The Lost Boys
By Rebop

Chapter 8

It is said that those in the medical profession prove to be the most miserable patients; Dr. McCoy happily proved to be otherwise. He was ecstatic just to be alive and breathing, and madly in love. What else could one ask for?

For at least a week, Henry was an invalid; he had all the strength of a tottery newborn lamb. But both Remy and Pila were excellent caregivers- he wanted for nothing, save maybe to go to the bathroom by himself. He slept a great deal those first few days and was given a rich and satisfying broth made by Pila. He discovered later it that contained kinkajou and some kind of root. When he was able, Hank dutifully jotted down the recipe.

Remy was constantly at his side. The Cajun napped with him at times, which was delightful as well as necessary. Remy wouldn't exactly admit it, but he was quite wrung out and exhausted from their recent ordeal. Both Hank and Gambit had dropped a great deal of weight, and Remy certainly had less to lose than Henry did. Hank was going to put them both on the inactive list when they finally made it back to the mansion.

In spite of their somewhat shaky physical condition, both men were in excellent spirits, and happy in that universally annoying way all lovers are. When Henry was up to it, they talked, so much so that Pila jokingly called them the two macaws. They spent long afternoons under a large rosewood tree, lying on mats, watching the villagers go about their business. They dozed and made future plans. Remy told Hank about this great soul food restaurant in New York he wanted to take Hank to. "Cher, you haven't lived until y' tried deir chitlins and cornbread. Outta dis world". Hank in turn, knew of a wondrous jazz club in the Village that they had to visit. And both men solemnly agreed that their first trip together would be to Venice.

They also played cards, continuing the infamous Gin Rummy tournament, varied by hands of Canasta. The cards captured the interest of the villagers, and Remy taught all who wanted to know the basics. Go Fish was an early favorite, and poker gradually became the rage, Texas Hold `em and Red Dog being the most popular variations. The Indians played for fishhooks and arrowheads; Remy gave away all his spare decks. It rather amused Hank to see these dignified people of the Stone Age, in their paint and feathers, playing Blackjack like Vegas cardsharps. Pila, not surprisingly proved to be an especially deadly player. Remy almost lost his pants to her during one memorable game.

One morning found Hank outside, under the favored rosewood tree. He was walking on his own now, and he could feel his energy and strength returning. Remy had gone fishing with Krekon; the chief couldn't quite get enough of that miraculous kinetic charge. Henry had played a little with Ani, and when she had wandered off, he took the opportunity to go over his notes. He was making a tiny sketch of a hut when Pila sat down quietly beside him. She studied his drawing for a moment and smiled, then without preamble, she said;

< You will be going home soon, Henrymccoy. >

Hank put down his notepad. < Really? >

<Yes. I had an interesting vision last night. A beautiful woman with dark skin and white hair came from the sky to fetch you. Does she sound familiar? >

< Uh…very. > Hank felt like someone had rubbed his fur the wrong way. Pila's gifts, no matter how many times she used them, would always give him the shivers. He took a deep breath, and picked up the shaman's tiny, knotted hand. < I will miss you very much, mother. I can't tell you how much our friendship has meant. And I thank you for all you have done. >  Henry was struck by a thought. < Would you like to come with me? See my world? >

Pila became thoughtful, wrinkled mouth pursed in a slight frown. <Hmm. That would be interesting. I have always wanted to see what was outside the forest. I am sure there are countless wonders. > She finally shook her head. < But I cannot leave my people, dear friend. I am nearing the end of my time, and I must finish training one who will replace me. And that is the way of things. >

Hank felt a stab of terrible sadness, but he understood. He gently patted Pila's hand, and they quietly smiled at each other. The old woman leaned forward, and kissed Hank softly on his cheek. The she rose and walked away, leaving Henry with tears in his eyes. He managed to return to his sketch, vision blurry for a long while.

Remy and Krekon returned in triumph half an hour later, bearing a handsome and singed catch. It caused a minor hubbub, making Hank smile widely. He watched Remy laugh with everyone, teasing the kids, flirting a little with the women. So much more at ease then back home. Hank hoped that would change someday, although it would be an uphill battle. Here, Remy had no past; the villagers took him at face value, never judging. At the mansion, an entirely different story. Henry silently vowed to help bury those things, for once and for all.

He was so lost in thought; he didn't realize that the tall thief had somehow melted away from the crowd. He blinked in surprise when Remy's deep, Cajun patois came from out of the greenery some distance behind him.

"Hey - Henri - c'mere." Hank dutifully got up and moved over to the edge of the forest, in the direction of the voice. He moved a ways through the underbrush, trying to spot the Cajun, impressed with Remy's abilities. There was a light tap on his shoulder, and Remy slipped out of a shadow. His battered leather duster was under one arm, and his expression was full of anticipation and mischief. He leaned forward and brushed Hank's lips with his own. "You up for a little walk, mon ami? Don't t'ink dat anybody miss us for awhile."

Hank kissed his lover back. "What a lovely idea, my dear. You lead, and I will follow."

Remy smiled his most charming Southern smile and took Henry's big, clawed hand in his. He led the doctor down a narrow twisting path, away from the village.

It was so nice to be alone, just the two of them. Hank had come to love the Quetzal people, but they had no real concept of privacy. The forest was rather quiet and still at the moment, and Hank loved holding Remy's hand as they walked. His lover had a definite destination in mind, but he wasn't talking about it, nary a hint. Instead, he hummed a soft tune in his bourbon on the rocks voice, lazily smiling at Hank all the while. It made a few butterflies careen about in Hank's stomach.

After about ten minutes, Remy stopped, sexy grin even wider. "Now close y' eyes, Henry. Gotta surprise for y'."

"A surprise? How delightful!" Hank chuckled a bit at Remy's look; his poker game face replaced by a four year old kid at Christmas. He dutifully shut his eyelids, and Remy clasped Hank's hand even tighter. He guided the doctor forward, carefully navigating Hank over rocks and a large fallen log. Henry's butterflies changed into big, wild bats, and he fought an ungentlemanly urge to peek.

He had a good idea what was up after another fifty feet. There was the sound of rushing water and the air had gotten perceptibly cooler. "Open y' eyes now, cher." Remy whispered.

Henry's eyes fluttered open and his mouth made a big, round `o'. He had figured that they were at the local swimming hole, but lord god, what a swimming hole it was! A small waterfall splashed from the side of the cliff, empting into a emptying into a crystal clear jewel of a pool. Ferns and flowers decorated the water's edge, along with golden sand. It was perfect and primordial, the kind of place Adam and Eve would have whiled away the time in Paradise.

Remy threw a hand across Hank's shoulder. "Ain't dis somet'ing? De kids brought me here a couple of times while you was napping. Water's nice and cool, spring fed, and fast, so dere ain't no danger of piranhas. Just had to show y', Hank. Knew y' would just love it."

Hank was beaming. " Indeed, it's breathtaking. Like some kind of tropical dream. Where on earth is the camera crew?"

Remy's smile became a bit wicked. "Now dat I know you approve, what de hell we wastin' valuble skinny-dipping time for? Usually dis place got `bout half de village in it." He gave Hank a very sloppy Bugs Bunny smooch. "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

Hank laughed and easily won the stripping race, as he only had trunks to shed. He left Remy on the shore, cheerfully cursing and still yanking off his boots. Hank splashed his way to the pool's deep center, the pure water like silk against his skin. He dove underneath and resurfaced on his back, gently floating. Memories of childhood swims of the past filled his head, long days on lake Wocohiscan. This felt as good and carefree.

He glanced back at his lover, now almost naked, pale sculpted body gleaming in the soft light. He seemed unworldly and beautifully strange, some elven being coming to an enchanted pool for a dip. A sweet tingle skittered through his body; he had a feeling that the Cajun's nakedness would undo him now and forever. But there was now no shame; his lust was honest and natural as their surroundings.

Remy threw the last of his clothing in a small pile, and with his usual casual grace, he dove in. He surfaced near Hank, dark red hair slicked back, accentuating his sharp features. He paddled near, otter confident in the water.

"So, you finally join me, Misuer Rotten Egg."

Remy chuckled. "Don't know what in de hell I was t'inkin', makin' dat kinda bet, me. I'm losin' my touch."
"Indeed. And since I am the victor, I should claim my prize." Hank reached out and grabbed the Cajun, pulling him close. He found a spot where they could both stand, hugging Remy tightly to his muscular frame. He cupped Remy's face in both hands, kissing him, tasting both cool water and Remy's warm, yielding lips. Remy sighed into Hank's mouth, and then he chuckled.

"Well, mercy, Henri. You ARE feelin' better." He rubbed catlike against Hank, one hand clutching the doctor's ass. "And uh, looks like de cold water ain't done nothin' to dampen y' enthusiasm." Thief's fingers discovered Hank's newly formed erection and teased. "My, oh my. Dat for me?"

Hank groaned at the touch, and managed a laugh. "All for you, my darling." Hank wrapped his lover tight in his arms, kissing him harder and deeper. His tongue found Remy's, and they playfully taunted each other. Hank's hands got busy gliding over smooth wet skin, feeling the hard muscle underneath. He traced the endless, willowy spine, cupped a taunt ass. He somehow managed to pull away from Gambit's dangerous mouth, burying his face in the long neck. Remy shuddered, and then gave a small grunt when Hank placed a careful bite. Remy's hands grasped Henry's shoulders in a death grip as Hank licked his collarbone, and ended up at a very vulnerable nipple. He sucked at the enticing little nub, getting all sorts of throaty sounds from Remy, sounds that made his own cock twitch in response.

He reached underwater and between Remy's legs was a lovely answer to his torture, a heated shaft begging to be touched. Hank stroked, making Remy squirm in happy agony. Hank renewed the attack on his nipple, and Remy went a bit crazy, muttering in fast French, fingers clutching his back fur almost painfully. He panted into Hank's ear, "Oh, Hank, want you, want you. Do anyt'ing for y', mon couer."

Hank took a deep breath, Remy's tone almost undoing him. He nearly lost his balance when Gambit's tongue flicked into his ear. "Let's go back to shore, Hank. Got `nother surprise."

"Another one?" Henry couldn't imagine what it could be, but knowing Remy, he was sure it was going to be good. Not wanting to stand on ceremony, Hank grabbed the Cajun and hoisted him over his shoulder. Remy burst out laughing.

"Saints, Henry, didn't t'ink you was de caveman type."

Hank chuckled as he splashed over to the shore. " Well, now, you did say there was a surprise involved, and if you are the culprit, there's no telling what I have in store for me. First Amazon Jacuzzi? A harem of exotic dancing girls? Whipped cream and handcuffs?" Remy continued to laugh, then managed to pinch Hank's ass in spite of his position. "Just you wait, cher. It gonna be worth it."

Hank found a likely spot near Remy's discarded clothing and laid his lover down in the soft, warm sand. Henry sprawled. on top of him, resting most of his weight on his elbows. He kissed Remy, teasing and lightly nipping, rubbing his erection against Gambit's. Remy moaned and gasped.

"So spill, Grand Master Thief ! What did you get out of the crackerjack box?" Hank managed to reach down and gave Remy's cock a few deft, punishing strokes.

Remy arched against him, face flushed, "Oh god, Hank! In my coat, left inner pocket!"

Henry smiled and kissed Remy breathless. "Good - now don't you dare move." Remy gazed up at him, red eyes slitted. "Wouldn't t'ink of goin' anywhere, mon amor."

Hank rolled off Remy and found the coat, so ragged and torn. He fumbled in the pocket and pulled out - a gourd?

McCoy was treated to the sound of rich, Louisiana laughter, and Remy clutched at his sides. "Oh - oh - Hank! You face!" He went into another fresh torrent of hysteria.

Henry squatted down beside him, bemused. As Remy continued to laugh, he examined the dried gourd with greater care. The Quetzal tribe used gourds to store things in, and, after shaking it slightly, Hank felt something swishing around inside. He twisted the top, which functioned as a lid. He sniffed at the contents, dipped a finger in. Pulling it out, it was covered with a heavy, golden oil. And a light bulb went off over Hank's head. He stared at his lover.

"Remy - really? You think we could use this to…?"

Remy was suddenly very serious. "Yah. Want y' in de worst way, Henry McCoy. Don't want to wait no more. Been t'inkin' and t'inkin' about it, and Remy, he clever boy. Saw de women using dis stuff to cook with, and I said to myself…hmmm." A devilish smile slid across Remy's face, making Hank's knees go weak. He took the gourd from Henry's hand, setting it carefully in the sand. He got to his knees, garnet eyes shining with both love and lust.

"Stand up, Henri. Let's get dis show on de road." Hank obeyed, trying hard not to keel over. Remy ran his hands up Henry's thighs, fingers playing with the fur, kneading caressing. He explored the small of Henry's back, massaged his ass. He rubbed his face into Hank's belly, a gesture so erotic that Hank's erection bobbed upward. Remy grinned, and with a sly glance, began to delicately nibble on the tip. Hank groaned, long and low.

"Oh my god, Remy! Yesyesyesyes…"

"Keep talkin', Henri " Remy purred. "Love to hear y' voice, makes me sooo hot." He lapped his tongue over Hank's penis, velvety and warm.

Hank reached down and tangled his hands in Gambit's wet hair. "Suck me then, Remy, let me feel that talented mouth on my cock." Remy smiled and with exquisite slowness, took Henry into his mouth. Hank's toes curled into the sand, wildfire traveling through his body. He watched as Remy took him deep, then pulled away, leaving Hank's hard-on glistening with spit and pre-cum.

"Oh god, Remy, find that sweet spot. And your mouth, your mouth-it's heaven." His lover cupped Henry's balls for a moment, and clever fingers touched a place that made Hank think the top of his head was going to blow off. He thrust his hips forward, fighting the urge to just slam into Remy's mouth. Remy sensed his need, and picked up the pace, that tongue making Hank gasp and sob.

"Ahh, ahh, oh, Remy, you are so good to me, yes, oh yes…" Hank thrust harder then he intended, and there was a muffled grunt from Gambit. The young man didn't slow, but continued to adore Henry with his wicked mouth. Hank's hand's caressed Remy's head, the fine-boned skull. "I think - I think – ooooh-god, I'm going to…" Remy took him deeper than ever and Hank helplessly climaxed, heart pounding, cock spurting down his lover's throat. Remy drank it down, and managed to catch Hank as his knees gave out.

He lay on his back and shuddered, and Remy slid on top of him. The Cajun licked his lips, kissed Hank very slowly. Hank tasted himself, sweet and salty. Remy pulled away, staring down, auburn hair a curtain over both of them.

"And now for round two," Remy said, want and dark heat in his voice.

Henry's eyes grew wide. "My dear, I'm not sure I can-"

"Yes y' can, mon amour. Don't worry none, Remy can get y' all hot and bothered again. Be my pleasure…" Remy captured his mouth once more, chewed on a lower lip, then that tongue, that marvelous wicked tongue flicked inside. And while he was doing this, Remy rubbed up against him, his erection causing a down and dirty friction against his own limp cock. Which began to harden, the dead miraculously coming back to life.

Mouth on his mouth, an assault on an ear, tender nipples half hidden by fur were bitten and ravished into painful peaks. Hank was being hit with an erotic natural force, and he was helpless and driven delightfully mad by the onslaught. He came out of his stupor and attacked back, swept up into the savage jungle fever. He couldn't get enough of Remy's skin and scent, the feel of his hot, sinful body.

Remy gave Hank a surprisingly sharp bite on his neck, but before Henry could scold, he was arrested by the sight of Remy pouring a large amount of oil into his hand. Which in turned was stroked lovingly over his penis, now getting harder and harder by the second. Hank threw back his head and closed his eyes, a slave to the sensation.

"Yeah, Henry, y' just let go, let me take care of y'."  A quick kiss on the nose, and Remy shifted his weight. Hank opened his eyes and gasped. With sure, deft grace, his lover mounted himself on top of Hank slowly, slowly. And oh. God oh god. So tight, so amazing. Remy acted like he was in a trance, mouth half opened, every muscle etched in sharp relief. Henry belatedly thought, in his pleasure-fogged haze, that they should have stretched Remy some before attempting this. Remy gave a sharp hiss, which added to his worry. Finally, the red eyes opened, and there was no pain there, just desire.

"Remy - I'm not hurting you, am I -?"

"Sssshhh…non, chere, feels bien. Used more den enough oil. Hurts so good, y'know? Don't worry, mon couer, I'm more den fine." A wide, satanic grin, and Remy began to grind down on Hank, taking his time, stroking himself, unafraid, unashamed. He played with his own nipples and made himself moan, and Hank began to have serious doubts he would survive this encounter.

Gambit fixed him with a demanding stare. "C'mon, Hank - fuck me! Give it to me good, chere."

Hank grabbed Gambit's narrow hips and began to do just that. He stopped thinking. And began to fuck Remy LeBeau with sweet, careless, joyous, abandon. Remy accepted his upward thrusts with crooning encouragement and cries of mad pleasure. Skin smacked against fur, a good hard rhythm was found and both of them were soon panting in time.

With a grunt, Hank slid one of his hands down to Remy's jutting hardness. He roughly pumped it in time to his thrusts, and Remy seemed to lose his mind.

"Ahhh - oh Hank, yeah - oh man - gonna cum, I -"

Another big thrust and Remy screamed his release to the skies, seed gushing over Hank's belly. Hank gasped at the sight, breath literally stolen from him as Remy's empathy suddenly went to work. Remy's orgasm was there, but that almost took a back seat to the feeling of trust and love that poured over him. It shattered him, and made him cry soundlessly, tears leaking from his eyes.

When the pleasure abated, the love was still there, quilt soft, almost a touchable thing. Hank felt so cherished and safe, as well as like a warm puddle of melted ice cream. Remy had collapsed on top of him, and Hank could feel him smiling into his chest. He smiled in return, and stroked Remy's back, a bit surprised that his hands were trembling.


Remy lifted his head and stared. "Wow? Dat's it? Wow? From Dr. Henry McCoy, de walking thesaurus? Well, I am very disappointed, Henry. Wow. What de hell?"

Hnak kissed Remy's chin, pretended to be chagrined. "As I now have no frontal lobes, that's going to be the best I can do. Take wow or leave it, LeBeau."

Remy smiled, red eyes crinkling. "Maybe dis ain't such a good t'ing after all, cher. Y' might lose too much IQ points. Remy could be bad for y'."

Hank wrapped the slender form in his big arms. He knew Remy was just teasing, but there was seriousness in his own voice. "Never, my dear. You are the best thing to enter into my life. It seems so strange that when we first came here, I was so lost and alone. And now…" Hank couldn't finish; he kissed Remy instead.

And Remy quietly kissed him back. "Found y'."

The End - For Now?

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