The Lost Boys
By Rebop


It was better than he ever imagined. Remy’s mouth, that is. Hank kissed him softly, gently, and Remy responded in kind. He gave a little sigh, and threw his arms around Hank’s massive neck. Henry continued to hold Gambit’s long body close to his, as delicately as one would a china doll.

The blood was whispering in Hank’s ears, and there was a crazed, happy pounding in his heart. And he couldn’t help but smile against those wonderful lips. Remy drew away and looked into his eyes. He grinned, and Hank smiled even wider.

“So Remy, was that what you had in mind? As far as ‘doing something about it’, that is?” He stroked the lean, graceful lines of Remy’s back.

“Ummhmmm...” Remy purred, his velvet voice giving Hank the good kind of shivers. “Glad to see dat we finally on de same page.” He ran his fingers through McCoy’s wiry hair. “So…you up for another go ‘round, mon ami?”

“ I think I can manage, yes.”

 Remy chuckled, and abruptly caught Hank’s mouth with his. The sweetness was gone though, and the Cajun’s lips held both fire and passion. Hank felt a beautiful shockwave. ‘Great Googly Moogly!’ he thought, quite stunned, ‘Where in the Nine Hells did he learn to kiss like this?’

Hank didn’t have much time to ponder the question. Remy deepened the kiss; a clever tongue found its way into Henry’s somewhat surprised mouth. It was heaven, and Hank got lost in the feeling, and let own tongue plunge into that very willing, wanton mouth. Hank heard himself moan, low and aching. And to his surprise, Remy groaned in return, fingers clinging tightly to Hank’s thick pelt.

They finally broke apart, breathing very hard, nose-to-nose. Hank pulled Gambit even closer, and covered Remy’s face with light butterfly kisses. He found an ear, nuzzled it, the still damp auburn hair tickling his nose, smelling like rainwater.

Remy sighed, and rested his head on Hank’s shoulder. He felt tremors running through Remy’s body; the Cajun actually seemed more overwhelmed about this than he was. It was totally contrary to how he had pictured Gambit sexually, cool and always in control. But then he reminded himself that the face Remy presented to the world was false, and he was perhaps holding the real Remy LeBeau in his arms. He would have to tread very carefully now.

Hank’s knees were shaking anyway; a pause would be good. “Remy, I think I need to sit down for a moment. This is all rather overwhelming.”

“Yah, Henri, d’accord.” Remy said simply, kissing his nose.

Hank plopped himself down on a convenient nearby log; Remy curled up gracefully on the ground beside him. McCoy took a few slow, steadying breaths, and then looked down at Gambit.

“So…how long have you known?” Henry began slowly. “About how I felt towards you? Was I that terribly obvious?”

Remy shook his head. “Non, mon ami, you hid it pretty well. But I was aware of it for a long, long time.” Gambit seemed to tense up, and picked at a piece of bark on the log. “But how I knew ain’t exactly kosher. See, Remy got a extra hidden card up his sleeve.”

Hank suddenly had an inkling of just what that might be. “Remy…are you a telepath?”

“Non.” A slight smile. “Dere’s enough of dem hanging around de mansion as it is. I’m an empath, Henri.”

Hank blinked for a moment, and some missing pieces of the puzzle that was Gambit fell into place. Remy seemed to be able to ‘charm’ people, but it had always been unclear if this was a mutant ability or just him. And according to the professor and Jean, Gambit was always notoriously hard to read telepathically. If Remy was an empath, this made perfect sense, as he would have strong mental shields of his own to block them.

“I see.” Hank carefully reached out his hand, and stroked Remy’s shoulder. “Why have you hidden this, Remy?”

Remy flushed. “ I was…afraid.  I always hated de empathy anyways. And I wasn’t trusted much at de mansion to begin with, I figured revealing I was an empath would make it even worse. Figured dat everyone would t’ink dat I was manipulating dem somehow. Especially Rogue. I’m sure she would have t’ought dat I was makin’ her love me.” Remy chewed on his lower lip, and then looked Henry directly in his eyes. “But I swear, Hank, I would never do dat. When de power first kicked in, I played around with it a bit, but it was just…wrong. Creepy. I want people to like me for real, not because I made dem. Y’ believe me?”

Remy seemed so distressed that Hank picked up his hand and squeezed it. “Of course I do, Remy. If you really had been misusing your powers, wouldn’t you be the most popular person at the mansion? The apple of Rogue’s eye?” Hank sighed deeply. “And I honestly don’t blame you for not telling anyone. You have always been the scapegoat in our little group, unfairly so.” Hank rubbed Remy’s knuckles with a thumb. “It must be so hard, picking up emotions. Knowing what people are really feeling behind their words and actions.”

A slight Cajun shrug. “ I admit, it was really a bitch at first. Nearly drove me insane for a while. But den I learned to throw up some pretty thick shields, so I can keep all of y’ out of my head. Most of de time.” Remy traced the fur on the back of Hank’s hand. “Every so often, real strong emotions leak through. Like what you have been feeling for me. First time I felt it, Henry, I was so damn surprised.” A wide smile. “And very flattered. I always liked y’ Hank, from Day One.” The smile faded. “And I also knew dat it scared y’. Real bad. And I didn’t t’ink it was because y’ were afraid of being labeled queer, y’ always seem so comfortable in y’ own skin. So I figured y’ were just afraid of getting’ tangled up with someone like me. And I don’t blame y’. I somehow manage to totally fuck up just about every relationship I’ve ever been in. Look how Rogue and I turned out. Wasn’t dat a mess and a half?” The Cajun sighed deeply, ran a hand through already messy hair. “It’s good dat we’re finally talkin’ about dis, ‘cuz you were about to drive me plumb crazy lately. I threw up enough hints to let y’ know I was interested, but I knew if I just jumped on you, I would have given you a heart attack.”

“The little strip tease in the rain nearly killed me, Remy LeBeau,” Hank commented dryly. “Is that what you call a ‘hint’?”

Remy chuckled. “Well, I have never been known to be, uh, subtle. It didn’t work, anyways. You always a gentleman, Henri.”

Hank snorted. “I came very close to not being one, you scamp!”

Remy laughed, then the amusement faded. He picked up Hank’s hand, and pressed it to a sharp cheekbone. “I promise dat I’m not playing with y’ though, Henri. I t’ought dat if y’ finally made a move, we’d see what was what. But y’ friendship means so much to me, I don’t want to screw dat up. Maybe it would be for de best if we just don’t go dere.” There was an aching sadness, there, behind the words.

Hank cupped Remy’s face in his hand. “My dear, dear Remy. Logan has often said that telepaths can’t see what is in front of their very noses. I guess that must be true of empaths, too.” Remy’s eyebrows shot up. “Yes, I was scared of declaring my feelings for you, but not for the reasons you just cited. It is a lot simpler than that.” Hank gave a soft laugh, mostly at himself. “You just totally intimidated me, Remy. And I came to the now obviously erroneous conclusion that you would never be interested. Yes, I am comfortable in my own skin, and I accept the fact that I’m big and blue and furry. But faced with someone as beautiful as you, my confidence vanished. I thought you would never come to care for someone who resembled McGilla Gorilla.”

Hank was so deeply touched by the surprise covering Gambit’s face; this apparently had never crossed his mind. The Cajun knelt between Hank’s legs, pressed a hand against McCoy’s heart. “Henry, bein’ an empath and all, I know what’s inside folks. And so much of it’s bad. People got a lot of ugliness squirreled away, all hidden in dark corners. But you, Hank, you don’t. I always have loved bein’ around y’ ‘cuz y’ feel so wonderful. Dere’s so much kindness and warmth in y’ heart. You have no idea how rare dat is. Y’ down to de bone good, Henry McCoy.” Remy took a deep breath, and his voice shook a little. “ And Hank - y’ de only one, de ONLY one dat came to me, said dat y’were sorry ‘bout Antarctica. You always cared about my worthless ass, Hank, even when I didn’t deserve it.” And with that Remy leaned up and gave Hank another kiss. And there was so much emotion in that kiss; so much said. Stunned, Hank almost forgot to kiss Remy back.

He wrapped his big arms around that slender body, hugging him as hard as he dared. Remy pulled himself closer, snuggling himself tight to Henry’s chest. They stayed that way for a very long time.

Finally there was a chuckle, slightly muffled by fuzz. “And Henri, for what it’s worth, I always t’ought dat blue fur was pretty damn sexy.” Remy rubbed his face in Hank’s chest, like a contented cat. “Feels wonderful too.” Another snicker. “Had me a lot of fantasies about what it would feel like bein’ all naked against y’.”

Hank blushed, and couldn’t help smiling, either. That Gambit actually fantasized about him was an enormous and terribly flattering revelation. It gave Henry a surge of confidence. “You dear, wicked creature,” he said, in a teasing tone.

Remy smiled seductively. “Y’ already know dat Remy is a bad boy, Hank.” His fingers ruffling the fur on Hank’s chest “But de t’ing is, I pretty sure dat y’ can be a bad boy too, Dr McCoy.” Remy grinned and very lazily licked the contours of Hank’s mouth with his tongue. “And we can be oh so very bad together.”

Hank managed an answer. “ I certainly hope so, Mr. LeBeau.” Then Henry pulled Gambit to him and kissed him. Not gently, or reverently. Hard. Hot. Demanding. He enticed a low, satisfying moan from the Cajun. It made Hank even bolder; he let his hands finally roam over Remy’s body, touching everywhere. The feel of him was wondrous, sleek and sexual. The spandex actually enhanced the experience, Hank’s fingers whispering over bowstring taut muscle.

Remy, in the meantime, was also very busy. Those hands, that could pick a lock in seconds, moved quickly and deftly over the doctor’s furry hide. Kneading, exploring, teasing, finding sensitive places that even Henry wasn’t aware of. Hank shuddered when the Cajun’s tongue explored the sensitive contours of his ear, hot breath rasping loudly. McCoy gave a hiss through bared fangs, one that became louder when the thief discovered one of Hank’s nipples. The calloused fingers pinched and taunted a dark nub, causing electric shocks to go directly to Hank’s very erect cock. Then Remy went even further, warm lips suckling and biting that now oh so sensitive nipple. Hank gasped, and his hips unconsciously thrust forward, erection rubbing into Gambit’s hard chest. It was much too much all at once.

“Remy, my God, you are driving me crazy!” Hank panted into Gambit’s hair.

Remy gave the nipple another bite. “Ain’t dat de point, cher?” The Acadian leaned back a bit, and gently removed Henry’s now very fogged up glasses. Hank could see an expression of concern form on his predatory features, albeit a now bit blurry.

“Am I goin’ too fast for y’, Hank?” Remy asked quietly. “I do dat.”

“Well…” Hank gathered his scattered thoughts. “This is truly divine Remy, I am not exactly protesting. But…” Hank gave a sigh. “ I want you to know that this is not all that I’m after. Just being with you, knowing you is enough.”

Gambit swallowed hard, rocked backward for a moment. Henry couldn’t see very well now, but the loving, affectionate look Remy was giving him was enough to evaporate an iceberg, and it melted his heart completely.

Remy kissed Hank’s huge palm, a tiny, worshipful kiss. “I know, Hank,” the thief whispered. “I know.”

Before Hank could answer, Remy pulled him to the ground, pushing him into a lying position. Then the Cajun slid his full length on top of his. Hank had a brief glimpse of that reckless face, covered with strands of auburn, hooded red eyes glittering. He knew at that moment that Remy was going to claim him, make him his. And without a shadow of a doubt, Henry also knew that he was going to mark the beautiful thief as his lover.

 Remy made his attack, mouth and tongue kissing deeper and deeper and deeper. So sure, so giving, so demanding.

All Hank was aware of that point was Remy LeBeau, the weight of him, the scent of him, the texture of his lips and skin. He let go of all his hesitation, although always conscious of his great strength. He knew he could never lose himself entirely, no matter how heated the circumstances. And this particular circumstance was becoming very flammable indeed.

Remy started to really stoke the fire. With total abandon, Gambit rubbed his crotch against Henry’s hardened member. It was a sensation so dirty and exquisite that Hank found himself moaning, grinning and sighing all at the same time.

“You like dat, cher?” Remy whispered hoarsely before doing something so erotic to his earlobe that Hank seriously thought his penis was going to burst through his trunks. “Dat feel good?” The Cajun gave another wicked thrust of his hips, grinding down on Hank once more.

Hank actually managed to laugh. “Duh! Remy, quite frankly, that about the silliest question I have ever been asked.” Remy laughed in return, then gasped as Hank’s hands glided over the Cajun’s tight ass, cupping it for a moment He hooked his fingers under Remy’s shirt, and with the thief’s help, he yanked it off. He put both hands around Gambit’s waist, pulling him forward a bit, Remy’s hands clutching Hank’s strong shoulders. Without much preamble, he let his tongue explore Remy’s chest, tasting and savoring the pale, slightly sweaty skin. His new lover tasted so deliciously sweet, and Hank swore he could almost hear the young man’s rapidly beating heart. Clawed fingers scratched lightly over Remy’s back, racking his lover with the most pleasurable shivers.

Remy sighed onto the top of Hank’s hair, and then bucked a bit when Henry began to suck fiercely at a tiny nipple. Remy made a little mewling sound when Hank reached between them and massaged a prominent hipbone, getting closer and closer to his ultimate goal. When he finally began to trace the contours of Remy’s erection, the Cajun went quite still at first; then he moaned like an animal, so loudly that Hank’s cock twitched in response.

“Ooooh Hank, y’ so good to Remy.” Gambit panted softly. He rubbed himself shamelessly for a moment against Hank’s willing hand, eyes closed, pure undistilled sensuality. Then he gave Henry a kiss and Hank drank the sweat from his lips. “Now Remy be real good to you, cher.”

With a casual air, the Cajun slid his body down Hank’s abdomen, hands busy all the while, making Hank squirm and tremble. Finally, Remy positioned himself between Hanks’ thighs, still caressing, kneading. The hungry look in Remy’s half closed eyes gave Hank a dangerous thrill. In anticipation, he found himself clenching at the earth.

“Gonna make y’ forget d’ T’eory of Relativity now, Dr. McCoy.” Gambit said in his most seductive tone, all warm whiskey and heat. He rubbed his face, cat-like, over Hank’s now much too tight shorts. Henry was amazed at this, and even more amazed at the incredible sensation caused by Gambit’s ravenous mouth. Hot breath through cloth aroused his cock even further; the delicious agony made McCoy throw an arm over his face, whimpering.

Remy had him prisoner, those sinful, knowing lips, so tantalizingly close. Hank was lost, and loved every second of it. He nearly screamed when the Cajun abruptly yanked his shorts down. He arched his back, his large, fully erect cock thrusting forward. Slick with precum, it was a deep, throbbing blue.

“Mmmmm…” Gambit murmured. “Yup. Blue is my favorite color, alright.” Before Henry could even cry out or even chuckle, Remy nearly drove him out of his mind by lapping a silky tongue over his balls. His claws dug further and further into the ground with each deliberate, wet lick. Remy lovingly explored every inch of his penis; rough fingers massaging spot behind his scrotum. Remy seemed to savor all of it; he played with the head of his cock, delicately probed the weeping slit, nibbled the pulsing veins. Hank was pretty sure he was in a place beyond aroused; this was ecstasy, mindless and wild.

And, oh. Oh. Just when Hank thought he was going to actually expire, Remy opened wide, and took his entire length far, far down into his throat. Hank lay completely, perfectly still, eyes screwed shut, as Gambit pleasured him. That tongue swirled and coaxed; all of Hank’s attention was focused on it. Warmwetsweet. His body was an inferno, and an orgasm of cataclysmic proportions was screaming at the top of its lungs to be let out. Hank, normally a quiet lover, found himself pleading like he never had before, voice fevered, snarling and rough.


A release, a shaking, 8.0 earthquake of a release that roared throughout Hank’s big body. His claws unconsciously tore up clumps of earth as he bucked skyward. Remy somehow managed to keep sucking on his pulsing hard-on, drinking up a mad, endless flow of hot seed. When the climax finally finished with him, Hank felt almost faint, lungs bellowing in and out.

Remy slid back on top of him, looking a bit smug. The Cajun tenderly kissed him, lips whispering over Henry’s forehead, brow, eyelids, nose, finally resting on his mouth. Hank sighed and gently kissed back, tasting both Gambit and himself. Remy chuckled after a moment.

“So, Dr. Einstein, mind telling me about dat ol’ T’eory of Relativity?”

“Hmmm…” Hank grinned and pretended to ponder. “ I do believe it is ib=e2. In other words, incredible blowjob equals ecstacy squared.” He traced the line of Remy’s jaw. “Would you perhaps like to find out if this particular equation works on you?”

“No need to bother y’self, cher.” Remy actually blushed. “ I, uh, already came. Couldn’t block y’ out empathy-wise, didn’t really want to anyways. Sometimes mutant powers can be fun.”

Hank was momentarily disappointed, but realized he could literally take matters into his own hands. “Well, my dear, you seem to be made of sturdy Acadian stock. Are you sure I can’t interest you in another orgasm?”

A mischievous, delighted smile. “Mmmm, might be persuaded. Gambit does take his vitamins.”

“He’d better, as I am his consulting physician. Now stand up, Mr. LeBeau, and let the doctor take care of you.”

Remy got to his feet, laughing all the while. “Henry, you even naughtier den I t’ought.”

“You are about to find out. Now, hush, my dear.” Hank stood up behind his lover, took him by his shoulders, turned him around. “Close your eyes.”

Remy swallowed, breathing a little hard, and obeyed. Hank could tell he was more than a little surprised by the turn this was taking, as well as very excited. The evidence was there, hard under his trousers.

Hank carefully lifted the longish hair at the nape of Remy’s neck, ran his tongue down the pale length. Gambit sighed and murmured as Henry explored his shoulders, licking, nibbling lightly. The slick skin was warm and so delectable; Hank was momentarily lost in the sensation. But he forced himself to concentrate; he wanted to give Remy as much pleasure as he has just been given.

He encircled Remy’s slight waist with his large muscular arms, ran fingers up and down his torso, feeling the arch of the ribs, the flat belly, and the soft chest hair brushed over the pectorals. He rubbed both nipples, skillfully rolled then into peaks, causing Remy to lean backwards with a deep, lustful moan. He carefully bit Remy’s neck, licked an ear, his own breath as rasping now as the Cajun’s.

“This is so wonderful Remy. I love the touch of you, the feel of you.” Hank said, a slight growl in his voice. “I want to give you so much, make you come, make you scream. Will you do that for me?”

Remy drew a shuddery breath. “ Oui, Henri. Oui.”

Hank leaned down and pulled off Remy’s boots. The young man’s body was trembling as he did this; it got worse as Henry divested him of both pants and underwear. Now enticingly naked again, eyes shut tight, aching hard-on released. Hank almost salivated at the tantalizing sight, wanting to devour that sweet cock, still wet with the previous ejaculation. But knew that he had to be patient.

Instead, he continued to tease with his large fingers. He found Remy’s small navel, a graceful, thrusting hipbone, and an endlessly long thigh. He worshipped Remy LeBeau with his hands, the way he was meant to be adored. Remy became lost in the touching, almost swooning in his enjoyment. Hank smiled at Remy’s abandon and the display of utter trust.

Blue furred hands circled the young man’s cock, nearer, nearer, feeling rough hair and delicate skin. Hank brought his lips close to Remy’s ear once again, knowing also that words were the most effective of erotic weapons.

“You want to come very badly now, don’t you, my dear? Want me to touch that gorgeous cock of yours and stroke it?”

Remy gasped slightly in response at the dirty talk. He arched his back with an agonized sigh as Henry finally made good his promise, fingers brushing over the head of his penis, now bleeding with helpless moisture. “Ah, Remy, you are so hard, so hard. Let me watch you come, darling.”

Hank started to expertly fist Remy, getting frenzied panting from the Cajun. Remy’s handsome head lolled back, hips thrusting in time to his lover’s ministrations. A crazy French patois rang in his Hank’s ears when careful physician’s finger’s discovered that secret place behind the scrotum.

“Oh, Henri! Sil vou plais! Oh, fuck!” Gambit begged shamelessy. Henry loved what he was doing to him, Remy was beyond beautiful when aroused, pale face flushed, eyes shut tight. But Hank knew Remy wasn’t going to last much longer. He spun the young man around, and knelt before him. Before Remy even knew what was happening, Hank swallowed his raging cock. He adored having that perfect hardness deep in his mouth; Remy tasted divine. His lover was now totally silent, but every muscle was vibrating, long fingers clenched in Hank’s fur so tight that he was afraid he’d pull it out. Hank continued to torture him, sucking as if his life depended on it. And when Remy finally climaxed, he let out a long wail that rang out against the forest canopy. There was a salty gush of cum, and just as Hank was savoring it, he got hit with an enormous surprise. Gambit’s orgasm flooded his body, an electric tsunami. Henry released Gambit’s still pulsing dick and let out a shout of his own. Henry’s penis throbbed and released a hard jet of semen on to the ground.

Remy collapsed, and Hank had enough presence of mind to catch him before he fell. Remy was shuddering violently; Henry wasn’t much better. They clung to each other, kneeling on the forest floor, gasping. When his breathing got close to normal, Remy pressed sweet, sweaty kisses on Henry’s very bewildered countenance.

“All right. I hope you managed to get the number of that bus.” McCoy sighed and brushed some tangled hair from Remy’s eyes. “I wish you had given me some sort of warning though, dear. While empathically sharing your climax was a terribly generous gesture on your part, I might have bitten you in the throes of ecstasy.”

“Aww, Hank. Remy know y’ don’t bite.” Gambit chuckled, kissing Hank’s nose. He pushed McCoy on his back again, sliding on the doctor’s stomach. “Didn’t know though, dat y’ could be so hot, cher. T’ought y’ had a wicked streak, but lordy! Y’ took dis boy to heaven and back. Gonna have to watch out when y’ take off y’ glasses.” Remy grinned for a moment, and stroked Hank’s face. “T’ank you for bein’ so good to me.”

“You deserve nothing less, Remy.” Hank said simply. And because this was a day for taking impossible risks, Henry added, “ That’s because I love you.”.

Remy sobered instantly, and a look of pure panic flashed in his eyes. For a second, Hank was hurt, and in another second, he remembered how hard all this was for his lover. He understood Remy LeBeau now, and knew he always had to be careful of that frightened, ragged child that wasn’t buried very far under the cool façade.

Remy wasn’t looking at him now, shame covering his features. “Hank, I’m sorry, I…”

Henry put a large finger over Gambit’s lips. “Sush, my dear. No apologies, no pressure, no demands. I just wanted to say what was in my heart.” He gave that troubled, handsome face a soft caress. “ I know how much you trust me and care for me, Remy, and that’s certainly enough for now. We have all the time in the world to figure this relationship out, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Remy’s body relaxed and he gave Henry an almost shy smile. “Me too, cher.”  Hank smiled back, and Remy rested his head on the doctor’s chest.

They lay in contented, perfect silence for a while, McCoy tracing the sensuous contours of his lover’s back, Remy brushing Hank’s fur into little patterns. Henry found himself staring at the sky, treasuring the moment. He was filled with a deep, all- encompassing happiness.

Spoiling this intimate moment was a large rumbling noise, coming directly from Hank’s interior. Gambit’s eyes grew large, and then he roared with laughter.

“Holy shit, Henri, dat come outta you? T’ought we might be havin us an eart’quake or somet’in’. Woowee!” Remy slid forward and smooched the more than a little mortified doctor. “Gambit better feed y’, pronto. Lord knows what y’ might start chewin’ on, otherwise. Gotta keep y’ away from de damn bugs.”

In spite of the embarrassment, Hank began to chortle. “Oh hush, Remy.”

“Sorry, Hank. Y’ going to have to get used to me teasin’ y’. Too much fun.” Remy rewarded him with another messy kiss.” And, uh, wait until I tell Bobby ‘bout de grubs on a stick episode. You ain’t never gonna hear de end of it, cher.”

Hank just sighed

Continued in Part 5

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