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All stories recommended here will be J/B

Another Mode of Belonging by Grit Kitty
Note: Story is in two part, look at the bottom of the story for the tiny little link to the next part. You can almost miss it if you don't look for it.

This is one of the few TS stories I've read and liked in quite a while. It seems to me that most stories now are being written by people who have never seen the show. (I could be wrong, but it seems that way to me.) Since the show is no longer being rerun on the Sci-Fi channel the quality of the fic has gone way down. Most stories I've seen come onto lists are AU's, I mean serious AU's that don't even take place in the canon TS universe. Now I don't mind a good AU now and then, but I like to see stories written in the show's universe more times than not. This one here actually does, thank goodness. It takes place some time after the ep TSbBS. Blair is a cop. He and Jim have been lovers for a while now. Fate decided to throw them both a curveball in the form of a daughter Sandburg didn't know he had from a brief relationship that ended a while ago. Both guys have to learn how to deal with the changes in their lives. Priorities have to shift and they both have to figure out how to make things work. Blair has to give up some things to care for his daughter and Jim has to figure out how he fits into this new little family. I thought Jim's confusion in this story and struggle to hold onto this new family he didn't know he wanted really made it all work for me. It's a nice story that is so rare in this fandom now. Definitely one to check out for those of us who remember the glory days of this fandom. Who really want it back.

Dasha's Sentinel Fics
This is the first series of Sentinel stories that I've come across in quite some time that I've really loved. I think because the show is no longer being rerun that the quality of the fiction has gone down some. All of the really good writers in the fandom aren't putting out many fics and some of the newer ones have never seen the show. (Why they insist on torturing us with fics anyway, I don't know.) So I haven't been reading a lot of stories in this fandom much. Then a little while ago I was over at Net.bitch does fic recs and saw these stories rec'd there. I decided what the heck, I'd give it a try. I am so glad that I did. This story takes place several years into the future. Blair is a cop and has been for some time. The strain of having 5 enhanced senses and living in a highly polluted urban environment is taking it's toll on Jim. Blair decides to take charge and get his Sentinel somewhere that won't kill him. Blair is remarkably mature in this one, how I generally would like to think of him being in the future. He's dedicated to Jim and still doing his best to help him learn to understand, control, and deal with his senses. This story made me like Blair again. I mean seriously the way Blair is often portrayed in fanfic was starting to make me hate his character. I like him on the show, but the Poor Little Blair that's often portrayed in fics was getting on my nerves. The Blair in this story isn't that guy. He's mature, takes charge when he has to, and is fully capable in his own right. He's a real partner to Jim. He's just so damn masculine, I loved it. The romance in this story takes it's time in coming about. It's slow to getting there, but then the whole situation between the two of them, before they even get together, has it's own type of romance to it. Old married couplehood, that's the guys in this form the get go. Blair's reasoning for why he never pursued anything with Jim sooner I could just totally see. This series of stories has a slow pace to them that you can just revel in. I can't express enough how much I fell in love with them. Go read them, you really won't be disappointed.
I Still Believe
First Annual Dorset County Folk Music Festival
The Greater Public Good

Distant Journey, Unknown Lands by Martha and Lemon Drop
I'd begun to think that I wasn't going to find any Sentinel fics that I really liked anymore. I was starting to lose hope a little. I just haven't seen anything come up the pike lately that interested me or really caught my attention. I stopped by the archive the other day just to check if there was anything new. I didn't expect to find any thing I liked, much less a story that I would fall in love with immediately. The writing in this is so damn good, it is just rich and lush. That's how I would describe it best. The visuals are just so wonderful. You get lost in them. I could just see it all unfolding in my mind as I read it. I can't say that the characterizations of Jim and Blair are completely true, somewhere in my head a little voice brought that to my attention every now and then. Honestly, I didn't really mind though. They are close enough that I wouldn't say they had lost the characterizations. Blair is wonderfully masculine in this and so is Jim. The writing is so superb and coupled with the lack of wimpy or weepy men I found it damn satisfying. I just got sucked into this one and had to immediately pass it on to a friend. Couldn't even wait for the next rec update. I had to share this with someone else. This story takes it's sweet time which I love. Nothing like sitting down to a good long read. It's got a great plot that helps the guys face up to some of their fears and gain some closure to old hurts. I really enjoyed this one. Maybe you will too.

Just like coffee by Grit Kitty
Exactly. Just like coffee; dark, rich, heady and demanding to be savored. With Sentinel fanfic I've become cautious. So many of them fall into slash clichés. There are so many occurrences of 'Suddenly Gay' or feminizing poor Blair that I've become really picky about what I read. This one doesn't have any of that. Blair is neither feminine, nor some irresponsible fop who runs at the first sign of trouble. If I read one more story where poor Blair gets his feelings hurt and the proceeds to pout of to places unknown waiting for Jim to come find him. I swear I'll scream. He doesn't do that in this one. He faces up to his life and is a cop. Shock. Jim in this one is just too sensual, love him. Grit also brings out an aspect to Jim that is really necessary to his characterization, the aspect that was ingrained in him as a kid and has never left him. The part that focuses on appearances and fears what people think of him. That is a big part of Jim that she brings out smoothly. The conflict between what he feels he should do and what he wants to do. Which wouldn't hurt anyone, but he has been made to feel ashamed of. Gotta hate Jim's dad. Also, both Blair and Jim are bi. Also, shock. Both of them are given small little instances where they delve into memory and we find out that yes they have been attracted to men before. I've said it to others before. It doesn't have to be a big set up to them being bi or gay. Just a sentence sometimes that lets you get clued in or some small memory that allows you the needed insight. It isn't a hard thing to do. Just an acknowledgment. Thank you, God! Grit Kitty does that in this one. It was refreshing in that respect alone, no biggie, she just simply let it be revealed that they were both bi. Thank you, doll. Also, no rush into the heavier aspects of vanilla sex. Just simple things that when your too hot for complicated work out just fine. Loved that, no rush to sexual escapades. Testing flexibility and all. They are just so much guys too. They don't talk things out at great length, just enough to make sure they're on the same page. I loved that too. They are both so totally men in this one. The writing is fabulous. Like I said. Like coffee rich and heady. I got sucked into this one quick and knew I was going to rec it by the time I got half way through it. Oh, she says it's a PWP, but it's a really long one nearly 100k and well...I found some plot in it. So it's not really a PWP, in the technical sense. So don't let that dissuade you.

Palooka by Pares
In this one Jim finds that he has the hots for Blair and thinks that Blair is way to het to ever love him back. Hmmm. Think he just might be wrong about? Nah, not in the TS universe. Yeah, right. It's not as angsty as some stories like this are, which is good. I so wasn't in the mood for that. This story is hard to rec, in that it's sortof typical TS slash. It's good TS slash though. Pares, almost called her Dawn, is an excellent writer and I think she captured the essence of Jim. She handled his voice pretty well. My Jim muse was impressed. Have I mentioned he's a bossy bastard. Never shuts up. Nit picky, I like him though. Stuck with him so what am I going to do. Anyway, what I really liked about this one that Jim realizes he might be bi. Embraces it, doesn't dance around it. Decides to confess it to Blair and figure it out from there. Well, eventually Blair catches a clue and they live happily ever after or something. Until the next serial killer comes along, you watch TS you know some bad shit happens to one of them or the city in general each week. So happy together at least. This rec sucked, but have you seen the amount of things I'm rec'ing this update. There wasn't alot to say on this one and I've got alot to do. More great stories just keep popping up too, which only means I find more stuff to rec. I think that slash drought is over now. Thank god. I'll just shut up now. Just go read it. It's really good, I swear.<g>

Lifeline by Legion
Bottom Jim story. In case you haven't guessed it by now, by oh I don't know, the picture up there. I'm a JimBabe, totally think Richard Burgi is hot, the little guy is cute too, but I much prefer Jim.<g> So I looove bottom Jim stories, I think he is so a bottom. Doubt if he'd even want to be on top, don't care how muscle bound he is. His inner child is screaming 'take care of me'. I can just hear it. I've tried to write some Sentinel stories. Jim is a loud and bossy ass muse. Talks to me, demands alot of say in the stories, and whenever I try to hook him up with Blair he just says no thanks. Always likes the OMC's too much or Vic from Once a Thief (I'm still working up a X-Over with that show). Nick Lea 'Woof', both Jim and I agree on that point. I digress though, I'm straying from my point. You know all those stories out there where Blair freaks over becoming a cop and runs off pouting 'poor Blair' to places unknown forcing Jim to hunt him down. This ain't one of them. Legion must have been as tired of those as I am. Since you know Blair never does that, his mom Naomi yeah, Blair never. For god sakes he's been at Rainer since he was 16. I'm guessing him to be between 26-28 on the show. He's responsible face it, no matter how Naomi raised him, he's a plant roots kindof guy. Jim freaking out completely when more shit besides the press conference and the ensuing consequences are heaped onto him. Yeah, I believe. Watch the show, Jim is so the freak out guy. He is the overly emotional one, for the repressed guy they try to make him out to be, he lets what he's feeling be known alot. Loudly and in front of as many  witnesses as humanly possible. Not that he doesn't fight damn fucking hard against showing them, but they bubble up so hard and fast you can see them even through his walls clear as day. Jim and Blair also prove Denial isn't just a river in Egypt in this story. They are both so in denial land in this one. My favorite line in this one, Blair saying to Jim, "For a straight man, you really seem to like having your ass played with..." (That is before Blair even touches his ass, i.e. a little self-loving.) That so sums up Jim's level of denial about his sexuality and what he wants. Make sure you pay attention to the last line in the paragraph before the one where that quote appears to really catch the denial. It's subtle. Legion has Simon sum up this story better than I can though, "one man who wants to love and doesn't know how and one man who knows how to love and doesn't want to." I'll leave it up to you to figure out which is which. I'll just end with Simon's summation. Best one I could give you.<g * a *wink*>

Mirror-Balance by Spyke
Note: Some m/f as well as m/m. It's not alot of it though and well it's sad, but Blair is thinking about Jim the whole time. Poor girl.

Ok, this one was a little weird, but not in a bad way. The weirdness is necessary to the story and easy to follow. Weird in the Shamanistic dreams kindof way. Which really was totally cool and the best exploration I've seen into Blair's shaman powers. Wild dreams, but the visualization is good and I got what they were about. Blair is a cop in this one and maybe I should give you a warning for short hair here too. He's the responsible guy I always see him to be here too. He's angsty in this one because he wants Jim and knows Jim wants him, but he's already lost so much of himself in Jim he doesn't know if he could stand losing any more. So he resists it, tries to hide it away. Sublimates it with work and people, wants the friendship to be enough. It isn't though and he finally breaks down and just says to hell with that. Cuts loose in a big way. He takes back in a way, realizes he can receive part of Jim in return. Finally gets that he can take, because Jim wants to give. That he can be in charge. Oh, hot bottom Jim again too. Love that, love that, love that. Always. That beautiful big muscle-bound guy getting thoroughly fucked. Oh, yeah baby. Does it for me everytime. I'm so totally a Jimbabe. Be sad if I didn't enjoy it so much.<bg>

Sentinel Overload by Kylia
Primal Jim, ooh gotta love that. A case is sending Jim into primal mode every now and again. The results have him wanting to 'claim' his guide. Don't worry this doesn't degenerate into total smut land. The sex is hot due to it's passion and intensity. Those are the best two words I can use to describe the whole story. That reflects what Blair and Jim are feeling for one another too. This is a post-TSbBS piece, Blair is a cop in this one and there is an actual case interspersed with the relationship. I think deep down this story is about trust, even at his most primal Blair trusts Jim explicitly. Whatever Jim wants to do to him, Blair is ready for it. Blair gets a little confused though, thinking Jim's feelings for him go no deeper than some primal couplings. He's wrong though and Jim proves to him that he trusts him too and that he can be trusted with Blair's heart, as well. I just love this one for all it's passion and culmination towards love and trust. Drew me right in from the start and had me wanting to read more. I loved it.

Brokenhearted by Veronica
This one is brand new to the fandom, not sure if the author is or not. This is a Post TSbBS (The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, series finale ep, for the newbies) story. Blair is a cop in this one and life has settled down into 'normal', as normal as their lives get anyway and Blair hates it. This story has Jim and Blair's relationship as I see them, like a comfortable old married couple. This is before they even get together in the story. Everything in it is a slow progression, not rushing into anything or missing some steps. Hell, I think you will find very few if any of the things I rant about in my Bitch Fest in it. No 'suddenly gay' shit, you get the impression that Jim may have done some stuff and Blair may not have, but she establishes he has definitely thought about it alot. No, 'I love you let's fuck', they almost do, but realize they need a little time to shift gears and wrap their heads around things. Hell, Jim even asks Blair to let him lead a little in bed at first. They decide to talk about what else they will do later. No rushing to penetration either, they'll work their way up to it. This story doesn't fall into the cliché', that so many stories do. The guys never lose that comfortable feeling between one another in the story. They don't spend every minute once they profess their feelings screwing. They are still trying to settle into it and find their way. I loved that. No body is going anywhere and they have all the time in the world to figure out how this new level of their relationship is going to go. It was like how relationships are in real life, fumbling your way through and making it up as you go along. There is some angst and feelings of UST and Unrequited Love coming from both guys, none of which is one-sided, in the beginning. There is a comfortable level to this that just made it peaceful and left me feeling that way as I read it. It was truly beautiful in that manner. I really enjoyed it. It was a shock to not find something on my list there really. Can't off hand say I found anything. I loved the novelty of that as well as the content of the story. A must read, for how beautifully it defines their relationship. Like a calm in the storm, a safe place, like it should be.

Territoriality 1 & Territoriality 2 by the lady of shalott
Ok, I usually rec things because they have a good lengthy plot, and just happen to be filled with hot sex too. This one I am rec'ing because it has The Hottest Rimming Scenes I have ever read in it. Hey, we all have our kinks don't judge. The story is good, well-written, and has a nice plot line, but the sex dear god is so hot. Oh, and it's Jim who is on the receiving end in this one. These are two of my favorite bottoming Jim stories. I usually don't like stories just because of the hot sex in them, but this one is my one true exception. It isn't a PWP, I don't read those very often, and when I do I usually don't like them. I like to know how they jumped from buddies to having hot sex. This one gives you that and I really enjoyed the story too. I thought it was a good depiction of Blair in this one. This is really about as close as I come to reading a story just for sex, and like I said it has a good story line going on too. I read this a while ago and have been trying to remember to rec it. It is one of the first things I usually tell friends to read when they start out in this fandom. (If they happen to have a rimming kink like I do.) An escape from some of the angst that is out there in this fandom, which I love. God, I love the sex scenes in this one, love Jim on the receiving end. I think he could be such a good bottom, and if Blair saw that he could definitely bring it out in the big guy. Life is strange and nothing is ever as it seems. "Sometimes you have to see with better eyes." (I love that line, it is from the James Cameron movie the Abyss. Use it all the time.) The rimming scenes are loong and detailed too. So if you have this particular kink like I do, you may want to check it out. I love the sex in this one. Love Jim as a bottom. Can't help it.

Ripples in the Dirac Sea by Allaire Mikhail
Ok, not a new story exactly, but it is a new rec. I read this when it first came out and just reread it. I loved it the first time and still do. I have always been fascinated by parallel worlds and the twists and turns in life we didn't take. The choices that we could have made or the ones that we didn't make. What are our other selves doing, what are they like? What might we have been? Are there better versions of ourselves out there, those who are worse off? Is our life someone else's version of a hell they wouldn't wish to see? No matter how good or bad it is. Is our life a cake walk compared to another version of us? This story is about that. The 'What If's'. The possibilities that lie out there. All the choices we didn't make, but someone else did. Our lives are simply possibilities. "For every possible outcome, quantum law dictates there must be a parallel world where it is played out". This story is about those possibilities. The 'What If's' in life played out. Showed to us. Maybe to tell us how much better or worse off that we are. There is a little death in this story, for those of you sensitive to that, but they are only possibilities. We see other outcomes and how the future could be different. I love stories like this. Always amaze me.

Cloud Mountain by Lemon Drop
That I was going to rec one of Lemon Drop's stories was inevitable. Trying to decide which one was the problem. Then I came across this brand new one today. I knew that was the one I had to rec. It has a fabulous plot that I am not even going to tell you about. If I tell you anything it will spoil the story and I'm not going to do that. The plot is rich, the love between the guys is so palpable you can see it, and I just love how she gets them together. More than once this story had tears springing to my eyes. It has those surprise moments that are just so sweet and heart rendering that you can't help but cry a little. I love that, stories that bring a few tears out of you and you don't even see it coming. You just find yourself shedding a few. It isn't a big tear jerker, just little moments I found so touching. This is a truly beautiful story and Lemon Drop's work just gets better every time. Each one is better than the last. This one is rich and sweet, gets to you slow like some elements mixed in the story. It has that tone to it. I was so hoping to find a good story when I went searching for new stuff at the archive today, it was a delight to find this gem. In fact, why don't you go read all of her work. You can find it at the 852 Archive, just look under L for Lemon Drop. Or you can go to the very bottom of the page where it says search engine and do a search for her work. Here's a hint, if you want to find the newest stuff at that archive, skip the sections where it says the updates of the last 7 or 30 days. Go to the search engine and in the section of sorting by date, ask for the last 7 days. You will find all the new stuff posted there. Even stuff for that day. Little tip that it took me a while to figure out. I was slow on the uptake. Didn't notice that little search engine feature at the bottom, it's so small you almost miss it. Especially, when there are all those thousands of stories and authors to look through there. I'll shut up now though, go read Lemon Drop's story. It's fabulous.

Note: Lemon Drop has a website, don't know how long it's been up, but I just found it. Lemon Drop's Fanfic

Nuance by Livia and Resonant
Ok, when I first read this story I wasn't sure if I was going to rec it. I liked the story itself, thought it was wonderfully written and that the idea was fabulous. But...I didn't like the characterization of Jim. I'm a JimBabe if I haven't mentioned it before. I love the guy. I can so see things from his character's perspective. I think Blair is cute as can be and love the little guy, but I like Jim better. He is way hot, love how he was written on the show, and I just love how Richard played him. The characterization of Jim in this one wasn't exactly true to me. I didn't think this was how Jim would react at all. Jim is just so the girl in this one, I didn't realize that until the end of the story though. It was written so damn well that I was just so fascinated by what it was about that it didn't really hit me that I had a feeling of something being off until I had finished it. It hit me, "Jim is the girl in this," and that Jim would never react in that way to this situation. We had seen Jim have to deal with some new Sentinel weirdness in the ep The Waiting Room and he freaked. No this story isn't about that, nor does it have to do with ghosts or whatever. It is supposed to occur before that ep. Jim freaks. It's what he does. And I quote(from the episode The Waiting Room)," Chief...I have about as much as I can handle with this Sentinel stuff. I'm on shaky ground here a little bit, you follow me...", he then proceeds to freak out further from there quietly in a hushed tone because they are in the bull pen after all. God, did he look good in that blue shirt from that scene. (I had to go look at my tape to get the quote. Sorry, I got lost in that image there for a moment.) Back to what I was saying. Jim would freak in this situation a little bit too, I think. One more weird Sentinel thing. I don't care if it does aid him in his job, so does the Sentinel thing and he freaks about that too. He is the overly emotional one of the pair. He's good at snapping. Blair is the calm one. It seems the other way around, but Blair is talking Jim down from the ceiling alot. And down from towers. Blair gets bouncy nervous in rough situations, and girly freaking out, but he comes through and talks Jim down. Jim flips over everyday life stuff, emotional stuff. So I have a hard time with an emotionally aware and Jim 'in the role of girl today' thing. Then, I thought ok, I don't really see Blair as all that girly really and I think Jim would make a total bottom if given the chance. So...I realized I liked the idea of Jim like that. It made me laugh ruefully, that is done to Blair so damn much in fanfic it's annoying, it's especially done on the show, so it is like a little payback. I realized I liked it. It was one of the things that hooked me on the story I found. So I decided I did want to rec it. That I thought it was damn good and even though the characterization of Jim wasn't exactly canon I liked that too. Made me smile, so here it is. I definitely recommend it. Oh, I really love the scene with Scott, that is so damn sweet. I usually have a hard time with that kindof thing in a J/B story, but I loved it in this one. Mainly, because of why Jim did it. What Jim saw in Scott and wanted to make Scott see about himself, feel about himself. I loved that. It was just so sweet and powerful to me. I don't think I'll ever forget that scene. It really hit me. Mainly, because I've seen people like that. So different from how they see themselves and just for a moment wished I could let them see what I see. Give them that to allow them to see who they really are. The best scene in the story, almost makes Jim and Blair anti-climactic it's so good, so moving.

Without Love by Josephine Darcy
I was going through some links and came across Josephine's site and refound this story. I loved it from the first time I read it and have went back and read it again several times. The end never fails to have me crying. The story is about lying to yourself, separating yourself from your emotions and the devastating effects that can have on you and those around you. In this one Jim is way repressed, surprise there (yeah, right!). He denies something out of fear of what it makes him and it leads he and Blair down a hard path. It takes something tragic in the end to reunite Jim with a part of himself that he has lost, saving Blair in the process. I cry every damn time I read this one. That is part of what made me love it. It made me so sad the denial Jim goes into and what it costs both he and Blair. I mean Jim is way in denial in this one. It is just beautiful though how well that is told. How you can see Jim is lying to himself so clearly and just feel so sorry for him that he feels he has to do that. Breaks my heart. It's definitely one of my faves. I have a hard time remembering story names though. I often remember what the story is about and not the name. Can tell you details of the story and yet not the name or who it is by. That is always the case with this one. I always end up stumbling back upon it and going, "Oh, that story...I love that one." The end is so damn good. I get that prickly teary feeling through most of the story, but that ending just gets them flowing. Love that ending so much. Happy and sad all at once. When Jim finally moves out of denial land and realizes what he wants so badly. Before it is to late. Beautiful story.

Partners by Josephine Darcy
Ok, if you've just read some of the more angsty story recs on this page you may want something light-hearted. I have a few here to counter balance some of the angst fests I've rec'd. This is one of them. This story is so damn funny. And for once I wasn't reading it in the middle of the night trying not to burst something muffling my laughter so as not to wake the whole house up. I read it during the day time and remember having someone yell at me from the living room what in the hell I was reading that was so damn funny. I just love Jim being so Blessed Protector that it borders on acting like he owns Blair. It was just hilarious getting the second hand accounts of what had happened to Blair and others in this little adventure, as it unfolds. Too funny. I love this one. I am sitting here smiling as I rec it remembering how much I laughed throughout it. Go read it, it's hilariously funny. Don't even expect anything serious. It is humor, but damn good humor. Trust me on this. I don't read much humorous stuff, usually the stuff that is funny that doesn't try to be. That just has a fabulous wit to it that keeps me laughing. This one is straight humor though and just plain good.

Candy Apple's Stories
Warnings: Some of her stories contain violence and or rape themes. They aren't shown, but are discussed. So you should be wary if you don't like that. None of it is J/B hurting each other. There is some h/c going on alot and some healing. None of it is too bad and the relationship between the guys is so loving it tempers that and helps the healing process. Thought you should be warned though.

Candy is my absolute favorite Sentinel writer. I love her stuff so much I can't just rec one of them, so I'll just point you to her page and peruse through them all. She is wonderfully talented and has a gift for rich characterizations. The characterizations she weaves are who the guys could be to one another if they opened up to each other and let their real selves that we can all see be shown. She has a serious addiction to pet names, but you get over it as you read. Sometimes the need for them by the characters as security is why she uses them. She can put the characters through the wringer, I'm telling you, but the love they feel for one another always shores them up whatever the painful circumstances. A while ago on a list a newbie to the fandom asked for Sentinel rec's, Candy was recommended by everyone that answered the post, along with saraid and Francesca also rec'd here. The thing everyone agrees on is that these are wonderful writers. I love all of their work. My suggestion is to just start with her standalones and then work your way through each of her series. Don't forget her Starsky & Hutch crossover, you can find a rec for that on my X-Overs page, it is what turned me on to the S/H fandom. If you wonder how she worked that out, S&H are older, not the young bucks they were on the show. Give her stuff a shot, anyone will tell you it is not to be missed.

Oh, Candy is now writing some Starsky & Hutch fic. Fabulous stuff and she has just started writing in that fandom by itself. She did a fabulous job with them in her Outside Influences series and she does no less in the new S/H stuff. If you are into that fandom or would like to be, you can find links to those stories on her page too. I have been begging her for a Outside Influences prequel that shows how S/H got together. Maybe if others do too, she will write that one.

Goodnight, Love by saraid
This story is split into 10 parts for easier downloading, so check at the bottom of each part to follow the link to the next section. It is really long, over 750K.

When I first read this story it was in its full form, as you will find it in the above link. From what I understand though. It was written as a serial, each part written and released over time showing a gradual progression of the relationship between Jim and Blair after they have admitted they love one another. It is kindof like an 'Ok, we love each other, now what?' kind of story. Neither has been in a relationship with a man before and is trying to come to terms with that and figure out what they want out of the relationship. It is angsty in some spots and generally incredibly loving. I loved it the first time I read it, even cried at some points. It kept me enthralled through out the entire piece, just waiting to see them get over the rough spots and settle into it. I can only imagine what it must have been like to get sections of it over the lists over several months time. I loved it, you will too, I'm sure. Minor warning for superfluous use of sappy and cutesy names. The writing is so good you can forgive it though.

Tribe Sentinel by Annabell Leigh
This story is broken into several parts for easier downloading, so remember to look for the links at the bottom of the pages for the next section.

This is a fabulous story that from the beginning became one of my favorites in the Sentinel fandom and remains so today. It definitely has a plot and some really good original characters. These characters don't get involved with J/B either, like so many do. No Mary Sue's here either. In this story Jim and Blair are trying to come to terms with the events in S2P1. Both are blaming themselves and thinking the other person blames them as well. They get some help from some unlikely sources in talking out their pain and that enables them to express it to one another. This series goes in depth into the Sentinel/Guide relationship in an interesting and believable fashion. It had me glued to my seat not wanting to miss a thing. Annabell is a great writer, she has some other works that are terrific. You can find her page with all her work on it Here. The Break, The Unlikely CEO, and Laying on Hands are great. I'll warn you, though, since she doesn't bother to that her story Familiar Stranger deals with some graphic depictions of rape. I found out the hard way and was none to pleased that she didn't give the courtesy of a warning. Especially, since the first sex scene we see was carefully hidden until the last moment that it was a rape. There were subtle hints, but not put together until to late. Be forewarned. Check out her other stuff any way though. (Note: I went to Annabell's site the other day looking to see if there was anything new on it. She now has a warning on Familiar Stranger. Hmmm...Thank goodness.)

Progeny by Annabell Leigh
Sequel to Tribe Sentinel. Like the one above it is also broken into several parts, so look for the links and don't miss a part.

I probably like this story better than Tribe Sentinel, just because it is so Jim centric. I am a JimBabe what can I say. We see things alot from his POV. In it we find out some of Jim's secrets and realize there is definitely more to him than we have seen at first. This picks up a couple of years after Tribe Sentinel and we find Jim and Blair having trouble in their relationship. They both seek out help from some of the friends they made in Tribe to figure out where their problem really lies. It has a rich plot and the revelation of some of Jim's past is a little bit surprising in a good way. Along with trying to deal with their problems they manage to help some others with similar issues along the way. Also, it appears someone is stalking the group of friends, whether it is someone from the past or a new foe you'll just have to wait and see. A fabulous read that goes into the Sentinel myth in a wonderful way, explaining its intricacies is a way better than the show could have. There is a sequel to this one called Commencing in the works, look out to see when it comes.

The Nature Series & The Cycles Series by Francesca
These series are just so damn good you have just got to hate her for being so damn talented. Where Candy might be my favorite author these are my favorite series. Just start at the top of her page really and don't stop until you hit bottom. Watch for warnings though, she does mean it sometimes. In these series we find the true power and mysticism of the Sentinel/Guide bond revealed. This series goes way AU, but it is so damn good you don't really realize it. She manages to weave a tale that is sortof fantasy/scifiish and you don't even catch it because it is so fascinating. One thing I liked was that no one was sortof delegated as the chick in this, they are both still guys and still fabulous. No cute pet names or anything that I can remember and both are still wonderfully masculine. Blair is his usual energetic, enthusiastic self and Jim is just as repressed as ever. He gets better though. Sortof evolves and changes. As things move on you even see them change roles a little bit. Gain a balance of power over one another, that is just fascinating and wonderfully. They are always fully equals in this and I loved that. Alters events in canon somewhat, but I don't mind when Alex doesn't get a chance at Jim.

 I'm going to warn you that Jim and Blair are dead in the Cycles series. They both lived long happy lives together though and have returned as spirit guides to help another Sentinel and Guide. This story is set years after the Nature series. In which Blair left a very lengthy dissertation that was left to a predecessor to help future Sentinels and Guides. We are verging into het land here and it took me a long time to really get into this series seeing as Jim and Blair were dead, but they pop up now and again. It is just as well plotted out and engrossing as the Nature series though and a fit continuation of it.

Territorial Imperative by Bone
Note: Due to The House of Slack in the process of moving to slashcity these lins are broken. They are in the process of renovating the Homeless Shelter where Bone's stories are archived. So for now the links don't work. I'll keep checking back to see when they have it back up.

I personally found these stories hilarious. Not in the this is so bad way or even in the this was meant to be funny way, I think. I read it in the middle of the night and was struggling to try and keep from waking up the rest of the house. (Why I always land on the really funny stuff in the middle of the night I don't know.) The writing in this is just so damn good, the dialogue, and internal monologue just so witty that I was laughing my head off. I mean this is how a funny story should be, where the wit just pores off the pages and you can't help but enjoy yourself. I'm not even sure it was meant to be funny, so no offense to Bone. I absolutely love her work. I just found that the writing appealed to my sense of humor in one of those rare ways that, kept me just so enthralled in this. I think it was the way the characters could make fun of themselves and their fears about starting this relationship together that I loved and found humorous. I loved this series and couldn't stop until I had read the entire thing. All of them are hilarious, though, part 7 is more serious than some of the others, as it deals with some issues from S2P2. It still has that razor's edge wit to it.

Territorial Imperative 1
Territorial Imperative 2
Territorial Imperative 3
Territorial Imperative 4
Pulp Fiction
Territorial Imperative 5
Territorial Imperative 6
Territorial Interruptus
Territorial Imperative 7

Those who can by Sihaya Black
There isn't really alot of sex in this one. There is more plot than anything else. Which isn't a bad thing. If you are looking for a story with a great plot, some UST that sortof gets resolved, and suspense this is one to read. In it a message from some old friends warns Jim of some danger and puts the guys in jeopardy. Yeah, what else is new. Just another day for our intrepid Sentinel and Guide right. This is a wonderful tale, that is extremely well written and I just love the characterizations of Jim and Blair in this. They are so dead on to me. Just enough angst to give this one flavor. Some Jim torture and Blair torture. This is really the only story of hers that I like, she can be a bit on the sex toy side sometimes. While that can be a hot read, I just found her take on it confusing and something I didn't think the characters would do. This story doesn't have any of that though and is one of my favorite Sentinel pieces. You just get lost in it, it is so richly told.

Wedding can be a bitch by Deana C. Jamroz
This is one of those laugh my damn ass off funny stories. It is just so hilarious that I love it, I've read it more than once and it was just as funny each time around. This part is Jim's POV and the sequel you see below is Blair's. I first read it during the middle of the night while I was fighting insomnia. I had to struggle to keep from waking the whole house up. It is meant to be funny and succeeds in a big way. This one we see from Jim's side of things, as I said. I am a Jimbabe, I'm sure I mentioned that already, so I love this one. Blair's POV is just as funny though.

Wedding rituals, virgin sacrifices, and a $12 bag of peanuts
by Deana C. Jamroz
Sequel to Weddings can be a bitch. This is just as funny as the first one, only told like I said above from Blair's POV. Hilarious to a fault, if you are up in the middle of the night you might not want to read this because you might just wake everyone else up. If you don't care and want to these two stories are the ones to read. I'm already repeating myself, so there isn't much more to say.

Kaleidoscope by PJ
This story is split into two parts for easier loading. Look for the link at the bottom of the above page for the continuation.

I loved this story the first time I read it and have reread it several times just to refresh my memory of it now and then. In it the people closest to Jim begin dying in what seem to be random accidents and attacks. It could possibly be more though. This is filled with UST(Unresolved Sexual Tension for those of you who don't know that abbreviation) and no real sex. The closeness of the guys is incredible though, without being really sugary sweet. You can tell how much they love one another through their actions alone, so that words aren't really necessary. This is one of my absolute favorite stand alone stories. It has an honest sweetness to it that really attracts me to this story. No there isn't a sappy, pet name calling saccharine love thing going on with the boys. They are just friends who are realizing there is more going on between them. I really hope you'll love it because this story deserves more attention than it gets.

Between Dusk and Dawn by Jack Reuben Darcy
This story is split into 3 parts for easier downloading. Look for the links to the next parts at bottom of pages.

Warning: I usually don't consider angst something to warn people about. But really in this story there is high emotional angst. Were are talking tons. Don't read if you are really depressed. It ends well, but it is angsty to the max. I loved it, I love angst. Read it when you are in a really good mood and can spare the emotional draining.

This story is a real tear-jerker. Angst by the bucket full, so if you are depressed anyway save it for another day. It is so good though, one not to be missed. In it the boys have a rocky time at trying to make a relationship work for them. They start things off too fast and end up hitting a really rough place, they then struggle to get past the hurt feelings so they can make their way back to one another. We see all this take place in two time lines, the present with their wreck of a relationship and through flashbacks as to how it all got so screwed up. It is easy to follow though and definitely worth the time to read it. Jack is a great writer and one of the best in the Sentinel fandom.

True Minds by Lanning Cook
Any story that starts out with a Shakespeare quote is one I am going to read. Especially, one from my favorite Shakespeare poem. It's a SenToo make the boys deal with their shit kindof story. I wouldn't call it a fixit, so that was as close as I could come. An old foe and trying to help a woman in a bad marriage get out lead to trouble for the boys and help them express what they feel for one another. What a shock, do you see a trend, something bad happens and they finally say I love you. If bad shit happening to the guys caused that, they'd be saying I love you everyday. But enough with my little rant, back to the story rec. This one it great. The Sentinel fandom has some of the best writers in it. I think they demand it of one another. Lanning is no exception. This story is beautifully crafted, with a good plot, vivid descriptions, and wonderful characterizations. She seems to quote Shakespeare in alot of her stories. Being an English nerd who got Shakespeare too, I feel a kinship with that. A great read here, that leaves you wanting more, luckily there is more. The sequel you see below.

Little Company by Lanning Cook
Warning: Hints of child abuse in here, not Jim or Blair. And a death of a child. In case you are sensitive to that.

Story is split into three parts for easier loading. Look for the links to next sections.

Sequel to True Minds.In this one repressed memories from Jim's past(Jim has repressed memories? Since when?) lead them to solving the disappearance of a child. This takes place a couple of weeks after True Minds and the gang is forced to deal with events that occurred in the end of that story. It can get angsty at times, but it's not bad in that department, just enough. It is just as good as the first one, I'd just be repeating myself praising Lanning if I went on here. If you liked True Minds you'll love this one too. Check it out to see that terrific story continued.

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