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When Hellmouths Collide
by Kimberley Rector & Martha Wilson
Notes: GEN FIC

Pairings: sortof Buffy/Iolaus
Fandoms: Buffy/Hecules/Xena

Yeah, Clio rec'd a gen fic. Go figure. I got desperate there wasn't any good slash coming into my favorite fandoms. I'm on this mailing list for recs in all fandoms and genres, stuff happened. Some good gen fics came in, I was bored enough to give anything a try. I'm glad I did. This one was so fucking funny. I was LMAO in certain parts of this. Every time Hercules started wondering how much of a Bride Price he's have to pay for Iolaus to marry Buffy I nearly fell out of my chair. There are hints of slashiness in this story here and there. Little touches of it that made my slashy little self feel right at home. I was actually shocked that the writers could crossover these two fandoms successfully. Much kudos go to them for being able to do that in a believable way. They also managed to keep the humor of both shows not only in tact, but use it very well. It's a long story that took me a few days to read, but I'm glad I did. It was well worth it.

A New War & The Sentinel Project by Lianne Burwell
Pairings: Various
Fandoms: War of the Worlds, X-Files, Sentinel, Stargate, Highlander, Pretender, Beauty & the Beast, and more

Man, this is like the crossover to beat all crossovers. Lianne managed to pull all these universes together and make it work. When I mention that the pairings are various I don't mean to say that people are just randomly pairing off and fucking each other at will. That there aren't any solid pairings in this throughout. No there are specific pairings from each fandom, mostly slash and a few het. There are just to many to name. Some are the main focus of the story, others are just side pairings mentioned briefly. Just wanted to clarify that. I read A New War quite a while ago and I was beginning to wonder if she would ever write the sequel that she promised people was coming. Then one day it just started popping up on the list, much to the fans of the first ones happy surprise. The Sentinel Project is up to part 3 or so now I think. Setting the frame work for where it's going and such. It's started off pretty good. I'm excited to see where this is going. Can't wait to see where this ride is going to take us. Knowing Lianne's writing I'm sure it won't disappoint.

The Look, Look Again, and One Last Look by Bone
Pairings: Jim Ellison/Duncan MacLeod
Fandoms: The Sentinel/Highlander

Oh, dear lord this series of stories in hot. If any of you have ever seen the interrogation scene in Murder 101 then you'll know the inspiration for this story comes from. Damn Richard was hot in those scenes. Full on alpha male. Made me all quivery in the knees. Well, this story kind of takes off from that. With Jim having finished an interrogation and heading off to a bar to burn off some steam. Why who should he run into at said bar, but one my favorite Immortals? Who better to burn off some of that built up tension with. (Well, Methos was another choice. I would have spontaneously combusted over that, though.) The series is about several encounters the boys have over time. I wouldn't exactly call them "one night stands", more a fuck buddies type situation. The stories aren't much more than PWP's, but they are some of the best around. I'll never get over how hot Jim was in those scenes. I'm glad someone else was so affected by it that they felt the need to write some stories about it. Bone was just the woman to do it too. Steamy sex mixed with good characterization. What more can you ask for?

Carpe Noctem Series by Lianne Burwell
Pairings: Vic Mansfield/Mac Ramsey, with a little Mac/Other in the beginning
Fandoms: Once a Thief/Kindred: The Embraced/Vampire: The Masquerade

It took me forever to finally be able to get into this series. The main reason was that I got over my vampire fascination when I was a teen. There seems to still be remnants of it lurking around in my psyche, however. If the rec for this series and the one for Child of Night over on the Miscellaneous page are anything to go by. I had already read some of Lianne's Once a Thief fics and loved them (you can find some of them rec'd over on the OAT page). There is also an original slash series that she has that I just adore (it's rec'd on the miscellaneous page too). So I knew Lianne's writing and how talented she was already. I think I just had to take the time to sit down and really get into the fic. Plus, I think I was waiting for Mac to get turned into a vamp too. At this point in the story things are really coming to a head. A mysterious plot point that was only hinted and teased at early on is now being solved. So things are really starting to get interesting in this fic. I've coming to really like it and I'm always so happy when I see a new part has been posted. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Lianne takes this fic, now that I've let myself get sucked into it. Should be interesting. Oh, this fic is heavy on OAT, with plenty of vamp stuff thrown in from the Kindred fandom. Ivan Sergei, who played Mac, had a role on Kindred once. So it was something used to draw the two fandoms together. A link if you will, albeit a small one. Definitely a series worth checking out.

Gangsters in Paradise by Demi X
Pairings: Jim Ellison/Vic Mansfield
Fandoms: Sentinel/Once a Thief, X-files too thrown in for fun

This is an multi-fandom crossover. The main two are The Sentinel and Once a Thief, but there is a little X-files thrown in for fun and maybe a few others just for the heck of it, not sure. This story goes way AU, not in some weird Sci-Fi sense, but a more 'what if ' things were different kindof way. In it Jim is a member of a powerful crime family and Vic gives him valuable information about a hit on his life. Sparks fly between the two and before you know it they are in a hot and heavy love affair. Jim from the Sentinel and Vic from OAT are probably the only two characters I am a little flexible with pairing wise. Not sure about Mac from OAT, haven't seen him paired any one  that swayed me where he is concerned. Not flexible on Blair though, don't know why I am with Jim. Well, I'm a Jimbabe, I think he's way hotter than Blair. Vic is probably the only one I've seen him with that seemed tough enough and yet sensitive enough to match up to him, I guess. Besides Blair, of course.

Outside Influences Series by Candy Apple
Parings: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Starsky/Hutch
Fandoms: Sentinel, Starsky & Hutch

Sentinel X-Over with Starsky & Hutch. This is the series that got me turned on to the Starsky and Hutch fandom. Before that I had never even thought about it really. I had never even really caught the show, just remembered what the guys looked like. S/H were so hot in this though it was hard not to fall in love with the fandom. I immediately went out and started looking for more fic in the fandom, found the S/H archive and devoured the stories there in no time at all. There are no multiple pairings in this story so if you are looking for that sorry. If you were hoping there wouldn't be then your in luck. In the first story Blair is kidnapped and S/H are called in once he is retrieved to try and help find the kidnapper. They are there because some stories one of the kidnappers told Blair of other crimes he committed are similar to an escaped con they put away. Along the way Blair and Starsky find out they may have a connection to one another that they never expected.

Oh, I recently wrote Candy begging her to do an Outside Influences prequel showing us how S/H got together. I begged shamelessly for a first time piece of the guys. She said she was working on an S/H story right now that is a sequel to one of her other stories, but would love to do that. She thought it sounded great and had been thinking about it already. She said she'd see if she couldn't get one cooking up in that brain of hers. Let's hope she does. She's totally to blame for me getting into the S/H fandom and I have thanked her for it. The least she can do is give us a prequel to this wonderful series. I'd love for her to go into some things she mentions the characters working through in a couple of prequels actually. Some personal love and sex stuff, and some cases she mentioned worked into stories.

Outside Influences
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Dad's Day
A short interlude just to get some interest in the following stories I think. Short & sweet, but worth the read.

Family Matters
Warning: On this one for a death of a minor character. Not J/B or S/H.
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Primary Subject
In this one the events from S2P1 & S2P2 are dealt with in relation to this series and how it might play out from the perspective if Jim and Blair had been lovers.
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Northern Comfort by Kellie Matthews
Pairings: Benton Fraser/Billie Tallent
Fandoms: Due South/Hard Core Logo

This is an X-over of Due South and Hard Core Logo. The pairing in this is Fraser/Billie Tallent. Billie was played by Callum Keith Rennie, who plays Ray K. on due South. So even though it is a different pairing, same guys. (I'm not really that flexible on the Fraser/RayK pairing, but like I said same guy, so that helped a lot. And I haven't seen HCL, so that added to it. I think.) In this one a stranger turns up at the Canadian Consulate looking for help after being mugged. He oddly enough looks alot like Ray Kowalski, wonder why? Fraser is pining away for Ray who has gone off to Mexico with some bimbo and seeks solace with this stranger for a few days. Billie, said stranger, is in a bad place after losing someone close to him. He also finds some solace in Fraser's arms. The two don't fall in love, they are already in love. They just find some comfort with one another and start up a friendship. I liked how Fraser admitted his attraction to men and even embraced it in this story. It is a beautiful story and as always written so well by Kellie. I have never seen Hard Core Logo, but after hearing so much about it, I am going to have to see if I can't rent the damn thing. This story definitely is one of the ones that made me want to rent it. I loved the characterization of Fraser in this one and liked Billy too. Can't say how close he is to the HCL character though, not until I find the damn thing so I can rent it. Loved this story even though I didn't see the movie. Check it out, maybe you can tell me how close it is.

No Secrets by Kellie Matthews
Pairings: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Fandoms: Mainly Due South, but discussion of events in Northern Comfort the Hard Core Logo X-over and a little bit of Billie via telephone in this one.

Sequel to Northern Comfort. There are references to what happened in the fist one and Billy is in the story, via phone calls so sort of an X-over of Due South with HCL. In this one Fraser is finding it increasingly more difficult to hide his feelings of love from Ray. He fears that Ray may have discovered them and that it is going to end their friendship. Ray however is more receptive to what Fraser feels than he thinks, Fraser just doesn't realize it. There are alot of misunderstandings in this one and miscommunications that lead to a good bit of angst for the boys. It takes them a while to get over their own feelings of worthlessness and realize what the other feels for them is true. This one is as good as the first one. And the characterizations of Ray and Frase are really well done. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Shadows Fade by Kellie Matthews and Aukestrel
Pairings: Billie Tallent/Brian Hawkins
Fandoms: Hard Core Logo/Tales from the City

This story is the sequel to No Secrets, which is a sequel to Northern Comfort, listed above. Actually, I think both are really sequels to Northern Comfort. No Secrets tells of what happened to Fraser after his encounter with Billie. While Shadows Fade here tells about what happened to Billie after his meeting Fraser. This story is an X-Over of HCL (Hard Core Logo) and Tales from the City. The pairing here is Billie/Brian Hawkins. Brian was played by Paul Gross, Fraser on due SouthAnd as I said, Billie Tallent of HCL was played by Callum Keith Rennie. Of the three stories this one is my favorite. I haven't seen HCL, as I said, plan to, but haven't yet. I have seen the Tales from the City series though. Been a while, but I stayed up many a late night watching that on Showtime. I had to think about who Paul played and still can't recall him clearly. If you are wondering how the two stories crossover when they take place 20 years or more apart. Think Brian as older and who he might be today meeting up with Billy. These two meet when Brian is consulting a legal case for Billy and sparks fly. Instant attraction and it takes Billy a little while to realize why Brian looks familiar to him. An older Ben he realizes. Kellie and Aukestrel are two of the best DS writers and teamed up this story can't be anything but good. I couldn't praise it enough. I can't talk about the characterizations being close to the ones in the movies, but they are beautifully constructed. The writing is impeccable. This is one story not to be missed. It can be read as a stand alone from the other two and you really don't have to have seen the movies. If you haven't a few references to characters from them might be a little confusing, but not much. They don't go heavy into talking about most of them. Wonderful piece of fiction. One of the best crossovers I've read. At least, they have a reason for meeting that makes good sense.

Let the Journey Begin by Jori Remington
Pairings: Fox Mulder/Harmon Rabb
Fandoms: JAG/X-files

This is a JAG/X-files X-Over. I found this story thanks to a recommendation over on the Recs Board. I usually don't go in for X-Overs that much, but I've found enough of them I like to create a whole new page for them. There just got to be too many of them to stay on the Miscellaneous page. I also have a firm belief that Mulder and Krycek absolutely belong together. After this last season and what they did to Mulder, I am under the firm delusion that he hasn't really been kidnapped by aliens (sorry, spoiler) he is off on a beach somewhere with Alex. But I thought, 'What the hell. I'll try anything once.' If it isn't good or I don't like it I'm out of there, but I'll give it a shot. I gave it a shot and I really liked it. In this one Mulder and Harmon Rabb were once lovers, but that time passed long ago and they have both changed and moved on. A case brings them together again and stirs up old memories for both of them. It seems like a mere coincidence that they have met again, but someone may have brought the two together for a reason. With a plan to use their past relationship against them. I just kept thinking throughout this how awkward it would be to run into one of my old lovers. Yikes! I have never used that word before, but it is the only one that fits. I would hate that. It is never easy to come across someone you once loved and had a relationship with. It is generally uncomfortable and tense if you have gone forward with you life and not looked back. Add to the fact that Rabb's job could be one the line if anyone found out he had engaged in a homosexual relationship previously. Plus, Mulder's wouldn't be made any easier, it can be dangerous to be gay and work in law enforcement. So double ouch for these two guys. Wouldn't make life simpler for either party. She incorporates that well into the story, you just know this would bring down a shit storm for them and are just waiting for it to see if it happens. Jori manages to move us back and forth between the present and the past seamlessly, as well. You see clearly what they came to mean to each other once and how now they have changed so much they are like two strangers. Not knowing how to talk to one another, or what to say when they do try. She captured that aspect of the situation so beautifully. You feel their awkwardness and if you have ever had something similar happen to you, you ache for what was lost and can't be found again right along with them. This series is still ongoing so check back to see if she posts a new part, anytime soon. I personally can't wait to see what happens next and where she goes with the characters and the story.

Divine Intervention by Tarlan
Pairings: Ryan Simms/Tom McLaren
Fandoms: Slider/Verticle Limit

This is a Sliders/Verticle Limit X-Over. The first Verticle Limit slash I have read. Yippee! I loved Nick Lea in that movie, went to see it specifically because he was in it. He was so good in it. I won't tell you anything about the movie, go see it yourself. Let the producers out there in Tinsel Town know we love Nick and want to see more of him. Anyway, if you were 'unhappy' let's say about events concerning his character, well, let's just say this story has a much more satisfying ending to it. Also, if you have seen the Sliders eps Nick was in this brings about a more fullfilling conclusion to what happened to his character as well. Had me real close to tears a few times, and my policy always is if it makes me cry or come close to it, I'm there. Tarlan is a great writer, her Waiting for the Axe to Fall series is fabulous. If I can ever figure out how to put into words just what it is about and sum it up I may rec it. Haven't figured the way it made me feel exactly and since that is how I rec, going to have to evaluate for awhile. This one wasn't hard to evaluate, at all. It was really good and I felt it was a fitting ending for both of the guys. First time I ever liked a pairing that had Nick with Nick, I'm not that into narcissism. I liked this one though, because it wasn't really about that, too much. Gotta love parallel worlds, anything can happen there. This story really is beautiful and sweet, I thought it was great. How could I not rec the first Verticle Limit slash I found, I ask you? Oh, a little thing all of us Nick fans noticed in the movie that isn't a spoiler, Nick has gray hair. Right around his side burns and temples. It was so damn cute, I haven't heard anyone mention it who didn't love it. You never notice it until you see him on the big screen. Nick at 40 feet high, or how ever high that damn screen was at my local theater. *Sigh* A sight not to be missed trust me.

Oh, some spoilers for the movie and the Slider eps, so be aware of that if you have not seen them yet. Things don't exactly go like they do in the movie, all of us Nick fans might feel like we get a little revenge and things are put right in this story. I was happy with it, maybe you will be too.

Valse a Deux Temps by Laura Jacquez Valentine
Pairings: Jim/Blair, Fraser/Kowalski
Fandoms: Sentinel/Due South

I've been wanting to find a really good Sentinel/DS crossover for a long time. Well, this is the best one that has happened along. It's not the greatest story out there, but it's damn good. I liked it, even though it did leave me with a little furrow on my brow and as confused as Blair is in alot of the story. I think it is meant to be that way though. You have the feeling you are walking into the story of Ben and Ray's life together half way through and that is what you are doing. The thing I liked about it was how we live it right through Blair, his confusion is yours. It is funny at times and weird at others, but I like weird. With these two shows combined, each of them having their own weirdness baggage, it only stands to reason some moments would be weird. This story just cries out for a sequel though, it just feels like there is more to tell here. She goes into multiple pairings and partner switching though, I'm out of here and this rec is gone. I would like some things explained further though. Ray is a little more snarky than usual in this, but there are hints at reasons why he is so. He is also fiercely protective of Fraser, which I kind of liked. It's really pretty good. Best crossover of these shows I've seen. Not that there are many. Why I don't know when Fraser just screams Sentinel to me, that beautiful Mountie had heightened senses as canon dammit. So why the hell not. I've got an X-over for it in my head, but I'm still trying to get it to make sense. Damn problem is always...Why do they meet? Maybe that's why so few other have done it. Anyway, moving on. Go read this thing. I'll shut up.

Crossroads by Kellie Matthews
Pairing: Gus Knickel/Ollie
Fandoms: Buried on Sunday/Masterminds

Have I mentioned I'm pretty easy when it comes to reading a story. All I have to know really is what the guys look like and find them attractive. I'm an easy little slash slut that way. I have seen Masterminds a couple of times. (One of those fucking cases where you come in on a movie part way, like what you've seen, and then it takes you several tries before you ever catch the whole fucking movie.) Have never seen Buried on Sunday though, found enough of a description of it on the Net to give me a hint as to what it was about, though. Gus of Buried on Sunday was played by Paul Gross, Fraser on Due South. Ollie from Masterminds was played by Callum Keith Rennie, RayK on DS. So I was good on what the guys looked like, think both of them are gorgeous. So...being easy like I am I read it. Like Kellie ever writes anything that really sucks. It was easy to get into even though I was up on only half the background stories. Ollie was a smaller character in Masterminds, so Kellie could make him out to be whatever she wanted. She writes so vividly, that I could just see everything as it played out. It is beautifully written and she got Ollie's speech patterns down from what I remember. So, it's a good read and if you even know a little bit about either movie you can figure out what's going on. I found myself engrossed in it pretty easily. Oh, it's really loong, over 400K so settle in for a long read. Most of the stuff I rec is long, except when it comes to DS, they do some fabulous PWP's in that fandom. Anyway, shock that a story by Kellie is long. < Mock Shudder> Yeah, right!

Safe Haven & Afterbite by Sugar Rush
Pairings: Mulder/Krycek, Krycek/others (the others are the couple who embrace him)
Fandoms: X-files/Kindred: The Embraced

This is probably the best X-files/Kindred X-Over I have ever read. I stopped being into the vampire thing when I was a teenager, but this story is a hot one. I usually don't like M/K paired with anyone else, but the sex Alex has with the others in this story is centered around his embracing. There was a passion to this story that just drew me in and kept me reading. I was thrilled to see there was a second piece that accompanied it. These were originally published in a zine, but are new to the net. Definitly, new to me. The sex scenes between M/K are steamy, like they're ever not when it comes to these to gorgeous guys. I throughly enjoyed these two and couldn't wait to rec them. I was over at the DitB and found them just a few days ago. Threw a rec up here as soon as I could get one worked up. Hot and interesting for being a crossover with a series that never really interested me and was cancelled in a very short time. The writing makes it worthwhile read. Go on, check it out, won't hurt you none.

Adam's Rib by Agnes Joseph
Pairing: Duncan/Methos, Sam/Al
Fandoms: Highlander/Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap slash. That's probably the hardest fandom to slash. Seeing as how the two guys who usually get slashed are literally in two different places in the time space continuum. One appearing as a hologram only the other can see and hear. God, I have heard that opening credit far too many times. I loved Quantum Leap even though the theories of time travel and changing the past on the show were hopelessly screwed up. I won't go there though. I've read some of the fic, hoping to find some that's good. Most of it either involves the two crossing paths in time when Al is younger or Sam coming home. In this one Sam leaps into the body of Duncan MacLeod. No real sex in this one since Methos figures out real quick that this isn't his lover and just wants Duncan back. Sam and Al apparently had something going on before he left and it's finally breaking through Sam's memory. They find out Sam is there to stop what is most likely Methos' death. First they have to talk to a future Duncan to find out what happened to his lover. Add to the mix that when the transfer occured Sam got MacLeod's quickening and Duncan for the moment is mortal. You've got your self an interesting story that isn't near as confusing as it sounds. No sex in this one, but I didn't want there to be. I liked that Methos knew this wasn't his lover right off and would have killed Sam if he didn't need him to find out what happened to Mac. I got caught up in it easily, lost in how much Methos and Duncan love one another. Found that hotter than the best sex scene. Totally.

The Going Under Series by Shell
Pairings: Tim Bayliss/Billy Tallent
Fandoms: Homicide: Life on the Streets/Hard Core Logo

The other day I got an e-mail from someone asking me why I hadn't rec'd any Homicide or Hard Core Logo fics, besides the HCL/Tales from the City X-Over Shadows Fade(look above and you'll find the rec). The truth is I used to love Homicide. Then they started moving the damn thing around to different time slots, threatening to cancel it right and left. I just lost track of the damn thing. I kept trying to watch it, but so much would happen between when I managed to catch it I had no idea what was going on. As for HCL, well to tell the truth, I've been pouting. I've heard so much about that movie and I cannot find the damn thing around here. I have looked in every video store and tried ordering it at every place I could around town. I don't trust online ordering since I've never done it before. So I'm pouting because I can't manage to see it. Plus, the last time I checked the Ten Buck Fuck's archive, there wasn't much there except PWP's. It's been a while and that's changed. I went back there and found lots of new stuff. This one here was actually written by the person who e-mailed me about Homicide and HCL. She mentioned she had written it, so I checked it out and I loved it. If you check out my Bitch Fest you'll find I just added a new rant about people just jumping into saying I love you. When they don't even fucking know one another. That doesn't happen in this story. They don't even rush to far into sex. Circumstances out of their control prevent it partly, but it gives the characters plenty of time to know one another. Fall in love, not just lust. I mean these aren't young idiots, they've both been through some hard shit and have been matured and hardened by it. They know love is about knowing someone, that you just have to wait and see sometimes if things are going to work out. That life isn't a fucking fairy tale. You have to get over alot of shit sometimes to let someone love you, so you can love them back like they deserve. I liked that alot, showed a level of maturity in the characters I enjoyed. Made it seem more plausible to me, like these weren't just a couple of idiots thinking one kiss makes everything perfect. Real life doesn't happen like that. You have to work at relationship sometimes, especially if you are screwed up, have to work through your own shit so you don't take it out on the ones you love. That made me like the story even more. Showing some level of maturity, not just starry eyed teens to young to know better. It's only up to three parts right now. I hope the rest of them are just as good or better.

Note: THe whole series in now linked from Shell's Homepage.

Inclination by Laura Jacquez Valentine
Pairing: Jim Ellison/Telar(Blair Sandburg)
Fandom: The Sentinel/Star Trek

You know how picky I am about X-Overs. I don't usually find alot of them I like. This one is basically just The Sentinel set in the Star Trek universe. Jim is shock... wait for it...A Sentinel, and captain of a star ship. Blair, whose name is Telar in this, is a vulcan and his guide. I know, sounds a little strange from the get go. When this story was first posted to the lists I almost read it, but then decided against it. Then I was checking the #852 Prospect Archive tonight, found it and decided to read a little of it. If it didn't suck straight out, I figured I give it a whirl. Well, obviously it didn't suck at all since I'm rec'ing it. It's a bottom Jim story, any of you who have rec my Sentinel recs know I love that. Also, a slighty slutty Jim story, gotta love that too. Though the slutty aspect is only hinted at for most of the story. I liked that she didn't ignore the whole pon farr thing too. That Telar(Blair) could do things, just not necessarily be reciprocal outside of that time. Man, I do love a hot slutty, bottoming Jim story. This one has some plot to. Laura also give the Vulcans a shameful secret that I sortof thought was interesting. Even if I didn't really buy it, all that much. Would be nice to know the pointy eared ones werent' so damn perfect wouldn't it.<g> Anyway, I thought it was a great story. I was worried for a while it would be like bottom Blair and I hate that, too much of that in this fandom. I'm a JimBabe and I throughly think he just screams bottom, so I love to read that. I was surprised to see it was Jim doing the bottoming. Loved that. Check it out, the story is pretty good and while the sex scene isn't that long. It's damn good too.

A Star in Hell by Sugar Rush
Pairing: Alex Krycek/Eugene Sands
Fandoms: X-files/Playing God

As you may have noticed, I've never had a problem rec'ing more than one story by the same author. I know some who try not to do it very oftern. Each story is different to me. Even really good writers can have stories that just suck, might only happen once and the stories after that one can go back to being great. So I don't usually rec just an author in general. I do that only rarely. I've learned to look at each story individually and from my own writing experience I know everything isn't a gem. So I might rec several individual stories by authors I like. Sugar Rush has come to be an author who's work I'm starting to love. I'd read some of her stuff before, but it wasn't until I came across Safe Haven & Afterbite that I really started getting into her work. I've been on an X-files rec'ing fest lately, it is probably going to last for the next few updates, so be prepared. I was planning to rec some of her X-files stories in my next update. Then it turned out that several other stories I was wanting to rec, where I knew the name and had to search for the author, were be by Sugar.  I mentioned in my last update, over on the X-files page, that I was going to rec more by Sugar Rush and I meant it, more than I knew at the time. While trying to decide which of her X-files stories to rec I refound this one and decided it definitely deserved a rec too. Her work has such a passion to it that I just couldn't resist. I'm pretty damn loyal to the M/K pairing in the X-files as anyone who has seen my recs on that page knows. I've only rec'd one story with a M/O pairing and even then I felt like Mulder and I were both cheating on Alex. Well, I guess this makes Alex even now. At least Alex had the decency to cheat on Mulder with someone who looked exactly like him. For those of you who don't know Eugene Sands, the character paired with Alex in this story, was played by David Duchovny in the movie Playing God. A little recap for those of you who haven't seen the movie. Eugene was a doctor hooked on prescription drugs who lost his licence when a patient he was operating on died on the table, because Eugene was stoned out of his gourd at the time. Through circumstance Eugene ends up working for a mobster, getting paid to use those medical skills of his on patients who can't go to a hospital for fear of being arrested. In this story Alex turns out to be one of those patients. At first, while Alex is whacked out on the pain from his injury and drugs to alleviate it he thinks Eugene is Mulder. A natural assumption, even when he has proof that he isn't Alex doesn't want to believe it though. Eugene is treating him so well and wouldn't it be nice if this 'were' Mulder acting that way. His denial doesn't hold long, but he still decides he'd like to get to know Eugene if he could. I think this story takes place sometime after the Season two finale, from what I can gather. I loved this one the first time I read it, but didn't realize it was by Sugar until I started seeking out more of her work the other day. All of her work has a unifying theme of such passionate intensity that I just want to savor it, take my time reading it over the course of several hours. Starting, stopping for a while, and then ocming back to it. I'm a very fast reader, but her stuff I want to take my time with. Relish for a while. I like to do that with all my favorite authors, draw out the suspense and the heat of the story for as long as I can. It took me half a day to reread A Star in Hell so I could work up a rec for it. I didn't mind one bit, loved doing that. Give her stuff a try you might just love it. Check out her X-files M/K stuff definitely. You can find more of it rec'd on my X-files page or look at the bottom of this story for the link to more of her stuff at RatB. Well, that's the end of this rec. Your probably thinking 'Thank God! Clio shut up already.'<g>

Those who share one shield by Ursula
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch, Ricky Caruso/Brian Kessler
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch/The Commish/Kalifornia

To start with a little tipper on these characters in case you don't know who they are. Brian Kessler was a character played by David Duchovny in the movie Kalifornia, he was a writer researching a book on serial killers. Ricky Caruso was a young cop played by Nick Lea on the tv show the Commish. It you want further info on them Ursula gives you more of a run down in the story headers. If you don't know who Starsky & Hutch are, where have you been for the last 20 years or so? Just to help you understand the story better she moved S/H into the present time period instead of the 70's. So expect them to be young bucks. She had Ricky quit the police force and join the FBI. So in case you haven't gotten it yet, this is an AU. I'm an M/K slut in case you haven't guessed by now. Nah, not a clue around here anywhere. Unless you look at the X-files Recs or notice all the pics of M/K, DD, and NL on the site. There might be clues there. So any story that can pull a couple of DD's and NL's characters together has a vote in my book. I'm up on that. I liked the more grown up, beginning to get world-wearied version of Ricky she brought us. I've always liked Brian from Kalifornia too. I could buy these two getting together. There is a pretty good case that they are trying to solve. More case driven with some sex on the side.<wg> Brian and Ricky really just start to connect in this one, from there it is up to your imagination where they go. I like how she gave Ricky a past with men too. Also, gave him a good swift kick in the ass reason to grow up and do something more with his life. I enjoyed this one. As an M/K slut it always makes me feel better to see any of DD or NL's characters together in fic. I'm seriously loyal to M/K. The boys are totally my favorites. I'm still in need of comfort since that bad thing that didn't happen to Alex in the season 8 finale. Denial, denial, denial. Not just a river in Egypt or for breakfast any more. You can have it all day long. Like me. I'm not coming out of denial no matter what any one says. I know a good number of chicks who are totally with me on this. We're in denial and staying that way. So be it.

Little Gods by Janete
Pairing: Oz/Nate Grey (The X-Man)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The X-Man

Ok, so I'm like sitting here like coughing my head off, because I have a cold. In the fucking summer and I live in Texas. Just shoot me. So I thought, "Hey! What the fuck? The cold medicine and coughing fits are keeping me awake so why don't I work up a rec for this story." It's a weird one and I'm in a weird mood, so it fits somehow. First off. In case you don't know, Janete is the name for the writing team of Jane St. Clair and Te. Secondly, When I say the X-Man I mean not The X-Men, but rather one specific character who went by the code-name X-Man, his real name is Nate Grey. Just helping you out there in case you are a little unfamiliar with him. Nate isn't exactly a member of the X-Men, but that's his choice really. It's really too convoluted to go into right now. It would just take forever trying to explain the Summers clan in the X-Men comics. Waay too loong. Trust me on that. So this one is connected to a set of stories by Janete called the Wild Things series. There are some brief mentionings to that in here, but nothing major. You should do alright even if you haven't read them. This one is like really long. It throws together Oz from Buffy and Nate Grey from the X-Universe. Which is weird enough in itself, but works somehow. You really have to pay attention to keep up with this story. It takes place in about three universes. The Universe of the X-Men, the Buffyverse (I couldn't resist calling it that), and a universe that Nate created outside space/time or something. That last one I understand as much as I can at this poing, but I can't explain it. The guys fuck like bunnies in this one I'll tell you that right off. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.<wg> Should I warn you that Oz is wolfed out in a couple of those moments. I wasn't sure if that garnered a warning or not. If you can keep up with where they are at any given point it's a really great read. Has plenty of moments of family angst and dealing with the 'rents. I really enjoyed this one. Even though in the comics I don't think Nate ever let Scott and Jean get this close to him. Which isn't saying much. Forge was the only parental figure he ever knew. Why he never sought him out in this the main X-verse I never understood. Seems like he'd be the first person Nate would have wanted to see to me. Whatever. Like the X-Universe has ever made sense. Would defy the point wouldn't it? Just go with the flow and pretend Nate would let Scott and Jean nurture him even a teeny bit. It helps with the plot. I'm rambling now. I'll shut up.

Destiny's Bond and Destiny's Choice by Wolfling
Pairings: Blair/Enqueri(an AU Jim Ellison), Jack/Daniel
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel

Notes: First of all, this story is AU. Way AU. These two stories make up the Paths of Destiny series. Destiny's Choice is still a WIP (work in progress), it's coming along nicely though. The version I'm linking you to is already up to nearly 200k and the writer has posted more parts to the lists recently. I don't think those have been added yet to the version on her site, but I'm sure they will be soon enough.

I read Destiny's Bond quite a while ago. Back when I first started reading TS slash probably and searching through the archive for anything good to read. I liked it and even saved it. Then Wolfling started posting parts of the sequel to the lists and I really just fell in love with it. So I thought I'd throw up a rec for it. I meant to a while back, but I couldn't find a link to the second story so I waited. More parts started getting posted to the list and I found a copy of it on Wolfling's page recently so I decided now was the right time. As I mentioned above, this story isn't just an X-Over (which could make it an AU just in that respect), it's an AU in it's own right. It doesn't follow canon of either universes completely. It really sticks more to the Stargate Universe than The Sentinel. So it's more AU for that show than SG1. In case you don't know in the Stargate Universe they tend to recruit archeologists, anthropologists and scientists into the SGC (Stargate Command). To help them communicate with the people they encounter, understand the cultures from which they often find themselves among, and in seeking out any technologies they might use to help defend Earth from some pretty nasty alien enemies. So in this one we find that Blair has been recruited into the SGC and the supporting cast of the Sentinel have been placed within a military unit instead of a police unit. While exploring the new worlds Blair is also hoping discover any evidence of a Sentinel. Well, his wish gets fulfilled, in a big way. Not only does he find a Sentinel he inadvertently becomes his guide. The first story takes us through Blair/Enqueri(Jim) trying to deal with this new change in their lives. As well as, the two men coming to love and care for one another. The second story finds Jack and Daniel thrust into a Sentinel/Guide relationship thanks to an alien device that is activated quite accidentally. It's a WIP, so the guys are still in the process of just coming to terms with what they are facing. They have hardly begun to understand it at all. At least, they have Blair and Enqueri (Enqueri was the name the Chopec called Jim on the tv show) to help them find their way through this. Destiny's a bitch. Can throw you quite a curveball sometimes. Doesn't mean it's a bad thing though, or one that you wouldn't want in your life. In some cases it might just be what you need. Never can tell. For Blair and Enqueri it was a surprise blessing, we'll have to wait for more parts of the story to be posted to find out how Jack and Daniel feel about what destiny has sent their way.

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