Midnight Confessions
By Rebop

He used to think Jono was fucking nuts to live in the basement. It as cold and dark and damp, the décor was painted cement and pipes. There was a strong possibility of rats. Goth or not, didn't do one thing to help his best friend's depressed, totally screwed-up nature.

 But that was before IT happened. When one of those long, wee-hours- of- the-morning bull sessions turned into Something Else. When Jono finally let go of the Paige thing. When Ange admitted to not exactly being straight. When comfort turned into rough, awkward touching; followed by groans and ragged, happy sighs. And that mildew-ridden hole became Paradise.

He bounded down the basement stairs, taking two at a time. Full of triple espresso jittery nerves and sweet anticipation. He knocked softly on Jono's door, right near Siouxsie Sioux's left ear. A second later, a telepathic voice sounded in his head, all deep and sexy hoarse.

* There yer are. Get yer arse in here, ya toerag.*

 Ange chuckled and stepped inside. Jonothan was at his desk, sitting in front of his computer. He must have just taken a shower; his crazy hair looked dampish and his long, lean frame was draped in a black (of course) velvety bathrobe. Large brown eyes crinkled in greeting. Ange's heart jumped and skittered.

 *Where the hell have yer been? Been bored to tears, mate. *

 "Sheeyeah, right. You been on the "Wild n' Nasty Boy Toy" website. Probably didn't even know I was gone."

Jonothan laughed, and Angelo plopped himself into a waiting lap, lover's privilege. He kissed Jono's forehead. He smelled deliciously good, like sandalwood soap and shampoo. "Anyways, I took a field trip into town."

Jonothan's very English nose bumped into Angelo's cheek. *Was it educational? *

 Angelo felt his face get all warm. Crap. C'mon, Espinosa, homeboys don't blush. "Uh, yeah, you could say that. Checked out this new store."

 *What store? * A long fingered hand started to slowly trace a pattern across his stomach. Ange's blush spread further. *Yer beginning to sound like Jubes the Mall Rat. That's worrisome. *

 Angelo closed his eyes, trying not to get too distracted by that hand, so nice and warm. "Jubacita wouldn't know `bout this store, vato. Leastways, I hope not. Ever hear about `Midnight Confessions'?"

 Jonothan started and stared. * Ange, isn't that one of them sex shops? *

 Angelo enjoyed smirking. "Yup."

 *How in the fuck did yer just waltz in there? Sean or Emma would kill yer if they found out. *

 "Ah, my dear Starsmore, you underestimate the cleverness of the Grey Ghost. I sorta `borrowed' Artie's Image Inducer. I looked like a forty-year-old businessman on his lunch hour. Paid cash, of course. It went slicker than snot."

 Jonothan's eyes were crinkling so hard they were almost squinted shut. * You clever shit!* A hard smack. *But how come yer didn't take me? I been dying ter sneak in to one of them places. *

 Angelo ran a hand over his lover's mad Troll doll hair, making it even messier. "Maybe next time." Butterflies the size of bats suddenly fluttered through his stomach. "I wanted to go in and getcha a present." He pulled out a small brown bag from a baggy jeans pocket.

  *Aw Ange, yer shouldn't have. * Jonothan picked up the bag, pleased and chuckling. *So, what is it then? A bit small for a blowup doll. Or a twelve-inch dildo. Crotchless knickers?

 Angelo's grin got strained. "Open it and see, mano." God. Please let him like it, want to, not be weirded out…

 Jonothan rustled through the bag, and pulled out a pair of shiny handcuffs. Dark eyebrows rose. *Jesus, Ange! You perv! *

 A huge surge of total embarrassment. Ange bolted off Jono's lap like he had burned. He turned, so Jono couldn't see his face. He fumbled through his pockets, really needing a smoke right now. "Hey, Jono, it was just a joke." He dropped his lighter on the floor. Shit!

 Velvet clad arms wrapped around his narrow waist. * Hey, hey, hey. Why are yer getting all freaked out? * Jono's psi voice lowered to a whisper. * Was just teasing yer. I'm sorry. * Jono's hands explored the contours of his belly again, gentle strokes. He pulled up Angelo's thin cotton tank top; palms skating over bare goose bumped flesh, kneading softly, softly. Ange relaxed and sighed, calming down.

 Jonothan rested his head on a knobby shoulder. *So…who wears the cuffs? *

The butterflies were back. "Uh…you."

 * Hmmmm… * Ange tensed, seconds seemed like years.* All right, then. *

 He let out a long breath. "Really?"

 Jono's right hand whispered higher on Angelo's narrow chest, grazing a nipple, playing with the soft, dark hair there. *Yeah, really. * A gentle nuzzle to his ear. *Look, mate. Yer don't ever have to be afraid. It's just me. Want ter make yer happy. And if yer got a fantasy or something, just tell me. I should tell yer though, I DO draw the line at wearing a nurse's uniform and ANYTHING involving sheep. *

 Angelo grinned wide. "How `bout a sheep IN a nurse's uniform?"

 *Yer sucha git * The harsh words contrasted with the play of the hands, so teasing and affectionate. Angelo's spine loosened, and he leaned into Jono. He should have trusted Jonothan more. Yeah, he had emotional problems, but as Ange had just recently discovered, he was totally fearless when it came to sex. Angelo was just the opposite. The macho bullshit he had been fed all his life had been tough to overcome. But this was all so very worth it.

 He let his lover play with him a bit more, nails lightly scratching, making him tremble. A fire began to stoke up in his groin. He turned and kissed Jono's forehead, a few strands of hair getting into his mouth. "Love you, amigo."

 A mental silence, which hurt more than he cared to admit. Jono hadn't said it back yet. But he understood him, knew what was holding him back, and was going to be patient. And Jonothan needed patience more than anything.

 Jono cocked his head, and by the faint blush coloring his pale skin, Ange could tell he was excited. It puzzled Ange more than a little that Jono could still blush, but so much about Jono was baffling. No matter, he loved and wanted all of him.

 *So are we gonner just stand around gabbing all night, Espinosa, or are we gonner do some serious, balls to the wall, down and dirty fucking? *

 "Down and dirty fucking comin' right up!" Angelo said, with more confidence then he was actually feeling. He mentally replayed every dirty movie and book, secretly scanned. "But before we go to town, man, we should have some, like',' rules. A safeword. So if you don't like something, you tell me the safeword, and it stops immediately. That way you don't get hurt. It's supposed to be for pleasure and stuff."

 Jono's eyes were twinkling. *Of course. How `bout `bugger' as the safeword? *

 Angelo snorted and popped Jonothan affectionately on the head. "Estupido. `Bugger'. Jesus. Let's just have it be `parar'."

 *Stop in Spanish? *

 "You're so bilingual."

 *Nah. Just bi. *

 Angelo laughed again, then sighed. They weren't getting anywhere goofing around like this. He took yet another deep breath. "Um...more rules: No talking unless I tell you to, and you do exactly as I say."

 *Does that include doing your physics homework? * Jonothan chuckled. He sobered a bit at Angelo's expression. *Sorry, Ange. I'm not behaving with the proper spirit, am I? Guess I'm nervous. Never done this before, either. *

 Somehow, Ange was relieved to hear this. So Jono was a virgin too - well, relatively speaking. It would make it easier, fumbling around together.

 *Tell yer what, why don't I generate a little atmosphere? Might help us, yer know, get in the mood. *

 Angelo nodded and smiled. If there was one thing that Goths knew how to do, it was create atmosphere. Jonothan was no exception. He watched his lover dim the lights, put on some eerie, dark music, touch a match to a couple of candles. Hokey as it was, it helped.

 When he had finished, Jono stood by his bed, big eyes all expectant. *So - no projecting unless yer tell me. I do what yer say. And the safeword is `parar'. *

"Perfecto, amigo." Angelo grabbed the handcuffs and the tiny key, laid them on the nightstand. His heart was banging like a sledgehammer in his chest. So this was really, really going to happen, and he loved Jonothan all the more for wanting to give it to him.

 He stood behind his lover. "Open your robe," he said, in a deep, commanding voice.

 Jonothan started to obey, then burst out laughing. * M' sorry, sorry! But you'll have to lose the Darth Vader tone if this is gonner work. *

 Angelo was tempted to laugh too, but he knew if he gave in, they might as well call it quits. He gave Jono a sharp slap on the ass, one that he could feel even through the robe. "I said no talking! Now obey your Master! Or you're going to be seriously punished."

 Jono sobered instantly and the feeling in the room shifted. With trembling fingers, he undid the tie of his robe. It fell open, revealing a long, lean body and milk white skin. He was so beautiful, even with the bandages across his chest.

 Angelo whispered in Jono's ear. "Pull your shorts down. I wanna see all of you. Do it slow."

 Jonthan started to shake a bit more. He obeyed the command, pulling his boxers down those endless thighs, letting the clothing fall crumpled to the floor. Ange watched, an erection straining against the fabric of his jeans. The room was suddenly very hot. He grabbed one of Jono's t-shirts from the floor and tied a blindfold across his lover's eyes. Jonothan started a bit, but didn't protest. Ange wasn't sure how he would take something else covering his face. He waited for a moment to see if it made him uncomfortable, but Jono stood, statue still, with an impressive hard-on of his own.

 "Lie down on the bed." Angelo ordered, a slight hitch in his voice. Jono moved carefully, reaching out to find the bed behind him. He lay face up, legs hanging over the side.

 Holy mama. Angelo drank in the sight. He had never found pale people attractive before, but Jono was in a catagory all his own. By the flickering candles, he seemed to glow from within. Like starlight.

 Ange got down on the bed beside Jono, licking his dry lips. "Touch yourself. I want to watch."

For a few seconds, Jono just lay there. Then, with deliberate care, he let his right hand graze down his flat belly, past the navel, over a line of soft, reddish hair. He ran his fingers over his cock, which was thrusting up at the ceiling. He stroked himself slowly, small hips rocking.

 Ange watched, almost forgetting to breathe. He kicked his shoes off, yanked his jeans and underwear down. He pumped his fist over his own dick, never taking his eyes off him. Goddamn. This was probably the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his life. If he wasn't careful, though, he was going to cum all over the bed.

 "Stop," he said, trying not to moan. Jono halted in mid stroke. A long, low agonized groan sounded in his head. Angelo shuddered. "Roll over."

 Jono did was he was told, and Ange stood up, taking the opportunity to completely strip. He grabbed the cuffs. "Put your hands over your head." Wiry arms stretched out, brushing the wall. He snapped the cuffs over impossibly delicate wrists. Another amazing picture. Ange yanked the robe back, feasting his eyes on a graceful back, and an ass you could just weep over. He ran grey fingers over it, savoring the tight muscle and warm, soft skin. Another mental sound, a whimper this time.

 "So, Jono, you been a bad boy, si? Gonna punish you now. You want it? You can answer me."

 *Yes...punish me, please, Ange. * There was a delicious tone that Ange had never heard from Jono before. Pleading, needy, hoarse with want. *Punish me real good. *

A hard smack on that white, vulnerable ass. Jono jerked, his fingers clenched, but he stayed still for the most part, obedient.

 "Want some more?"

 *Yes, please. Want it, Ange, want it so bad. *

 Angelo had resigned himself to the fact that as far as mutant powers went, his was pretty lame. However, as far as sex was concerned, he had discovered he was a god. He widened his hand, stretched out his fingers. Jonothan Starsmore was about to get the spanking of his life.

 A sharp sound, skin cracking against skin. Another blow, another and another. Red hand- marks stood out in sharp relief against Jono's vampire-like flesh. His lover shouted with each strike, wordless cries of pain and intense pleasure. Jono's fingers were now digging into the wall, gouging off the thin paint.

 Angelo was sweating, grey skin slick. His cock was hard enough to drive a nail. He abruptly stopped the punishment; surveyed the evidence with sweet satisfaction. He touched his lips to the flaming, reddened ass.

 "Oh, babes, you're so beautiful." Jono's answer was a throaty murmur. Angelo continued to kiss and lick, soothing and gentle. "Gonna give you a reward now. You like that?"

 *Yes, Ange, oh yes. Pleasepleaseplease. *

 Angelo laughed and found their precious tube of lubricant in the nightstand drawer. "Spread your legs. Wide."

 Jonothan did as he was told and Angelo almost died. He resisted the urge to just slam in there and fuck the daylights out of him. Instead, he coated his fingers thickly with lube. He caressed the exposed pucker with care, coaxing moans and ragged sighs. Jono was trembling like a racehorse at the starting gate.

"Tell me what you want, Jono."

 *Fuck me, Ange, please, fuck me. *

 Angelo thrust in a finger. "Like that?"

 *Yessss...God, yes! *  A shuddering, telepathic sigh. Ange concentrated, made his finger thicker, longer. Jono howled, then went completely rigid when Angelo found his prostate. Each swipe over that hard bump drove Jono crazy. He thrashed around in the bed like a madman, hips rubbing in gorgeous frustration against the coverlet, handcuffs clinking.

 Angelo was panting and grinning-he had to put an end to this before they both lost it. "Don't you dare cum! Not until I say so, anyways." He slipped his finger out. "Gonna fuck you bigtime, Jonothan Starsmore. Gonna make you beg for mercy."

 He. flipped Jono over, pulled him upright. Jono's cock was pink and weeping, crystal drops of precum slithering down the shaft. Angelo kissed it, tasted his lover's distinctive flavor, watched him shiver. He poured lube over his own dick, making himself moan.

 He sat on the bed, propped up against the headboard. He guided Jono on his knees, into a straddling position, his still very red ass poised over Angelo's waiting and eager dick He pulled Jono's cuffed hands over his head, letting his arms rest on his shoulders. He untied the blindfold, and Jono blinked in the the light. Angelo touched the bandaged face. "Want you to look me in the eyes as I fuck you, babes. You got that?"

 Jono nodded, chestnut hair falling every which way over his face. His chocolate eyes seemed enormous, and that mysterious blush had increased, rose pink over porcelain. Ange grabbed Jono's ass with one hand, with the other he rubbed the head of his cock against his lover's entrance. Jonothan balanced himself against Ange, and slowly, carefully, he impaled himself on Angelo's aching dick.

 Dios, he was sooo tight. A pussy was wonderous, but his Jono was like Nirvana. It was hot, like the first level of hell, searing velvet. Angelo hissed almost in time with a groan from Jono. His lover's eyes closed, and his head tilted back.

 Ange grabbed a big fistful of hair, jerked it hard. "Hey, I said look at me!" he growled. He made his cock grow larger inside Jono, filling him completely. Jono wailed, a high keening no-sound, and his erection poked Ange's stomach with terrible urgency.

 "Now fuck yourself on me. Give me pleasure."

 Brown eyes locked into inky black ones.  Jono began to move, Angelo clutching those narrow hips in a death grip, guiding him and keeping him upright. Jono's forehed rested on his as Angelo's big cock slickered in and out.

"That's it, babes, give it to me, give me everything you got."

 And Jono did. An insane rhythm started, one that had them both yowling like frantic tomcats. Jono's nails raked Angelo's back and the sharp pain added to the ecstacy.

 This was just so absolutely fucking good. Everything fell away, and they were just a tight Tantric knot of desperate bliss. Angelo didn't want it to ever, ever end.

 But it had to, unfortunately. Jono's eyes bore into his, begging, the rules and the game forgotten. *Ange, I gotta cum, I'm gonner die! Please, Ange, please! *

 "Okay, babes, okay - cum for me, cum hard."

Angelo managed to get a hand between them, both bodies now covered with Angelo's sweat. `slick bastard', hmm, Ange? He found Jono's cock, and gave it three hard strokes, and that's all she wrote. Jono's eyes rolled back in his head, his back arched like a drawn bow. He was strangely silent, and warm semen splashed up Angelo's front.

 Jonothan's mental shielding must have slipped, because a telepathic tsumami suddenly roared through Agelo's unprepared mind. There was an explosion of color and Jono's nonverbal howl. Angelo's body was racked with pleasure, every synapse went mad, and he totally lost it. e came and came and came, his own voice distant and raw in his ears.

For a brief second, oblivion. Then Ange came back to his senses, blinking in confusion. They were a tangle of limbs, Jono slumped bonelessy, like a marionette with cut strings.

 He shook his lover, a bit scared. "Hey mano - you okay?"

Jonothan raised his head, eyes squinting and happily sated. * M' fine. More than fine. Bloody fucking fantastic, actually. * He nuzzled Ange. *You okay? *

 Angelo kissed his face all over."Got run over by the Orgasm Bus. What the fuck was that?!" Ange's grin was now as intense as Jono's crinkle.

*Not sure. Lost control of me shields for a bit. Dumped my climax on you, and I picked up yours as well. Emma calls it `linking' or something. *

"Well, I'm gonna call it `Cosmic Sex Onna Roller Coaster'. No wonder `paths are so smug all the time. Dios." He smooched Jono's long nose. "You were fantastic, babes."

*An' you were a prime stud. *

"What else did you expect? I'm Puerto Rican."

*Which also must mean yer full of it. * Jono chortled, then sighed . *Um, Ange, I think I need to lie down. *

They managed to somehow pull apart, ending up side by side, facing each other. Angelo rubbed the small of Jono's back, tenderly.

* I love me present.* Jonothan said after a moment, bringing his still cuffed hands up near Angelo's face.

"It was my pleasure." Okay. Understatement of the century. Ange laughed quietly at himself.

*Love yer too. * Jono said with a blink of those incredible eyes. It took Ange's breath away, those words. He kissed his lover's fingers, and they stared at each other for the longest while. The cd stopped playing, and it was silent, except for the hiss in the basement pipes. It was one of the sweetest moments in Angelo's life.

Jono broke the spell by shaking the cuffs. *Hey, yer mind getting me out of these before we fall asleep? *

"Dunno babes, I kinda like then on..." Angelo teased, cracking up at the dirty look that Jono shot him. "Jesus. Don't get all pissy. `Specially not after the orgasm I gave you."

*Gave me? Gave me? Plonker! Seemed like yours truly was responsible for that! *

"Thought I was your stud, man. No gratitude at all." Ange sat up, and fumbled through the junk on Jono's nightstand. There were no keys to be found. "Uh, Jono. The key isn't here."

*Aren't you a riot. Ha. Ha. Quit kidding around, Espinosa. *

"I am not kidding. It must have dropped on the floor or something." Angelo started to paw the carpet, squinting around in the dim light.

Jonothan sat up, eyes wide. *Aw, for fuck's sake, Ange! You asshole! *  He whacked him with a pillow. *What are we gonner do if yer don't find `em? *

"Well, Emma or Sean might have to take us to a locksmith..."Angelo grinned his demon grin, getting another whack with the pillow. Then he heard  a roar of helpless psi laughter banging through his head. Jono rolled around on the bed, tears streaming down his face. He watched his lover laugh, happy that he could give him this. And he decided to wait awhile before telling him that he had found the key. This was too good an opportunity to waste...


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