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Slash Fan Fiction

Midnight Confessions - NC-17
Pairing: Chamber/Skin (Jono/Angelo)

Warning: lightish BDSM

A hot little PWP in answer to Kerosene's Handcuff Challenge. Rebop refers to this story as bondage mook. Jono and Angelo have a little fun with handcuffs.

Walking Wounded - NC-17
Pairing: Chamber/Gambit (Jono/Remy)

Both seeking an escape from the pain in their lives Remy and Jono save one another. Leading them on to a path of love.

Truly, Madly, Deeply - NC-17
Pairing: Chamber/Gambit (Jono/Remy)

Note: Sequel to Walking Wounded

As their feelings for one another deepen the boys have to learn to make their relationship work. Overcoming obstacles and facing their pasts.

The Lost Boys - NC-17
Pairing: Gambit/Beast (Remy/Hank)

When a plane crash strands Remy and Hank in the jungle. Their mutual attraction flares to the boiling point. So naturally they turn to one another for love, affection, and comfort.
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Gen/Friendship Fanfic

Stormy - PG

Pairing: Gambit/Storm

The story takes place right after Storm and Gambit first meet during a heist in Cairo, Illinois. Follows Claremont’s storyline for the first few scenes, and then goes on it's own tangent. A missing time piece about the beginnings of Storm and Gambit's friendship.

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