Truly, Madly, Deeply
By Rebop

I feel you
Each move you make
I feel you
Each breath you take
Where angels sing
And spread their wings
My love’s on high
You take me home
To glory’s throne
By and by
This is the morning of our love
This is the dawning of our love*

A while later we left the hotel, all swanky and full of panache, Remy having more than any human should be allowed. He looked fucking incredible in that suit, dark red hair all loose and shiny, smelling heavenly, it was really hard not to throw him down on the floor and have my way with him. Instead, I contented meself with looking all starry-eyed, and fought a weird urge to trail behind him, holding the hem of his jacket.

 We went to this restaurant in Chinatown called the Four Gates. It was a very cool place, very dark, mysterious and intimate. Remy told me they had the best food outside of Beijing, and he gave me a huge thrill when he mentioned it was a big Tong hangout. I suddenly had every Jet Li/ Chow Yun Fat video Ange and I had ever rented run through me mind. But there didn’t seem to be a Kung Fu battle on the verge of breaking out, just people drinking tea and eating too much moo-shu pork.

 Something very interesting did happen, however. While we were waiting for Remy’s order, a woman approached our able. She was Oriental, with a plain, no nonsense face, her long grey hair pulled back in a single braid. She was dressed very simply, all in black, but she did have this beautiful jade necklace on. Remy looked very startled to see her, although he recovered himself.

 She gave a slight smile. “ I thought it was you, Remy LeBeau. One does not hear many Cajun accents in new York.”

 Remy immediately got to his feet; they embraced and then kissed, Continental style. I stood up too; there was something about her that commanded respect. I was also burning with curiosity.

 “It is good to see you, Shao Ssu Ming.” Remy replied. He seemed a bit nervous, which for Remy is unusual behavior, I think.

 However, she was giving him a pretty hard stare, which could have accounted for it. “And it is very, very good to see you, Remy. Your father has been completely frantic. There have been the most terrible rumors about you.”

 “As you can see, dis old thief still alive and kickin’.”

 She suddenly grabbed both sides of his head with her hands. “  I can also see that you have recently had much trouble, it is written all over your face, little fox. I sincerely hope that you have done the duty of a good and obedient son, and set your father’s mind at rest.”

 Remy actually blushed. Who was this woman? “ I telegraphed Pere yesterday.”

 “ He needs more than that, Remy. You are both overdue for a long talk.” She patted his cheek. “ And now I will cease to meddle in your affairs and remember my manners.” She turned those very penetrating, very intelligent eyes on me. “ How do you do, young man?”

 I started to fish out my memo pad, but Remy caught my eye and shook his head.  I guess Shao Ssu was accustomed to mutants. Remy introduced us.

 “ Ming, dis be Jonothan Starsmore. Jono, allow me to introduce Shao Ssu Ming. Ming is an old, old friend of de family.”

 I extended my hand, and fought an insane desire to curtsy. * Pleased to meet yer. So, you’ve known Remy a long time then? *

 She wasn’t fazed at all by the telepathy and gave me a wide, warm smile. It changed her face, and suddenly she was very beautiful. “ Since he was a very skinny, snot nosed little boy.”

 Ha, what an image. I laughed, and so did Remy. Then Remy asked, “ Would you join us den, Ming?”

 “ I would love to, as I am dying to hear what has been happening to you, little fox. But alas, I have urgent business in Madripoor, my flight leaves in an hour. My youngest son, Pai-Yu, has gotten himself in a bit of a scrape, and needs Mummy to bail him out. A parent’s job is never-ending. “ She shot a pointed glance at Remy, then turned back to me. “ It has been a pleasure to meet you Jonothan, I hope someday I will have more time to get acquainted. Please keep a most watchful eye on this wayward thief.”  She gave Remy a soft kiss, and then a sharp poke in the chest. “ Call Jean-Luc.”  Then she departed.

 Remy seemed very subdued and preoccupied when we sat back down. * She seems like a most amazing person. *

 Remy smiled a bit. “ Y’ don’ know de half of it. Ming is de head of de Jade Dragons, biggest, oldest and most powerful Tong in New York. She also a very old friend of my father, dey go way back. T’ink it’s more den just friendship, but dey both been kinda coy on de subject. Not dat it’s any of my business, anyways” He chuckled, then slipped back into his sober mood.

 I decided to be bold; I took his hand and squeezed it. *You okay, love? This has upset yer, hasn’t it? * I hazarded a pretty obvious guess. * Are yer worried about your dad? *

 He squeezed my hand back, and then ran his fingers through his hair. “ Yah. Ming is right; pere and I are way overdue for a pow wow. Jus’ ain’t lookin’ forward to tellin’ him all dat’s ben goin’ on in my life lately.” A little smile. ‘Cept for you, sweet.”

 I was a trifle stunned that Remy would even consider telling his father about his new male lover, but I didn’t know Jean-Luc. My old man would want to shoot us on sight. I could see that Remy really loved his father, and was scared about confessing the whole Morlock/Anarctica tragedy. I didn’t blame him.

 * Rem, * I began softly. * I can tell yer love yer dad, and if he was so frantic about what’s been happening to yer, he must love yer very much as well. And if that’s the case, yer can tell him the truth. He’ll forgive yer. And I’ll be behind yer one hundred percent, yer know that.*

 I suddenly got a wide smile “Yeah, I do know dat, cher.” He picked up my hand and gave it a kiss. I almost died right there. “T’anks, Jono.”

 Remy’s mood improved, and his food arrived soon after. I put a little on my plate and pushed it around with some chopsticks, as I have discovered that waitresses and waiters get somewhat annoyed and insulted if it looks like you aren’t eating. Don’t ask me why. Remy enjoyed his meal, and I wasn’t envious, as it looked like there was squid involved. I may miss food at times, but anything with tentacles is right out. Remy then told me this incredible story about when he was 14, when he, Jean-Luc and Ming recovered this ancient sword from the clutches of a nasty Tong called the White Tigers. If had been anyone else but Remy, I would have thought they were pulling my leg. But this is Remy LeBeau we’re talking about, mate.

After dinner we took a cab to a club called Nocturne, which is like the current hot spot of the nanosecond. Angelo has been dying to go there. There was a huge line out front, but Remy ignored it and immediately went into Prince of Egypt mode. He marched right up to the door and I immediately became aware of a number of potential patrons giving us the evil eye. Remy wasn’t fazed one bit; he gave the bouncer a wide Gambit grin and said something to him in a low voice. I felt a whisper of empathy at work. The bouncer, a gigantic feller who looked like he had as much humor as a rock, suddenly burst out laughing. He thumped the Prince of Egypt on the shoulder with one meaty paw, and opened the door for him. As part of the P.of E.’s official entourage, I was also allowed egress. Didn’t even have to pay the bloody cover.

 It was quite an incredible scene. Full of smoke, tons of strobe lights, the music a kind of house/latin/disco/funk blend, so loud the floor vibrated. It was crammed with representatives of just about every New York clique; I saw gansta wannabes, ravers, neo hippies, Goths, freaks, and the elite “don’t you wish you were as cool as us?” crowd. It was also a real rainbow tribe: black, white, Latino, Asian, all dressed in their trendiest threads. There was the straight, the gay, the god knows what. And there were a fair sprinkling of celebs, I was pretty sure I saw Lauryn Hill (Ange would have died!) and that Titanic bozo Paige was so gaga over. However, even with all the beautiful people scattered about, I realized I was with the Fairest of Them All. Go figure. From the second we walked in, Remy was given the eyeball once over from both men and women. It was going to be a true test of me resolve not to get all jealous. I hoped my common sense was in working order.

 Remy was smiling pretty wide. He totally ignored all the come-ons and grabbed my hand, starting towards the mass of bodies grooving away on the dance floor. And this is where I got this sudden panicky feeling. I had been in such a romantic haze, I’d sort of forgotten just what going out to a club could actually entail. And maybe it would have been less embarrassing if I had chosen instead to run around naked, painted a nice shade of turquoise, feather duster up me arse.

 I decided that Remy at least deserved a warning. I stopped in my tracks, and Gambit shot me a puzzled look. “ C’mon, cher, ain’t dis great? What y’ draggin’ y’ feets for?”

 * Uh, just wanted to let yer know, Rem, before we get out there. As, uh, far as dancing is concerned, I, uh, stink. Really stink.*

 “Aw, Jono, y’ can’t be dat bad.” Remy laughed and pulled on my arm and I had to accept my fate.

 Well, I really CAN be that bad. I dunno what it is, either. I’m a musician; I have an excellent sense rhythm. But when it comes to dancing, I can’t tell my body what to do. It simply pays no attention.

 I gave it my most Herculean effort, for Remy’s sake. Didn’t help.

 After a few minutes of this appalling atrocity, Remy halted his extremely cool, James Brown type moves and just stared for a while. Then, I would say his reaction was somewhere between Gayle’s (mortified) and Angelo’s (denied he wet his Gap underwear, but he really did.)

 He made a major effort to control his laughing, but it took more than a few minutes. When he finally got a grip, he seized my shoulders. “Jono-cher-”

 I sighed. * Yer don’t have to say it. I know. I suck. *

 Remy laughed some more, then mastered himself. “It’s just dat, dat, you so… uh…”

 *White? British? Take yer pick, it’s a deadly combination, love. Mick Jagger nonwithstanding, we Limey’s have never been known for our killer moves on the dance floor. * I sighed again. *  Look, Rem, if yer want to dance with someone else, I’ll quite understand. Yer not used to people pointing and laughing. *

 Remy bent and kissed me on the forehead, surely making the other patrons wonder why he was being so nice to a spastic person. “ You de only one in dis world Remy wan’ to dance wit’, sweet.” That gave me an extremely warm, happy feeling. Also showed me just how brave and daring Gambit really is.

 So Remy attempted to help me in this area, despite the apparent hopelessness of the situation. He was very patient; although I could see he was using every ounce of will to fight the urge to roll around on the floor, clutching his sides. He kept up trying to get me to feel the beat in my body, to move to the music, to not step on his feet.

 After forty-five minutes or so of this torture, Remy decided to go get a drink. I’m sure he needed a real stiff one. And I was in charge of finding us a table.

 And this is when the probably The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me happened. I’d thought I had done with it on the dance floor, but God, apparently, had other plans.

 So, I was wandering around, sort of looking for an available table and sort of celeb watching at the same time. I was almost positive that I had spotted Puffy and Jennifer, and I was craning my neck a bit to see what Jennifer might NOT be wearing, when I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned round and came face to face with the most spectacular pair of tits I’d ever seen.

 The incredible cleavage belonged to this rather gorgeous woman all done up in big time leather dominatrix gear. Long ebony hair, tons of black eye shadow, red vampire lipstick, nine inch fuck me heels and flowing out of a very tight bustier. (I will forever treasure Jubilee’s definition of a bustier, “Ya use it to boost your T.A.’s” God bless yer Jubes, I love yer.) Anyway, I was rather taken aback by her, especially since she was ignoring my Personal Space Barrier, shoving her boobs right in me chest.

 She gave me this big, leering grin. “ I’ve been watching you.”

 Oh peachy, I thought. She’s taken it upon herself to come over and inform me that I’m performing criminal acts on the dance floor. Despite the amazing tits, my opinion began to sink rather low. Her rating plunged even further when I realized she was three sheets to the wind and smelled like a gin factory. I backed away, and started to look for the bleedin’ memo pad so I could tell her to piss off. But the next thing she said froze me on the spot.

 “You are the most beautiful slave I have ever seen. Your Master has devised the most exquisite punishment.”

 Now, normally I’m fairly quick on the uptake, but for a few seconds I had absolutely no idea what she was going on about. Then she grabbed me by the shoulders, and breathed martini breath in my face.

 “I want to know, does your master share you? Because I would punish you so wonderfully well, pretty boy.” Suddenly, a light dawned. This drunken dom thought my bandage/mask was some kind of fetish B & D device. Now, I am not prejudiced in regards to people’s personal kinks and turn ons. I have more than a few of my own. And I really should have found this all very funny. But since she had started pawing me, I started to get angry instead.

 * All right, that’s quite enough, sweetheart. * I pushed her away, not worrying if my telepathic ‘voice’ freaked her out or not. * Don’t like being felt up by strangers. So why don’t yer totter off and find someone else to spank, eh? *

 The telepathy didn’t bother her one bit. “ I want you, sweet slave. And I’m going to get you.” She grabbed me again, and then, I swear to god, she went for my crotch. Now I really was furious. I gave her a really hard shove. * Fuck off, yer stupid, drunk bitch! * Ok. Not the most enlightened or PC thing for me to say, but I was really wound up at this point.

 Unfortunately, instead of landing on her bum, she fell forward and crashed into me. I lost my balance, and we both hit the floor. I banged the back of my head pretty hard and saw stars. When I came to a few seconds later, she was sprawled on top of me. People had started to gather round to watch this little scene, and I was flooded with absolute embarrassment. I started to try and push her off me, but I realized my hand was pressed up against something warm and soft. It most definitely felt like a breast. She must have popped out of her bustier.

 She was smirking at me. “ Now I have you where I want you, little slave.”

 * Oh, Christ. * I answered. *  Yer an idiot. *  I tried to move my hand to shove her away in a less volatile area, but then I noticed my finger was trapped in something. She screamed in pain, right in my ear. I looked down. Oh. My. God. Somehow my finger had gotten stuck in her bloody nipple ring.

 People were now really laughing at this little comedy act, and I heard a familiar guffaw. It was Remy, laughing his ass off. I closed my eyes, really wishing the Skrulls or someone would invade New York, causing a major distraction. Incredibly selfish of me, I know. But you get stuck in someone’s nipple ring and see what goes through your mind.

 So I couldn’t really move my hand without hurting her. (Much as she had it coming) I finally looked up and saw Remy. He was doubled over; tears of laughter streaming down his face from under his dark glasses.

 * Err, Rem…* I began.  * I think it’s lovely that you’re getting your jollies and all, I really do. But when yer get a moment to catch your breath, WOULD YOU GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS?!!*

 Remy knelt down beside me and my new companion. “Sorry cher, sorry. Should never left y’ to go wanderin’ around unsupervised.”

 By now the dom was having a fit. “ Would you stop moving, you little shit! Ow! That hurts!” Thought that was a bit odd coming from her. Without much ceremony, Remy took hold of my hand and the now infamous nipple ring. Suddenly I saw a tiny crimson spark, the signature of his kinetic charge, fly out of his fingers. I was suddenly free, and the dom gave a big, startled yelp of pain. She sat up and glared at Remy, holding her breast.

 “Hey, that really hurt, asshole! What the fuck did you do?”

 Remy grabbed her face with one hand. “Dat was a warning, mademoiselle.” All the laughter was out of his voice, it was a bit cold and scary. “ Don’ put y’ hands where dey don’t belong. Y’ got me?” She went rather pale and quickly got up and stumbled away. I was rather amazed; Remy sounded all jealous and stuff over me! I suddenly also got this fear that he might be angry with me as well.

 He wasn’t though. He gave me this huge, warm smile and started to help me up. “So, Brer Rabbit. T’ink y’ better watch out for dem Tar Babies from now on.” He started laughing again. I hadn’t the slightest idea what he was talking about, but I had the sinking feeling I had a new nickname.

 Remy hugged me tight and kissed my nose. “ Jonothan Starsmore, don’ know what dis Cajun boy ever did wit’out y’.”

 * Obviously yer life lacked comedy relief, love. * I hugged him back. *  Glad yer not pissed at me. I really didn’t-*

 “ Oh cher, c’mon. I saw de whole t’ing, and besides, I trust y’. But I don’ trust others not to keep dere paws off my sweet baby, so I’d better watch out for y’.”

 I must say, this was more than a little flattering. And all of a sudden, the humor of the whole situation suddenly hit me, and I really started to laugh. Which got Remy going again. Pretty soon we had to hold each other up, we were laughing so hard.

 When we finally calmed down, I actually dragged Remy out on the dance floor. I figured what the hell, I was pretty much past all embarrassment now. And we had a smashing time. And it’s great; I now have two words that will guarantee a laugh from Gambit. ‘Nipple ring’ will get him going from now until Doomsday.

We ended up having so much fun we stayed until the club closed. It was close to dawn, and instead of taking a cab back to the hotel, we walked. A bit dangerous for the average person, but between the two of us, Remy and I have enough mutant power to level Manhattan, so muggers aren’t really a worry.

 It was really very romantic, we were hand in hand, and New York was both beautiful and mysterious in the predawn light. Every so often, Remy would pull me into the shadows for a quick kiss or a long hug. When we got to Central Park, Remy leaned against a tree and drew me close, wrapping me in his long arms. We watched the sun rise, and I don’t think I had ever seen a more gorgeous one.

 “ I’m so happy, Jono.” Remy murmured into my hair. “ I felt really euphoric myself. I turned round and took his foxy face in my hands and rubbed noses with him, Eskimo fashion. Remy gave a deep chuckle.

 * I’m so happy too, love. Very happy indeed. *

 This blissful haze suddenly evaporated when we got back to the hotel. Both of us didn’t realize exactly when our plane left, it was much earlier than we thought. Thank God we checked the tickets. Panic did ensue, and we rushed around like two idiots, packed, checked out and found a cab. Remy threw a big wad of money at the driver, told him if he got us to the airport in time, there would be more where that came from.

 The feller took him at his word, and we had this absolutely terrifying, white knuckled ride to JFK airport. I know I’m supposed to be a super hero and all, but I kept me eyes closed through most of it. Remy, though, was the picture of calm.

 I was shaking a little when we arrived, but I had no time to collect meself. We ran around at a pretty breakneck pace, and that fucking airport is huge. We made the plane about a minute after the final boarding call. I was very glad for a moment that I didn’t breathe; otherwise I would have been a panting ball of sweat.

 We were both a bit giddy when we took our seats- first class, of course, Remy doesn’t fool around. This mood was short lived though, as we discovered we were seated next to the Family From Hell, two obnoxious parents with three demonic offspring. We both were hoping for a bit of a nap, but that proved to be impossible. After an hour of this torture, Remy was in a very bad humor. I tried to make light of the situation by introducing Gambit to a side benefit of telepathy. You can make the snottiest, rudest comments in the world about someone while your victim sits beside you without a clue. I managed to wrest a few chuckles out of Remy, but that all ended when two of the kids got very airsick. I was very happy that nausea is a thing of the past for me. Remy ordered a Bloody Mary and aspirin for breakfast. My sarcasm, by this time had completely dried up, and I occupied myself with fantasies about throwing the Family From Hell out the window. Remy just glowered.

  After an eternity, we arrived in the Bahamas, more specifically, the city of Nassau on New Providence island. I cheered up immediately, I have never been to the tropics and from what I had seen from the air, it seemed unbelievably beautiful. But Remy was still very cranky, talking now in monosyllables.

 We had to take another, smaller plane to our final destination, the Grand Bahama island. It was a forty-minute flight from Nassau. At least this time our fellow passengers were a very quiet, subdued lot. Remy managed a catnap and I read all about the Bahamas in a guidebook I had bought in an airport shop. It really is a fascinating place, and I was really getting excited about spending some time here.

 We landed in the city of Freeport, and we then went to an auto rental. I was hoping Remy would start feeling better after his nap, but this wasn’t the case; he was even in a worse mood. And at the auto rental he went into full Prince of Egypt mode, ragging on the clerk because they had somehow screwed up his order. He got real nasty too, and I honestly didn’t see what all the fuss was about, I could have cared less if it was a fucking Ford Explorer or a fucking Jeep Cherokee. The poor bloke behind the counter really didn’t deserve all the crap either, he wasn’t a Benson, and was trying his best to placate an irate Gambit.

 After listening to Remy be a complete jerk for another five minutes, I had finally had it. * Awright, yer majesty, that’s quite enough! Get off yer fuckin’ ‘igh ‘orse! * My accent, when I am really pissed, gets very thick, but Remy understood me just fine. He turned and stared at me in surprise as I grabbed a pen and put it in his hand. * Sign the bloody agreement RIGHT NOW! * Still amazed, Remy did what he was told. I grabbed the keys from the equally astonished rental guy, who was probably wondering who this bandaged nut job was, silently waving his arms. (He couldn’t, of course hear my telepathy.)

 * Ok then, say thank you and get the goddamn luggage! * was my next command. Remy gave the bewildered feller a fast “Merci.” and picked up all our bags, following me as I stormed out the door.

 I found our vehicle, which turned out to be the Explorer. I opened up the back end, grabbed our suitcases from Remy’s hands, throwing them in. After I slammed the hatch shut, I gave Gambit a sharp poke in the chest. * Now get yer skinny arse in the car, and I don’t want to ‘ear one more arrogant, stupid word out of yer gob! Yer got that, mate?! *  Remy nodded, and quickly got in the passenger’s seat. I drove, and we departed the rental place with a squeal of tires.

 There was dead silence in the car for about five minutes. Then Remy cleared his throat. “ Uh…cher?”

 I turned and glared. * I thought I told yer to shut it, and I meant it! * Another five minutes or so of quiet. Remy then coughed.

 *Awright then, WOT?! *

 “ I jus wanted to ax y’ Jono, y’ got any idea where y’ goin’?”

 Well, that stopped me. I had no idea. I was quiet for another moment or so, and then it all became very funny. I began to laugh, and Remy started too. I finally had to pull the car over.


  Yeah, Rem? *

 “ I’m sorry ‘bout dat business back dere, I was really bein’ a prick.” Then he said, in a very credible Cockney accent. “ Thanks for knockin’ me off me ‘igh ‘orse.”

 * Y’ mos’ welcome, cher. * I answered in a terrible Cajun imitation. * And I’m sorry for losin’ me temper, love, *

 “ Don’ ‘poligize, Jono. I had it comin’. Y’sure are some hot head though, boy. Whoo-ee! Remy better mind his p’s and q’s. “ Then he leaned over and gave me a soft kiss. I kissed him back in my own fashion, and all was right with the world again. We found the map back in one of Remy’s bags, and then, we were officially off.

 We were headed for a house that Remy actually owned, although oddly, he had never been there, had seen it only in photos.  It had been a wedding gift from his father. Remy never got to take Belladonna there on their honeymoon, him being exiled and all. I felt a tiny bit strange about it, as well as terribly curious.

 The place wasn’t that far out of Freeport, and we had a lovely little drive. Grand Bahama Island is truly fantastic, the air was so soft and warm and fragrant, the sky and the ocean was so blue. We stopped at this little open-air market where Remy picked up some food and flirted in Creole and English with all the ladies in the stalls. They just loved him, and flirted right back, he got a lot of freebies. Some of them even flirted with me, I got right embarrassed.

 Back in the car, I found this incredible Reggae station. (What else?) A memory I will treasure until the day I die: Remy LeBeau sitting next to me in the car, singing along with Toots and the Maytalls. He’s eating an orange and licking the juice off his fingers, his red hair is blowing in the wind. And his face is so open and happy, that my heart just aches with love for him.

 The house was right on the beach, there was a gated front, surrounded by thick palms and brush. Remy told me that it had a caretaker who stopped in twice a week, and he had many, many offers to sell it or rent it. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it, and when we pulled up the drive, I could see how it would have been very difficult to part with. There was a magnificent stretch of white sand, and a lagoon full of blue/green water. And the house, wow. It was old, and I know next to nothing about architecture, but I guessed it was built around the twenties or thirties. It looked like the type of bungalow Hemmingway would have written novels in, all weathered boards, wide porches and big, curtained windows. I totally loved it.

 Remy had gotten very quiet , and he stared at the house for the longest while. He had a sad expression on his face, and I imagined he was thinking about how different is life would have been if he had made it here with Belle. I took his hand.

 * Rem- love, are yer you okay? *

 He seemed to mentally shake himself and turned to me with the sweetest smile. “ Glad I brought y’ here, Jonothan Starsmore. So glad.” I gently put a hand to his face, and he kissed it. Then his smile suddenly got very playful. “ Will y’ look at dat water? Let’s go for a swim!”

 My eyebrows rose. * Don’t yer want to unpack first? *

 “Pffft. Jono, you no fun. C’mon.” Remy got out of the car, started to strip off his shirt. My eyes got wide as shoes, socks, trousers and underwear followed in rapid succession. Remy the went to the back of the Explorer, found a bag, pulled out some sunscreen and started to smear it all over. And I mean, ALL over. I suddenly realized that Remy had no intention of putting on any trunks.

 He threw the sunscreen at me. “ Would y’ do my back, cher?” I snapped out of my awestruck, somewhat aroused stupor and started slopping the stuff all over that lean, greyhound back. And lovely ass. When I’d finished, Remy grinned at me. “T’anks. Now your turn. Get undressed, baby.”

 I felt a wave of huge embarrassment. * Err, Remy, maybe I’ll take a rain check on the swimming. Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll unpack. *

 I saw real disappointment cross his face, but he reined it in. He kissed the top of my head. “ Ok, Jono, but y’ don’ know what y’ missin’.”  Then he walked out on to the beach and into the beautiful blue water, looking for all the world like some ancient nature god.

 My embarrassment faded, and it was replaced by anger, anger at myself. Why was I being such a namby-pamby coward? “Ok, Jono,”I thought to myself, “ so yer can’t swim. But yer can’t bloody drown either, you fucking idiot, since yer don’t breath! And when a gorgeous naked man asks yer to go skinny-dipping with him, by God, yer GO!”

 I didn’t go so far as strip, however. Despite me recent behavior behavior, I’m still a Brit. I found some shorts and a t-shirt, and put on about two inches of sunscreen on every exposed area of skin. I dunno if I can still burn or not, but I didn’t want to take the chance. Then I made a very determined Churchill-never-say-die march to the water. Rule Britannia!

 The ocean turned out to be the temperature of a warm bath, it was wonderful. I got out to where the water got up to my stomach, then Remy spotted me. Of course, he swims like a dolphin. He glided over, a big, delighted smile on his face. “Cher, y’ changed y’ mind!”

 *Err, yeah. * I sighed. *Remy…I can’t swim. *

 He looked astonished. “ Quoi?”

 * Only had one lesson. It was at a public pool, and when I saw that the Mulrony twins were peeing in the shallow end, I wanted nothing more to do with it. *

 Remy burst out in laughing, and he stood and gathered me in his arms. “ Oh, Brer Rabbit, y’ have to be de most wonderful t’ing in de whole wide world.”

 * I don’t see quite how. I think I’m an idiot. *

 He gave me a quick kiss. “Trust me on dis one, sweet. Now let Remy give y’ a few swimming lessons.”

 * All right then. But if yer decide to take a pee, just don’t tell me. * Remy cracked up again.

 It really turned out to be easier than I thought. I was helped by the fact that I can’t possibly sink, I float like a cork. Within a half hour, I had a very respectable sidestroke down pat. Once I lost my self-consciousness, it became bloody marvelous. The water, the sun, the wind, and this incredible man who smiled at me with such affection. Another moment of complete happiness to hold in my heart forever.

 Then a wave of desire just washed through me. Remy just looked so beautiful, his ivory skin glistening in the blue of the water, heavy red hair all slicked back. I wanted him badly, and I boldly let him know it without my usual hesitation. I splashed up to him and ran my hands down his sleek, muscled torso. Remy sighed with soft pleasure at my touch. He grabbed me about the waist, and I let my fingers play over his hard shoulders, the dip of his collarbone, then brushing across peaking nipples. He moaned as I grew more and more brazen, and I could see his cock growing rigid under the water. I was also very excited, and Remy’s long fingers slipped into my shorts and started to stroke my ass.

 Our hands began to go everywhere, and my clothing eventually got tossed out to sea. I didn’t care. All I was focused on was my lover, giving him pleasure and getting it in return. It was almost a sensual overload, the warm water all round, the feel of Remy’s skin, his cries over the sound of the surf.

 I took his balls in my hand and teased them, getting some garbled French in return; he buried his face in my shoulder. Then I placed a hand on his penis and felt it jerk in response as I stroked. * Oh Remy, I want yer. * I mentally whispered.

 “ Want y’ too, baby. “ Remy licked my ear, and then bit it. God.

 * Come on, then * I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards shore. By now, I was really amazing meself. Remy was usually the one taking the lead, now it was me. And he seemed to love it as I pulled him down on the white-hot sand, lying on top of him. We were still both wet, and Remy’s skin felt heavenly, like cool satin. The only thing not cool was his hard cock, which poked into my belly like a heated rod. I ground my penis against his, and it was an amazing, delicious sensation, the friction making us both moan and shudder. I put my fingers in his mouth and he ran a hot tongue over them, making me sigh into his chest.

 I stroked him all over, worshipped him with my hands, felt his cat muscles ripple, made him arch his back. He was panting now, his fingers digging into my lower spine.

 “ Cher, Remy wan’ y’ so bad.”  There was a slight begging tone in that deep voice.

 * I want you too love, I…* I had totally lost all inhibitions now. * I want to be inside yer. * I hadn’t done this yet, and the prospect made me tremble.

 For a brief second, I saw a flicker of hesitation on Remy’s face, and I became afraid I had done something wrong. * Remy, I’m sorry, does that idea bother yer? If it does, that’s all right, we can-  *

 “Non, Jono, non. I want y’ to take me, to fuck me.” He pulled my face close to his, his entire body was trembling. He whispered hoarsely in my ear, “ Biasez-moi, amoureux, sil’ te plait.” His strange eyes were now glowing like coals.

 I still wasn’t sure, and I didn’t want to hurt him. I made a move to get up, go get the lube or something, and he stopped me by grabbing my wrists.

 “Now, cher, now! I want y’ now!”

 * But I don’t want to hurt- *

 He reached down and stroked my erection, seducing me, making me shiver. “Oh cher, Remy know dat y’ never hurt him. You my sweet lover, Jono, I trust y’. Please cher, come inside me, make me scream, fuck me.” He continued to torture me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I sat up slightly, and I spread as much precum moisture over my aching cock as I could. Then I opened his legs. I found his tight entrance with my finger. He was so sweet and hot inside, Remy gasped and thrust himself wantonly against my hand. He was driving me crazy, and I withdrew my hand, positioned myself and slowly entered his body.

 Oh Jesus. The feeling was sheer ecstasy, I had no idea it would be so amazing. He was so tight, and I had to fight the overwhelming urge to start slamming into him like a madman. But I wanted it to be just as good for him, too. I began to very slowly thrust in and out, watching his face for any signs of discomfort.

 * Remy, oh God, sweetheart, are yer all right? Is this okay? *

 He wrapped his long legs around me, pulling me deeper inside him. “ Dis more den okay, honey, dis so fucking good. Oh, Jono…” He started to urge me on even further, without words, by panting, grunting and moaning. His body gripped me like a velvet vise, it was paradise, it was Nirvana, it was the Body Electric.

 Remy now had a thin sheen of sweat covering him, mixed with the salt water, he smelled incredible. I started to build a rhythm, and Remy coaxed me as I thrust away. I felt like I was on fire after awhile, my whole body was throbbing. Dazed, I found Remy’s swollen cock and fisted it roughly. He began to whimper, begging me for the final release.

 “Please, Jono, please, ah oui, please baby, make me cum, dis is such a sweet, good fuck, I want to cum, ah, YES!”

 He suddenly just screamed, and cum just exploded from his cock in a hot, steamy fountain. His orgasm caused his inner muscles to clamp down on me, and that was it. I screamed my own release, and then Remy managed to send me his climax as well, and he howled again when he experienced mine. It was all just devastating, so strong I was just completely lost for a moment in a complete, throbbing tidal wave of delirium. I collapsed on top of him like a falling tree.

 I’m happy to report that I didn’t pass out this time, although reality was disconnected for a moment. I just lay there like limp spaghetti, listening to the sound of the waves and Remy’s gradually slowing breathing.

 I finally was able to lift my head, and look at him, my wild angel. He seemed pretty dazed himself, and had a rapturous expression of complete abandon on his face. Then his eyes met mine, and he smiled at me, a smile so sweet and gentle and joyous that I just died. And I didn’t even gather my courage, or think about it, I just seized the moment. I looked into his eyes and jumped off the lavatory.

 * I love you Remy. *

 He blinked for a moment, and he seemed very startled. I had a flash of pure fear, I had made a terrible mistake, I had said it too soon, or he didn’t ever want it to be said. I cringed, and felt that I was about to hit the ground.

 But then he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. Then he whispered very softly, “J’taime, mon petite ange. J’taime, mon couer.”

 Tears sprang to me eyes, and I tried to smile my smile at him. I marveled over the fact that Remy somehow thought of me as his angel too. Me, Jonothan Starsmore. And of all the Moments in me life, this was the ultimate. I had told someone that I loved them, and they loved me back.

 And yer know what, mate? It’s a thousand times better than flying ever could be.

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