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Loneliness - 14K NC-17
A fabulous tale about Loneliness and finding what you need in someone you thought would never want you in the same way you want them. So much love and longing here that moves from unrequited to requited beautifully. I just love this fic, you can find a rec for it over on my DS page as a matter of fact.

Searching For Truth - 18K PG
Once you have settled old wrongs for good and laid all your ghosts to rest, where does that leave you? When the driving purpose in your life is no longer there, what is your next move? Ben has to make some decisions about what to do with his life post CoTW, the path he is going to take he doesn't think others will approve of. Sometimes people surprise you though, in the best ways possible. Giving you the gift of their friendship and understanding, when you did not expect it.

Hidden - 36K NC-17
Fraser has a massive things for Ray, but experience has made him afraid to show those he cares about what he feels for them. Ben thinks he's hiding his feelings for Ray pretty well, but Ray sees alot more than Fraser thinks he does. This one is set right after Bounty Hunter.

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