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    I'm a Gambit slut. I admit it. I like to see him slashed and I don't particularly care with whom. Though I'm not stuck just on Gambit. I'll read just about any pairing in this fandom if it sounds even a little interesting to me. Some fandoms I'm really picky about pairings, in this one pretty much anything goes. So you'll find a whole variety of pairings here. All over the spectrum. There are so many of them there is bound to be something that appeals to your taste.

Stranger Blue by Paxnirvana
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy (Iceman/Beast)

Woo! Hot, hot, hot. Baby! This story has a sweet and sleek sensuality to it that just got me going in the best way. It's sort of PWPish, but not really. There's more than just sex in here. There's real emotion. The element that was so touchingly beautiful to me was the thread of love and friendship that ran through the piece. This story takes place after Hank's latest spurt of mutation in canon, when his appearance has taken on a more cat like appearance. Others have rejected him because of it, but Bobby doesn't even see it. All he sees is the friend he loves and cares about, the man he desires. It takes a good writer for me to be able to find Beast slash sexy and sensual. Pax did it in spades. This is a beautifully written story that just sends shivers down my spine it's so hot. Whether or not you think Beast slash is hot you should check this one out. Might reaffirm it for you that yes it can be done. Or change your mind if you thought it never could be this hot and steamy.

Alien Wilderness by Scorpio
Pairing: Remy LeBeau/Logan (Gambit/Wolverine)

Notes: WIP (Work in Progress)

Logan and Remy are trapped alone on an alien planet, just the two of them. No other human to be found. Sounds like hot sex waiting to happen doesn't it? <g> This story is pretty hot and steamy, but it's about the connection that forms between them too. How they have to try and keep one another sane, at the same time that familiarity could breed contempt. Each clinging to one another for the sake of their humanity, so they both won't go off of the deep end. I just wish that Scorpio would finish it. I'd really love to see how it turns out. For now it's unfinished. Which is a shame. It's got so much potential. So maybe if enough people read it, you can convince Scorpio to finish it. Huh? Sounds like a plan to me. So go read it and see if you can't convince her to write more. It's crazy enough that it just might work.

The Touched Series by Viridian5
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar

I was going to rec this story in the last update, but I needed more time to come up with the rec. Plus, there were so many stories in the last update it just overwhelmed me a little. I had to edit a few out to include in the next one. This series sort of picks up where the comic books left Ric and Shatty hanging when they went off on the Age of Apocalypse tangent. (Which I can't hate since it brought us Nate Grey, the X-Man. Who I just love. <g>) Still it's nice to see someone giving Ric and Shatty another chance. I think they have to be one of the slashiest couples in the X-Books. I mean I believe Gambit will screw anything, but these two were so headed towards couplehood. One of the writers had planned on hooking the boys up, but when another writer took over that was the end of that. They just got shuffled to the side and forgotten. Well, Viridian decided to write a little series of stories where things play out as if the AoA thing didn't happen. Removed what blocked their way and let things go from there. I like it where she took them a lot. This pairing just melds together so well it's a shame the TPTB never did anything with them. Shatty has this feral quality to him mixed with an innocence about so many things, that I just love. Rictor has this strength and sweetness to him that couple together so well. Who could resist slashing these guys together. Curse the comic book guys for wimping out on us. At least so many lovely fic writers have allowed the boys relationship to take it's natural course. We've let them be together. I call that a little bit of justice. Resolving all that sexual tension and cutting out the teasing shit is one of the main reason many write and read slash, I think. Viridian did a damn good job of that in this one. Took a while for the last sequel to get written, but it was worth the wait.

Loves Company
Twisted Up

Flash by Janete
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Sam Guthrie (Iceman/Cannonball)

I mentioned in the last update an Iceman/Cannonball story by Jane and te that I wanted to rec. Well, I had to wait a while, but here it is. More action on the couch in the Rec Room. These people so need to get a room. Well, some other room. It's a mansion there are bound to be a ton of them. <g> I just had to say that. Not that I mind couch sex, it's just that anyone could walk in. I suppose that's half the thrill of it though. Working out those exhibitionist fantasies vicariously through the characters. This one is really just a PWP with Bobby and Sam doing it on the couch. Jane and te do PWP's better than many I know. It's in their usual style of hot and intense. Just like Jane turned me on to Beast slash (my like for it should be evident in this update), they also turned me on to Cannonball slash. Jane and te are among the few writer's I've found who do alot of Beast and Cannonball slash. There are probably other's, but I haven't found many. In their world Bobby and Sam are just total slut's so who better to pair together in a story. Damn, this one is hot. I first read it on the lists, just fell in love with it, and knew I had to rec it right away. It took a while before I could find a link to it, though. I've been waiting to rec this one and Homecoming (which I have rec'd below) for over a month now. I'm so glad they were finally posted to Jane's site. These are definite must reads. Hot, steamy, and intensely sexy. Some of my favorites of late. Just get better every time I read them.

The Lost Boys by Rebop
Pairing: Remy LeBeau/Hank McCoy (Gambit/Beast)

The other day Rebop e-mailed me thanking me for rec'ing her stories Walking Wounded and Truly, Madly, Deeply. She also told me that she had finished up TMD (she has another sequel in the works too. Yah!). After we got straightened out what was the correct addy for her site, I went off to read it. While I was on her page I found this series of stories too. Ever since Jane St. Clair turned me on to Beast slash I just can't pass up any story I see with him slashed in it. Like I said up there at the top of the page I don't have many pairing loyalties in this fandom, I'll read just about anybody slashed in this fandom, who isn't the Professor or Magneto (I love the characters, but seeing them slashed is a weird squick for me). I also mentioned my love for seeing Gambit slashed. Remy's bi, not a real stretch to imagine that one. So my new obsession with Beast slash coupled with my love for reading the Cajun screwing just about anybody. *sigh* A perfect combination. When I first started reading these stories I just knew I had to rec them. I think Rebop really captured Hank's speech patterns pretty well. I could see Hank  talking like this. Quite an interesting adventure she threw them into as well. I really liked this one. Has a nice slow build up, topped with some angst. Definitely one to check out if you like reading either of the guys slashed. It's one I thoroughly enjoyed. I just love Rebop's work. Can't wait for the sequel to TMD she told me about. That ones going to be set in New Orleans. I always wanted to go there, just might some day. Till then I'll be happy to read about it.<g>

Homecoming by Janete
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy (Iceman/Beast)

This is another fabulous story by the writing team of Janete. I read this one on a list a while back and was just waiting for a link so I could rec it (just like I was with Flash). This is one hot story, there are some parts so hot I swear I came close to spontaneously combusting while I read it. If your wondering a little about the way Beast is described in the story, you should know that he has a new look. If you want to check out Beast's new look click here. Reading this story you will fully understand my new obsession with reading Beast slash. It's all Jane's fault I swear. I always thought it seemed a little weird slashing Hank and I couldn't really find very much of it. Then Jane wrote a wonderful and completely hot story called Blues and I learned that Beast slash can be downright steamy when done properly. I just love it when Jane and te come out with a new Beast story. Hell, I love it when Jane and te come out with new stuff period. Both are great writers individually, together they are a team you just can't beat. This story is no exception. When I found that Jane had updated her page I knew I was going to be rec'ing two of her new stories, I ended up rec'ing three of them. I found one that I hadn't read before that is rec'd below. What a treat. I love finding new reads. It would probably be easier to just tell you to read all of Janete's fics, but I like getting the chance to talk about the new ones. This is a great story. One of the hottest scenes of a guy being prepared for sex I've ever read. That's the scene I nearly combusted over. <wg>

The Handbasket Series by Janete
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy (Iceman/Beast)

Warning: Underaged sex. Hank is 19 in this, of legal age, but Bobby is only 15. So be advised if you don't like this sort of thing, or if it is a squick for you.

Note: These characters are from the new X-Book, The Ultimate X-Men. In that series things happen a little different. That whole comic book series is just one big AU. Hank is just now turning blue and furry in the series, though none of it was due to his own devices. He's been looking like he did when was first introduced in the comics way back when, up until an issue or so ago. Well, with a more updated look. Want to see a pic of the Ultimate Beast before the blueness? You can check out the Ultimate X-Men Beast by clicking here.

This is the series of stories that made me want to read the Ultimate X-Men comics. Didn't have the money to go out and buy the whole series though, plus I'm not sure my local comic book store has all the back issues. Luckily, I found this cool new thing at Marvel that they are beta testing called dotComics. It's free right now, with it you can read comics on your computer. I have gotten to read all the issues of the Ultimate X-Men on it, so I didn't have to buy them. When I get the money later I just might. I also got to read the new Origins comic, that tells the story of Wolverine's past. Which I have not been able to find at my local store. They didn't get the number of copies they were supposed to and haven't gotten more in yet. Which sucks. So if you can't find it you might want to think about downloading the dotComics thing too. Can't print them out and it isn't quite the same as an actual comic book. I still prefer the feel, sight, and smell of ink and paper in my hand. Still you can catch up on some issues that you might have missed or are not able to find. They have several issues available to download, but mostly current stuff like the Ultimate Marvel books. Well, now that I've plugged that cool new toy I've found. Let's move on to the story rec now. I just love this series of stories. Jane and te just make Bobby out to be a big slut usually. Which I don't mind. (TPTB may not let the characters have sex much, but with slash we do.<wg>) It's totally hot. So is Beast. I swear Jane has turned me on to Beast slash big time. I can't seem to find alot of Beast slash, but I never pass up a story when I do find it. Like I said in the warning, in this comic they are all pretty young. This is like an alternate universe where everything happened differently, yet the same in some ways. I'm really liking this series of X-books though. Fun to get to see the team forming all over again in a different way. (This is a first for me, since the X-Men were around before I was. I've never gotten to see and early book.) Boy is it a rougher world though. Which in it's own way is cool. Rougher times reflected and all that. I just love these stories. Both Bobby and Hank are so hot in them. I couldn't resist them. Oh, did you know they've throw away the Comics Code recently. (Click to read what that is.) Trashed the old standards and making them up as the go along I guess. Which is totally cool. I just found out about them and they are a little lame right now. This series is great though. I swear my screen nearly melted due to some of these scenes. Jane and te do fabulously hot stories. I can't praise them enough.


Power Play by Satya Graha
Pairing: Logan/Scott Summers (Wolverine/Cyclops)

This is basically just a very hot little PWP, that I just fell in love with. Has a heat and intensity to it that sucked me right in. I'm pretty easy when it comes to pairings in this fandom. I'll read pretty much anybody slashed together. I'll give most a chance if they sound even remotely plausible to me. Other fandoms I'm a 'One True Pairing' kind of girl. This one it really doesn't matter to me. Any old pairing will do. There are a few I really like though. Scott/Logan is one of them. I have a rather heavy fondness for Ric/Shatty too, but that's another story. While we're on the subject of the X-Men, PWP's and I'm going to throw in the X-Mansion here for fun. Can I just take a moment here to say that that damn rec room in the mansion has seen more action than many a bedroom. When it comes to the Xavier Institue the term, "Get a room!" takes on new meaning. It is a mansion, after all, it isn't like a couple couldn't find a private room to have hot monkey sex in somewhere. Instead everybody tends to have a hot and heavy session there in the rec room. I read a fabulous Janete Cannonball/Iceman fic the other day (which I'm rec'ing as soon as I find a link for it) where they were doing it on the couch too. If that couch could talk. Every time I've ever seen that room in the comics several people were always in there. 'When the hell do they find it empty enough to get down and dirty?', is always the question that springs to my mind. Plus, telepaths in the house. If people were really boinking that much you'd think they'd be walking around with smirks on their faces all the time. The kind that says, 'I know what you've been doing.' It's like a X-Men slash fic requirement. Every pairing has to have one story with the guys or gals doing it on the couch in the rec room. Gotta do it just once. It's like it has to be done to break the pairing in. "What? I haven't told you alot about the story?" It's a PWP, what do you want me to say. The pairing pretty much summed it up. Add they fucked to that and the rec is done. That couch thing's been bugging me, thought I'd rant on it. If none of this makes sense I'm blaming it on the cold I have right now. In the middle of fucking summer, in Texas. Shoot me now. Please?! I'd appreciate it.

Imaging the X-Men by Jane St. Clair
Pairing: None

Ok, this isn't really slash. This is a pictoral project that Jane has endeavored to undertake. The whole thing plays out like a photographer (who is also a mutant) making a pictoral study of various members of the X teams. Most are some degree of nudes, though not all show a great deal. Some of the pictures are accompanied by interviews. It is kind of a project this original character photographer took on to show the beauty of mutants, rather than the supposed ugliness often wrongly portrayed by bigots and mutant haters. I found it quite fascinating and the pictures often come damn close to how I imagine the characters would look if real instead of ink and paper. I thought I had bookmarked this site a while back, but when I went to look for it couldn't find it anywhere. I looked all over Jane's site and couldn't find a link to it there either. I finally found another person's rec page who had this on it. I had been wanting to rec it too and was thankful to find it again. I think to me the pictures that come the closest to the characters are Gambit and Rictor. Especially, the one of Rictor. I think that would be how Julio looked if flesh and blood. The one of Scott is close too. I really liked the one of Cable, damn whoever that guys is he's hot...Sorry, got lost there for a moment in some mental imagery. I'm back now. If you like the X characters you should definitely check this out. I found it quite fascinating and beautiful. A wonderful idea of something to do with the X world characters too.

Blues by Jane St.Clair
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Hank McCoy (Iceman/'The One, The Only, The Everloving Beast') I just couldn't resist that way of describing Beast. They are always doing that in the comics. I couldn't resist the temptation. A compulsion struck me.<g>

Note: Movieverse

I'd never really thought of Beast slashed. I haven't even found that much Beast slash. Probably run across more Dark Beast slash than anything. When I initially saw this story listed in an update of Jane's page I turned back when I saw the pairing. Later I went back and decided what the heck I'd give it a try. I was sooo not sorry. Damn this one is hot. I don't think I've ever thought of Beast hot before. I do now. I've seen just how hot he can be if Jane sets her mind to taking him on. Just remembering it I'm feeling the need to fan myself here. This one starts out with everyone ralling together around a member who has had something awful happen in his life, tragic really. In the aftermath everyone feels some degree of loss and needs someone to hang onto. For Bobby and Beast that is one another of course. The two best friends turn to each other when they need that. Boy do they get it too. It starts out really just having someone close during a long, hard night and turns into something more. I've seen the movie now, in case I haven't mentioned it. In fact I liked it so much I own a copy. I'm still wondering when the hell Jean became a fucking doctor though. I guess they didn't have enough money for either the make-up required to do Beast or for the CGI it would have required. Whatever. Also, no Angel, but I'm coping with that. I also wondered when Storm became one of the original members since she came in along with Gambit.<sigh> I still really liked the movie. I started liking Wolverine after that, a lot. I am going to have to go look for more Beast slash. I never thought that could be really hot, I was soo wrong. Just took a little story by Jane to fully convince me of that. I just have to say, Thanks Jane.<g>

The Water Lines Series by JBMcDragon
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Jamie Madrox (Iceman/Multiple Man)

Note: Look at the bottom of each page for the next part of the series.

There's no real heavy sex in this, which sometimes I like that. At times I'm in the mood for hot and others I just want a nice sweet romance. This story deals with Bobby and Jamie meeting and trying to start something together. In this one Bobby is the one who is in touch with his sexuality. Jamie is really just discovering who he is and what he want out of life in general, much less romance. It also deals with someone you love facing problems with depression. Trying to get them help and knowing sometimes your love just isn't going to be enough. It's a slow process of the two really coming together. With some stops and starts. Jamie is just coming out, really to himself as much as other people. Top that off with some self-asteem issues and clinical depression they pair doesn't have an easy road in this one. It is a sweet set of stories about finding out who you are and what you want in life. Accepting yourself and realizing that sometimes low self-asteem and depression are serious problems that need to be dealt with before the person takes a serious downward turn. At moments they are sad, but they tend to end on higher notes. This is one of those, 'I can't believe I haven't rec'd this yet' moments. I really do love this series and have always thought it was wonderful. I check back every so often to see if it is updated. I don't know where my brain is sometimes. So many stories to rec and me feeling like I'm always just trying to catch up. I don't remember Jamie from the comics, but I definitely like him in this series. He's just terribly sweet in it. If Bobby didn't hug him I would have liked to at moments. Oh, we also see a Bobby who can be serious when called for in this one. He's still a prankster, but he is there as a strong support for Jamie when he needs it. I like seeing that aspect mixed with the joker we see alot of times. Makes him more well-rounded. I appreciate that. Hopefully, you'll love this one too. I hope more of this one is to come, I'm looking forward to it.

Lindo Y Casero by Jane St. Clair & Te
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar

As always with Jane's fic this one is incredibly sensual. With some of that UST between Ric/Shatty that is bubbling up just waiting to explode off of the surface. Gotta love that. You could just drown in one of Jane's stories. It's like your swimming in the sensual flow of it Man, I love her X-men stories. Hell, most of her stories that I've read of faves of mine. It starts innocently enough, just the two gents watching tv. Then Shatty reaches over and takes Ric's hand. Nothing too sexual about it, he's just examining it really. Except there is something sexual about it, the way he's studying it so intently, like he wants to know every line and every scar. The story just explodes from there. Just a simple little moment that doesn't mean alot and yet means a whole lot. I love how Jane takes you from the repressed tension so many tv shows, movies, and books leave their poor slashy characters in, to a nice teasing build up, exploding it to shit hot sex. One of Jane's stories is called Liquid, one of my favorite Ric/Shatty pieces by her, if I'm thinking of the right fic. That's how I'd describe Jane's writing Liquid. Everything just ebbs and flows naturally. From some calm waters of UST, to a rise in in the tide, and culminating in a harsh wave of emotion exploding into realizing what their feeling. Natural...and totally satisfying. I've heard some people mentioning that the writer who started the Ric/Shatty story line intended to make them lovers, but someone else took it over and that was dropped. Leaving tons of people with this great teasing build-up only to be dumped on their asses when the rug was pulled out from under them. Homophobia does suck. I have dug through my X-Force comics and I don't have very many with Ric/Shatty in them. Dammit. Gonna have to check out my local comic book store and see if I can find a few. Be nice to see the heated exchange that never was consumated. Not that I would have expected to see them covorting wildly, but a kiss would have been good. Oh, well. That's what fanfic is for. I am so totally hooked on this pairing. I'm thinking I've got a loyalty here. Rare for me in the X-Men genre of slash. Gotta love these two though, just the promise that they could have been a couple in canon has my heart all a flutter.<sigh>

The Wild Things Series by Jane St. Clair & Te
Pairings: Sam Guthrie/Nate Grey(Cannonball/X-Man)in the 1st story
          Sam Guthrie/Nathan Summers(Cannonball/Cable) in 2nd & 3rd stories
          Nate Grey/Jonothan Starsmore(X-Man/Chamber) in 4th story

I mentioned above that my favorite character is Cable, I'm just giddy to find a great slash fic with him in it. Don't care who he's paired with. Get Nate Grey thrown in to the mix so double Yahh! Also, yet again the writing team of Jane and Te, how could you possibly go wrong there. The first story is sortof a PWP, but more. The sex is tame and short, but hot nonetheless hot. It starts out with Cable coming home to find the adults gone and the younger members of X-force, some Gen Xers, and some of the youger residents of the mansion just cutting loose and having a good time. He doesn't want to play party pooper, just hovers in the background like a Sentinel watching over them all. Getting a little bit of vicarious fun out of it. I liked the end of the first one, when he realizes that Nate is about to establish a mental link with Sam after the sex. How he wishes he could tell him to stop, you don't want to know what your lover is thinking. Ever. Period. I would think that especially goes for first time lovers, new to even knowing each other. Scott and Jean, what do they have to hide that the other doesn't know? Two people just starting to realize there was even an attraction. <wince> Ouch, that is a situation ripe for angst and tension. Nate doesn't like what he finds either. Or who Sam was really thinking about, Cable finds he really didn't want to know himself. The next story picks up right after with Cable trying to decide what to do about all that has transpired. How or if he should even try to help pick up the pieces? Trying to figure out if he had just been completely oblivious and just missed that Sam had feelings for him. Cable is just in that banging his head against the wall mode before he just decides fuck it he has to do something to help Sam through this. so he shocks even himself by going to him. Not used to dealing with emotions Cable is just confused and shit, doesn't know what to do really. Which I have to say to that, good characterization ladies. Stranger in a Strange Land, that's Cable. From there resistance to desires break down and it only gets hotter than the first one. I really loved these two, totally hot and I love watching them play around in Cable's head. I love his character and have seen few fic writers really try to get into him. These lovely ladies do it fabulously though. Definitely one you have to check out. A not to be missed story if you like Cable, Sam, or Nate Grey. Or if you don't check it out, maybe you'll start to like them just a little bit. Oh, can anyone tell me if Nate Grey is really dead? I heard something about that on another website. Also, a little aside here. How the hell did Cyclops get out of Apocalypse, can anyone answer me that? Also how did Wolverine get his adamantium back? I have a few questions that have been confusing the heck out of me. I've been out of comics circulation for a while.

Updated:Ooh, Jane and Te have posted two new parts to the series since I rec'd it. So I'll give you a quick little rec for them too. Part three is really just a hot little PWP between Cable and Sam the next day. Just some heat and really great sex. The fourth piece is about what happened to Nate Grey after the incident. Where he went, who he ended up with. As you might have seen above he ends up having a very heated interlude with Chamber. It's a pretty wild ride between those two. It starts out just as a confrontation. Nate is looking for a fight and he takes it out on Jono. It turns into something sweeter. A moment of peace for both of them, apart from the world they have to face daily. Apart from themselves. Nate gives Chamber something in this that nearly had me in tears for him. Something he can't keep, but for that moment he gets to have once again. It was touching and what really turned this from being violent, rough sex to more making love. Finding a kindred spirit who is just as lost as you are. Feeling just as fucked up as you are. Seperate from the world. Those two share some despair, powers that make them unlike others. Pain caused by those powers, that few can understand. Part 4 is a little interlude from life for them. I got hooked on Chamber slash after reading Rebob's stories with Jono/Remy. I'd never heard of him before, but I love him now. Just so tragic and damaged. I love angst though. So no shock there. No clue why I'd like him. Nah.<eye roll>

Where the Wild things are
Off through Day and Night
The World All Around
The Wild Rumpus

A Shared Peace by Rocky-cat
Pairing: Gambit/Wolverine (Remy LeBeau/Logan)

Damn this one is hot, so completely hot. The characters are just so there. This is another case of channeling the characters, because that's the only way she could get their characterizations so close to the originals. I mean Wolverine's was just so good, I was completely lost in it. This is Logan, she has his internal voice and conflicts down pat. I mean there was no doubt in my mind this was Logan. Her Remy was damn good too, the opitome of grace, style, agility, and sexuality. I don't think he's this big a slut though, but just my opinion. Everybody has a different view of the characters, all adds up to someone's perspective. I didn't particularly care in this one though. It was just so hot. You feel the build-up just rising and rising through Logan. You go through it with him until it quite literally explodes into climax. The writing in this one is wonderful. The Logan characterization, I have to mention that again, because it was so damn good. I could just feel Logan, see him so clearly in my mind. Got totally lost in the illusion of the story. She even used some of the types of language they use in the comics, those carefully placed words where you know the comic book writers wish they could use a swear word. The story just flowed beautifully. The guys were just so guys. No feminizing here, just hot strong men who could take whatever the other dished out. I loved that. Had me sitting here damn near sweating. No protestations of love out of the blue either, just attraction and a hot sexual release that had to happen before they both exploded from frustration. No promises of tomorrow, just a one night thing of something it was time to acknowledge. Hot, hot, hot. Oh, a little m/f in the beginning. More along the lines of thin walls, Logan's heightened senses and Logan unavoidably overhearing things. Which leads to some fantasizing that sets up how the whole thing kicks off. I really just skimmed through the het sex after a few moments. Got bored, I can read and see het sex anywhere.

Lion Glass by Jane St. Clair and Te
Pairing: Northstar/Sasquatch (Jean Paul/Walter)
Alpha Flight fic

Jane and Te writing together. Someone catch me I might just faint. That pairing of writers lead to a story I fell in love with fast. It's hot and sweet both at the same time. I've never seen an Alpha Flight comic, but the more I read Northstar fic, the more I want to go out and find some. This one is hot. It has something to do with the after-effects of a gender-switching thing that happened to Sasquatch at some point, like I said I've never read the comics so I'm not sure the details of it. I did like how they got into what it must have been like to have that happen to you. How it would seriously fuck up your self-image in more ways than one. Leave you wondering about yourself and your desires after the fact. Wondering about nature vs. nurture, chemicals reactions in the brain and body vs. what the heart wants. Are we just a mass of chemicals responses or something more? I like how Walter is wondering if it was just the gender-swapping thing or if he had always had desires he buried and sublimated. How he couldn't forget what it was like to be female and the things and people he wanted while in that body. They mention something about a kiss between Sasquatch and Northstar during that time, don't know if that's canon or plot device for the story. Boy, was he barking up the wrong tree as a chick, seeing as how Jean-Paul is gay. Made Walter wonder after it was over why he kissed Jean-Paul though, if he had wanted to do it all along or maybe if it was just 'safe'. Alot of getting into his ponderances about that and what he wants now. Hot, hot, hot sex scene too. That is incredibly loving at the same time. I loved this one. Like a combo of Jane and Te could go wrong somehow. Yeah, in a weird alternate universe maybe.<g>

The Betrayal Arc by Valerie Jones
GEN FIC, yes that's right this one is GEN, JR is totally to blame

I swear I go searching around for something to read, hop by JR's recs site and the next thing you know I'm reading a gen fic. A really good gen fic, made me cry and every thing. So thanks and blame go to JR for this one. I've paid JR back with a couple of Stargate recs though, so I guess we're even. Ok, this one is about time travel and the inevitable paradoxes that changing the past can cause. Nothing makes my teeth go on edge more than reading some story, seeing a movie or tv show where they just have no idea how quantum physics works. Worse yet when they don't factor in how changing the past changes the future. This series isn't perfect in it's theories on time travel, but it does show the dangers of it and how it can seriously fuck up the future. In this one I think everyone is really caught in a loop outside of normal time and the more they change things, the worse everything gets. They keep trying to make everything go ok and it only gets worse, just when it seems to get better. Every new cycle improves the life of those caught u in it and then totally fucks it up. That is what I like about the series, the aspect that the more they try to change it, the less they can. Events keep shifting and morphing and nothing is ever perfect. Some moments in this made me cry, so of course I love that. If it can make me sniffle and shed a tear, I'm probably gonna rec it. Means it touched me. This one did. All in all I'd say it's about family and trying to do right by them. However you can. I'm wondering how they could possible get out of this, when it only seems to get worse once you think it might turn out ok. We'll see.

Ric/Shatty Fic by Jane St. Clair
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar

I got an e-mail from someone telling me they loved my site and wondering why I hadn't rec'd any of Jane's Ric/Shatty stories. They wondered if maybe I just hadn't heard of her. I have. I wasn't snubbing her and I do love her writing. The truth was they were all so damn good I couldn't figure out which one I wanted to rec. Then I found a link to her website and thought, 'Now that's the ticket.' I'll just link to her X-Men page and rec all of them. Her Rictor and Shatterstar fic are wonderful. They are so filled with angst and denial it just get the heat bubbling up inside you. I mean you practically have to fan youself after reading them. It is the teasing denial of two young men really just figuring out their sexuality and not wanting it to be what it is. Not wanting to be attracted to one another, not wanting to admit that they have fallen in love and desire each other. Some are written from Julio (Rictor's) POV and with those you see things through his emotional denial. I don't think Shatty is in quite as much denial, he just doesn't know if it is exactly appropriate, if Julio feels the same, or will ever admit it if he does. So the fics from his POV are more about confusion and wondering if they will ever manage to be what they want to be towards each other. They are just so delicious in that teasing denial that Julio can hold right up to the last minute. Julio is really denying things mentally as if they don't exist, Shatty is denying himself physically doing what he wants to. Beautiful and rich either way. The build up and climax where it finally breaks through are as much like the rise and climax of sex themselves. Burning up. Oh, when I was throwing this rec up I found she had just put up a couple of new stories on her X-Men page. One Cyclops/Angel story and one Northstart/Sasquatch fic. Both deserve a read and a rec too. The Cyclops/Angel story is about two young men fumbling their way through sexual discovery with someone who is a dear friend to them. The Northstar/Sasquatch (they are from Alpha Flight in case you don't know) story is about two friends who feel so much more for one another finally admitting it. It is sortof a h/c (hurt/comfort) piece at the start literally. Walter (Sasquatch) is a doctor tending to his best friend Jean Paul's (Northstar) wounds after a battle when the love and desire heats up to bring them together. Both are beautiful stories that are incredibly hot, yet loving and sweet at the same time. All her work is intense. Glad I found the link and got that little question that made me think 'Why the heck haven't I rec'd her stuff?' Oh, before I forget in case you don't know Northstar is gay in canon. How cool is that? He is one of the few out gay characters in comic books.

The Everything by Tangerine
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar

It's a brand new story to rec, I am so happy. I know I have all of Tangerine's Ric and Shatty stuff rec'd below. This one was new though and what with The Damn Slash Drought still going on, anything new deserves a damn rec. This one is just beautiful. No sex, some angst, but not alot. It is told from Shatterstar's POV, in most of it he is confused by Rictor's reactions to him and you are wondering exactly what happened between them. It really is kindof a cultural confusion thing happening, seeing as how Shatty isn't even from this world. In the end we find out what is going on though and it is really touching. A hard moment of trying to come to terms with things and build a bridge. I thought it was such a beautiful story of people struggling with their feelings and finally just moving towards accepting things. I thought it was sweet the struggle we see Julio (Rictor) trying to overcome in the end there. That part really got me and had tears coming to my eyes a little. It has a touching, sweet quality to it that gives it beauty and prevents it from falling into the realm of sap. It is really sadness and some pain that keeps it from falling into a bad pit, that keeps it even. I loved it hopefully you will too.

Walking Wounded & Truly Madly Deeply by Rebop
Pairing: Remy LeBeau/Jonothan Starsmore (Gambit/Chamber)

Note: I'm happy to announce that Rebop's fics are now hosted on this site. You can find all of her fics here.

Gee, more Gambit slash. I told you I loved him slashed. Anyway. When, I first started to read this I had no idea who Chamber was. So I had to hop my way over to and look him up to find out about him. Shit, you might think your life sucks, but compared to this characters, piece of cake. In case you don't know who he is either, click here to find out more about him. I admit I was mildly squicked, by the description of what he went through, but felt for him. Mothering instinct kicked in and I just wanted to cuddle him. Fake that he is, still the instinct was there. I'll give anything a try once, so I gave it a read. Wow! Is the main thing I can say. Rebop is a fabulous writer, who just got me totally lost in this story of how these two meet and fall in love. I just loved seeing Remy in elements outside of that little X world, that surrounds the teams and the mansion. That cajun is just too damn sexy, he could never be real. We get to see both of these guys pain, vulnerabilities, strengths, weaknesses, joy, sorrows, and love. The tale is just so beautifully woven. The guys start out in a dark emotional place, both of them seperately. Being so lost in that place, only by helping each other can they get out. They've looked inside themselves to long and hard, lost perspective of how others view them so less harshly. Give them the leaway they truly deserve. No one is meant to be alone and they realize that when they find one another. Rebop can write some hot sex scenes too, these had my screen practically smoking. I really can't say enough about these stories. I look forward to each new section eagerly. Can't wait to see where she takes the boys next in this one. Chamber is running a close second after Iceman as my favorite character slashed with Remy. These characters are just so good together the way Rebop writes them. Neither goes really girly or too dependent on each other. They are just two hot guys in love and in lust with each other. I have fast grown to love these stories, hopefully you will too.

We're not what you think series by Mo
Pairing: Scott Summers/Logan (Cyclops/Wolverine) X-Men movie slash

You'll need to scroll down through the authors to find Mo. The series starts with I know who you are. I love that one. It is the main one I am talking about in my rec description.

My first rec for a series based on the movie. I've never seen the movie, I love the comics and just couldn't stand how some of the characters were represented. I know in casting talent is more important than physically being able to look like the characters, but I just didn't like the idea of live action X-Men. I like the ink and paper versions better, thanks. I just found the X-Men Movie Slash site though, so I thought I'd check it out. You can thank JR for this rec, I found a rec for Mo on his page and discovered these stories. I mossied on over there to check that series out and just loved it. There are some strong examples of sub/dom stuff in this. No bondage, I don't read that, more control issues here. I liked the control stuff a little, but more I liked the underlying subtleties she gave the characters. How they are both looking for something only the other can give them. Sharing comfort, passion, and need that is so well-hidden that two telepaths in the house can't detect it. Well, it seems like that at first, but Charles is more clues in than Scott thinks we find out. I liked how they both found something in one another that filled up an empty space. How in their relationship they each recieved something from the other that they couldn't ask for, yet instinctually knew to give one another. Not just the sex, but being allowed to be who they were without reserve or judgement. While together they seem to drop their guards, stop posturing, protesting so vehemently that they hate one another, and pretending not to care. I like the vulnerability in Logan that makes him want such control over someone who is a leader and forced to be in tight control of themselves all the time. Scott the leader who wants to be controlled, allowed to let go and just be who he is. Both breaking a mold of who they project to others they are and letting be seen the other self they don't show, yet is inside them. I loved that. How she got so into the complex psychological aspects of those types of personalities. So many don't understand that being an alpha dog, does not mean being a top. Someone can be an alpha and yet love to be fucked, male or female. Submission doesn't mean you are weak and needing to be taken care of sometimes doesn't mean you are a beta. Submitting, giving of yourself takes more courage than dominating someone. Especially, if you are a very controlled person, a leader. It is a gift to be able to show someone that side of youself. Another gift having someone you can show your weaknesses to, who you can let see the other sides of.  It helps you maintain that strength. Needing is universal, all people do. Being alpha dog means you take the most hits to your person, you have to take on everyone outside and inside the pack, maintain order. You need someone to be vulnerable with, to give to, to take from. That is what being an alpha means, she captured that well, where others never come close to understanding it. Top just means you like to have control during sex. Some alpha's may be tops, but that doesn't mean all are. She also realized well that an alpha only fucks another alpha. If you fuck a beta for any other reason than to teach them a lesson, just exactly where their place in the pack is, you lose your standing. Alphas only mate with other alphas. They don't fuck beta's. Can only show those vulnerabilities to another alpha. This story is just riddled with subtle knowledge of the truth behind these persona's, how they really interact. Show their weaknesses only to one another. I loved it. A true example of alpha behavior. The title says it all, they saw one another and truly knew who the other really was, better than anyone else. They recognized those things, those needs that no one else did. A truly fabulous story. Loved it, so much. Great piece of work Mo.

Oh, Jean is a doctor in the movie, since fucking when? The doc at the X-Mansion is a big, blue furry guy named Hank McCoy, aka Beast. What did they combine the two characters into one, because it would have been hard having a big, blue furball portrayed as a doctor. Jeesh, I'm glad I didn't see the damn movie, that in of itself would have pissed me off. And since when do they actually teach classes at the school, never have in any of the comics I've seen. The school is a damn front, for the X-Men. (picture me rolling my eyes)

Jump or Fall by Viridian5
Pairing: Remy "Gambit" LeBeau/Nate "X-Man" Grey

I love reading Remy slashed and oddly enough he's not even my favorite of the X-Men. I basically read Marvel and my favorite character is Cable, also known as Nathan Dayspring Summers. Nate Grey is a younger version of Cable from an alternate universe, and so runs a close second with Cable as my favorite character. I never really liked Gambit in the comics, never hated him either, but I love reading Gambit slashed. He is the only one I don't have a loyalty towards who he is paired with. This story was actually the first comic book slash I ever read and remains my favorite. In it we have a very sexy Remy and a somewhat confused, but still cool as ever Nate both living within the same vicinity of one another in a bad emotional place. In the story they somehow manage to forget their problems and find some comfort and solace in one another. I just love this story and I think Viridian captured both the characters well.

Rictor and Shatterstar Fic by Tangerine
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar (didn't I already say that, weren't you paying any attention <g>)

Alright, I admit I have no idea who these guys are. I love X-Force I do, but like I said I'm a big Cable fan. So I was reading them more for Cable than anyone else who might have happened to be in them. I seem to remember the guys vaguely, but not really. (Hanging my head) I love the fic featuring these two guys though. Totally hot and loving, Tangerine does that best. Pay special attention to Alegria and Libertad those are two of the best. In the vain of Kaylee's Kinda Mooks series, Tangerine takes you through a different, though no less powerful, kind of loss. Where Kaylee took you through the pain of having to face the emotional effects of having been diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease, Tangerine takes you through what it would be like to watch your lover fight for their lives when severely injured in battle. There is even a little X-Over, authorized of course, with Kaylee's Kinda Mooks series.

Ok, I don't think Cable would act the way he does toward the end there in Libertad, I mean come on. I love the guy and no way would he be that wacky. He's damn near homicidal, nuhuh, didn't buy that. Also, Domino never really seemed all that caring about others to me either. Not cold, just oblivious unintentionally.

The writing is fabulous in these stories though so you can forgive an odd characterization for story effect. I love Cable and I brushed it off easily, so can you. There is some amazingly hot sex in there too. There are lots of Ric and Shatty stories on her page to choose from, some not quite so angsty as others. Check them out and see what you think. The writing is beautiful, the sex is hot, and the love is so damn honestly sweet.

The Fallen Angel Arc by Morgana
Pairing: Gambit/Ice Man, Angel/Wolverine (Warren & Logan get together in the second part Blood of Heroes)

Warnings: Some mentions of child abuse, heinous and some definite physical torture and owwies. Thought I'd give you a heads up on that to prepare you.

Ok, I just love this series. I found it just a few days ago, followed a link at the X-men slash archive probably to get there, I think?!. However I got there I am glad that I did. I had read the first part of the story a few months back and had no idea there were 3 other parts and an epilogue. I was delighted to find that there was though. So many things seemed undone in the first part that, it just called out for a sequel. So many things happen in this series I couldn't even begin to describe them all. Some of it is a little hard to believe, but Morgana explains it so well that you just get sucked in and believe it too. Has all my favorite characters in it and though she goes way AU and she doesn't get all the facts straight sometimes, it was written so well I overlooked it. This story is rich in plot, light in the sex area, but heavy in the love arena. It has some faults, some action sequences are hard to picture, but there aren't that many of them, so no biggie. I really found the weakness in Gambit credible in this, the shit he goes through in this series it's not hard to imagine him falling apart. The back story she develops for him really adds to that too. I love Bobby as more mature and the protector too. The characterizations and plot in this are what made it shine and made me want to rec it. They are just fabulous, rich and intense to an extent you just fall into them. I also like how everybody has to get over some of their shit too. Not all of it, with these angst meisters that would take more than one lifetime, but enough of it to get along better. I liked that. Plenty of angst here. There are 5 parts in all counting the epilogue and each one is really long, with lots of sections to it.(Except the epilogue, it's not that long.) So settle in for a long read. Took me a couple of days to finish it and I read fast.

Angel Tombre'

Blood of Heroes

Master of Puppets

Miracle of Love

Fallen Angel Arc Epilogue

The Toronto Series by Tangerine
Pairing: Angel/Northstar, Gambit/Ice Man (implied, eventually)

Ok, I'll admit it I've never read an Alpha Flight comic, which is the team of superheroes Northstar is on again/off again a part of. I have heard of Northstar though, and like I said I'll read anything. Can't you tell by the number of miscellaneous recs I have? Had to do some research on the net to figure out who he was. It was then I realized I had heard of him. Northstar, or Jean-Paul Beaubier is one of the few, and I do mean very few (like count them on one hand few), openly gay comic book superheroes out there. I have heard of him for years and thought it was totally cool, that there was one. I was a slash slut before I even knew slash existed, so I also thought it was hot. Anyway, on to the rec before I get lost in a rant and forget what I wanted to say here. This story goes AU in that in this Warren is unable to save his love Betsy, AKA Psyloche (who is a totally cool bitch and I mean she is a bitch), she lived in the comics. He is still reeling from her death and on a trip to Toronto begins a vacation tryst with Jean-Paul that becomes something more. Much more for both of them. I love these two together the way Tangerine writes them. They are humorous, self-effacing at times though it appears narcissistic, and incredibly loving. I also like the way she brings up certain things about Angel that I never really thought about, but make sense to me. Little things that could be parts of his mutation that only a lover would know about, because you really have to observe them to know they exist. Mainly, because I doubt he would want to talk about them much or maybe notice them himself. Like at one point Jean-Paul is thinking about how light Angel is, that makes sense in a strange way since birds bones are hollow to make them more aerodynamic. Maybe his have similar properties. Also, molting. That is brought up in the fourth story, I never thought about it, but he has to shed those feathers some how. I mean hell I shed hair like a damn sheep dog. It's really long and ends up all over the place. Why wouldn't Angel molt like birds do? I just never thought of it before. The way these things come up is suprisingly sweet and endearing, she just manages to pull that off.

Oh, for those of you not up on Angel he now has his real feather wings back. In the comics and this story. The real ones were always regenerating under the metal ones it seems and a couple of years ago they grew back and forced the metal ones out of the way. He still has the blue skin from his change while he was one of Apocalypse's Four Horse Men and being Archangel.


The Edge

Inside Out

Carribean Blue

The Kinda Mooks series by Kaylee
Pairing: Gambit/Ice Man

What is a Mook you may be asking? It's a sap, a total romantic sap. Gee, guess I fall into that category since I am. I found this series from a posting on the Rec's Board here, I think. It sounded good and so I checked it out and I loved it. This is a beautiful story, although it's name is kindof strange. This story is just so damn sweet and written so well you just get sucked into it. Lost in these two guys and the shit they go through. They have to face some hard shit too believe me. Just when everything seems perfect, one of the pair gets blindsided by an illness. Because they are in a same sex relationship some people make assumptions about what that illness is without asking about it. It's not what you think, but it is serious. This is a story about trying to hold everything in your life together when devastating tragedy strikes. Trying to be strong when you've never been the strong one before, and learning you can't help being weak sometimes. The guys face a hard road and their love is the only thing that sees them through. It is beautiful in it's honest portrayal of being ill and having to watch someone you love fight a sickness. You just want to weep in sympathy sometimes and smile at the love they share in the same breath. This one is still a WIP (Work in progress in case you don't know that abbreviation), some don't like that, but it is so worth the read just to feel the anticipation of wondering what will happen next. You have two choices of how to read it; in the order it was posted or chronologically in the order each takes place in the series. There are also several authorized companion pieces that have been written by a variety of authors who love the series. This is a definite read for this fandom, can't miss it. I could never tell you enough about it to really convey how powerful the story is. It's a difficult subject matter, trying to accurately portray illness from both the perspective of the patient and their loved ones. Kaylee does it quite well though. It definitely has some angst to it, tears will flow, but the love in it is so honest you can't help loving it.

Gone Before Sunrise & Dangerous Addictions
by Tangerine
Pairing: Angel/Havok

I know, I know another rec for Tangerine. Well, she's really good and this is a whole other pairing. Leave me alone. These two stories aren't more than PWP's, but damn are they hot. I mean the screen was steaming here. I loved them. They were just so passionate and intense, they had me fanning myself trying to dissipate the sexual heat. There is no real love in this one, more of an understanding of a place someone is in and sortof a buddy fuck to ease them through. Not that these two are really buddies, Alex (Havok) can be a bastard many a times, he isn't the most likable X-character. That whole Brotherhood thing was a little over the top, but he is trapped in an alternate universe now and a much nicer guy for it. No Scott, that I know of, to have to compete with so he's more relaxed. In the main Marvel Universe Scott has apparently died, see what happens when you don't comics for a few months. If anyone can tell me what happened to him, please do. I am secretly hoping he is in that universe with little bro or something. Alive somewhere, at least, his dad is highly pissed at Charles and everything X-Man. I don't blame him. I got off there for a moment though. Warren is a not a completely nice guy in this one either, I never thought of him as all that bad, but hey it worked in the story. What else can I say about this, it's a PWP. IT'S HOT. Extremely Hot. We're not talking true love here, just amazing sex and I never thought Warren was hotter. So if you are in the mood for some heat to warm you up on a cold day, which it is pretty cold where I live at the time I'm rec'ing this, then this story is a must read. Generates all kinds of heat. Hot, Hot, Hot. If your in the mood for that read it, trust me you won't be sorry.

Mr. Responsibility & Spreading the News by Amy
Pairing: Remy LeBeau/Bobby Drake (Gambit/Ice Man)

Hot, hot, hot. Yet, again. In this fandom I'm more flexible where PWP's are concerned. I usually don't like them. This isn't really one, but it comes close. Lots of hot sex in here. I love that, you just gotta. I'm a slash slut what can I say. There is such an intensity to this one that it just has the room vibrating. I just love when the writer can draw you right into the heat of the seduction, making you feel like you are being seduced right along with the characters. Amy seduces you right into this one and holds you there as strongly as Bobby and Remy pin one another in place with a sultry, steamy look in the stories. I loved it. Read the first part and then later found out there was a second, I was so delighted. Such heat in these two stories, I love it. Love it when Bobby looks so hot that Remy couldn't resist him if he tried. Remy always looks hot, a genetic flaw I think, more of an advantage really. Oh, by the way, can anyone tell me what the heck this charm power thing of Remy's is? Is that canon from the comics or fanon (stuff the fans come up with that becomes an accepted part of the fandom within fanfiction, for those who wondered)? Keep hearing it mentioned and, well, like I said I haven't read stuff for awhile. I go on binges with comics. By them religiously for months and then go for just as many months not buying them. I'll just glance at some in my local bookstores now and again to get a gist of what's going on. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that in. Going back to reread this hot one now, why don't you go check it out too.

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