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All stories rec'd here will be BF/RK
(I so like the blonde! <g>)

Like a House on Fire by Kellie Matthews & Beth H.
Note: You can also find a copy of the story on Beth's website here.

This one was posted to the lists just a few days ago. Man, fanfic has been scarce recently in this fandom. So I was delighted to see a new story by Kellie, this time co-authored with Beth. This fic takes place a couple of years after CotW. In it after their adventure was over Ray and Fraser each went their separate ways. Ray back to Chicago and Fraser off to his new posting. They tried to keep in touch, but over time that gradually dwindled down. Well, Fate conspires to bring the two back together after some time apart. The thing that struck me about the story is that Ray is doing pretty well. We find that Fraser isn't doing so good. Going from the fast paced life of a big city to a very sedate and boring small town life has left a lot to be desired for him. He's hit a sort of depression without even being aware of it. Been letting himself go since he's had less to do. It takes Ray coming back to really shake things up and make him take a long look at himself. To realize that he isn't happy where he is. That he misses Ray and shockingly enough Chicago. Fraser is after all an adrenaline junkie, I don't think he's really cut out for the highlights of his week being arresting drunks and breaking up domestic disputes. Ray acts as a catalyst in this one. His reappearance in Fraser's life makes him snap out of his stupor and figure out what he does want in his life. Which he then sets about getting. It's a great long read that takes it time. It really builds up to these realizations for Fraser. Has a nice slow build up of the boys getting together too. I really enjoyed this one. One you should definitely check out.

Parental Guidance by Alanna, Starfish, & Kass Rachel
Ray lies to his mother telling her he's seeing someone to avoid being set up on a blind date. From there a misunderstanding ensues that turns out to be the catalyst for Ray and Fraser getting together. Ray is shocked when he realizes that his parents think he and Fraser are dating. Once he starts to think about it, he thinks maybe they just might be seeing something that he missed. Something that was there all along and he was avoiding paying attention to. Ray is actually quite baffled by how accepting they are trying to be of things once he realizes there's been a misunderstanding. I was a little too when it came to Ray's father. I can go with the characterization though, I like to think people can evolve. Once Ray figures out there has been a little miscommunication there with the 'rents he brings it to Fraser's attention. Only to find that Fraser thought he was gay or bi all along. All of this adds up to Ray having to rethink what he wants. He has to ask himself some hard questions that maybe he avoided while he was married to Stella. Then he has to see how Fraser feels. It's a nice little story about self-realization and how we can hide things from ourselves. How good it can feel when we finally admit those things to ourselves. How freeing it can be.

The Teeth of the Hydra by Resonant
This story bounces back and forth between the past and the future. Showing the connectivity of events all leading up to an epiphany Ray's about to have about himself. Seems he's pretty much the last one to catch onto that clue bus barreling towards him too. We get a pretty good case file that the guys are solving mixed in here too. I think before I was even finished with this one I knew I wanted to rec it. I loved how we got shots of Ray's past in this. Showing us how he became the man he is today. It's pretty fun watching Ray finally manage to hop onto that clue bus with us too. It's like Ray was talking a long hard look into his memory trying to figure out how he got where he is. This is a nice long read to really get lost in for a while. It's one of those stories that just hooks you and you don't want to 'put it down' until the very end.

Ping! by Speranza
Mmm...Speranza. I'd ask her to marry me, but that might be sort of stalkerish and I don't want to freak her out of anything. Besides I'm not a stalker, I just love her work. Ahem...Anyway, on to the rec. This story is about second chances. It's pretty short, filled with Speranza's sense of humor. It's also about Fraser's gaydar being seriously broken and Ray not noticing when his gaydar pinged soon enough. Ray thinks he's lost his chance with Fraser when Ben meets a new suitor. Luckily, he finds that he and Fraser both want a chance at a 'do over'. It's a sweet little fic about getting something that you thought you couldn't have. Told in Speranza's wonderfully unique style.

Juggling Act by Speranza
Mmmm...Speranza. <*sigh*> I stumbled upon this story yesterday. Literally, stumbled upon it. Yahoo Groups has been seriously screwing up my mail. I either don't get half of the messages coming in from groups or I get them days behind. It's doing both lately. So I was fixing broken links over on the links page yesterday, when I realized Speranza's page wasn't listed there. I was shocked and horribly embarrassed. Shame on me, as much as I love her stories. Bad Clio! So I added it and was checking the link when I saw that Speranza had a new story up. Naturally, I rushed to check it out. For me RL has been pretty crappy lately and I really needed a good laugh. This story provided me one. It was just what I needed. It was late when I read it and I sat here trying to stifle my laughter so I wouldn't wake everyone in the house. Several times I had to just stop, put my head down, and laugh my ass off. I just loved this story. With all the humor, there is a smidge of angst mixed in just for flavor. It's a wonderful story that I am so glad I found last night. It has a wild premise that only Speranza could make work. If you want a good laugh, with a dab of angst, mixed all together with a hot and heavy dose of romance. Then this is definitely the story for you. It is not to be missed. Speranza at her best.

Pas de Deux by Sihaya Black
Notes: AU

This is an AU where RayK isn't a cop. He's a former competitive dancer who now works as a dance instructor. Which is where he meets Fraser, he is a Mountie, who "first came to Chicago looking for the killers of his father" yadda, yadda. You know the story. He's working with Ray Vecchio. Most things are sort of the same. Just one little twist on the story. Ok, more than one. You see Fraser has come to Ray's classes to learn how to dance for his Victoria. Well, things turn out about as well as you'd expect in that situation. My favorite type of AU is the 'what if' kind. 'What if' this was different or that was changed. Sihaya does some really good AU's in this fandom. (Check out the rec for Two Men in a Boat here.) No matter whether the AU is set in another time and place or if just a few things are changed what makes them truly good to me is if the characterizations are true. If I can still see the characters from the show in this situation. If the story has been twisted to fit them, not the guys changed completely to fit the story. Sihaya does a good job of just transporting the characters into this new scenario she's created in her AU's. This one is no exception. I can totally see RayK, Fraser, and RayV in this story. Which was what made me really love it. I can buy RayK becoming a dancer instead of a cop, if circumstances were right. So that worked well for me. I could buy into that. Not a lot of sex in this one, but it's really all about getting there. Falling in love and finding a way past obstacles to be together. It's one well worth checking out.

Eight Sessions by Speranza
Ahh...Speranza. No, doesn't sound right. Thought I'd try something new, not working out. Think I'll stick to the old. It rolls off the tongue easier. Mmmm...Speranza. Much better.<g> This is one hell of a fabulous story. In it RayK and Fraser are involved in a shooting, regular cop stuff. Ray has to go see a shrink, talk to a union rep, and have the obligatory board hearing about what went down. Everything seems pretty cut and dry, the board will most likely say self-defense and Ray goes back to duty. Except something is a little hinky. Fraser and Ray are acting just a little too weird. It's obvious something more happened that neither are saying. We learn what's up with them slowly through their sessions with the shrinks. Now Fraser doesn't really have to go since he isn't with the CPD, but just to cover bases they think it might be best for him to. Like Fraser couldn't use a good shrink now and then. Or Ray for that matter. I could just wallow in this story for a while. It is just so good. Speranza hit on so many things I hadn't really thought of in the guys characterizations that I was just left with my mouth hanging open at times. Going 'Yeah, yeah, I can so see that in him. Damn, can I see that in Him.'. It's a fabulous story that really works. I've read some therapy fics where the shrinks just acted as a big old Mary or Marty Sue. The ones in this don't. They are there to actually help them get over some shit from the past and present. I could never say enough about this one. I love this fic. I can't believe how good it is. Go read it! Seriously, you will not be disappointed in it for a second. It's that good.

Chicago Tales by Denise Raymond
Note: Sequel to All the Comforts of Home

I should have rec'd this fic long ago, but I forgot. I'm so sorry. My mind just isn't what it used to be. This is the long awaited sequel to Denise's All the Comforts of Home. (Well, it was long awaited by me.) Oh how I loved AtCoH. It is one of the best DS fics I've ever read. Chicago Tales doesn't disappoint either. In this one the guys are headed back to Chicago. Time to confront friends and family with their relationship. While tying up all the loose ends before they get hitched. They get varying responses to their coming out. From out right scorn to acceptance. They stick together through it all and their love just gets stronger along the way. I think there might be a sequel to this one in the works. I'm not sure. It begs for a sequel anyway. It's just as long and enjoyable as the first story was. I'm so ashamed that I forgot to rec it for so long. Shame on me. I'm hoping to rectify that right. It's a long read so kick back with a beverage and be prepared to sit a while. Once you sink into the story you won't want to put it down.

Kowalski is Bleeding by Speranza
Note: No matter what it says in the beginning Trust Me. All is not as it seems. Just keep reading the story. Have I ever steered you wrong? Just trust me on this. Hang in there, ok.

Like I said above. No matter how the story begins hang in there. This all isn't what it seems to be. Also, this is sort of AUish. Not a heavy everything is different type AU. Just a few things are changed in this. In this one RayV is pulled from his assignment early because some big things are happening at home. His cover might get blown, so they pull him out of there. When he gets home is when the real mystery of what's going on starts to unfold. This a BF/RK story, but oddly enough Kowalski doesn't appear in a lot of it, except in flashbacks. Fraser and RayV don't fool around or anything. No RayV lays eyes and The Stella and well you can guess what happens. The really interesting part of the story to me was following Fraser through his memories. Seeing how he and RayK got together in the first place. The troubles they had coming to terms with what they felt for one another. All the things that were said and weren't said. The fights that led them to getting past a lot of shit. It wasn't an easy road for them from the start. The whole story is a wild ride that doesn't disappoint. It's got lots of ups and down, twists and turns. As always like I'm not going to recommend something Speranza writes. Say it with me now...Mmmm...Speranza. <g>

A Heart Alone by BJ Cochran
A post CotW fic. Fraser is back home in Canada, Ray back in Chicago. Told from Fraser's POV. Christmas time and Fraser is really missing Ray. Well, he gets a christmas present in the form of Ray coming to visit. Ray has been missing Fraser too. He's been having a pretty hard time of it in fact. So he decides to hell with it. He's going to risk it all, since he doesn't have a lot to lose, and go get his man. Fraser's pretty amendable to that idea. It's a nice sweet little fic, with a little angst for flavor. One that makes you feel good when they get together in the end. The two of them pushing past all the imaginary road blocks and realizing there wasn't anything standing in their way to begin with. I really like this fic. Just angsty enough, that all gets resolved  in the end. A good read to get lost in for a little while.

Respect and Penny Serenade by Colleen Kane
Note: There is a prequel to this one that's Fraser/Mark Smithbauer. It's called I remember you. He ends up with RayK in the end. I think of BF/RK as the OTP(One True Pairing) for me in this fandom, but I can see Fraser and Mark fooling around some in the past.

Note Part Deux: Kid fic, NOT an MPREG fic. This is a the guys adopt a kid fic. It's a cute kid.

Well, like I said in the notes, this is a kid fic. Not an MPREG, one where the guys adopt a child. It's told from Ray's POV. Through a series of circumstances the guys end up adopting a child. Then, of course, they have to deal with raising the kid. Which is, naturally, the really hard part. One thing that rang pretty true to me is where Fraser turns out to be the "yelling parent". The one who just snaps and yells at the kid. Who freaks a lot more easily. I could so see Fraser doing that. He might be calm and cool around criminal types, but those he cares about can get him riled up like nobody's business. Just from watching he and RayK get into screaming fights, I can picture that. Ray while the more excitable of the two in most circumstances has a lot more patience with the kidlet. Which I can buy too. He thrives on chaos, so when faced with the chaos a kid can bring, he just navigates his way through it. Fraser just can't handle this absence of order, so he tries to force it and has no idea what to do when nature (the kid) rebels and order is not restored. That rang very true of their personalities to me. It's one of those reasons I could see this working. Made this little world they've made for themselves really come together for me. They are light-hearted fics, low on angst. Whenever I'm in the mood for that I go back and read them. Sweet little fics that make you feel good. Just right for when you're in that type of mood.

Strange Loops by Aukestrel
Note: First off this is an AU and a WIP. There is a prequel to this whose pairing is Fraser/Mark Smithbauer called Missing Pieces. It's also in .pdf format.

Note Part Deux: Ok, the page you are linked to here is the start of the story, which is some e-mail conversations that set things up. It's in html format. The story Strange Loops is a WIP, with two parts finished and a third in the works. Strange Loops 1&2 are in .pdf format. So to read them you will have to have Acrobat Reader, which you can download from the Adobe Website for free, if you don't already have it. This will allow you to read and print documents in .pdf format, but not create them yourself. For that you will need a different program that you have to purchase, Adobe Acrobat.

Ok, this is a strange one. First off, the fact that it's in .pdf format. Which really shouldn't deter you from reading it. You can get the Adobe Reader for free like I mentioned above. Secondly, it's an AU. Like total out there AU. In this one Fraser and RayK are scientists. I know Ray a scientist, but I swear it works. He's not this buttoned down type of guy, no way. Wouldn't work for him. He's this guy who is so smart, so locked in his own head that it's hard for him to communicate with others. Hard for him to really connect with people. He seems fragile, but he has a strength few ever get to see. He's a lot more with it than most would think. Then along comes Fraser and just slides past all his defenses. Becomes his friend easy as anything. Falls head over heals in love with him. Even though this is an AU, I swear the Fraser and Ray in this are so dead on. I could just see the guys living and breathing in this story. I'd call this type of AU an 'other life' variety. It's like Aukestrel just transferred the guys into this and made the story fit around them. Not the other way around. The characters can get lost if you try and make them fit the world. They didn't here. This is a WIP, there is one more part to come. I think, at least. Personally, I'm just dying to see what happens next. I can't wait for her to finish the next part.

A Moment of Insight by Speranza
Mmmm...Speranza. She's written a lovely new story. So you know I had to include it in this update. Felt like I was waiting for something to draw this update to a close. Now I just have to get my ass in gear and write up all these recs. It seemed like for a while there was no really good new stuff coming up the pike. Then it all seemed to flood out onto the net at once and I'm just trying to play catch up. In her story notes, which you can find a link for at the top of the story, Speranza mentioned that there was more sex in this one to make up for the fact that there wasn't much in the last few of her stories. Phhtt! Like I'd complain about that. I'm the kindof girl who likes a good bit of plot with her smut. To me the sex should augment the story, not be what's holding it together. I hardly noticed the lack of sex in the last one. I have an active imagination, and thanks to slash a good knowledge of gay sex, I could supply the details for myself. My only problem with this story was how the FBI acts in this one. I'm not sure that they would do that. I'm not, however, an FBI agent, nor do I know any, and I've never met any either. So how the hell would I know really. So I'll let it slide. It was just a plot contrivance to get the boys locked in a room together for several days where they could have wild, hot, monkey sex anyway. So I'm not going to quibble or complain. The writing is beautiful as always and the crime they were trying to solve came to an interesting conclusion that the natural profiler in me was satisfied with. So I'm of the good. I did like the point she brought up in supposition about how every cop had to have a limit of how much he could stand. How many bodies he could bear to see mutilated and destroyed by another. I could believe that. How much of the darkness of humanity can you witness before you lose all hope? In this story Fraser watches Ray reach his limit, realizes before Ray does that it's going to happen any time now. I thought that was very insightful. C'mon it's Speranza so you just know the story is going to be good. In her story notes she mentioned some story ideas kind little friends have been supplying her with. Many thanks to them. Let's hope we see some of those stories in the future. I'm looking forward to it greatly. Let's all say it again...Mmmm...Speranza. <g>

True Colors by Kellie Matthews
Ray happens to overhear something that gets him to wondering about Fraser. Then it gets him to wondering about himself. This leads to some misunderstanding between Ray and Fraser. Eventually, these get cleared up, but not without a good bit of angst. There's also plenty of hot, yet loving sex. Ah, what more could you ask for. A good formula written quite well by Kellie. I really liked this fic and Kellie snuck in a few surprises with some other characters that help the story along. If you want to know what I'm talking about look at the note at the bottom story. What I liked most about this fic is that when Ray gets curious about his sexuality he tests things out a bit. Nothing heavy, just some kissing, but he works out himself about what and who he wants. Realizes he has a 'type' of guy he likes, that a certain Mountie fits to a T. It's really a great fic. A nice long read that's really vivid and has a nice build up to the sex and relationship stuff. I always love Kellie's stuff. By the way, while your at Kellie's site you might want to check out her Snoop series, it's pretty hot and sexy. There's a warning for those ficd for 'toy usage' in case you need that. This one doesn't have any of that, don't worry if such a thing squicks you. This one is just a nice explorative piece of Ray and Fraser starting a relationship. With plenty of angst and hot sex for flavor.<g> Go give it a read, you won't be disappointed.

The Borderlands Series by Viridian5

"One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret, never to be told, eight for a wish, nine for a kiss, ten for a time of joyous bliss."
This is an old 'counting rhyme' that has been around for centuries. It has to do with an old "practice of foretelling the future based on the number of birds you see". Old European versions of this tended to use magpies, but in North America crows tended to be used. Suddenly, I know where the band Counting Crows gets its name from. This story has quite a mystical feel to it. Lots of talk of spirit guides and trickster animals. The first three are really just pieces of the puzzle, where it all starts to be set up. The last fic Nevermore is the culmination of all of it. Where everything gets dealt with. It's like way long. Longer than any of Viridian's fics I've read, about 400k or so. It's really good too. You just get sucked along into this world she paints. Where spirit guides stalk the living making promises you never know if you can trust. One of the scenes I liked the most was one where Ray and Fraser have a big couple's fight. Fraser gets upset and overreacts. Deciding maybe it would be better if they broke up. I've read that scene in a lot of fics. Ray doesn't let it go though. He's had experience with relationships. He knows that if the relationship is important to you then you stay and fight. Work it out. Deal with it. He doesn't let them fall into a pattern of make-up sex without resolving anything first. Been there, done that. He knows they need to deal with their issues first, or they might never. I really liked that aspect to the story. Showed a good bit of maturity on Ray's part. I can understand Fraser running scared, he doesn't seem to have been lucky in love alot and I doubt he's ever had very many long term relationships. So he's running as much from the commitment and realization that this probably is for the long run as anything else. He isn't sure about the long run, but he's mature enough to realize he needs to come back, fix things. I really liked that about the story. It's just a few scenes in comparison to the whole fic, but it really helps establish who the guys are in this story to me. I also liked the aspect of Ray really for the first time dealing with the after effects of his break-up with Stella. Realizing that he gave up a lot to fit into the image of who she wanted him to be. Now he's trying to reclaim some of that. Testing the waters with Fraser to see if he'll say anything. Or if he'll realize Ray needs to do this for himself. Some good dealing with relationships stuff in here. I really liked those aspects to the story. Made the whole thing about more than just sex. About something lasting and you really got the guys wanted it to last, but not pay the price of losing themselves for that to happen. I really loved that, brought a good deal of maturity to the story and helped bring closure to old wounds. Ones inflicted before they ever even met. Truly satisfying in that respect. Gave the whole thing character. The mystical spirit guide stuff is cool too. <g>

One for Sorrow
Long, Long Way from Home

Somewhere else to be by Kellie Matthews
Note: This one is an AU. Just wanted to tell you that right off the bat so you wouldn't be wondering what was going on. You'd figure it out and Kellie mentions it in the notes. Thought I'd throw it out there anyway. So you'd know what you were getting into.

I can't believe I forgot to rec this fic. It's another case of brain freeze I'm sure. I was surfing around the other day and saw either a rec for this or some mention of it somewhere. Can't remember which. I then started wondering if I had rec'd this story or not. Since I love it, I swore that I had. I then searched through my recs and realized I hadn't. Shame on me. So I'm seeking to rectify that little faux pas in in this update. This one is an AU like I mentioned. In this story we have car mechanic Ray paired with College Professor Fraser. Definitely a hot combo. Even though this version of Fraser is a little more used to larger cities, he still has trouble adjusting. It's still hard for him being so far away from his home and finding new friends in the Windy City. The two meet and sparks fly, naturally. This one is a journey into how the boys become friends in this mirror world and from there how they become lovers. Its a great trek that takes you through the boys as they slide from friendship into love. I read this one I don't know how long ago, probably early on when I got into this fandom. I've loved it since I first came across it. It's one not to miss in the fandom overall and definitely one of Kellie's stories not to pass up. I still can't believe I forgot to rec it before. I feel like I'm having to play catch up with these recs, always back tracking and rec'ing old stuff, while trying to rec new stuff along the way. I'm not sure if I'll ever really catch up. One can dream though. It's an aspiration.

Indelible by C.L. Finn
This is probably the only story out there that could even begin to convince me that Fraser would get a tattoo. It's the reason why he gets it that made me buy it. The thoughts and desires behind it that I could understand and go along with. When I first read the premise of 'Fraser gets a tattoo', I was dubious at first. I really couldn't see my suspension of disbelief stretching quite that far. Still, I thought, 'What the hell?', I'd give it a try anyway. Going in I wasn't sure what to expect. After a few moments I found that I was happy I'd given it a try. It's really about missing someone and wanting something to mark that they have been in your life. That they have made an impression on you, changed you in some way. Needing something visible to show your connection to them, express how much they mean to you. It's basically just a PWP, there are plenty of those in this fandom. Quite a few of them are pretty good, this one is no exception. (The DS fandom does damn good short stories, I must say.) This one is always going to stick out in my mind though. As the only story where I will ever buy the concept that Fraser would ever even think of getting a tattoo. I'm not sure if anyone else will ever be able to pull it off again. Not this well. Oh, since I mentioned it's a PWP (Plot What Plot) do I really need to say that there is some hot sex in it too? Didn't think so.<g>

With 6 you get Eggroll by Speranza
Note: If you follow this link here you can view another version of the story. You can see Speranza's sense of humor coming out in this version. This one takes a little longer to load. Same fic, just with some picture enhancements. None of which are really BF/RK. This is a little AU or maybe alot, you judge.

I just love this story. It is way wacky, but it just pulls you along and sucks you in. In her story notes Speranza gave the best description I can think of for this story. She took all the endings in the Epilogue of CotW and just scrambled them all up. Gave everyone someone else's ending. The result is quite unique, I must admit. It's pretty easy to follow even with the old switcheroo. I just love Ray and Fraser in this. I won't tell you who got which ending, don't want to spoil it for you. You'll catch on soon enough. I just love Speranza's stories. We were talking about her work on a list the other day. It's easy to sum up what was said about her, we were quite succinct, "Mmmm, Speranza". This one is just as fabulous as the rest of her stories. It's pretty light on the sex, but I didn't mind one bit. I'm of the category of readers who thinks a story doesn't always have to have sex in it for it to be slash. The love is enough sometimes, a kiss is enough. This one has some really beautiful sweet moments and some angsty ones for flavor. I really loved this one. After I finished it I wanted to turn right around and read it all over again. It's definitely going to be one of my re-reads. Those stories I always turn to when I can't find anything new I like and am in the mood for something specific that this one falls into. Give it a try, you might just love it too.

The Ride by Viridian5
This is basically just a PWP that takes place after the episode Easy Money. Ray offers to take Fraser for a ride in his new GTO and boy does he give him "a ride". Back seat's get broken in while the boys are doing a little parking. People around where I live don't really do that. Not since the 40's when The Phantom Killer started attacking people who were making out in parked cars. [For reference as to who or rather what (since the killer was never identified) the hell The Phantom Killer is check out the movie 'The Town that Dreaded Sundown' or just do a search for it on the web. You'll find it. Then you'll know where I live. Hmmm...Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.] Anyway, it's a sweet little idea of two people doing that. A little old fashioned, which I think both Fraser and Ray have a touch of in them. I can see them doing it. Though the logistics of how two men who are nearly six feet tall would both fit in the back seat of that car totally escapes me. I just keep visualizing legs spilling over into the front seat and elbows ending up in uncomfortable places. Plus, Ray was injured in that ep, so an extra degree of difficulty is added there. Still, I'm willing to suspend my level of disbelief enough to just go with the flow and not care. The sex is pretty damn steamy, so that helps plenty. Viridian's Ray is just so fucking combustibly hot. I love the way she writes him. So very sensual, with just a touch of a feral quality. He goes after what he wants and doesn't stop until he gets it. My kind of guy. Woof! <g>

Poses by Colleen
Note: There is a sequel to this fic called The Stranger, found here.

A sweet little fic by Colleen I found a little while ago that I just love. It's about the masks we wear. The things we try to make others believe about us. The things we try and convince ourselves that are true about who we are and the things we try to deny. Denial is one of those things that can't hold forever though. The truth will come out eventually. It's also about someone who really sees us for who we are. Someone that looks past all the pretense and just sees us, not who we pretend to be. How that can be a wonderful thing and an incredibly scary thing all at the same time. It's about giving up lies and falsehoods, for just what is true. No longer pretending your something your not. No more posing. I really liked this story. Colleens fics tend to be on the short side, but they pack a punch. They always have an achingly sweet intensity to them that just sucks me right in. I just tend to fall in love with them right away. This one is no exception. Sucked me in and I knew I was going to rec it as I was reading it. I love Ray and Ben in this one. Hot, sweet, intense, and gentle at the same time. Definitely one not to pass up. You should just check out all of her stuff, you won't be disappointed.

Stranger than Fiction by Beth H
A strange little story, but I just love the opening scene. The visualization in that is just great. I could just picture Ray doing it so clearly. Shadow dancing I call it. Put on a cd, close your eyes, just dance around the room, and try not to bump into anything.<g> I love dancing. It's something we've seen Ray do on the show. It's like a look inside his head while he's doing it. I could hear Ray's voice so clear too. Gets a little weird in the mystical sense as it goes on. I wasn't sure Ray would react that way completely, but I saw where she was going with it. The whole visualization thing taken to a whole new level. You always wonder in the show if Fraser's dad really is there or if he's just some mental conjure Ben needs. Others see him, but some of them are either a little nutty or as weird as Frase is. So...who's to say. A shared dream? Who knows. I even liked when it got a little strange in the story. Hey, I like strange so no problem there. I guess thinking back, in the context of the story maybe I could see Ray not freaking and buying it. You'll have to read it to understand what I'm talking about. If I tell you I'll give away the plot. I'm still stuck on that opening scene I just love it. Wonderful. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes. Most times.<g>

At the Old Ballgame by Pollitt
Just a ballgame really. Ray and Frase going to a baseball game. No real sex, just two lovers spending time together on Ray's birthday. A sweet quiet day. I liked the aspect of someone knowing you so well, they just know what to get you as a surprise for your birthday. They know what you'd like and what you'd want. They know just what would make you happy. How often does that happen? That someone can plan a perfect little surprise for you? One that won't disappoint or miss the mark. I think we all wish for that, even if it might freak us someone knowing us that well. This is really just a sweet little story. About baseball, friendship, and love. I didn't mind there wasn't any sex. I haven't been in a real big mood for that lately. Sweet romance is plenty for me. So if your looking for the same. Just a sweet story to make you smile. This is it. I really liked this one. Has a peaceful quality to it, that really made me feel good. Made me happy.<g>

True North by Crysothemis
Note: This story is mainly BF/RK, but there is a little RK/OMC in here too. It's mainly when Ray is freaking and having some big old hetero angst. Trying to decide if he could ever be attracted to a man and whether he wants to be with Fraser in that way or not.

Don't you think it's about time I rec'd something by Crysothemis? I sure do. It took me forever to be able to read this story. It was mainly that RK/OMC thing I mentioned above. As far as I'm concerned RayK and the Mountie belong together, the end. So when I started out in the fandom and wasn't sure which writers I liked and which I didn't, I tended to skim through a story just to see if it appealed to my tastes. When I saw Ray fucking some guy other than Fraser I hit the back button. I kept seeing the story rec'd all over the place though, but still I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I eventually read some of Crys' other stories and finally my curiosity got the better of me so I said to hell with it and read True North. Well, once I read the story I loved it. Took me a while and several re-readings to rec it though. I had to figure out what I wanted to say about it and how to convince someone who, like me, had gotten turned off by Ray and that OMC to read it. First off, mainly all you need to know about that guy is Ray is trying to figure himself out at that point and he really doesn't like being with the guy that much. You can get the general gist of it and skip over it if that part bugs you. I skimmed it and got why he was doing it. So you can skim over it too if that helps and still get the understanding of the why's if you don't like anyone but Ray and the Mountie. There's plenty of BF/RK in the story, I promise you. In this story Ray and Fraser are on their adventure together. Right at the beginning we come in on the moment when Ray inadvertently finds out that Fraser has feelings for him that extend beyond friendship. When Ray finds out he gets a little pissed wondering if that is the only reason Fraser wants him around. He gets uncomfortable, has a moment of homophobic angst, freaks out, and goes home. Once he gets there though all he can think about is Fraser, he misses him, and wonders if it wouldn't be so bad to be with him. So he tries to sort himself out so he can get back to Fraser. That's only half the story really. Once he does find his way back, he has to work through what is some heavy denial so that he can really be with Fraser. It's a slow process for him figuring out that he really is in love with the Mountie and opening himself up to it. It's not all that difficult for him once he does to realize he really is attracted to Fraser. It's a nice long read. That's filled with plenty of angst, denial, love, acceptance, and hot sex. What more could you want really? If you haven't read this story already and loved it, maybe you should give it try. I did and wasn't disappointed. Go ahead, give it a try. You know you just might want to.<g>

Turning by Kellie Matthews
Kellie wrote a new story and I rec'd it. Just shocked aren't you? I'm sure you are. Not! This one is just fabulous and really loong too. Like over 600k, so settle in for a long read here. This one starts up sometime around the last few eps of the season 4. Takes you through the final two with a little bit of missing scenes kindof detail and then leads you right into what happened to Fraser and Ray while on their adventure. The aspect I like best about this story is it lets Fraser begin to deal with many of the losses he has faced in his life. The main angst in this that Fraser and Ray face in their budding relationship is Fraser's fear of losing Ray, as he has lost so many. This fear becomes almost overwhelming, to the point Fraser really begins to fear for his sanity. Watching the show, you'll know Fraser's been worried about his sanity since the moment his father's ghost popped up and started talking to him. Well, in this all the pain and loss he's suppressed and never really dealt with come to a head. He has to find a way to face them before he truly does go mad. Ray is there to help him, of course, as is an old friend he calls upon when he realizes he might need help of a more professional nature. It's Ray's warmth, comfort and understanding that really bring about the thaw that let's all this free. Fraser really is in need of something like a spiritual/emotionl/mental cleansing. Needs to let go of his pain, his hidden fears, and all the guilt he holds in him so he can move on and really begin to share his life with Ray. It's really a wonderful story that deals with an adventure of the spirit more than one of the body. One Fraser really needs and Ray is willing to help him with all the way. A must read. I loved this one.

American Way by Resonant
You know once upon a time I used to think that slashing the Mountie was dirty in some creepy way. Now all I have to say to that thought is, "What the fuck was I thinking?" DS slash has become one of my favorites. It just isn't an update without a DS story in there somewhere. Once I've found a DS story to rec I know an update is coming soon. Oh dear lord. This is another of those stories that nearly fried my brain. It is just so fucking hot. It's not even just the sex that is truly hot, though it is amazing. It's Ben in this story. Oh my, Ben. In this one Ray and Ben are after some stolen jewelry that was created by a Canadian crafter long ago. It's return would be quite the coup for Canada. Those possessing the jewelry have been warned of awful Canadians who've been hounding the thief. That they should be wary of anyone Canadian. Even in plain clothes people could tell Fraser was Canadian a mile away in the story. So they decide to build a cover for Fraser. Have him playing at being an American. Well, Ben has to find someone to imitate, model his behavior after. So he picks...RayK. Dear lord, just remembering Ben playing at being RayK is enough to melt me right here in my seat. Ray was walking around perpetually turned on by this image in the story. I would have been too. This one is totally hot and wonderful. With just a touch of humor that makes it just divine. I love this one. Knew I was going to rec it as I was reading it. Some stories are like that. You just know you are going to love them before you are even through and have to tel people about them. This is one of those. A definite must read. You can not miss the Americanized Ben in this one. Too Hot. Totally.

Loving Him & Cocoon by Bast
Note: These are not two stories in a series. They are stand-alones. I just loved them both so I thought I'd rec them together. Could have just linked straight to her DS page, but who knows what she might do in the future. I judge each story individually. I like these two a great deal so we'll start with them. She writes more stuff I love in the future, it will probably get rec'd too.

Bast is pretty new to this fandom. She's only written a couple of stories that have popped up on the lists within the last few weeks. Like I said above these aren't a part of a series, they are stand-alones. I just liked both of them and couldn't decide which to rec, so I rec'd them both. When Cocoon came out I thought it was a wonderfully sweet little piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. Loving Him was the one that made me throw up this rec for them though. I really loved that story. Both have a certain amount of angst, plenty of love and the second one has a great bottoming Ben moment. Oh, Ray does some bottoming too, I just love seeing stories where Ben cuts loose and embraces letting someone take care of him for a change. Many writers tend to not get what it's like to be an alpha. They think it's all 'let me take care of everything' attitude. Never being able to give up control. An alpha only mates with another alpha. They are the only ones they can give up control to, who have enough strength to take care of them. An alpha needs to let go sometimes. I think in the DS fandom writers have seen that in Ben. Realize he needs that. With BF/RK slash, mostly the guys go back and forth. Which I love, control passed between them seamlessly. Whoever needs what they get it. That's how a relationship should work. I just love these two stories. Ben's POV here. We see some of his romantic side. His worries about Ray. I just love him in this. The angst in these temper the sweetness beautifully. Keeps the sap from being too sugary. I just love them. Check them out if you haven't already. They're worth it. Not much more than PWP's, but the DS fandom does some of the best of those. Always adding enough romance to spice them up and keep them from being sleazy. These are no exception.

The Border Between Life and Death by Speranza
I thought I had about all the DS recs for this update. Then, of course, Speranza went and posted an announcement to the lists for a new story. So you just know I had to go and read it. Which led to me instantly falling in love with it and having to rec it. Like, duh!<sigh> I'm never going to be finished with this update. People are going to start thinking I've given up on the rec'ing thing. Fear not I'm just sitting around playing catch up trying to rec alot of great new stories that I've found. The Great Slash Drought is definitely over, I feel like that movie title I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can, just trying to juggle the webpages and RL. I'll manage. In this one Speranza gives us a look at the past. It happens quick so you have to try and keep up. One minute Ray is about to turn the tv on and the next we are taking a stroll down memory lane. There is some Stella/Ray in this one, no het sex really, but in Ray tracking what went wrong we do get mentions of it. We see how Ray and Stella started out as just best friends when they were kids and how things sort of moved up from there. She gives that as the reason for Ray having such a hard time letting go of Stella, he not only lost his wife, but literally the person who had been his best friend for over 20 years in one fell swoop. That it was having the friendship taken away that hurt the most. Sometimes in movies or tv shows they use the married to my best friend thing to cliché levels, it makes me want to gag at how overused that is. Often it seem fake, since you know these actor just met not long ago most of the times, so I roll my eyes at it. Speranza gives us a real look into what it is like for two childhood friends to fall in love and how bad it hurts when you lose that. Never fear though, this is a BF/RK story. While thinking on his past Ray realizes he doesn't know a whole lot about Fraser, that if they are really going to be friends then he has to know more. Since Fraser hasn't be very forthcoming he decides to do a little digging of his own. He finds out a secret of Fraser's that even the RayV didn't know about. I really liked that little look she gave us into a unknown part of Fraser's past, it really seemed totally believable to me. I liked getting to know a Fraser secret too.<g> I really loved this one. I love most of her stories though. She is becoming one of my favorite DS authors, that isn't obvious is it? Oh, it is. Well, I never said I was subtle. Yeah, I do subtlety like a sledgehammer does.<eye roll>

Journey's End, Pack, and Pathfinders by Journey
Ever since she wrote the wonderful Family Portrait (click on the link to read my rec for that), which I absolutely loved. I've been waiting, or rather hoping that Journey would do another really long fic. She'd done some smaller fics that were very good(of which Journey's End and Pack were include), but hadn't done another fabulous long one yet. She was probably worn out from writing Family Portrait. Then she came up with the third part of this series Pathfinders. Once the announcement was posted to the list I clicked on the link and hopped right over to her site. I couldn't wait to read it. It turned out to be just as good as I'd hoped. The first story shows us Fraser and Ray at the end of their search for the Hand of Franklin. It's a sweet little thing about the guys coming to an understanding about what they mean to each other and that the last thing they want is to lose one another. The second one moves us forward a little bit to the guys really starting their relationship. This takes place while they are on their way to see the Vecchio's down in Florida. They need to say goodbye and some other things, sort of clear the air of the past before they start their new life together. Pack is about family really, knowing finally where and with who you belong. Finding a place in life and someone who truly accepts and understands you. The third story is where they finally make it to Florida and have a visit with RayV and StellaV. It isn't an easy conversation, revealing their changed status from friends to lovers doesn't go over without a few tense moments. They fight it out and refuse to leave until things are aired out. Until the love they have for each other is truly acknowledged and their friendship with the Vecchios are more firmly in tact. It's really about admitting things to friends that you haven't before. We learn a few things about the guys as this series goes. Little insights that mean a lot in the long run. I love the reason why RayK is nervous about telling Stella about his changed relationship status with Fraser, it isn't what you think. These are a great series of little stories, that provide some closure and a chance to more forward for all involved. I loved them and found that closure of certain issues very satisfying. Warmed my heart, even came close to making me sniffly at times. Journey has come up with a wonderful series of stories here. I'm loving them.

Two Men in a Boat by Sihaya Black
Note: AU, way AU. Think Fraser. Think Kowalski. Settting...the movie The African Queen (You know the one with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn on a boat). Which is why the story is subtitled, Or Adventures on the African Queen. Like I said: AU, way AU. A good AU though. Duh! Like I'd be rec'ing it if it sucked.

Like I said above: Fraser and Kowalski thrown into the movie the African Queen. Never in my mind would I have pictured that. CKR (Callum Keith Rennie who plays Kowalski, should have just said the blonde) is in the role Humphrey Bogart played, though he keeps his name. Fraser is in the role Katherine Hepburn portrayed, he's still a guy don't worry. So Kowalski is a ship's captain who does deliveries for the local mine, I think. Fraser is a missionary with secrets who is basically hiding out in Africa. He used to be a Mountie, but some circumstances that he placed a lot of blame on himself for sent him running to Africa. Kowalski at first seems like a man who is only out for himself, but true to character he really does care a great deal for other and is willing to risk himself for a good cause. Fraser is still getting him into trouble and risking his life 'in wildly, dangerous ways'. I think the style of speech she uses is what sets the whole thing off, what makes it what it is. The very proper speech she uses as Fraser narrates it really gives you a feel for a different time and place. For a time in our not so distant past (early part of this century) when manners were everything in polite society and knowing how to speak well made a rather large impact on how people viewed you. I can so see Fraser being that stuffy in that time setting, he is anyway, magnify that by an even more proper upbringing and the thought is staggering. Kowalski is there to lighten him up though and, of course, provide a rather large temptation for him. I really liked this one, it's a nice long read (which I love) packed full of a great plot (borrowed as it might have been), some very hot sexual tension and romance. I knew before I even finished this one I was going to rec it. Sihaya wrote one of my favorite Sentinel pieces too, called Those who can. You can find a rec for it on my Sentinel page.

Shades of Ray by Miriam Heddy
The adventure is over and it's time for Ray to make some decisions about his life. He's pretty sure he doesn't want to go back to Chicago. He's is pretty sure that he wants to stay in Canada and be with Fraser. Even though Fraser is being a little cold to him. He realizes it's just Ben's protective instincts. Not knowing if Ray feels the same for him, if he wants to pursue a relationship, and the fact that he's been a loner for so long. All those things are shutting Fraser down and Ray realizes the root of them, he gets Fraser. So he has to ask himself, would he want to stay in Canada even if he and Fraser don't get together. So he goes about getting a job, checking out what becoming a citizen entails. He's serious about this so he takes some times away from Ben to see if this is right for him. Not telling Frase about this. He's at sort of a crossroads, facing a mid-life crisis thing. Trying to figure out who he is now. He never did take the time to sort himself out after the divorce from The Stella, he avoided that by jumping right into becoming Ray Vecchio. So he's figured out what he wants (Canada) and who he wants (Fraser), now he just has to work on getting them. This is really a Ray figuring himself out and going after what he wants story. I liked that, I would think Ray would need that time to work everything out in his head, this made sense to me. He also realizes that Fraser would have a hard time with someone under foot constantly. Fraser needs time to adjust to being with someone too, also time to decide if Ray was what he wanted. So he gives them both the time to figure it out before he goes to him and makes the proposition. Very mature of him, even if he did it more instinctually while having a mid-life freak out. He knew what he had to do and did it. I loved that, was so Ray to me. Great story that I really like. Love Ray with an earring too, read the story you'll figure out why he gets that. <g>

The Killer Replacements by Speranza
I thought I was done with the DS recs for this update, then Speranza posted an announcement for this story to the lists. Shot that thought to hell. I read it, loved it, and so of course had to rec it. The Great Slash Drought is truly over and I'm just trying to keep up with all the new stories coming up the pike. I'm rec'ing as fast as I can.<g> I'm goofy, so sue me. In this one Fraser is on vacation in Canada. While there he gets a phone call from Ray Kowalski eerily similar to one he got from Ray Vecchio before he went undercover. Determined to not miss the chance to say goodbye to a friend a second time, he races back to Chicago. He fears he's almost to late, but he isn't going to give up. He has to see him just one more time before he goes. Has to tell him how he feels about him and have just one night with him before he goes. Fraser sets off in a desperate search and is determined to find his man. I love the ending to this one. I'm not going to give you clue one about it, so don't worry I'll spoil it for it. I won't. I will say that it had me smiling smiling and at the very end laughing. It's a sweet little story that tells of Fraser's desperation not to lose one more person close to him without a chance to say goodbye, to tell them how he feels about them. Well, you know he's just crazy in love with the blonde and vice versa, so you can imagine how he feels.<g> I don't think I've read one of Speranza's stories that I didn't like. She is wonderful writers, who shows alot of talent. Can't say enough about her, so I'll stop before I just go on and on.

Boardwalk by Kellie Matthews
Oh, my, my, my! The way she has RayK dressed in this. Whoo! I think I lost several brain cells I might have needed in visualizing him like this. Just short-circuited me right out, fried a few neurons. Damn, but it is hot. No, I'm not going to tell you what I'm talking about. Not even a hint. You just have to read it. Seeing him dressed like that has become a favorite image of mine. I really, really like it....Sorry, had a shiver of lust run through me there for a minute. There's a little bit of a plot to this one too, but who really cares. Ray is just so hot in this. Hell, I wanted to fuck him through the floor, a mattress, or whatever vertical surface I could find. I'm surprised Fraser didn't spontaneously combust. I don't see how he avoided it. Teased enough yet? Good, go read the damn thing. You will not be sorry. Might be thanking me for it later. Probably will be. The story's a nice long tease too. Worth the wait. With Kellie, you just know it's well-written. So you won't be disappointed. Go read it...Had another shiver, gotta go get a cool drink of water now. <shesh> I'm never getting that image out of my head. Thank you Kellie.(I don't mean that sarcastically either, I was being sincere.) Still here? Go read the story. Go, scamper on over there now. Trust me. When has Clio ever steered you wrong?

Ukiuq by Brigid
This one is short, with a couple of little behind the scenes of some eps in it. Well, more like what happened after the ep. Fraser angst in this one. With a little help from dear old dad (shockingly he helped, inadvertently) Ben realizes what his feelings for RayK really are. It's a stunning realization, because he fears Ray will never feel the same way. Wanna take bets on that one? Nah, even in Vegas people would say the odds were too good. It's an interesting little piece that gets inside Fraser's head. Sort of goes into why he falls for these impossible women who only end up hurting him. What draws him to them, I thought that was interesting. Not really a PWP, more of a vignette. What's the difference your asking? PWP is usually a reason to get the characters to have sex. There be sex in a PWP, not much else. A vignette, usually no sex. More a study in the characters, who they are, and what they may have been thinking during various eps. Subtle difference, but it is there. The DS fandom tends to turn out some pretty good versions of both. Few fandoms can pull it off like this one can. The boys were just so together on the show anyway. For god's sake they road of into the sunset together. How more blatant could you possibly be? I ask you that? Sex on Welsh's desk. Well, yes that would have been more blatant. They couldn't do that on tv, though. Not unless your Showtime. I'll stop now because I was about to go into a Queer as Folk chant. I'll spare you from that. I'm sure your thanking me for that and turning you onto Kellie's story above. Such a happy image of Ray in that outfit. <sigh> My happy thought for today. Go read them both. You know, if you feel like it and stuff.<g>

Broadway Hotel by Resonant
Well, I'm going to be predictable and rec a Due South story this update. C'mon, like you didn't expect it. If there wasn't at least one DS rec per update you'd worry about me and wonder if you were on the right page. You know when I first heard about DS slash it seemed weird to me. Like you'd be defiling the mountie to hook him up with a guy. Boy, was I wrong. So very, very wrong. It was the blonde that did it for me. All that wiry energy that just can't seem to be contained in that one gorgeous bod. I totally got hung up on CKR (Callum Keith Rennie, the guy who plays RayK). Speaking of RayK. Smooth segue, I know. This one is an inside Ray's head piece. It's another 'I'm so in denial story' too. Not to many new DS stories coming up the pike lately, the ones that I've fallen for tend to have that running theme of denial. I guess I can relate to that since I have been in a major state of denial every since the X-file finale. Nothing bad happened to Alex Krycek, nothing. See denial. So I think that's why I've been so drawn to these stories. RayK is in major denial in this one. After the adventure is over he heads back to Chicago. Without Fraser. As the story unfolds we slowly begin to realize why. This is one of those stories where you just want to smack Ray upside the head and say, 'Get you ass back to Canada and get the Mountie's ass.' I liked this one, it's not too angsty. Though it does have a sadness to it. The way Ray just can't let himself go where he should, where is heart is screaming it belongs. Those kind of things always choke me up the worst. Where someone is denying what they know is right for them, because they're afraid of what it will make them. So not only is Ray in denial, he's also shit scared of being labeled gay or bi. Denial and repressed homosexuality, seem like they go hand in hand sometimes. I love the ending to this one, though. It has one of those 'if Mohammed won't come to the mountain' moments in it. What's that saying about Mounties again? No, not the real motto about 'Maintain the Right'. The other one, that people think is the motto. Yeah, that one. Big enough hint for you. I practically clubbed you over the head with it.<g>

Wildly, Dangerous Ways by Speranza
This update on Slash Slut's Recs were focusing on the essence of denial. Did that sound enough like the intro to a talk show. I meant for it to. That seems to be what all these stories in this update are about, well except for the Sestina Series. Nobody's in denial in that one. At least one person, sometimes both are in it in all the other though. Especially, in this one. Both Fraser and Ray are in denial in this puppy, heavy denial. For what appears to be some time. The story actually starts out at the point where the denial inevitably breaks. Where all the lame excuses they come up with about what else it could possibly be that these two are feeling for one another, just isn't cutting it anymore. They've snapped and decided they need some time apart. Not like permanent time apart, just a little vacation. Time to clear their heads and regain their focus. Yeah, like that's gonna work.<eye roll> They're men though, what do they know.<g> It doesn't work and they just end up thinking about each other more. During this vacation time we see the scope of their relationship and just what's been going on between these two in a series of flashbacks. Whoa, are we talking denial and some horseshit they're shoveling to cover it up. When they get back from their respective vacations they have no clue what to do and they're still screwed up. Eventually, they decided fuck it and just jump. What the hell? I think a line Fraser said can sum up many a slash relationship's angst, "I don't want to want you." Ah, gotta love that kind of angst, always my favorite. Denial in it's essence. Loved this story too. Had some elements of humor to it that kept me chuckling throughout. Speranza's still turning out some great ones.

The Sestina Series by Basingstoke
Note: Crossover with Homicide, but the only thing in it from Homicide: Life on the streets is Bayliss. Focuses a good bit on BF/RK anyway, so I decided to put it here instead of on the X-Over page.

This is a great little series that sortof X-Over's with Homicide like I said. It's really just like Bayliss in the DS universe. He and Ray are partnered now, since Fraser is in charge of the Consulate in this post COTW story. We start out seeing Ray and Fraser through his eyes and his longing for a relationship with some of the closeness they have. It's a sweet little series that I've come to enjoy. It is still in progress with I think three more parts to come. As long as, it doesn't start some weird multiple pairing thing I'm sticking with it. I hate those. Especially, if you think Fraser would be involved in one. Sheesh, the guy can barely manage to hook up with one person, much less two. I shudder to think how fucked up he'd be with two bed partners. Not a happy camper there folks. I always liked Homicide, but they moved it around so much I had a hard time keeping up with when it was on. Bayliss was my favorite with his admitted bi tendencies. Loved that about the character. You know the first time I remember seeing Kyle Secor was years ago on St. Elsewhere playing a gay man dying of AIDS. Strange what you remember isn't it. I also remember him in an ep of Tales from the Darkside, I think it was, with Terri Hatcher (not sure about the spelling of her name). I hope Bas finds him a guy, other than Fraser or Ray to hook him up with in this one. I want to see him happy, he always seemed so angsty and broken to me. Love that in a character. Besides it would be stupid to hook them together since in Cigarettes Ray tells Frase he has no interest in Bayliss. Would be sadly contradictory. I know not a great rec, I'm having my period what can I say. The series is really good though. Just go read it. Trust me a little on this one.

Tidal Waves
Baby's Breath

The Gun Series by Otsoko
Ok, I love this one because it is like Ray totally in denial about his sexuality and what he wants. Been in denial for a long time about it we find out. I found that intriguing. Like one of those stories you hear about where a guy is like forty and suddenly just can't take hiding anymore and has to come out. Something has to break and let go. I think in this one we are seeing he process of that. Ray giving in to his desires with Fraser, but hating himself for it later and trying to come up with any reason at all as to what else it could be. Or just trying not to think about it at all if that's the best he can do. Otsoko has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one of this series. Ray's just so lost in this one and fighting himself so hard it just sucked me in. I don't think I've ever seen a story that really takes on latent homosexuality like this one does. So many writers cop out with that 'I'm not gay, it's just him' crap. Yeah, right like that ever happens. On an ep of the US Queer as Folk Dr.Dave and Michael were talking about that. Michael asked him something like, "So you weren't always gay?" Dave told him, "No I was always gay. I was just in denial about it." I think that sums that up. The 'I'm not gay, it's just him' thing always screams denial to me. Like the writers are just terrified to label the characters as gay. Like it would be some kindof crime for them to be gay. Otsoko shows in this series how it really goes. What the person really goes through. We see the denial even when Ray is with Fraser in a sexual way, how he still just can't face it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. It's pretty good so far, could really get even better as it goes on. We'll see.

Unloaded Gun
Unholstered Bis

Heavy Bag by Kat Allison
Man, this one has such a sensual feel to it. We get a glimpse of Ray working out at the gym which is hot enough in itself. Ray is there to kindof work through his feelings about some things that happened between him and Fraser. Or rather to try not to think about some things that went on between he and Frase. To just try and wear out that nervous energy. To pound away all his anxiety into that heavy bag. Let out all he feels in the safe environment there at the gym. Kind of pull himself out of his head and fully into his body. Turning his mind off and letting his body be in the forefront. Disconnect from his thought and just focus on the physical. So he can clear his mind and allow himself the luxury of processing it all on some internal level. Just letting it all go and pounding away at the bag during a workout to release all his tension. I loved the way you could just see that strong, lithe body at work in your head. That hyperactive mind constantly going no matter how he wanted to shut it off. I think Kat tapped into the essence of Ray in this one. That physicality and instinct that orders him to just go with the flow, move with things, and work them out through some internal rhythmic cycle. I just loved Ray in this one. As if Callum isn't enough to faint over as is. All energy and live wire personality, wrapped up in a vulnerability and strength that seem to augment one another into a kindof power. I've got to shut up now and go take a cold shower. Sorry got lost in some thought on that hot blonde. Hope you didn't mind.

Porcelain by Colleen
As I've said before the DS fandom does great PWP, this one is more a vignette though. No real sex more a moment of pain and finding peace in someone you love. Like he's made of glass yet so strong, that's Ben's view of Ray. He treats him like glass, never wanting to hurt or break his spirit in any way. Just love him is all he wants to do. This one is really a beautiful little piece that speaks of how hard being a cop is. How letting go isn't always easy, sometimes you just hate your job. Hate not being able to help, to stop a crime from occurring, only able to get vengeance for a victim after it's too late. Seeking comfort in those you love in a partner who has seen the same things you have and knows how lousy it can get. Sometimes you need to be reminded about what you have and being thankful that it is so different than the painful shit you see in day to day life. I loved this one. It's so sweet and loving. Speaks of how I always tend to see my true love. Treating like glass, but knowing how very strong they are. That nothing could or has ever broken them. I love these little stories that just speak to you so, that say so much, convey so many emotions in just a small amount of space. Love to see a writer capable of doing that. This one gives off a heat all it's own and there isn't even any sex in it, mention of it, but no real details. Sometimes your just in the mood for that, a pure loving story. One more about that moment of love and comfort than hot sex. Something sweet and pure. Fell in love with this one right away.

A Modest Proposal by Resonant
Ray is having like no luck with the ladies. Fraser picks up on what the problem is. That the ladies see straight through Ray and know that he is only interested in one thing, and it isn't their minds. He suggest Ray try being friends with the women first, no ulterior motives. Ray gives that some thought and decides to cut out the middle man. Instead of trying to build a friendship with someone else, why the hell not move from friendship to sex with Fraser. Fraser sees only one problem with this, yes Fraser is Bi, but Ray isn't. Fraser is pissed at this, with good reason. He'd like to be with Ray, but not as a consolation prize, second best. They are both uncomfortable for a while, mainly because Ray just can't manage to get the idea of what it would be like to make love with Fraser out of his head. The idea sortof takes him over and just won't let go of him. He takes Ben's advice and does make friends with some women, but he realizes he really does want Frase and maybe his strict heterosexuality may be a little of a myth. In truth Fraser is having some trouble letting go too. Both are wanting more, but not knowing how to say it after the disaster that is nearly breaking apart their working partnership to begin with. You know. They fuck things up, but they work it out and in the end it's better than they ever dreamed of. I really like this one, it's one of those great stories you can read over and over again when your in a good mood and want something nice and romantic with just a little bit of angst. Not too much, just enough to give it some spice and realism. Also, they take things slow, don't jump from A: I want a relationship with you to B: full on anal intercourse. They work up to things slowly. I love slow, slow can be verrry good. Everybody I've talked to is loving this one. If you haven't checked it out you need to. Definitely a fabulous read. Totally enjoyable. Gives me a happy every time I read it.<g> Loved it.

Baresark by Laura Jacquez Valentine
Just a little thing really, PG rated, no real sex in it. Sweet though, in a non-sugar shocky kindof way. In an honest way. Where the guys are just guys, I liked that. No real sap and the displays of affection when they are around others is nothing that you could be construed as anything but buddies. That was new and original to me. Don't see that much. She came up with an interesting little reason for why RayK has some trouble with remembering words sometimes. Didn't make it big and tragic or anything Ray frets about. Just something that is and 'so what? nothing he can do about it'. Lives with it and it doesn't matter to much to him. I could see so much of Ray from the eps in this. Oh, it is a little bit ep related. More like what happens after the eps and not so much in them. There is mention of some sex, but none really. I just thought Ray's voice in this was wonderful. You could just hear him, in that sweet self-deprecating, yet not so much as to call it low self-asteem way he has. I really liked it. When I read the title I kept think it looked like the word berserker. Along the way in the story she throws the definition of it up and turns out that is what it means. So points to me for clueing in early.<g>

A Fine and Private Place by Resonant
This is another one of those fabulous PWP's the DS fandom so produces regularly. I've never seen another fandom that does PWP's so well. Most are crappy and lack characterization. Don't know what it is about the fandom that is conducive to so many wonderful ones, but I'm not complaining. This one is so hot. It takes place after the ep Eclipse and throws a little what if? twist to the whole thing. Like what if..Frase and RayK got together after that ep. The foreplay in this is hotter than the actual sex, it provides a great build up that just leaves you all tingly inside. I loved this one. Someone on e-mailed me asking if I'd heard of it and told them I had already read it when it was posted to the lists. I just had to wait till I found a URL for it so I could rec it. This one definitely hit a 10 on the heat meter. Not to be missed. Oh, before I forget. Experienced Fraser, how fucking hot is that. Not so innocent Mountie. That gets my blood racing and heating up every single time I read it.<eg>

Scrabble by Speranza
Note: Due to the formatting in this story there are two version. One for Netscape and one for Internet Explorer. So I have linked you to Speranza's main page so you can choose the right one for your browser.

Speranza states several time that people have asked her if she was on crack for writing a story this way. Her answer is, 'yes, she is'. Well, then I guess you'll be asking me if I'm on crack to for rec'ing this story. You really have to see it to believe it. I'm not kidding. Trust me and her on choosing the format for your browser type, you'll probably need to. The story shifts between the POV's of Ben and RayK in a rather unique way. When I say unique, I'm mean whacked. You are just going to have to look at this to understand it. I mean it. I don't even know if I could explain how this is put together. Trying might give me a headache. It's amazing though, amazing that it makes sense. Huh. I knew when I first got a look at it and realized it made some odd sense and was coherent I was going to rec it. Had to, couldn't not. This is not one to be missed. Mainly, due to the fact it makes you do that head cocking to the side 'hmmm?' thing, trying to figure it out. I know I'm being confusing. But the story is, so that's the only way I can be really. Trust me. Oh, half is Ray's POV, others Fraser's, it's not hard to pick out which one is which. Just by how each tells their half of the narrative.

Enduring Distance by Speranza
This is a fic that tells the story of what happened between the events of Fraser's capture of Muldoon and the epilogue at the end of CotW. Kindof a missing scene thing to how everything happened between point A and B. When I first read this I got a little confused by one part of the story, where RayV shows up, as confused as Fraser really. Then I realized how closely she was following what happened in that episode and went 'well, duh?', wherein I figured it out. Felt like an idiot too. Got confused on which Kowalski RayV was speaking of just like Frase, forgot there were two of them. RayV was, of course, speaking of the female one Stella. Realized RayK would have given his room to her and my confusion abated. Your probably confused, but read the story and you won't be. I just so hate the idea of any one but RayK and Fraser being together in this fandom I move on at the mere mention of it. That wasn't what she was writing about though, my bad. I'll shut up rambling now. Someone asked me why I hadn't rec'd any of her DS stuff yet and if I had even heard of it. I had. The answer to why I hadn't though was right away I knew Speranza was good, so good I wanted to wait and see what she would come up with given enough time. Give her a few stories under her belt and see how much better she could get. This one is just fabulous, I could so see these as the events leading up to RayK and Fraser's search for the Hand of Franklin, how RayV and The Stella got together. How many of those events we see in the epilogue to CotW occurred. It is a great piece that gives us a nice view as to how they all fell into place. I loved it, found it totally believable. Everyone's reactions, especially Fraser. I loved how Ray comforts him at one point, you'll know it when you get there. Totally beautiful. I loved this one.

The Easiest Choice by C.L. Finn
I've been meaning to rec this story for a while now. It's not a new one, I just kept forgetting to rec the damn thing. Thought I had rec'd it, because it's one of my favorites. It falls under the category of, 'why haven't I rec'd this yet?' I have a bad problem of remembering the plot to a story, but not the author or title. I actually, did one of those 'looking for a story' messages regarding this one a while back on a list. Meant to rec it then, but that was when everyone thought the due south archive was closing and trying to save their favorite stuff. (I was trying to make sure I had this one.) So I wasn't sure there would be a link to it for very much longer. Well, it's finally been archived at the due slash site so I found a link for it that I don't think is going to change any time soon. Moving on to the rec. This one is a post COTW (ep Call of the Wild) story. It is set over a decade or so into the future. In it Ray and Fraser have been together for a long time, old married couple in a way. They are still totally hot for each other though. The dance of their relationship, how well they know one another. The others likes and dislikes, what gets them turned on that only the other knows about. That level of comfort together and still so much heat. That is where the true charm of the piece is. It just has a quiet calm to it, of two people settled together, they know no one is going anywhere. Their sure in their love and yet thankful for having it everyday. The piece is just beautiful and I love Ben in this one. He's wonderful in this story, sortof how I see him, in a way. Guard let down and totally gone in love with RayK.

Popsicle by Kellie Matthews
Dear God in Heaven! This thing is hot, it's probably one of the hottest DS stories I have ever read. Kellie is one of the best writers in this fandom, who knew she could do such resounding smut of this quality though. I don't use smut as a bad word here though, this is a fabulously written fic, the way a PWP should read. I mean, I was literally, no joking here, sitting here sweating over this. Damn, this is one not to be missed. If you are looking for something with enough heat to chase the cold winter blues away this is the one. That is in essence what Ben is trying to do for Ray in the beginning, just chase the cold away. It becomes so much more though. Hot, Hot, Hot. Damn is it hot. Not to be missed if that is what you are looking for.

Busted & Tapestry by Kassandra
Note: I was browsing the Due South Fiction Archive for new stuff today, when I found links for these two stories posted. They are posted with the name 'anonymous co' listed as the writer. I have no fucking idea why since anyone who sees them and has read them before will know they are by Kassandra. Still, there is a web copy of them out there on the web now. Her Choices series, though I think it's being called the Crossing the Line series now, is posted there too. Look under that same name 'anonymous co'.

Yes, another new DS rec, not exactly a new one, these stories came out a while ago. I wasn't sure I was going to rec them for quite a while and by the time I decided she had taken them off the DS archive. I just got the addy for her site with Kass' DS fiction today. So I worked up a rec as soon as possible. I've rambled enough and your wondering why you should read this story. In other words, get on with the rec. Here is the reason why. This is absolutely the best RayK characterization you will ever find. I mean this is so RayK right there on the page. She just so completely nailed him. In fact she got him down so well Fraser's characterization is colored with Ray a little. That was why I was hesitant to rec it at first, Fraser just seemed a little to like Ray, but then I decided it didn't really matter. These stories serve as some of the best examples of Ray K characterization out there. This is the way to write him. I don't necessarily think he is quite so much of a bottom personality, but that is subjective and really up to the writer or the readers taste. I like more of a balance. Kass comes heavily from the Mulder/Skinner side of the X-files force, so I could see it coming. She has written some really good Mulder/Krycek stuff too, though. It is highly touted. I'm an M/K girl all the way, one true pairing kindof gal usually. Well, when it comes to DS Kass says she is too. Likes RayV, just not with Frase. Thinks Fraser/Kowalski is it in this fandom. I can get behind that. You just have to read these stories for the characterization of RayK alone, the plot is really good, and the sex pretty hot too. Didn't think those would be missing did you. If you thought Denise Raymond channeled the boys in All the comforts of home, you haven't seen anything. Like I said she got so into RayK, it affected how she wrote Fraser. It can be overlooked though. She also missed the mark on why Fraser does the "Ray, Ray, Ray, RAY!" thing. She just didn't get that. Both stories are really long, so prepare for long reads. I have Rain to thank for reminding me of these stories. I'm glad I found the web addy so I could finally rec them.

Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame by Colleen
This is one of those stories that is just so fucking hot it leaves you stupid. It's basically a PWP, but in the DS fandom some writers can make that just so damn good. Good characterization here and damn hot sex. Hell, we start out in the afterglow of one round and move on to another. Too fucking hot. I love the title too. Speakes of the story, about passion and love. How they can turn your heart and head around. Up is down, left is right, and nothing is ever as it seems to be again. Love does that to you, knocks you on your ass and takes over. Makes you crazy, desperate, needy, hot, wanting, and it all feels so good you just never want it to stop. That's what's packed into this short little story. Heat, passion, and fire enough to ignite your screen. Not very long, but extremely hot and sensual.  Gotta love it.

Sweetness by Livia
Yes, I know another Due South rec. Don't look at me that way, don't judge, it's rude. What can I say there is like a flood of really good BF/RK stuff coming into this fandom lately. Other fandoms are like bone dry, stuff is hardly being posted for some reason. It's like all the muses energy is being syphoned into this fandom. With some fabulous results. I mean the Due Slash site is like practically all BF/RK, it's wild. This story isn't new, from what it says it's over a year old. I just reread it though and found that I really liked it. It's title says it all there's such a passion and sweetness to it that it's hard to resist. I've got an awful sweet tooth too, I'm a complete sap. Plus, the story starts out talking about insomnia, something I am highly familiar with, always have been. If I slept well I'd be shocked. It's 5am here and despite my best efforts I've managed 2 hours sleep even though I was fucking exhausted when I went to bed. Let's just say I related. This story is beautifully written, Livia has a lovely talent. It's not just the insomnia references that made me rec it. She writes some fabulous Sentinel stuff, as well as DS. There's a rec over on my Sentinel page for her collaborations with Resonat tht is not to be misses. This is a great little piece, no sex but terribly sweet, passionate, and beautiful.

Family Portrait by Journey
I absolutely loved this story, it is nothing short of fabulous. It's one of those stories that you finish reading it and then you want to immediately turn back around and read it all over again. I knew when I started reading this that I was going to rec it. I was a few paragraphs in and was already loving it. It was wonderful from the get go and had me hooked in immediately. It is an AU, things are different, but not by a whole lot. The characterizations are amazing. She definitely remembered something some writers forget or don't know...An alpha always mates with another alpha. The only reason an alpha will fuck a beta is to teach him a lesson, show/remind him of his place in the pack. The beginning starts out with a little alpha'ing, not much, just a testing the waters, seeing who the other is kindof thing. This story incorporates beautifully what I have always loved about RayK and Fraser, why I see the slash potential in them. They get each other, challenge one another, and let the other see sides of themselves that no one else gets to. I love the way they truly are 'a duet' in this as Ray has referred to it on the show. They get each other, use all those powers of deductive reasoning they possess on one another to show some uncanny insights. Ray just understands Fraser from the beginning so well, knows what he is about, finds his way inside and will not let him go. There is a quote I love by William Blake from his poem I Sing the Body Electric, it goes "I sing the body electric. The armies of those I love engerth me and I engerth them. They will not let me off until I go with them, and respond to them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul." It means those who love you won't stand by and let you only show them part of yourself, they demand all be given and they give all in return. That is what Ray does in this one, he won't let Fraser go until he has all of him; his love, his need, his desire, and his trust. The hardest for Fraser to give. He wants the whole package, screwed up as it may be by fear and insecurities. I love her characterization of Fraser, how she got deep down into him and exposed who he is. I think deep down that is Fraser, the one she shows us. God, a slow build up to friends, to love, to lovers, to trust, to family. This story is just wonderful. Long too, it is over 400K. Same story, don't know why one is longer. It is a good long read that is just beautiful though. You have to read this one. Go down to my rec for Denise Raymond's All the comforts of home see how much I enjoyed that one? I love this one more. When I first started reading it I was thinking it would probably come in second as my favorite DS story, after All the comforts of home, by the time I finished it had pushed it's way up to first. Love, angst, sweetness, slow buildups to all the good stuff. So well thought out, it is amazing. Go read it. It's a must read in DS fiction, trust me. I can't say enough about it, so much I want to say and not enough words for it. Just read it, it's so good you can't miss it. You'll be so sorry if you do. One of the best fics I've ever read. And I've read alot of them.

Feeding Ray by Allaire Mikhail
This is a hot little PWP that literally had my screen about to catch on fire. I couldn't believe how hot this was. Tinged with just the right amount of love and sweetness that made it perfect. I worked up the rec for Family portrait right before this one so this rec might seem small in comparison to it, but it is a wonderful story. Totally hot, you gotta love it when Ray and the Mountie kindof go into heat. If you are looking for a story that just sets the screen on fire this is definitely one of those. Firey is definitely a description of it. Singe your eyebrows off stuff.

Excitable by Shrift
I just found this one and fell in love with it. It has a sweetness and humor to it that I just couldn't resist. It had me smiling and giggling (yes, giggling as hard on my dignity as that is) all through it. I don't think it was meant to be humorous, but I find the ones that are usually aren't. I hate it when humor is forced, I love it when it just flows and you find yourself laughing without realizing it. Those are the best to me, when they have an honest humor to them. This one is sexy too, I found myself shivering from some of it's hotter moments. Whoo, this one just did it for me on so many levels, I can't say enough. It's really just a PWP, but I've found alot of times in DS the PWP can be better than the longer stories. The writers of this fandom have a real grasp of less is more. Of taking small moments and making them jsut so damn hot, without losing the love, sweetness or intensity many PWP's can lack. They've sortof redifinded in this fandom that PWP's don't have to suck. Many, including myself, don't like them because often you lose characterization and any real love between the characters in them, the DS writers actually seem to capture it better in them. This one is no exception, she channeled the characters to get them so close I'm sure. Oh, I just love Fraser saying fuck too, did it for me as well. Read the story and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gift Horse by Julad
I was browsing through Julad's site and found this other little gem after I had already rec'd Third Person. So I decided to include it in the next update. It is really not much more than a PWP, that starts out with Ray musing about his adventure with Fraser post COtW. It is filled with stunning emotional imagery that is as fast paced as you know Ray's mind works. It includes some hot snap-shot like flashes of Ray and Fraser's first time. It isn't really that long, but is packed full of so much heat and wonderfully right on characterization. The imagery is the best though, she has a way with that in this one. It is a must check out, it's how I think Ray would probably feel during their adventure. I connected with the scene when they get some food. The electricity went off around here for a week not long ago and let me tell you any hot meal was good, no matter what it was. I never knew canned peas tasted so good either, always hated the damn things before. Beggers can't be choosers though. I loved this one, I didn't connect with her Sentinel fic everyone has been rec'ing all that much. Her DS fics really strike a nerve with me, though, and I can't get enough of them. Anyone want to get in with me and beg her for more of them? She also has a recs site, anhedonian recommendations that you should check out, it's great too.

Third Person by Julad
I was checking my e-mail and found an announcement on the lists for this story. I read it and just loved it. Julad is making a pretty big hit in the Sentinel fandom and it looks like she is turning out some gold in DS too. This one is set between BDtH & CBaD, it's more of a "branch-off" she says than trying to fit it into canon. I guess that's her way of saying it kinda goes AU somewhere between those eps. The thing I loved about it was Ray's reaction to Fraser having those frequent conversations with his Dad. At first Ray thinks Frase talking to him or maybe the wolf, likely candidates since they are the only ones around at the times this happens. Then he just doesn't know what the fuck is going on and thinks maybe Fraser is unhinged. Fraser has been wondering the same thing ever since dear old dad started showing up and sums up as much. Ray gets to see the ugly side of Fraser, the Polite Mountie drops around him right away and he gets to really see Fraser. He realizes he's probably the only one who does. That is one thing I always liked about Fraser and RayK, he gets to see Fraser at his worst. Fraser fights with him, really just yells, lets go of the polite shit and tries to scream over him. With RayK he gets snarky, sarcastic, snide, and maybe a few other S words. He lets down his guard around RayK, it's demanded of him. Ray doesn't believe that polite all the time bullshit, he wants to see the ugly parts, get to know the sides Fraser isn't so proud of. That is why I see slash potential in the pair, because they are just who they are around one another. They let go of pretenses and be themselves, worts and all. We see that in this story, some of it slips by accident, the rest comes out with a little prodding. Truths are revealed and let loose from all sides. I love that, knew right away I had to rec it. The characterizations are fascinating, don't know if they are completely correct or not, but I loved them. Loved seeing Fraser let go and yeah, I think he might act this way. So I think they are pretty damn good. Really good. Check it out and see what you think.

Wayward by Viridian5
Like I wasn't going to rec one of Viridian's DS fics everntually, duh! I just had to decide which one I wanted to rec. So I was roaming around her DS fic page today, randomly reading stuff here and there, when I came across this little gem. It's a hot little thing that isn't much more than a PWP. In it Ray comes to work wearing a fabulous new shirt that makes him look infinitely pettable. Ben has to fight the urge he usually has to touch his partner even more seeing Ray look so gorgeous. See not much of plot here. The sex in this isn't as hot as the teasing, she teases the boys and us to death in this one. By the time Ben does get his hands on Ray, your wishing you could touch him just as much as Fraser is. The teasing is hot and the image of Ray in that shirt even hotter. I loved it. Viridian rights some fabulous DS fics, she also does some X-files, OAT, X-Men (one of which is rec'd on my X-Men page), Hard Core Logo, and many others. If you would like to check out more of her fic in a variety of fandoms go to Viridian5's The Green Room. I've read some of her X-files stuff and it's fabulous. The OAT and X-Men stuff is really excellent too. Definitely worth exploring. I'm going back to read more of her DS writing. If you love this one, maybe you should go check out more of her work too.

Loneliness by Sel
This one is really just a little PWP, but it packs quite a wallop. I love a story that can convey a ton of passion and intensity in just a short amount of space. I don't read PWP usually, I usually don't even pay attention to many stories under 25k. This one just drew me to it though. Probably the title, been there done that, and got the scars on my heart to prove it. I just love how she captured Ray's internal voice in this. Sounded so much like him I was just lost in it. So much want and need held within this one that finally gets to find the outlet it wanted. Love that. Sortof at a loss for words here. Yeah me, who knew? It's just so passionate and intense that it sweeps you along for the ride. I loved the way it carried me away and made me get caught up in these two trying to assage their loneliness together. Lost in their love, want and desire. Fabulous. Knew as I was reading it, it was definitely worth a rec, no brainer there. If you want a story with some hot, passionate, and intense lovemaking and emotion this one is it. Absolutely.

Oh, I Sel's stories are now archived here. Go to Sel's Page to check out more of them.

The Delivery by Rowan Fairchild
This is just a short little story told from Stella's POV. I don't think I ever read it before. I have read some of Rowan's stuff, but missed this one. Sorry it took me so long to find it. I was at a Megan's rec site and found a page of quotes from various slash stories on the net, reading a quote from this one just made me have to go read it. The quote was Ray saying to Stella, " Just because my boyfriend is so much cuter than yours that's no reason for rudeness..." It had me smiling and chortling a little, so I had to go and read the whole thing. It isn't very long and no sex, though it is implied. I'm not going to tell you anything about the story. I think that quote might get you wondering enough as it is what the situation was that prompted Ray to say that. It's a cute little piece that had some simple moments of touching between Ray and Ben that just made me shiver. Those in of themselves were enough for me to recommend it. Sometimes it is the simple things that make you like something. A simple touch that is almost innocent can also be hotter than a wild and descriptive sex scene. I love it when an author can convey so much in such a simple phrase or movement, that others might take paragraphs to tell you. "Simplify, simplify, simplify," Thoreau said. Sometimes that works.

The Sea Wolf by Kadru
Warnings: A death story.

The story is in two parts so look for link at the bottom to follow to next section.

Ok, kindof a strange story, in a way. It is told in two time lines. A future over a hundred years from now and the current day, give or take a few years. In this an archaeologist finds Sir John Franklin's ship The Erebus [which by the way in Greek mythology was one of two things to spring forth spontaneously from Chaos (the first thing that existed). Erebus, 'the place where death dwells', and Night were those two things.] She also finds the remains of two men and a wolf, along with some journals written by one of those two men. Through them she uncovers the events that led up to the men's and wolf's death. It is really a beautifully written story that I think captures Ray and Fraser's voices and charactes quite well. Some hot sex in here too, that never hurts. It isn't exactly a new story, but I just reread it and decided it definitely deserved a rec. It is sad, sweet, beautiful and loving all at the same. Wonderfully told, so well you are just there. With Fraser and Ray and with the archaeologist trying to uncover who they were and what happened. Lovely.

The Course by Bone and Aristide
At first I wasn't sure I liked this one. It was a little more angsty than I wanted to read at that moment. Sometimes your in the mood for angst, sometimes you want a little lighter reading fare. Then I went back and I thought about it and I really did like the story. I've been having a couple of those days where at first you aren't sure if you like something or not and then you go back and think about it and realize that you do. This story isn't full of angst and Ray is the only one really there. Fraser kindof balances it out with a kindof optimism that is usually present in his character. So I bought that. There was also none of those annoying things I hate like the 'I'm not gay, it's just him thing', or the 'I love you, let's fuck". (I don't even think they get out the 'I love you's', but you know they do. It's in every action if not vocalized.) Well, Fraser was a little inexperienced, but he is inexperienced in everything to do with love, sex, and relationships (whether with women or men), so what, there is no shock there. I can buy that. I like the way Fraser is so wanton in this one. He is an eager student in learning about m/m stuff. Fraser slut done well, while maintaining his inherent naiveté appealed to me greatly. Hard to do that well, but they managed it. I like that. I just love the image of a rumpled loosened up Fraser as well. Relax he does it for an undercover assignment. Read it if you want to know what that is about. That image of Fraser all relaxed and sexy had me about as turned on as Ray. I would have wanted to fuck him through a wall too. This one is a post CoTW story, by the way. I also like how the angst really starts after they realize they both feel the same way. I've seen it happen before, but that is still just too weird. You think it would lessen then, but such is life not always. The trouble often starts with the revealed desires.

All the Comforts of Home by Denise Raymond
I just love this story. The characterizations in this are so good you could swear that Denise must have just been channeling the boys. In this one RayV comes to Canada because his marriage to Stella (the ex Mrs. Kowalski) is on the rocks and he needs the advice of his best friend to help him. When he gets there he finds out that RayK is still around and that Fraser is out on patrol, but will be back soon. He finds that RayK is getting married, want to make any guesses as to who to? Hmmm? He then has to deal with his issues of homophobia and that his best friend is in love with a man. I love the difference in the way he talks to RayK about his feelings about this and how he softens up his language when talking to Ben. The points of view vary in this one and the story unfolds slowly where you learn what is going on piece by piece. I fell in love with this story the first time I read it and have been recommending it to everyone I can. It is a must read. New to the fandom and totally fabulous.

In his best interests by Terri Botta
One thing I have found about this fandom is that the writers don't often understand the concept of ratings. Sometimes stories that should probably be an NC-17 or R are rated PG and the stories rated NC-17 are really more of a light R or PG-13. So the ratings are often deceptive. This is one of those misrated stories. The writer gives it a PG rating, but there is a hot little sex scene towards the end that while not extremely graphic or very long is enough to warrant higher than that. I would actually label this a strong R or maybe light NC-17.

This is a really sweet story, that has just enough angst thrown in for flavor. This story is set in the future. Ray and Fraser had a romantic relationship and apparently broke up about 14 years earlier. Due to some misunderstandings and deceptions caused by outside parties they have not been in touch during all that time. Ray comes to visit Fraser when he hears of his retirement and the deceptions are revealed. Both find out that they have misperceived the others reasons for being absent in their lives and work to try and heal the rift. It is really a very touching story and quite well written. I think it is one of my favorites in this fandom. Due to it's sweetness and well written dialogue. The story is believable to the point it just sucks you in and you are there with them seeing the frozen north clearly and feeling their pain and happiness right along with them. I love a story that pulls you in, that you can see so very clearly that it just seems real for that moment. This is one of those.

A Little Voodoo & Black Cat Romance
by Maxine Mayer
This was one of the first stories I stumbled on at the hexwood archive (otherwise just know as the Due South archive if I've confused you, check my links page it's there). I really liked it, I'm fascinated by parallel worlds. The prospect of our lives turning out differently and yet we end up with the same people somehow. How even though things change, in some ways they are the same. This is what these stories are about, things happening in a divergent manner and yet, ending up with the same people playing the parts. Of course, Fraser and Kowalski are together, I wouldn't have it any other way. The characterizations are good and I like the element that shows in the second story that we can try to drastically change who we are, but our intrinsic selves will reemerge given a change. You can't be anything, but who you are. Fraser is quite different in the first one, or trying to be. His true self shines through in the second one though, he can't help it. Who would want him to? We can shut ourselves off from who we are as protection from getting hurt, but we want to be that so badly, it can't be hidden or stopped. I love this AU, almost forgot to rec it, shame on me. Oh, I also love the idea of Fraser in drag. If that didn't get you I don't know what will.

How Ray got his groove back  & Epilogue
by Bone and Aristide

Ray is in that protective place you get when your heart is broke and you just don't think you could stand to feel that one more time. So you swear off love and do alot of that other bullshitting crap that is only really going to last about 5 minutes in the grand scheme of things before you get hit upside the head with an 'I don't think so pal' kindof thing. Fraser is in love with him and thinking himself an idiot because he always seems to fall for the unattainable. Some things aren't so unattainable though. Ray and Fraser help each other out of a long dry spell sexually that leads to finding their way out of the desert of the heart too. This is a wonderful story that just hits the characterization of these guys so on the head that you feel like you are watching a Due South ep. Except with lots of hot sex, and I do mean lots. The way to realizing what he feels is slow for Ray, he has to get through a bunch of hetero denial about what this is to get there, but he does. He eventually stops looking at the outside and sees inward and finds out what all this is really about. It is a great story by two wonderful writers, what more could you ask for in a collaboration. Bone is one of my faves in the Sentinel fandom and she does wonderfully here too. Did I mention there was lots of hot sex in this? I did. Well, it bears repeating. This one is steaming, with a wonderful writing and characterizations to make it so much more than idyll smut.

No Secrets by Kellie Matthews
This story is the sequel to Northern Comfort, which you can find a rec for here and on the X-Overs. Northern Comfort is a X-Over of Due South with Hard Core Logo, the pairing for that story is Fraser/Billy Tallent from HCL. Billie is played by Callum Keith Rennie, Ray K. from due South. This story will probably make a little more sense if you read it first. No Secrets has a sequel as well, Shadows Fade (co-written with Aukestrel)  that is an X-Over of HCL with Tales from the City. The pairing for that one being Billie/ Brian Hawkins. There are only small references to due South in that one, mentions of the incidents in Northern Comfort. Brian Hawkins was played by Paul Gross, by the way.

When the ice goes out  & Moonrise by Kellie Matthews
The first story is post COTW. The boys are back to their old lives and trying to make it without one another. Neither it turns out are doing a very good job of it. When Ray retires and then disappears without a trace, apparently out of his own design, Fraser sets out to find him and discover what the problem is. There's plenty of angst and pining away for one another in this one,  which I just love. The boys are both under the impression that they are alone in what they feel and are pulling away from one another and hiding to escape the pain of Unrequited love. Might not be as unrequited as they think. I like the first story alot, but the second one , Moonrise, I love. It has a sex scene so hot it sets the screen on fire, let me tell you. There is just so much heat, love and closeness expressed in that one little story that I can't describe just how it made me feel. It can be read alone, but it's really either a sequel to the first or an epilogue, Kellie hasn't decided whether to end it there or not. We'll see.

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