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All fics here will be Clark/Lex

The Orbiting Series by Rachel/Rhiannon
I saw the latest part of this fic posted to the lists the other day and decided what the heck I'd check it out. Well, when I did I noticed in the story notes somewhere that there were several parts that had already been posted to the lists. I decided to check them out first to see how it all started. Well, I ended up just getting drawn into this wonderful series of stories and left wanting for more. This story deals with the ups and down of relationships. On the show both of the guys are young and whenever I see stories of them promising undying love I just roll my eyes. Clark is in his teens and Lex is only in his early 20's. In comics canon we know they will eventually become enemies. Even if a writer takes a story AU and they don't become foes, they are young and the future is always uncertain when it comes to relationships. A great many things could happen that might lead to things not working out. In these stories a lot does happen. It's not an easy ride for the two guys. They have to deal with their parents, with whether they should come out or not, and with their own insecurities. Also, Clark is destined to one day become Superman, he's an alien so there is that whole ball of wax to deal with. This is about problems coming up and them dealing with them as a couple. Sometimes they make mistakes, betrayals do happen, but they decide to fight and to stay together through them. In Particle by Particle we begin to see how Clark starts down that road to becoming Superman. How he feels compelled to use his powers to help people, the risk of exposure be damned. I found it very believable, I could really see this as being how he began. It's a great read that made me ache for the guys at times and hope that they can manage to stick together through it all.

101 Ways to Say I Love You or How to Ruin Everything
Amplified Heart
Particle by Particle

Interstitial by Punk Maneuverability
Notes: Future Fic

This one takes place a few years in the future, Clark is 22 in this one. In this story Clark finds that he may be starting to lose his powers and he doesn't know why. Old scars left by accidents when he was just a kid, that disappeared long ago, have started to reappear. He's confused as hell and scared. He's also in some serious denial. He has no idea if losing his gifts is natural for him or what. He wants to tell his parents, but doesn't. I think out of fear that if he does it will all become real. As long as he doesn't tell them, maybe it isn't happening. No need to worry them, they might be glad of it even seems part of his rationalizations. Clark doesn't know how he feels about it really. He meets up with Lex after some time apart and finds that maybe he can tell it all to Lex. That he might understand and even help. The story sort of has a non-ending that left me feeling a little bereft. Then I started thinking that maybe it was meant to be that way. Not everything has an answer, we can't always find the answers we seek quickly. Besides who said that journey was over, it had really just started. So sometime later they might figure things out. It leaves room for a sequel or the readers to fill in the blanks themselves. After I thought about that, it didn't bug me anymore. The writing is good and I really did like the story. It was a great ride dosed with plenty of angst for flavor.

Family, Friendship, and Love by Henry Jones Jr.
Warning: MPREG

Notes: This story is in about 13 parts, it is finished. Look at the bottom of each section for the link to the next one. This goes AU around Stray.

An MPREG story. I rec these very rarely. So why are there 2 in one update? I'm not sure. Usually MPREG fics aren't good for more than an eye roll and a laugh when it comes to me. This one struck me though. It has a thread of realism to it. It really speaks of what it's like to be a pregnant teenager. (Even as improbable as it is that a guy is pregnant in this one.) This story really deals with the problems that go along with teenage pregnancy. Having to tell your parents. Quitting school and getting a GED later on because you have to get a job to support your child now. Losing friends because you are faced with vatly different responsibilities than they are. Due to being forced by circumstance to grow up much faster than them. Having to give up a great deal to take care of the child you have brought into this world. In this one Clark doesn't tell Lex for quite some time that he's a father. (I mentioned it goes AU around Stray, Lex goes back to Metropolis in this story.) Telling Lex would mean he'd have to tell a lot of other secrets as well. Telling anyone could expose not just him but his child and his parents to danger. Which is why his parents had extracted a promise from him way before this not to tell anyone until he was 18. When he should be old enough to realize the consequences of people finding out, the dangers. Having a child really makes him realize just why secrecy is so important. The time comes when he eventually does have to tell Lex, though. It's not easy. Nothing is easy in this story. That's what made me like it. Actions have consequences and in the end both Clark and Lex have to face up to them.

Marry into the Family by Julad
This is a short little story. It's not a PWP, there's really no sex in this. It's more of a vignette type of thing I think. It's also funny as hell. The title pretty much tells what it's about. Lex suddenly deciding he very much wants to marry Clark and the parental angst that ensues from that announcement. It's really hilarious. It's one of those stories you want to read for a good chuckle. Though throughout the fic I was wondering what the hell Martha put into that damn corn soup. Was the corn mutated by kryptonite? I'm not sure, Lex did seem the only one effected by it and Clark didn't drop dead eating it, so I guess not. Maybe Lex's behavior could just be chocked up to happiness. You decide. This story is told in a very non-linear way. I'm not sure how I can describe the way it bounces back and forth. It works though and it's not something that's difficult to follow. It adds to the quirkiness of the story I think, the humor too in a way. It's pretty much guaranteed you'll get a few giggles out of the story if nothing else.

Date With the President by Henry Jones Jr.
Notes: Future Fic

Warning: a teeny mention of MPREG at the very end

I know another MPREG fic, but this one just has a teeny little mention at the very end. You can ignore it and it really won't matter much to the story. It's just like a little epilogue thing tagged on at the end. Only one of the MPREG stories mentioned here is the main focus the pregnancy aspect. This one that bit of plot didn't come along until way later in the stories. By that time I liked the fic so much that I found I could ignore it. I debated quite a while about rec'ing them because of the MPREG thing. I ended up deciding that I did like the fics as a whole enough to rec them anyway. I tend to view MPREG as one of those Maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away things. (Hmm..does my rec'ing it count as not ignoring it? Eh, I don't know.) Ok, about the fic in this one Lex is President and Clark is working at the Daily Planet. So it's a lot of years down the line. I think Clark is pretty much gay in this one. Which doesn't matter, just a bit of info. This is another one of those stories with a great portrayal of Lois in it. (Have I ever mentioned that I was a fan of the Lois and Clark tv show? So I really like Lois. She's just such a great female character.) Another of those stories where Lex and Clark meet up again after some time apart and try to pick up where things left off. This time around it's Lex's Presidential Inauguration that is the catalyst that brings them together once again. It's a nice long read filled with some great moments. One of my favorites.

Redemption by Joyfulgirl
Notes: Future Fic

In this one Lex and Clark haven't seen one another in quite a few years. They meet up again when Clark saves yet another Luthor from drowning. This time Lex's daughter. Man, there are a lot of Future fics in this update. I have no idea what it up with that. One thing I like about future fics in the SV fandom is that no one ever really disses Lois. She never becomes some psycho harpy that has to turn all evil in order extract her from a love triangle with the boys. (Like in some crappy fics I've read in other fandoms.) She's always very much Lois and treated well. Respected. Who the hell could diss Lois, one of the original Girl Fridays. She's great. It's always a relief reading her portrayed in this fandom. Tough, strong, ambitious and snarky, totally Lois. Maybe it's because she's so well rounded in the comics, movies and other tv shows. What's there to hate about her. Enough of me gushing over how great it is to read a female character portrayed well in fics. Back to the rec for the story. In this one Clark and Lex meet up again after the twist of fate mentioned above brings them back together. They start getting to know one another all over again. Get a second chance at starting something that never really had much of chance to begin back in Smallville. This is a nice long fic that I just stumbled upon in the archive and fell in love with. Just remembering it now makes me want to go read it again. Why don't you give it a try too?

Subtext by Te
Ah, The Lost Boys. That movie came out when I was about 13. My best friend (in the 8th grade) and I saw that movie about 13 times. The local dollar theater (which has since burned down) held it over for months and we went every weekend. One week I paid and the next she did. We even divvied up the guys so there wouldn't be any conflicts in our crushes. I think I got Michael, Paul, and Dwayne. She got David, Alex Winter's character (Marko the IMDB says his name was), and one of the Coreys (Feldman I do believe). I mentioned we were 13. Teenage girls and their weirdness. Not very long ago I found an old Lost Boys poster in storage that I didn't even know I had. What? The Rec? Oh yeah, sorry kind of got lost down memory lane there. In this one Lex takes Clark to see the Lost Boys at Smallville's local dollar theater (or equivelant there of). Teaching him about the subtext inherent in The Lost boys along the way. For any of you out there who had a crush on one of the guys in that movie. Who totally think Corey Haim's character Sam was gay and hot for his brother this could be the story for you. You might also want to check out Te's Lost Boys Slash Archive too. I'm just saying.

Three Impossible Things by jenn
Note: Future Fic Implied Clark/Chloe and Lex/OFC, nothing more than implied mostly.

When I first started reading this I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. The more I read it, the better I liked it though. It takes place right after Clark and Chloe graduate college. He and Lex are still best friends. Clark and Chloe have been dating for a while now, but just decided to break it off. Lex has met a women who just might be the one. One thing is standing in the way. Clark is starting to get a clue of how much he wants Lex, wants to risk everything for a chance at something. To change things between them. Lex isn't sure what's going on, but he's not going to turn Clark down. It's really about realizing what you want and that you can have things you thought were impossible. Having a little faith in people and faith in love. Something that's easier for Clark, than Lex, but he gets there. This is one of those stories I didn't want to rush to read the ending half way through. I wanted to take it slow. Get there naturally. Let the story flow and find out what was going to happen along the way. I wanted to be surprised by the ending. Which is a rare thing. I always want to know how a story ends, to see if I want to stick around and read the whole thing. I just wanted to take this one as it came. If it ended good or bad, I'd find out eventually. It's a good read, that I enjoyed immensely.

Prophet of Eden by Destina Fortunato
Note: Sort of a Future Fic, hints of the future

This is one of my favorite future fics. In this one a Lex from the future tries to change the past. Tries to save Clark from what Lex is going to become one day. Trying to get Lex to just stay away from Clark thinking that will help. What he ends up doing is saving his own self. It wasn't exactly the outcome he was shooting for, but it led to the results he was seeking. This is all about Lex trying not to become the man he always fears he will, his father. How you can change things for the better even if it works out differently than you were shooting for. I really liked the ending to this one. I like the idea that the future isn't set and this Lex has a chance of being a better man than the one in the comics. I've re-read this one several times. No real sex in it, but plenty of love, angst and a smidge of romance hidden in there somewhere. Definitely one not to miss.

Undertow by elynross
So, I thought I'd finally get off my ass and see if I couldn't try and to get caught up on some of the recs on this page. Smallville has become "the show that took over my brain". I've yet to get it back. (Though my Beecher muse has woken up and taken some possession of it.) Sorry, back to the rec. <insert giggly girly scream here> elynross wrote a Smallville fic! I can't believe it. This fandom is so slashy it's sucking writers in from everywhere. elynross wrote one of my favorite Highlander fics, it's rec'd over on the Highlander page. I just get all giggly every time I see another wonderful writer succumb to the power that is CLex. This is a really good fic too. Alot of fans are of the contention that if Clark would just reveal the secret about his powers to Lex it could turn things around. Change things. I'm not so sure of that. I'm not completely convinced yet. Nor are his abilities an easy thing for Clark to talk to anyone about. He only trusts his parents with it. Not even Pete and Chloe know. They've been friends with him their whole lives. So I don't know how easy it would be for him to tell anyone. It isn't easy for Clark in this story. Even when he does come close to telling it, Lex isn't sure he wants to hear it. He isn't sure he won't betray it. They both need some time for trust to come. I loved that aspect to it. It's a small thing well into the story, but something that made it work for me. Plus, there's the hot gay sex. The whole show is about the "big gay sex" though. I really loved this one and was so happy to see another wonderful writer join the fold. I just got all giggly when I was the announcement in my e-mail. Gave me a big old happy.

Apologia by Te
I think someone over on the MBTV Smallville message boards summed up the effect this had on them better than I could. (I can't remember who it was exactly, but I'm sending a shout out to whoever it was.) They said they thought it had broken or damaged their gaydar. Sort of overloaded, short circuited it a little. I must say it nearly did the same for me. It's set after the episode Rogue, which in of itself was the most HoYay of them all. (That's another term we've coined over on the MBTV boards it stands for Homoeroticism Yay.) In that episode Lex's old girlfriend popped up, but who really cares about that. She was boring and rather a bad actress. Besides Lex spent the whole episode ignoring her and chasing around after Clark. This one is sort of the make-up sex after a small fight the boys had in that episode. Hot sex too. Steamy hot, fog up your screen sex. So hot it did a little damage to my gaydar. Hell, the ep Rogue and Omar's recap of it alone had nearly broken my gaydar. This was just an extra blow. Mine's recovering and whoever it was on the board who's gaydar had gotten damaged says theirs is on the mend too. So this one comes with a warning that it just might blow a fuse on your gaydar. So be wary. It's that damn sexy hot. So firm up the shielding on your gaydar before reading this. You'll definitely need it.

Peaceladen Series by JainieG
These are really just a small set of interconnected stories. They are all related to one another in a way. There is some order to them, I think I got it about right. I'm not sure. All of these are G rated, with the relationship implied. I just happened upon a couple of them when I was searching for something new in the archive. I liked them so much I decided to see if there were any more in the series. Happily it turns out there were. These are all like little snapshots. Moments in time caught and held up to the light. Memories of a sweet time of peace and gentleness taken out to be treasured. That peaceful quality really shines through in them. I found myself thoroughly caught up in them. So I just had to rec them, hoping they bring you the same delight they did me.

On this Winter Night

meteOros & Eos by Kellie Matthews
Oh, my god. Kellie wrote a Smallville story. I let out this little happy sigh of joy when I saw the announcement for this on a list. I just love Kellie's Due South fics, I have several of them rec'd in fact. (You can find them over on the Due South Page.) Kellie is a wonderful writer, whose stories I have been enjoying for some time now. I just couldn't wait to see what she had come up with for this fandom. I was not disappointed. Her stories are always sexy, steamy hot and this one is no different. My favorite thing in this story is such a small thing really. It's the way Kellie refers to Lex at one point. She compares him to a Snow Leopard. I think she perfectly captured him in that statement. I can so visualize him as that. Some creature that seems almost other worldly, something of myths and fairy tales still existing in our realm. Composed of such grace and beauty. Tinged with just the right hint of a violent nature underneath. A creature that seems to only be able to fit in certain parts of the world. Foreign to so many places, out of place and time. That definitely seems like Lex to me. I think she picked his animal spirit out perfectly. Feline grace. Seeming to own any room he walks into. Knowing his worth and beauty and the fear he can impart in people if he wishes. Ah, Lex. That image of him will stick with me forever I'm sure. It's such a small piece of the story really, but something that makes it stand out. That seems like such an important part of figuring out who Lex is. I don't think you could find a more adequate representation of who he is if you tried. Have I mentioned the sex yet? I haven't shame on me. I've been remiss in my rec'ing duties. Melt you right out of you fucking seat hot. I need a few moments alone to take care of some things hot. Just the image of Clark in that one scene, stretched out like....I'm going to leave you hanging there. I'm mean like that. If you want to know what I'm talking about go read it. I doubt very strongly that you will be disappointed.

The Butterfly Effect by The Spike
If you haven't read this fic yet, well get your butt in gear and go read it. This is like the ultimate SV fic. It's one everyone talks about. Whenever people get into discussions about Clark, Lex, and the future this fic inherently comes up in the conversation. It's all about chaos theory. About how the future isn't set. It can be changed. How these two guys on SV might not ever be the Clark and Lex from the comics. They are different and in many ways this is a whole other mythology altogether. So you can't really assign the characteristics of the guys from the comics onto them. Lex might never really turn out evil, he and Clark might never become enemies. It all depends on how things go in the series, what happens to them along the way. Variables. That's what Lex is caught up in, seeing infinite futures unfolding around him. Trying to find one where things turn out ok. So lost in his own dark thoughts that he can't see a future past them. This is a fic that made everyone think. Made them believe there might actually be a happily ever after for the guys. All depends on how things go from here. The circumstances that occur along the way. It's truly fascinating. It's one of those fic that spawned tons of others. Or at least gave people the idea that they could take their fics in any direction they wanted. Not letting themselves be constained by comics canon. If you haven't read it, you should. So go forth and read it. You so need to. I could never say enough about this fic, rec it highly enough.

The Ride & The Ride 2: Spin Out by The Spike
Sex in a car. Ok, really hot sex in a car. Really, really hot. Bone melting hot. At this point you just might be picking up on the fact that it's pretty much a PWP. Still, I really liked it. I could just so see Lex in this. Even though the first fic is really from Clark's POV, Lex is just shining through it. I think there's supposed to be another sequel after this one. One that lives up to the request, actually come to think of it I think it was more of a statement of fact and intention, that Lex made at the end of the first fic. That one sentence alone nearly melted me right out of my chair. I shudder pleasurably just at the thought of that. I can't wait for the continuation. You know I got my Entertainment Weekly for Dec. 12 in today and the letters to the editor page for this week were focused on an issue from a while back that had an article about Smallville in it (and Tom Welling, Clark, on the cover). I nearly laughed out loud when I read one comment a reader wrote on how much chemistry Clark/Lana have. I think I did snort in derision. You've got to be kidding me. Where the fuck did they see that? Honestly, I can't see it one bit. Everyone I've talked comments on the Clark/Lex chemistry. Which has only been getting better. The ep 'Jitters', which aired recently, was just filled with so much chemistry I was floating along in slash heaven watching it. (John Glover was in that ep, so bonus. Made many of us happy getting to see him again.) We'd all been waiting for that ep and I for one was not disappointed in it. This fic really shows the chemistry between the guys off. Let's you inside Clark's head to see what he's thinking and feeling towards Lex. This one is so steamy. Fogs up your windows about as good as the boys probably did the windows of the limo. Definitely satisfying. I so hope Spike writes more of this one. I'm eagerly awaiting it.

The Middle of Nowhere & The Road Home by Meredith Lynne
Sex in a corn field. I'm sensing a pattern here. Are you? Well, it's like a reverse of Spike's fics, the sex doesn't happen until the second one in these stories. Killer Mutant Cows too. Which were just too funny an image. I guess if they run out of ideas for MotW on the show that would probably be next. Lex finds out a little about Clark's secret here too, but it's sortof unavoidable. Besides, I get the feeling Lex has a clue or two anyway. I don't know if Lex has found all the pieces yet, but he's definitely putting them together. Adding things up to see what exactly Clark is hiding. Seems like a lot of people in that small little town are hiding a good bit of things. I've lived in small towns that happens alot, but no matter how hard you try to hide things people always find out. Though I don't think my neighbors have ever been Killer Mutants. Still, not alot happens in these two fics. I feel like they are the build up to something else. Or a testing the waters in this fandom. They are very well written though. Which is always a big plus. I can't wait to see what Merry comes up with if she gets around to writing a longer fic. In fact I can't wait to see how Lex descends into evil on the show. I'm really looking forward to how they play that. Most interesting thing on the show to me. I think once we truly know that the fiction will become so much better. It's like we don't have a complete characterization of Lex until then. I'm sure MR will pull off whatever they throw at him beautifully. I can't wait. Till then we have fanfic. <sigh> Fanfic, Happy Fanfic.

Reveal by LaT
Lionel walks in on CLex (that's how everyone has started referring to the guys, like they are one entity, fine by me) and sees more than he should. I know sounds pretty pervy. It's really not though. It's not like he really gets off on it or anything. More like he's filing this away for future ammunition. He seems like the kind of guy who would do that. Seek out knowledge about his kid so he could use it as ammo in a fight on a later date. Just like my grandmother. But, that's my angst, I won't bother you with it. It's plain to tell why Lex hates him and why Lex is going to turn out to be such a villain one day. Lionel seems all about strategy to me. Finding the right angle to back your enemy into a corner and win the battle quickly and as cleanly as possible. I think he's drilled that into Lex's psyche and as much as he doesn't want to be like he's dad, it's a constant fight with those firmly instilled teachings not to be a carbon copy of him. I think that's why he will turn out to be 'The Super Villain Extraordinare'. Sometimes you have to 'deny the battle' to win at all. You can't fight some things, you have to give up fighting them to be who you want to be. Trying to fight them the wrong way can turn you into an even worse form of evil. Back to the rec, though, I got lost in profiling Lex there. Lionel catches CLex in 'flagrante delicto' so to speak and it sets him to pondering about his son and how he can use this information later on. I'm seeing big time blackmail material myself. Things that touch your heart are the best weapons of choice. I also buy that Lionel wouldn't care if his son was gay or bi, just so long as Lex was quite about it. Put on a show for society, didn't parade it around in front of everyone. Kept up appearances and such. So I could really see him thinking like this one finding the boys together.

What He Wants by Brancher
You could call sum this fic up as, 'Clark gets a clue'. During a party of Lex's, Clark realizes what it is that Lex really wants from him. He's shocked to say the least. This fic has probably been written over and over in various ways since the show began. This has to be one of my favorites within that theme. The scene where Clark ends up getting smacked upside the head by the big old clue bus, is so damn hot. So sensual. I must say Michael Rosenbaum is doing a damn fine job as Lex. I never paid much attention to him, until this role. He has really taken it and made it his own. It's not easy to take a character everyone knows is going to turn out evil and make him likable. There is some definite kudos deserved by both the writers and MR for pulling that off. Not only is Lex a likable, sympathetic character, he's damn hot too. I think it's the confident air with which MR plays him. Confidence and passion are the main two qualities I am attracted to in a man. MR plays that to the hilt. Even though this fic is told from Clark's POV, we see that hot and sexy Lexy come through in this. I really liked this 'Clark finally catches on' story. I definitely bought his reaction to it. Freaked out. Which is what I think his first reaction would be, shock. Then, he'd settle in to acceptance and start wondering. From there hot and sexy things would follow I'm sure. <wg> Mmmm...Happy Thought.

Quite an Extraordinary Boy by Brenda Antrim
Fantasies, that's what this story is about. You know I'm on a couple of Smallville lists and one thing we can all agree on is that Lex is so after Clark's ass. Clark seems pretty clueless about that, in my opinion anyway. It's the first time a guy's had those intentions towards him so we'll give him some leeway. We all also agree that there is like no chemistry between Clark and Lana, none. She's like the perfect female love interest for such a slashy character, she's just no threat at all. A slasher's dream. No one I've spoken with buys the Clark/Lana thing at all. This show is one of the slashiest damn things I've ever seen. You should just see Clark beam when he sees Lex. His eyes get all sparkly, he blushes, and breaks out into this big old grin. A real one, not the fake plastic ones he shoots Lana. These are spontaneous, like he just can't help it. He has to grin when he sees Lex. Lex always seems to be undressing him slowly with his eyes, one article of clothing at a time. Even Omar the Smallville recapper over at Mighty Big TV sees the slash in these two. He's a straight guy for goodness sake. If a straight guys sees it, you know it's there. They never see these things. Sorry, got off on a Smallville rant there. It's taken over my damn brain. Anyway, this story is a look inside Lex's head that seems pretty true to me. He's a naughty boy with a dirty mind apparently. Anybody whose seen the way he looks at Clark won't dispute that. I have a lot of hope for this fandom. On list I've seem some wonderful writers pop up during chats, I so hope some of them produce some wonderful fics for us. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from this fandom. No one can deny the slash in it and people are just flocking to it in droves. Ah, it's good to be a slasher when it comes to this fandom. You don't even have to struggle to find it.<sigh>

The Project Series by Te
Warnings: Some BDSM in the 4th part.

Like I mention in the warning there is a little bit of BDSM in this one. It's not much though and I can see where Te was coming from. Clark's strength is something he always has to overcome. Learning to control his strength and be gentle during sex is something he will always have to strive towards. For Lex in the story, it's more of a power trip. Which the whole story is really about. Lex wants Clark and so he sets about a plan to get him. In the process he really gets more than he bargained for. Things don't always work out like you think they will. Best laid plans and all that. Pun not intended. In this one Lex is someone Clark can turn to when the world gets to be to much. Clark is a sweet diversion Lex uses to take up his time. While honing his manipulation techniques to a fine point in the process. Or so that's the way it starts out. I hope Te writes some more of this, I'd love to see where she might go with it. I guess it all depends on where the show goes. We're up to the third ep now and everyone is still wondering when we're going to see Lex the bad guy. He really hasn't shown up just yet. If the writers intend for us to hate him, they really aren't doing a good job of it. I kind of like him. John Glover plays his father. Mmmm...I'm odd. I think he's totally sexy. I've heard others say it too, so I know I'm not alone. It's gotta be a combination of the voice and his attitude. (And the hair, I like his hair. I've always had a thing about hair. I just want to run my fingers through JG's. Sorry, got lost in a moment there.) Same reason I find the guy who plays Lex sexy now. It's all in the 'tude. I think that bald head of Michael's is sexy.<sigh>

The Project
The Plan

Thrill Ride by Viridian5
Someone really should have told Clark he shouldn't accept rides from strange men. This one is just a PWP, just some steamy sex in a car really. I've noticed Viridian has a thing for guys fooling around in cars. I've seen her write some DS fics with that premise too. In fact, I rec'd one last update. The fandom is just starting out really and already we have a wonderful little series by Te and a story by Viridian to add to the mix. Getting off to a great start. Every slash loving chick who's seen the show is just gushing over it. I hadn't seen it, but kept hearing everyone talk about how damn slashy it was. So I decided to check it out. Lucky for me, last weekend the WB re-aired the first two eps again. Let me tell you these two guys have such a slash vibe going on. Most of the times it's like, "Lana, who?" Their chemistry is off the charts, you hardly even notice that thing Clark is supposed to have for Lana. It's one of the slashiest shows to come up the pike in a long time. Over at Mighty Big TV the Smallville recapper just goes on and on about the level of slash on the show. He's a straight guy too. So if a straight guy picks up on it, you know it really is uber slashy. I just love it. I didn't even want to watch the damn thing, but the minute I heard about how slashy it was, I was so there. I'm sad that way. What I won't do for a good slash fix. Sorry I got off on a tangent there. It's a plot what plot, there isn't alot to say about the story. It was pretty much summed up when I said; it was by Viridian, it was good, and they had sex in a car. I had to write something to fill up the space.

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