Duncan or Methos she is talking about.

Lost by Ladonna King
This is sort of a sequel to Found and Lost. It is an AU of an AU. In fact there are about 3 AU's going in this one. Ladonna blends them together seamlessly, though, as only she can though. This is the story of what happened to the Methos in the NTB universe and what if he had been given a chance to see what another world had to offer. It is a fabulous story that had me crying through the last third or so of the ending. There is no way I can summarize this for you, none. Not gonna happen, there is way to much plot going on. It is fascinating how well it is weaved together. I am intrigued by parallel worlds and the way your life could have turned out. This gives us a glimpse of how Duncan and Methos' lives could have evolved. It is just amazing to read. I love the way Fate, Love, God, or whatever steps in to give two old warriors who are weary and just wish to rest for however long they can a break and a reward for loving so strongly. I love this one. I love so much of Ladonna's Highlander stuff though. Couldn't tell could you.

Dark Places and Fair by Dayspring
I just love this story. Maybe because of how Duncan has to come to realize that he doesn't really know Methos, even though he has been given ample chance. He really faces up to the fact that the man he sees now is who Methos is, he's not Death on a horse from three thousand years ago. He's not even the man he was a couple of hundred years ago. Which we well see when Methos is injured and suffers some amnesia that throws him back to a place he was in emotionally and mentally a few hundred years ago. Duncan and Methos move in together in this one, but Duncan wants more. Marriage he thinks will hold him to the old man, when the old man isn't going anywhere. I have always had an affinity for Methos and an understanding of how he must have been through a lot to get to that bad place in life where he became Death. I always wanted to smack Duncan for being a judgmental arse and not getting that. Nothing is black and white. But some things are clear if you look for them. This is one of my favorite stories because it smacks Duncan in the head and lets him know he shouldn't judge. Lets him know that he knows more about the old man than he thinks. Plus, I'm a big romantic sap and just love when guys think about getting hitched in stories.

It's a date by Dayspring
This is just a story that I thought was a cute little snippet. It's sortof a PWP, though one without sex. It's well written and funny, so I thought I'd throw it in. I just found it and liked it alot. In this one a simple question asked during a double date leads the boys to some thinking about their true feelings for one another. Not much more than a snippet, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Thought you might too. I could just see everyone in this trying to keep a straight faces as realizations were made by them. It's adorable and not heavy at all. I loved it. Give it a try...come might like it too...hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

Hay Fever by torch
Pairing: Duncan MacLeaod/Cory Raines

This is  one of the non-DM/M stories that is referred to under the pic. It is a DM/CR story. CR being Cory Raines, the immortal played by Nicholas Lea. It is a cute little story about a romp in the hay,literally. It is the only DM/CR story that I have ever found. If you know of any more tell me, I'd love to read them. I loved Nick's character in that episode. He was so sexy and funny. A sortof character that lights up the room and releases tension from any situation. The story is just a little PWP, sex and not much else. Since it is the only DM/CR story I ever found, it has a special place in my heart though. I just love Nicholas Lea.

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