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All stories recommended here are M/K

Second Grace by Logan
Note: This story is sort of an AU, but not a drastic one. It diverges from canon after Requiem (season 7 finale) and doesn't take into account anything that happened after that. It's in three books. Each equally as good as the others. None will disappoint you in the slightest. I promise.

Oh, My God!! I love this fic. You are so going to be thanking me for turning you on to this one. That is if your smart enough to read it, which I hope you are. This is not one to be missed. It's beautiful, angsty, sexy, smart, long, and so well-written it makes you jealous of his talent. Yes, I did say he. We have a new male slasher breaking out into our fandom in a big way with this fic. This story is told from Alex's POV. In takes place after Requiem. Finally, freed from the Consortium Alex is trying to start all over again. He's gone back home, now that it's safer to do so, and is attempting to begin again. In this we get a glimpse of Alex's family and his efforts to reconnect with them after a long absence from their lives. We also see Alex mourning the abduction and possible death of his "sometimes lover" Mulder. Mulder gets returned eventually, of course. We then see Mulder doing something he never did in canon, wasn't allowed to do really. He starts trying to deal with his abduction, the fact that he might be the father of Scully's baby (Through insemination in this fic, Thank God!), and attempting to see if he and Alex can ever have anything beyond a sexual relationship. It's a slow course for these two putting their lives back together and trying to figure out if they can have a real relationship. It's how very grown up the characters are in this I loved. How they try to deal with their problems and work on them. How they are so very much men in the piece, in a way that only a man can describe to you. Ok, so the Alex's voice in this fic is very similar to my AlexMuse's voice. That's probably a factor of why I like it. Plus, the southern thing. I felt nostalgic for the South and I live there. It's a wonderful fic that you should not miss. One of the best I've seen come along in quite a while. This one has renewed my faith that there is hope for the M/K fandom. Fics this good are what keeps it strong. I absolutely love this one. I'll practically beg you to read it. You won't be disappointed, I promise you.

Photographic Memory by Morgan Peterson
I read this story a long time ago and for a while lost the link to it. I refound it again a while back and still loved it. I realized I hadn't rec'd it during the big X-Files rec-o-thon I went through a little while ago, but kept forgetting to rec it (no matter how many times I reminded myself). Before you go into this story you should know that I love the movie Dead Again, which is why this story appeals to me. It's plot is actually derived from that movie in a way. Sortof an M/K take on it. So plenty of romance and angst in this. I'll tack on a minor death warning, but it involves the guys past lives not their current ones, so no biggie. It follows the X-Files more than Dead Again, so don't worry about getting lost either. Just throws the boys into a similar situation as the one in Dead Again, but totally in the X-Files universe. This one is well worth a read. I just love it. Maybe you will too.

Daywalker by Aries
Note: This story was part of The Infernale Challenges. Which the main members of this little challenge circuit are Aries, Nicole S., and Orithain. Others have come and gone, but these three always stick with it. This one was part of the 'New Image for Alex' Challenge.

Like I mentioned in the note this was part of a challenge about writing a story to give Alex a new look. This one was Aries response to it. I've read this story I don't know how many times. It's been a while since I gave it a good read, but it is one of my favorites. In this one we see a more upscale kind of Alex, he's given himself a look closer to Fox's Armani style. He's done it to grab the attention of a certain FBI agent, want to guess who? Three guess, first two don't count. He captures his attention alright in a big way. Like a spider drawing in a fly, Fox is just helpless when caught in his gaze. Can't escape and doesn't even want to. This one isn't much more than a PWP, but it's a hot and very well done example of one. Despite this make-over Alex has given himself you need not fear though. Beneath it all he's still quite the leather boy. Either way he is gorgeous. No one can deny that. Just the other day I was visiting someone else's rec pages and found that they had been converted to X-files slash. Even though they had sworn they wouldn't they fell for our boys too. Thanks to a little help from some of the wonderful authors in this fandom and how gorgeous M/K are together. We've gotten a new convert.<laughing maniacally> I just love it when that happens.<g> Talk about spiders and flies, we've captured another one.

Wedding of the Year and Mindfield
by Ruthless & Relentless
Ok, I have to make a correction here. Below when I rec'd the story Deny Everything, I said it was the funniest M/K story I had ever read. Well, me and my insomniac brain forgot about Wedding of the Year. How I don't know, since this is one of my favorite stories out there. Had another brain freeze when I forgot to rec it and it's sequel Mindfield. Wedding of the Year is totally hilarious, this one is so damn funny. One of those stories I read in the middle of the night and nearly ruptured something trying not to wake the whole house up. It is all centered around Scully and Skinner's wedding and the hijinks that insure due to our dear sweet Ratboy not really that keen on attending. Mindfield is a prequel to this one I think rather than a sequel, it's in response to a question someone asked the writers about something they mentioned in Wedding of the Year. This story came about to explain it. It isn't really a humor story. It's more serious in some respects, plenty or angst, some romance and really hot sex. Oh yeah, Panther Alex Baby. I can't forget that. A hot steamy, wild version of Alex that I do love, even if I don't see him that way. A more feral Alex, think Alex ala Wolverine from the X-Men (the comic book version, much more feral). I totally liked this version of Alex though, he is sweet in a feral way. Intelligent too, a natural profiler to Mulder's trained one. I've found that plenty of slash writers out there are natural profilers, I've known I was for a decade or more. Doesn't matter though. Both these stories are great. The first one is so funny I crack up every time I read it. The other sweet and angsty, with a touch of feral quality for flavor.

The Performance Series by Orithain
Note: Part of The Infernale Challenges. This one was Orithain's response to 'The Train Challenge'.

This one emanates from one a Train challenge. It's a series of stories about some interludes between the two boys. It starts out as a way to barter for their lives from an alien shape-shifter who was ordered to kill them both, but doesn't really want to. He's curious about human sexuality and for a performance he's willing to spare their lives. I know it sounds a little odd, but it works for the stories. They are only really coerced into these little rendezvous during the first two stories. Even then they really enjoy themselves and it's no big hardship. You know, pent up desires and all that. After the first couple of interludes, it's all them. Hot sweaty and desperate for one another. Are you guessing yet that these aren't that much more than PWP's yet? They are pretty good ones though. I thoroughly enjoyed them. One of those set of stories that I've been know to read when I'm in a certain mood. Not a high angst level in these, though there is some. These are stories I like to read when I'm in the mood for seeing the boys get together happily, fall in love, and have lots of hot sex.<g> Definitely something to check out when you might be in that kind of mood.

Command Performance
Return Engagement
Curtain Call

Alice in Wonderland Series by Dr. Ruthless
Het Sex Warning: Now I'm a true slash girl, if I wanted to read about het sex I'd be reading het smut. So I like a little warning if there is any m/f stuff. So I'm giving anyone else who isn't into that a tip off. Het Sex in Part , as well as slash. Plus, I thought a warning for het sex was kind of humorous. So...this is mostly for humor factor.<g> I have a weird sense of humor.

This is a four part series by Dr. Ruthless that begins way back when M/K were first partnered up together. The first two stories take place right after the events with Augustus Cole in Sleepless and end somewhere right before Alex's betrayal in Ascension. In the third one we don't find the boys again until some time around 2 Fathers/1 Son. The last story takes place after the alien invasion and during the clean-up process. I'd say this whole series is really about finding things you didn't know you wanted and then losing them just when you finally have them within reach. Sometimes you know that you can't hold onto them from the start, but you wish that you could. Other times you recapture them only to find they are a walk down memory lane that still is to tenuous to hold onto. You have to hold on for dear life to keep them and fight if it something you really want. The price is often high for love, but more than worth it. Love makes you bleed sometimes, but never for long. It wants to make you feel like your worthy, that your past doesn't matter. Deserving has nothing to do with love. You don't have to deserve it, it isn't something you earn, it's always freely given. Whether you realize that at the time or not. It never really has a price, it's one of those things that is so rare it has no price. Though it's value is great. Ok, I'm waxing poetic here, so I'll shut up. I get all poetic every now and then. What can I say.<*dramatic sigh*>

The Green Eyed Monster Saga by Aries
Note: The series is set up in an odd order. To get some back story read  Alex's Journal first. Then Move in Condition and the actual story titled Green Eyed Monster. You might want to skip the Interlude: November. That was when Aries was pissed at DD for leaving the X-files and refused to let Mulder get off during sex. It really won't make any difference to the story to skip it.

This series is about just what it sounds like. The Green Eyed Monster of jealousy. Like I mentioned above, to really get the set up of how the boys got together read the prequel first. I like First Time stories, because I'm one of those people who doesn't like blank spaces. I like knowing how two people went from being enemies to lovers. Alex's Journal sets that up very well, a slow build up of trust and dosed with some Unrequited Love with a heavy dash of UST. The actual story titled The Green Eyed Monster is where we see that little ugly emotion raise it's head. Though there is a tiny bit of it in Alex's Journal, but it doesn't really last all that long. I have to say that I like the Prequel and Move in Condition better than the actual story GEM. Not that it isn't good, but I just love those two parts of the series. In GEM an old acquaintance of Alex's shows up he's got a little thing for Mulder and being the conquering kind of guy he is he sets out to seduce Mulder. Doesn't matter to him that Mulder and Alex are committed to each other. Doesn't matter that he doesn't stand a chance in hell with Mulder, he is going to try. Alex tries to warn Mulder what he's like, but Mulder doesn't listen to him. Even when Mulder doesn't respond to him the jerk still tries to make Alex suspicious that he did. It is the recovery of that incident that we go through from there. It's really a good story that I've read I don't know how many times. I love those two prequels. M/K slash at it's best.

Sound and Fury by Dr. Ruthless
Alex has figured out a way to strike a hard blow towards the aliens that could really tip the tide in the favor of the resistance. It will require a heavy sacrifice though, one that will cost him his life. So he decides that if he is going to be going down in a blaze of glory then he is going to have a little fun first. Do a few simple things really just for the sake of having fun. Enjoy himself for a few days, indulging in the simpler things in life. He has one thing he has to do before he goes though. He has to say good-bye to Mulder and let him know what he is going to do. That meeting doesn't really go as planned in more ways than one. Feelings are revealed and once they are Mulder refuses to let Alex go through this alone. If he can't find another way to stop the aliens, then they will go with Alex's plan of attack. Except Mulder is going to go down with him. There's a sweet little romance to this story that I just love, I've read it several times, and a good plot for a resistance story. What could be better. I just love good resistance stories. This one is pretty good too. I like the way they take them down. No, I'm not going to tell you how they do it. If you want to know, well then you are just going to have to read it.

Waiting for the Axe to Fall & Walking the Razor's Edge
by Tarlan
Describing these stories isn't easy. There's a whole lot going on with them. There is an actual case in here, not just hot sex. Though there is that and plenty of it. Hell, there is one scene of Alex early in Walking the Razor's Edge naked and on a bed that has haunted many of my fantasies. I've really got thank Tarlan for that. Thank You! It seems Mulder and Scully are working on a case that the WMM has an interest in. So he sends Alex out to act as an informant to make sure that they find out what they should and only what he wants them too. It's really hard to describe these stories because so much goes on in them. There is a really good case file part of the story that I won't tell you to much of because I don't want to spoil it. Then there is the progression of the boys feelings that eventually have to be expressed before they both explode. Both stories are just so good, so well-written that I don't know what to say about them. That is part of why I haven't rec'd them before. They are hard to pin down in a way. The boys aren't just boffing like bunnies, there is actually a plot that their getting together revolves around. It's like the side dish or the dessert that just adds to the whole package. Finishes it off, with something really sweet. These are a definite must read in this fandom and if I'd just decided to say these stories have to be read to understood long ago I would have rec'd them sooner. Both are long, so settle in for a lengthy read. Like that is ever a bad thing. I love a good long read. These are definitely good too. So put them on your must check out list. You won't be sorry. I'd tell you more about them, but I have no idea where to start. Too much happens in them. Oh, I will mention that CSM apparently has some warm fuzzy feelings for Alex in the second part, that Thank God never get resolved. That hit my squick level. I mean, Ewwww! Mulder is the only one Krycek is fucking though. Promise. Let's hope Tarlan keeps it that way and doesn't have that happen in a sequel. Yuck!

Excess Baggage by Aries
Note: This is another Infernale Challenge story. This one is Aries response to 'The Train Challenge'.

Mulder, Krycek, and an empty train car. Ah, the possibilities. As I said above this is Aries response to 'The Train Challenge'. My favorite one too. It's really just a wonderful PWP, but well sometimes you just have to love those. There's some UST in this one, but then that's what slash is about. Resolving that sexual tension that we see. It's a first time story which I love too. I've read this one I don't know how many times. That's why I'm rec'ing it, it's one of my favorites. Duh! Hard to describe though honestly. Above where I said Mulder, Krycek, and a train about summed it up. Well, wait I forgot about the hot sex part. There that sums it up. It's a PWP, what do you want. It's not even really all that long. Well, for Aries stuff it isn't all that long. I do love this story though. It has a wonderful sweetness to it and a low angst level. So if you are in the mood for that you just might want to check this one out. Oh, don't forget the hot sex, can't forget that. Though, I do want to say that spit isn't really a good lube. Ouch!

The Lying Series by Frankie
Note: Just to prepare you something bad happens to Alex in Part 4, just thought I'd let you steel yourself for it. Not gonna tell you what, wanted to give you a heads up though. Oh, Part 3 has two alternate version of how that scene could have gone. One of those is in Cruel Inventions is in two sections. You don't have to read those, they are just variations on a theme. Another way they could have turned out that Frankie decided to go.

This series is about the lies that we tell ourselves. The lies that bring us comfort, if not joy. The lies that we tell ourselves to protect us from emotional harm. The lies we pretend other are telling us, because the sweetness of the truth would just hurt to much. Krycek is really the one telling himself lies in this one. M/K are in a sort of relationship together, one where about all the do is have occasional sex. Krycek keeps telling himself that Mulder means nothing to him, he's just a convenient fuck. Thinking that if he tells himself that enough he might just believe it. Mulder lies through his actions. Hiding behind non-chalance, acting as if these encounters mean little to him, as well. He's really just afraid if Alex knows the depth of how he feels about him that he will leave him and never return. There be angst in here, always a good thing in my book.<g> Sadness too. You just feel for these two, lying to each other and themselves. Trying to protect themselves from hurt, only they end up hurting anyway. Mulder finally risks all and decides to tell Alex how he feels, because the not telling him hurts far to much. However it turns out he needs some resolution to things. Just when things start to get better though, they get worse. They pick up again though, don't worry.

Jade by Aries
Note: This is an AU. It was in response to a TER/MA (which is now known as RatB) challenge called 'The 1001 Alexian Nights Challenge'. You can click on it to find out more about it There were two challenges that month, so scroll past the Personal Ad one to learn more about this one.

I just love this story. I've read it no telling how many times. This is AU as I said, way AU. Think the X-files characters meets Arabian Nights. This is set in the world of the middle east, doesn't state exactly where. I'm just assuming. It's probably late 1800's or early 1900's I'd say. It's a world where the Djinn are alive and well, watching our world from afar. Our lovely Fox is a school teacher in this one and Alexei is a Djinn prince who has quite a fascination with humans. This gets him into no certain amount of trouble with his father, since he has declared that the Djinn will have nothing to do with humans. Alexei never pays this much mind, however, and one day while he is people watching he cast eyes on our poor unsuspecting Fox that his world changes forever. Narrows down to an obsession with one human in particular. I just love this story. It is so sensual, truly a delight. I always just get sucked into it. Drawn into this world of magic that seems to unfold around you so smoothly it almost seems real. A world where anything is possible and Fox is slowly seduced into. It's a real old time epic love story. Filled with angst, romance, and a mysterious secret about his past that Alexei must uncover to truly begin to understand his father. I love this. One of my favorite AU's in the X-files universe. Definitely my favorite among the Alexian Nights challenge stories, not that the others aren't good too. They are. This one just happens to be my favorite. I just love the characters in this and how you still see the people we know in this setting. An absolute delight. Reread it I have no idea how many times.

The Road Series by Frankie & Dr. Ruthless
Mulder and Krycek during their partnership again. We see glimpses of the leather boy Alex is in this one though. Tee hee! Anyway, the first story starts off with Alex and Mulder having their car break down in the desert. Mulder goes off walking to try and get help while Alex waits by the car. Several hours pass and Mulder isn't back yet, Alex starts to really worry. Once he finds Mulder again he begins to realize that he had every reason to worry. It seems that Mulder was attacked by some men who picked him up while he was hitchhiking trying to get help. I don't think he gets raped, which is why you don't see a warning for mention of that, though there is some trauma involved. In the aftermath of that M/K start up a relationship and develop a little plan to get some revenge against Mulder's attackers. The next story is penned just by Dr. Ruthless. This story picks up years down the line when an invasion is taking place. Alex rescues Fox and tries to regain what he lost with him. Keeps him with him in the hopes that they can try to work things out. It's Alex's last chance at this, he has an idea of how to stop the aliens that will probably cost him his life. So he wants just one more moment with Fox before he goes out in a blaze of glory. Just once chance to feel that love again, to know Fox loves him so he can carry that with him when he goes. Both are pretty good stories that I really like. Even though I'm suddenly seeing a connection between Many a Mile (the second story) and Sound and Fury. Must have been a theme Dr. Ruthless liked alot.

Seconds by Tiramisu
You are going to just love me, you really are. For I have here for you an utterly fabulous brand spanking new M/K fic. Until just a couple of days ago I had never heard of it, nor had I heard anyone else talking about it. If you haven't read this one you should, it's only up to a few parts right now but shows a great deal of promise. I found the link to Tiramisu & Kamio's site when I was browsing the Slash Page Database Project, a few days ago. In the listing she stated that she had some M/K fics, I had never heard of her so I thought I'd go check out those fics. I'm glad I did. I was not disappointed. She is the first author I have seen who really decided to take on season 8 and rewrite it the way that it should have been. She does it in a way that is believable and follows certain events just enough fits. She doesn't go way out there, to a level where things aren't believable. She manages to keep it close to the show just enough that you can see how the whole DeadAlive scenario should have went. It's only up to part 3 as I'm writing this, but she said she would have part 4 up soon if all goes right. I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what she does with the boys. She's a true M/K girl like me. I sent her some feedback telling her how much I liked it, she was very nice and happy to ease my mind that the following sections won't be a torture session for the boys. I've learned to be cautious, after stumbling onto some stories that had no warnings on them and falling into something I so did not want to read. She assured me that besides angst, which both of us agreed didn't really need a warning for, there was nothing really bad going to happen to them. Said she couldn't stand to hurt the boys. I hate to see them hurt too. Love them to much. Angst sure, physical pain, no way. So any of you who have some squicks, you won't find any in this story. Go read it and if you liked it go send her some feedback telling her so. Encourage her to finish it, so she'll know we appreciate someone rewriting that god awful season 8.

Out of the Frying Pan by Aries & Orithain
Spoiler Warning: This story is like a M/K slashy missing scenes take on the Pine Bluff Variant.

I said I was going to rec both more X-files stuff and more Aries stuff. Like I mentioned last update, she's forgiven Mulder so I've forgiven her.<g> Why yes I am often very strange, how did you guess? It's that obvious, huh? Oh well. Never said I was subtle. Like I mentioned in the spoiler warning, this episode is a missing scene thing for the Pine Bluff Variant. I absolutely love that episode. David looks sooo good in it. It stands up there as one of my favorites. It's a pretty good ep, I don't just watch it because David looks so hot in it. I swear that isn't the only reason. Oh, quit looking at me like that. Hell, during the bad eps the only thing that often kept me tuned in was how pretty David Duchovny looked in them. It's very rare that David doesn't look good, so I can make it through most of them, even the really sucky ones. (Except for Hunger, FX was rerunning that one tonight. I hate that one. It is like one of maybe four I absolutely can't stand. Well, with Existence that makes 5 I guess. Oh, yeah forgot all of season 8, except for the Mulder eps. I'm ambiguous about most of those too.) I don't think I'll ever watch Existence again. I've got it taped. I just don't think I'll have the heart to ever rewatch it. The first time was bad enough. I'm never coming out of denial, I tell you. That ep didn't happen. Back to the rec though. You know it took me till like the 3rd or 4th time I saw it rerun to realize that they were talking about Pine Bluff, AR. Which totally freaked me out, since I live like 3 hours or so away from there. Though I'm pretty fucking sure that nothing like that ever went on there.<eye roll> Now where I live thanks to an army depot and an ammunitions plant during the days of the cold war we were a first strike zone if nuclear war ever occurred. That meant the bombs were coming here first. We got to be the first to kiss our asses good-bye. That was some what comforting, LIKE NOT AT ALL. Sorry for the screaming. ( Though with Russia our friends now and the aforementioned depot and ammunitions plants down sizing I don't know how high on the list we are anymore. Hopefully, not very. Not that I would want to survive a nuclear war. However, I digress. That was probably to much info there.) The story, I was rec'ing a story, thanks for reminding me. I love this one. I'm a big fan of both Aries and Orithain's work, so those two teamed up was just a big bonus for me. Maybe I should give a sap warning for this, because there is some. I, however, find that aspect a good one. I just love the Alex characterization in this one, I like Mulder alot in this one too. Dear god, the sex scenes that is what I always remember about this one. Damn, they are hot. I have gone back to read this story again, and again just for the sweet romance and the heat between the two characters. They burn with a passion for one another in this one. Alex is just so strong and sweet at the same time. Mulder is loving and so caring about Alex. They are just so in love in this one. I am crazy about this story. One of my rereads. Any time I haven't found anything new that really stuck with me in a while and go back to old faves to read. This one is on that list of stories I return to over and over. If you haven't read this one you should. It has some great characterizations, sweet romantic sappy moments between the boys(that are subtle enough not to set your teeth on edge), and some of the most lovingly, hot sex scenes you'll find. Check it out, it's a must read. I'll shut up now, aren't you glad for that.<g>

The Boys Series by Nicole S.
I forgot to rec The Boys Series. I can't believe I forgot to rec The Boys Series. I swear my brain is frozen sometimes. I thought I had rec'd it. Then yesterday I got an e-mail from Nicole saying that some of my links to the Den of Sin were wrong, they had changed the addy due some problems Slashcity was having. I had seen a post on a list of the change and corrected my bookmarks. Like a dolt I hadn't changed the links on my webpages though. The odd thing was that just the night before I was on someone's site and found a link to that incorrect addy that redirected me to the new. I was wondering about then if I had ever fixed my links, the next day is when Nicole wrote me telling me I hadn't. Strange, but helpful. When I realized that last night I was to sleepy to do anything then. I changed them today, though. When I went to fix everything is the moment I realized I hadn't rec'd The Boys Series, which is stupid because I love it. Hell, I feel like apologizing to Nicole right now for not rec'ing it before. In fact I will. Sorry Nicole. I had rec'd The Hardened Criminal Series below, a collaboration of hers with Orithain. I feel like I slighted her by not rec'ing one of her series of stories though. Bad Clio. Shame on me. This series is wild. I just love Alex in it. He's such a bad boy, that he is just so good. He's so hot in this one. Steaming. He just seduces the pants right off of Mulder, pretty much literally. Alex has both arms in this one. One thing I like about the Den of Sin ladies (Nicole S., Aries, and Orithain) is that they are in denial about the bad thing that happened to Alex in Tunguska as much as I am. Alex in this one is probably up there in my favorite characterizations of him. He is hot, sweet, loving, sexy, wild, wicked, and just dangerous enough. A mixture of things that totally drives me wild about him. The stories archived at the Den of Sin were some of the first M/K stuff I ever read. One of Aries series was the very first one actually. Found their site on a webring I do believe. Never regretted it. Even if I did pout about Aries work for a while, I got over it and still love it. Love all the work by the ladies over there. I think this story takes place after the movie, but doesn't count anything after that. I'm pretty sure. It's a great one and I still feel like an idiot for not rec'ing it sooner. I should have. I don't know how many times I've gone back and reread the thing. Sorry Nicole I should have rec'd this sooner. My humble apologies.<g>

Cupidity by Ratadder
Note: This is a tiny bit of an X-Over with Hercules:the legendary journeys. We don't see Herc in it, thank god. Just a little bit of Cupie and Ditie. The looove gods. You can get where this is going right away can't you. Oh, just shut up and give it a chance.

Ok, a bet with Ares has Aphrodite sending Cupid out to hit our sweet little unsuspecting Alex with an arrow that will make everybody he comes across love him for like half a day. Of course Ditie give the spell a little push to make it an even more wild ride for our dear Rat Boy. It's really not that corny, though I swear. The story has an element of humor to it that keeps it from taking itself too seriously and falling into a bad pit that so many other X-Overs tend to. From the first time I read it I've loved this one. Went back and read it several times after I first found it. Poor Alex is just like so lost when this first happens to him. He keeps running into various X-files characters who immediately start falling all over themselves in love with him. Which creeps him out big time. No there are no multiple pairings or multiple partners in this story. If you've read my Bitch Fest you know I hate that sort of thing and don't read them. So have no fear. This one is basically a cute little story that never fails to make me smile. I think the characterizations of Cupid and Aphrodite were pretty accurate from the show. Though the writer did get one thing a little off, at one point Ratadder mentioned Ares being Cupie's Uncle, which is true, he was also his father, however. Yeah, the gods were into incest sortof alot. Most pantheons from varying cultures were made up of families so there weren't a whole lot of other immortals to hook up with, cultures never really cross-bred marriage wise. Though, they did tend to adopt other cultures gods and rename them. Not the point though. I don't know if Hercules or Xena ever really addressed that issue, so oh well. That show's mythology was so screwed up I won't even go there. The story is great though. A bit of sweetness and not much angst at a point in time when I think all of us who love Alex need that. <sniffle, I'll stop wanting to cry sooner or later I'm sure. Stop wanting the head of Chris Carter on a pike to stick on my front lawn one day, too. That would only scare and warp the neighbor children. So I that's really not viable anyway.>

Little Acorns by Orithain
Warning: This one takes place in the past, around the time when Mulder was in college. Ori sets Mulder at about 20 in this one and Alex at about 16. Everyone always makes Alex younger than Mulder. Some by quite a few years. I always think of him as about 3 years younger. Though in reality there is only about 2 years apart between David and Nick. Like that matters. I'm rambling, like you couldn't have noticed that.<chuckle>

This one is sort of in the same vein as Demon Poetry, which is rec'd below. In that they both take on the question, of what if Mulder & Krycek had met earlier, like when Mulder was in college? I mentioned above that Mulder is 20 in this story and Alex 16, so if that sortof thing squicks you don't go there. Alex isn't some young innocent Mulder is corrupting here though. He could probably teach Mulder a thing or two in fact. This one is basically a PWP that starts with a chance meeting between the boys that leads to some really hot sex. In fact, several rounds of it. I had such a hard time trying to picture Nick at that age, though, I didn't have that problem with David. I don't know why. I just though DD younger and I could see it. Struggled with attempting to visualize Nick at that age though. It wasn't Ori's fault either, she described him quite well. Nick just seems like someone so in his prime right now that I had a hard time trying to image him looking any different. This is one of those stories that really falls under the scorching hot categories. The boys just met, so they don't go around professing eternal love to one another, thank goodness. Hot sex is the main thing that sticks out with me. Ori, Aries and Nic the Den of Sin trio really know how to turn up the heat on sex scenes. Know how to get the boys to fall in love so very believably too. You know what I'd love to see is a sequel to this story. One where years later they finally remember one another and realize they had been together in the past. Now that is a challenge I'd like to put forth to Orithain. I know you love challenges, so how about that one. Write a sequel to this story. I'd love to see it, I'd definitely be one to read it.

The Truth Series by Viridian5
This one is a wild little series that I just absolutely love. It falls under the category of 'I can't believe I haven't rec'd this yet'. I swear my brain freezes up as much as my web browser does at times. I go back and reread this one every so often, so just shame on me for not rec'ing it yet. This one is a little hard to explain, it is going to come out way too simply, I'm just sure. I'll give it a shot anyway. Mulder finds out that everything he has been led to believe is a lie and all those he thought he could trust are in on the lie. So the only one he can really, sort of, trust is the one person who he thought was an enemy. Yet, is the only one who is telling him the truth. See, it sounds sort of simple. It isn't though. The story has a depth to it, that though the stories are somewhat short makes for a lot going on in them. Viridian doesn't do heavy sex extremely well, so don't expect alot of that, but she does have an uncanny knack for getting into a characters head in a situation. You feel just as angry and confused as Mulder does in this one, for the lies he has been told. You feel his freedom of the burdens he's held over himself being let go. There's a line in there somewhere that Alex says about doing what he always feared, killing Mulder, except he doing it piece by piece. The old Mulder fading away, to be replaced by a new one that is solely Alex's. This story is definitely a wild ride, but I love it. I just love being sucked in to it. I think I like part 5 the best. When we see Mulder's transformation near complete. Who he has remade himself into and how he fits so very well with Alex. Alex seems constantly amazed by how chameleon like Mulder is, yet saddened by how he has had to change out of necessity. I just love this one, can't help saying it again. Go read it, trust me it's a good one.

The Truth 1
The Truth 2: And nothing but...
A Little Truth-Interlude
The Truth 3: Out there
The Truth 4: Bliss
The Truth 5: Stranger than fiction

The Best Lies by Cody Nelson
This one takes place Probably after the Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip arc, goes AU from there. I don't remember many more events in canon taken into account after that. This one is a good long story. Over on RatB, where I linked to it from they broke it up into several parts for easier downloading. I usually read the text copy of it over at Cody's site that is all in one file. In this one The Gunmen find out something disturbing from a test they did on a sample of Scully's blood that sends Mulder and Scully on a journey to discover what the hell is going on. Cody's Alex tends to be of the 'innocent who stumbled into some shit he didn't realize was going to fuck up his life until it was too late' variety. After helping Mulder, Krycek manages to come in out of the cold and try to get his life back on track while at the same time working on a personal relationship with Mulder. I like the idea that got the story going. The idea at the beginning that begins this trek is pretty amazing. I won't tell you what it is, that would ruin the beginning, but I haven't seen anyone else work this idea successfully. It's a pretty cool story that was fitting for this update. Sometimes you just need a softer, fluffier Krycek to make you feel better. I personally think Alex may have been somewhat unaware of the Consortium's true motives at first, but I think he caught on real quick and became ruthless to ensure his own survival. I don't think he was a complete innocent coming in though, I think they just underestimated him. CSM thought he'd work out well as a thug, except Alex had a brain and being stuck in the thug role was demeaning to him. Intelligent, scared, and pissed are not a good combo in him. I think that is what turned him into the hot stud in black leather.<g>

Dial "M" for Mulder by Dr. Ruthless
Note: This was part of The Infernale Challenges. Dr. Ruthless' response to 'The Phone Sex' challenge.

Mulder is having problems with a sick obsene caller who won't leave him alone. Alex comes over to bring Mulder some info and Mulder proceeds to accuse him of being the mysterious caller. When another call comes in and it's cleared up that it isn't Alex things heat up from there. Mulder flips a little over lack of sleep and the unnerving feeling of being stalked on the phone and Alex of course comforts him. This story isn't much more than a PWP, but I've always liked it. Alex is pretty sweet, dangerous, and damn hot all at the same time in this one. I've gone back and read it I don't know how many times. It's on my mental lists of stories that I go back and reread when I'm looking for some M/K slash, but few good stories are coming across the lists. Some hot sex in this one that could defintely melt your bones. I'm a pretty good fan of Dr. Ruthless's work. She writes some pretty good M/K stuff. I've always enjoyed it. This is one of my favorites beside her. Like I said, not a ton of plot, just enough of one to throw the boys together. Oh, they do such pretty (hot) things when you do that too. Gotta love them.<g>

Fantasy Man by Sugar Rush
Note: This one is sortof an X-Over with the newer version of Fantasy Island. It's M/K and no other pairings, so I decided to put it on this page instead of my X-Overs Recs page.

This one is about wanting a second chance. A chance to redo everything, change the outcome. It's more of a lesson Mr. Roarke is trying to teach Alex, though. That things happen for a reason. That we can't change the past, we can only alter the future. The past is set in stone, the more you try to change it, the more it tries to revert back to the way it was. Even if we could change the past, who says it wouldn't turn out even worse than before. The choices we make, sometimes are the right ones. Others could have been made, but is that a guarantee it would make everything better. There is also a lesson in this about fantasy being just that, a fantasy. If we could have everything perfect would we. We are all imperfect people, nature abhors perfection, it likes differentiality. So how do we fit in a perfect world. Those around us aren't perfect either, sometimes it is their imperfections that attract us to them. Would we want them perfect or would we want them to be as they truly are, as imperfect as we. On that new version of fantasy island it reminded me about the djinn. People used to fear them, hate them. They were demons who would grant your wish, but there was no telling if it would be granted in the manner you desired. That newer version of Roarke reminded me of them. People got just what they *asked* for, but not always what they wanted. This one follows that same vein here. Of not asking for a facimilie of reality, taking the reality you have and making it better. Changing the future and going after what you want there. Getting what you want yourself, it might not be as difficult or as far out of reach as you believe it to be. I like this one, can you tell? I always like stories that play with reality and the 'what ifs?' in life.

Another Lonely Christmas & Winter Blues by Tarlan
These two are sortof sweet and fluffy. Tarlan's stuff borders pretty much on the sweet and fluffy. Her Waiting for the Axe to fall series has a good amount of angst in it, but these two are really just sweet. I don't know if she'd hate me for saying that or not. They're like comfort food. If you need a pick me up and some not to angsty M/K, these are the ones. I think they make up for my rec'ing Brother in my Arms below, which is pretty high on the angst-o-meter, and the Alex torture meter. Thes are just feel good fics. At least, they always make me feel good. Since I am in consulation mode after the bad thing that didn't happend to Alex, it really should be here. Perfect fics to console myself and you with. In this one it's Christmas time Alex is all alone, so he decided fuck it, he'll go visit Fox. He comes bearing gifts, hoping Mulder won't shoot him on site. Well, they both get what they want for Christmas. She doesn't say when Alex left, but when he doesn't return for New Years in the second story Mulder decides to go look for him. It's a pretty sweet story with a good bit of heat to it. Not much angst and right now I think we all need some of that. I've always enjoyed these too, hopefully you will as well. If you've already read them, might as well read them again. Definitely worth a second viewing.

Affirmations by Viridian5
This story falls under the category of humor. The kind that isn't forced, has you just following along in it's wake, cracking up. The Affirmations for Personal Growth that are included in this are just too hilarious. One day when I was browsing through the list archives I found where Viridian had posted the whole list of them, as she had received them from someone. I saved a copy of it because I thought they were so funny. If you would like to read them, you can do so by clicking Affirmations for Personal Growth. In this one Alex is feeling pretty restless so he decides to cause some trouble to liven up his mood. Mulder just happens to be the unwitting focus of this as he pulls him along into it to help him. Mulder comes pretty willingly, that hot sex is the big motivational point has nothing to do with it I'm sure. Nah, I'm sure it isn't . Well, maybe. Ok, that's probably it. What can I say, I'm in a goofy mood. I love Alex's internal dialogue in this one it is so funny, in that snarky kindof way. Like looking into my head, sorry probably scared you there. Not really. My head is probably something like David Duchovny's filled with too much intellectual crap, snarky comments, and a wild streak a mile wide. Sad, but true. Whatever. This one always cracks me up, I just love it. It's a little escape from the mundanities of their real lives, to just live it up for a little while. To hell with the establishment and the status quo. Hell, that's my motto in life. A good all purpose 'fuck you' to TPTB. Come to think of it that is what this rec'ing fest is about. Flipping the bird to CC and company for the bad things that just did not happen to Mulder and Alex for the past couple of seasons. Deny Everything I say. Fuck it all. Make up your own reality it is so much more fun. Trust me. Since the X-files doesn't fall anywhere near within the realms of reality, I say all the more fun to make what of it that you will. <wicked chuckle> This story just so captures my attitude during this rec fest. Right to a T. So go on and read it. Don't forget to click on the link up there and check out those Affirmations. They are hilarious.

Mind, Body, & Soul by Aries
Man, I have no idea what to say about this series, because I so love it. It is one of my favorites by Aries. It is an utter sensual delight. You can so get lost in this little series. Yes, I said little. Each story is short, quite short compared to most of Aries work. Stop laughing I'm serious. I think Aries had a hard time convincing us all that she was serious too, until she fully delivered on it. The first story is pre-slash, the other two fall right into slash. I think it is about connecting really. The boys start out in one another's heads, with them thinking about one another. Some heavy UST floating around in that one. They want each other, but can't get over the anger and hate. They are firmly entrenched in repressed sexual desires for one another. In the second one they finally can't take it anymore. Alex goes to confront Mulder about this, offer himself up for whatever Mulder wants to do to him. Fuck him, kill him, or throw him in jail Alex just wants some of that uncertain tension hanging around them about where they stand with one another to be resolved. Whatever the outcome something has to change in his life, he has to have some kind of resolution to everything. Do I have to even hint at the outcome? Let's just say the way they connect in this one definitely has to do with the body. In the last one they have been in a relationship for a while and are hitting one of those stages where they have to define things. Where you have to decide whether you want to move on to the next level or end things right there. I think Mulder knows that they are going to be moving to that next level, but Alex isn't sure of it. He's having to hard a time trying figure out what he feels, to even hope Mulder feels more for him. Alex is really sort of sweet in this one. Not really insecure as just out of touch with what he feels. Want to guess what level they connect on in this one? Yep, finally hitting some kind of connection of the soul. Perhaps, something to do with the L word? Hmmm?

Renaissance Man by Ratadder & Queen Mab
Mulder, Krycek, Scully, and the Lone Gunmen all taking part in a Renaissance Faire. Well, everybody but Mulder is dressed up to fit the times the festivities are taking place. Can you really see him dressed up in that garb? No, not really. Can't really see the others either, but I've thrown my disbelief out the window for my unbelievable things. Though I'm still having trouble trying to really visualize any of these people dressing up and taking part in this. What the hell. You write what you know and you writer for yourself. The only two rules to writing, neither more important than the other. At least one of the writers knows about these Faires so that in of itself lends a level of realism to. I originally found this story while searching some list archives. It wasn't until I was browsing around the other day looking for M/K stories to rec that I discovered it. It's a great little piece that is well written and I enjoyed when I first read it so, I decided to throw a rec up for it too. Didn't know how many other people knew about it, so I figured why not. The image of Alex as a pirate was just too much to resist. All that black leather, Nick Lea is just so a leather. Fits him so perfectly. Mmmm...sorry I had a visualization moment. Nick Lea dressed head to toe in black leather. As much as you could get on the man. Of course, you might want to do it during the winter. You know for comforts sake. No sense in having the poor baby be uncomfortable or get heat prostration. Sorry. Just got a little more lost there. Tatttoo's and leather, my kinks, well requirements in a guy actually. Probably, way too much information for you. I apologize. Just go read the story. Low on the angst-o-meter, which was what I needed right now. Maybe you do too. If so give it a shot.

Brother in My Arms by Demi X
Warning: First off, I'm going to give you a warning that will spoil events that are discovered in the second part of the story. I don't want anyone to come looking for my head, so I'll give it to you. Incest, yes it's M/K slash. Figure it out, I know you can do it, catch a clue. Also, I should probably give you a warning for violence and rape. The rape involves one of the boys and OMC's. It is also an AU.

This isn't exactly a light and fluffy fic. I know I've been rec'ing alot of happier ones lately. I needed happy, but I'm an angst slut. You just knew there would have to be one with a harsher tone to it in here somewhere. The M/K relationship just calls for it sometimes. Like I mentioned it's an AU, a post-colonization, trying to pick up the pieces and win the war fic. I don't even want anyone bringing up to me the incest thing above. You want to know how it's pulled off convincingly enough to suit even me, who's pretty damn picky about fics, you'll have to go read it. I've given you all the warnings I'm gonna. Demi usually writes pretty dark stuff, tortures the boys a good bit. If you've read her stuff, well you know there is going to be a rape in there somewhere. Can't seem to avoid it. I've always liked this one, even for it's hard subject matter. Oh, Demi allowed Mulder to keep that little psychic ability he developed in the 6th season finale. Had him develop it and learn how to use it. It comes in handy in the story. Just thought I'd give you a head's up on that. Not really a spoiler she let's us know he has it early on. Thought it might help you get a handle on it if you knew.

Deny Everything by Woodinat
Note: Humor, I'm talking ROTFLMAO funny.

This story isn't very long, but it is hilarious. It's the funniest M/K story I have ever read. You can assume by the title the general theme of it. Denying everything that has happened on the show that you didn't want to. Since that has been my state of mind of a while, concerning the X-files. I thought it was more than fitting to include it. Especially, with it's high element of humor. Thought it might brighten and cheer us all up. I think it's the extremity of baby talk and pet names that they subject each other to that is so hilarious to me. It is done in a manner to make fun of that little aspect of slash that annoys many. The names she has them use are so sickeningly sweet you could got into sugar shock. The first time I read this I was laughing so hard, trying not to wake everyone up in the house (I have insomnia). That I think I nearly hurt something. The story is that funny. If you haven't read it you should. It's definitely one that will cheer you up. Give it a try if you haven't already. Always good for some hilarious laughter on the part of the reader.<g>

Demon Poetry by Sugar Rush
Warning: A little bit iffy on the grounds of consent. Alex does slip something into Mulder's drink, but gives him a choice to say yes or no. He says yes, but since he's not completely in his right mind that makes his yes an iffy one.

I hadn't read this one in a while, so I had to go back and do so to refresh my memory of it. What a hard ship. Not. Sugar's writing is just so damn sensual. You could drown in it or get consumed by it. This one gets it's name from a quote from the first season ep, Fire. I'll throw it up here so you can get a feel for the piece right off. "Fire's got a certain genius, y'know, a certain demon poetry... it's like it's got a mind of its own..." This one definitely has fire to it, spark and heat that ignights when the boys first meet. You see the thing is this story plays with the supposition of; what if Mulder and Krycek had met years before Sleepless, when Mulder was still in college in England? This one takes place after Mulder finally found the courage to break things off with Phoebe Greene for good. He's drowning his sorrows in a pub, trying to ride out the worst of his addiction to her in London. Hoping it'll be far enough away to allow him to get more perspective on it and realize he did the right thing. Unfortunately, he runs into Alex. Who chats him up and then when he's unaware slips something into Mulder's drink. Like I mentioned in the warning there are issues of consent here. Mulder's doped up, but Alex asks him if he can do everything. Mulder can say yes or no. Mulder is fucked up and possibly horny from what ever might have been in the drug, though. So is it him saying yes, or his over stimulated body and he's just not thinking clearly enough? She says in the header that the sex is consensual, but I've got to say it falls into the iffy lines really. So be aware of that. They don't go past dry humping and blow jobs, so it's nothing that Mulder couldn't stop if he wanted to. He's got a good bit of motor control back toward that point and is thinking somewhat clearly. You'll really have to decide for yourself. I'd say it was definitely in the iffy category. I'd want to know how Mulder reacted after the drugs were fully out of his system. Then I'd say, but even then that first encounter would be on uncertain ground. I do like the story and it was consensual enough not to squick me. I really hate rape stories. I don't like to read them. You may see a few here on the site, but most have after the fact incidents, no real depictions of it. So this one, you'll have to decide for yourself. I do question it, but liked it enough to rec it.

Private Dancer & One Night Only by Aries
These are the kind of stories that make your IQ drop a few points. Hot, hot, totally fucking hot. Yet, with that sweetness Aries always throw in with the boys. I like her Alex, probably one of my favorite characterizations of him. I must say he falls into the realm that my Alex does when I try to write him. (Don't ask about 'my f**king epics' I have perfectionistic issues I've never truly conquered. They'll be written when I can get that to shut up and let me write the damn things. When I feel they are finished, don't know when the hell that will be.<groaning>) I've gone back and read these stories I don't know how many times. I love them. As if Private Dancer wasn't good enough Aries had to go and right a sequel that is just as wonderful. Shit, the damn song Private Dancer by Tina Turner just started running through my head. I'm not going to get that out of there for hours. At least it's a good one. Hate it when the bad ones get stuck in there, you'd pray for someone to shoot you to get rid of those. Back to the rec, sorry for the aside. You should be used to it by now though. In the first one Mulder is frequenting gay male strip clubs. Gee, Mulder getting the voyeristic pleasure off of watching men stripping. Nah, not our Mulder. By the way after I typed the word voyeristic, the song jumped tracks to Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, I've got Tim Curry in drag in my head along with the music. What is it with me tonight? Back to the rec, with my internal background music supplied by Frank-n-Furter. Mulder, strip clubs. He's at one that is just dead. A friend there knows why, some hot act at another club. Talks him into going to see this guy. Want three quesses as to who it is? First two don't count.<g> Yep, hot gorgeous Alex. I'm swooning on images as I speak. Shook it off with a chill, I'm back. It just goes from there. We find out the boys had a prior interlude that neither got over, how could they? It's a post-resistance, we won! fic. We see the boys meeting again, finding out that night months before meant more to both of them than they had expressed. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up they...get reaquainted from there.<wg> The second one takes place months later when Alex is talked out of retirement for one last performance by his former boss as a favor to help his failing club. Alex agrees to do it again, on one condition. His lovely Fox does it with him. Mulder reluctantly agrees and what insues will singe your eyebrows off it is so absolutely hot. I nearly melted right out of my chair on first reading it. This is one of my rereads. When I can't find any good new stuff, but I'm wanting to read something, these two stories are on my list of faves I go read again. Never fails to please. Good thing about faves you know going in that they won't disappoint you. You know you'll come out happy after you finish reading them.

Restitution& Lateness of the Hour by Cody Nelson
This story picks up after RatB (The Red and the Black). I was pretty sure the boy Dimitri dies in the attack at Skyland Mountain. Either I was wrong or Cody just decided to go a little AU and say that he hadn't. In this we see Krycek keeping his promise to Dimitri that he will take care of him. Returning to where he is hospitalized to help get him back to Russia and find him a place to live. Cody's Krycek's tend to be on the innocent who got sucked into the game kind and so hers are a little fluffy. Mulder catches Krycek with him, but having no real evidence to bring Krycek in on is helpless to do anything against the man. Watching Krycek with the boy he sees a different side to him, that can care. They come to a wary truce long enough for them both to get the boy back home. They also end up finally breaking through some of that UST. The second story picks up where the first left off after Alex has kept his promise and returned to Mulder. From there we see how the boys relationship works from that point on. The guys are awkward in their relationship skills. Trying to figure out how this works. What they want to be to one another and what the other wants from them. It's really very cute in that guy kind of way. Sad as it is. You know from the name and how well Cody writes men I thought she might be a guy. Turns out Cody is a she. Every writer I thought was a really good writer and a guy, it turns out they are women. Hmmm...I don't know if I have liked any male slash writers work. Names being ambiguous, you can never know. So I might have, to my knowledge I haven't though. Oh, well. Nothing against them, like I said I mistakenly thought several were guys and just weren't. Whatever.

Alex Liberation Party Fics by Various Authors
Note: Some of these are part of the Nick Zone's Alex Liberation Party Challenge and I think some might be part of RatB's Non-Existence Challenge. They all run along the same theme of denial that the bad, bad thing that happened to Alex in Existence just didn't occur.

Spoiler Warning: There may be varying degrees of Spoilers for Existence in these stories. Depends on which one you read. So if you haven't seen it be forwarned that the stories listed below may spoil it for you. Possibly some for Essence as well.

If you have seen Existence and are a Krycek fan at all, you know how terrible it was to watch. I won't spoil it for anyone in other countries or such who may not have seen it yet, but I will say it's a bad thing. All the girls on the lists I am on, myself included in that lot, have decided to go into complete denial about it. We all are firmly set in the belief that the bad thing that happened to Alex in Existence did not occur. We refuse to accept it. The following stories are our first contributions to affirm our denial. It didn't happen, no changing our minds about it. Uh uh, no way. The very first story has my own personal brand of what happened in it. As I've firmly stated on the lists, several times. I've been in denial since Mulder was abuducted in Requiem. As far as I'm concerned Mulder and Alex are on a beach somewhere; getting a tan, drinking margarita's, and fucking each other silly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I've had several others say that they loved that idea, one person actually told me that was so close to her denial she wondered if I was channeling her. The first story takes off on that theme. The rest are varying ways in which others have expressed their denial. It didn't happen. Hell, as far as I'm concerned nothing has happened since RatB (the episode The Red and the Black). That would eliminate that stupid movie, the evil Fowley bitch, and Spender jr. Don't write me saying you like Jeffrey. I don't care. I hate the little weasel, my personal opinion. Thanks very much. (Oh, I'm also in denial about the bad thing that happened to Alex in Tunguska.) If you have seen Existence and need a little dose of complete denial or haven't seen it yet, don't care about being spoiled and want to steal yourself for what is to come. Well, then look no further. Here's a whole crop of stories, firmly steeped in the denial of the bad thing that didn't happen to Alex. Oh, there might be one story in here that isn't really part of that. It was just a hot litle PWP I found that cheered me up, so I threw that in too. Can't remember which one. Thought it migh cheer you up too. That's what this list of recs is for really.

A Happy Ending by Ann H
Different Endings by Frankie
I am my Enemy by Tarlan
Discovery by Tarlan
Actuality by Aqualegia
Emancipation by Aqualegia
Pandora's Box by Maggie M.
Turning the Tables by Jennie

One Perfect Moment of Happiness by Donna Milan
Note/Spoiler Warning: This story is a sequel to The Gift of the Truth, which is like a RatB internal thoughts of Alex during that ep thing. So spoilers for that ep in the The Gift of... in case you haven't seen that ep. If you haven't, why not? It's the defining M/K moment. That kiss, whoo!

After the bad thing that didn't happen to Alex in Existence (catch the level of denial I'm in). I needed something sweet, sappy, and romantic to cheer me up. This story is definitely one that will do the trick. I thought about rec'ing it a while ago, but decided it verged just a little too close to fluffy for me then. I sure as hell need this level of fluffy now. I've always liked this story. It took me forever to finish reading it. I just wanted to savor it, was probably one of the earlier stories I read when I first got into the fandom a couple of years ago. For any of you that might need something happy to cheer you up, trust me this one will do the trick. There is some great M/K interaction in this one. They talk alot, work out some shit, and have some incredibly hot sex. I mean hot. It's nice and long too, so there is plenty to just wallow in. It does have a sap content warning, but there is a little angst too. Not much. A happy story, with a nice ending. This one always gives me a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling. Enjoy.

The Mad Dogs Series by Ladonna King
As you may have guessed since the ep Existence I have been pretty much moaning pitifully every time I think about the bad thing that didn't happen to Alex. I know quite a few Krycek girls out there who have been too. So I decided to pull out as many of my favorite stories as I possibly could to rec in order to cheer myself and maybe some of you up. I wanted to remind everyone that the fandom is still alive and well. CC can't shut us up. We can all just go very, very firmly into denial and rewrite all the crap that he has so royally fucked up. So I went on an X-files rec-o-thon. I was surfing around X-files fanfic sites trying to think of what to rec and found a mention somewhere of this series. So I thought I'd throw a rec of it up while I was on a roll. Ladonna, AKA Sleeps with Coyotes, takes a really interesting spin on the M/K relationship in this one. In this series Mulder finds out that his father did some kind of mental programming on Alex to make him protect Fox. Once he finds this out Mulder attempts to figure out what his father did and how to reverse it. Whatever was done to him is having some negative effects on Alex, making him dangerously reckless and violent in his desire to protect Fox. Mulder tries to help Alex since he feels responsible, his father having fucked with Alex's mind in such a manner. In an odd way Mulder becomes just as protective of Alex, in his desire to undo the damage his father caused. It's like he absorbs some of those protective qualites. he realizes that Alex is trying to help him and this programming he has undergone will break him unless Mulder finds a way to help him. A wild take on the relationship and an interesting what if? she played with in this one.

Mad Dogs
Phoenix in the Snow

And Justice for All by Aries
Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Existence, maybe some teensy ones for other too, can't remember

Note: The pairing is M/K, but there is a hint of Sk/D too. It's hilarious too. I just love the way she portrays those two in this. I wanted to look away also is all I can say.

This was Aries contribution to the Non-Existence challenge. Since it was like over 200K I decided it deserved a whole rec of it's own. This is my favorite Existence denial story overall. Aries is a wonderful writer and she has finally started letting Mulder get off again. So I decided to forgive her and rec some of her stories. I love her work alot, but after DD's decision to appear in season 8 only minimally, I think she got pissed at him. Her stories started having an alarming level of Mulder basically servicing Alex and sometimes not getting off at all. There was one PWP she did for some other challenge where Mulder sucked Alex off and then nothing. He's been left with a raging hard on all this time, Alex didn't even seem to notice in the story. I found that rather annoying. I like Mulder and personally I wouldn't have wanted to be Willaim Shatner if I was Duchovny either. Stuck being Fox Mulder forever never getting to play another character. I'd hate that. He got off this sinking ship, just in time. So I understood him and didn't blame him. Aries has apparently forgiven DD too, so I've forgiven her and even rec'd another of her stories below. She stopped pouting and I stopped pouting that my favorite fanfic writer was pouting. Confusing, I know. This one is a great story and she has recaptured some of her earlier flair for the boys. I do love her characterizations of them. This one is basically a 'to hell with this we (the characters) are rebeling against CC' story. I liked that, I would have wanted to say to hell with him too. I mean in the whole ep Existence the actors kept looking like they couldn't believe the crap he wanted them to try and act out. They all had this look that was either bored out of their skulls, or hugely ashamed at having to portray this load of horseshit. Aries captured that too. A bunch of characters tired of being his puppets wishing they could expand themselves and have fuller lives. Hell, I've been wanting the idiot writers and creators to expand on the characters more for years on the damn show. CC wasted the potential of them. Hence, why I like fanfic. Aries made me feel better by letting them rebel and want more of a life. I appreciated that. Maybe you will too.

Guardian by Sugar Rush
In this one Mulder sortof makes a deal with the devil, the devil in question being Krycek. Krycek has some information Mulder wants, important infomation that could be the ultimate proof Mulder needs. It comes with a high price though, Krycek wants Mulder. Willing and ready, for one night. Is the ultimate truth worth, whoring himself for. That's the question Mulder has to ask himself. Shockingly, that is only the beginning of the story. The truth is giving himself to Krycek isn't really all that big a hardship for Mulder. He's felt the draw to Krycek as badly as Alex has felt it in return. It's one of his secret desires. He finally has an excuse to fulfill it, with a completely plausible reason for why. Payment for the most important piece of info he's come across. Like I said though, this is just the tip of the ice berg. He ends up finding out so much more than he ever bargained for. Things about himself, Krycek, his family, and who he really is. One night with Krycek in exchange for this info and his world turns upside down. It's more than just the sex that throws him a big old curveball too. Sometimes you end up knowing things you would rather have been left in the dark about. The truth of them is inescapable though and you need to know it. So you have to face it, have to bring it into yourself. Mulder has to face some home truths, that are hard and leave him a very changed man. This story has an intensity of feeling and passion that always sucks me in and leaves me all quivery. I just love Sugar Rush's writing, I'm going to have to rec some more of her work. I haven't found much out there by her, but what I have is damn good. I rec'd one of her stories over on my X-Over page too. An X-files/Kindred crossover that is just fabulous. Got another story of hers in mind for my next update. So expect that you might just see it here.

Not on my Watch series by Aries
Like I said above, Aries stopped pouting and so I stopped pouting that she was and rec'd some of her stories. Hell, I might rec several of them in the next few updates. This one is my favorite M/K series out there. The first M/K stuff I read was by Aries. This one is my absolute favorite though. The boys have alot of ups and downs in this one. Trying to come to terms with being attracted to one another, with what they feel for one another, and finally trusting each other. Part 4 Rememeber Me, is the best one of the series. I have never cried so much reading a fanfic. It is absolutely fabulous, I read part 4 all in one sitting, once I started I just couldn't stop. Did some shoulder shaking crying, as I refer to it, until about 2/3 into it, then sniffled for a little while longer, I finally dried up near the end. It was just so sweet and so tragic. Things aren't what they appear to be at first, trust me on that one. Do you see any warnings attached to this rec? No, then trust me and keep reading part 4 no matter what it looks like at first. The first three stories are just as good and set up the love and romance for part 4 beautifully. Some angst in this, plenty of romance, lots of hot sex, and just enough sap. Perfect. Oh, in case you don't know, all of Aries stuff is really long. Usually, ends up turning into a series, in fact.  So settle in for a long read with this series. If you check out any more of her stuff, which you should, definitely read the Admission series, skip the last part Recovering though. That is when she got mad at DD and the series just goes downhill. She should have stopped at the one before it. So trust me and just skip that one. Read all the rest of her stuff though. Be aware that DC Rain is pretty harsh. It's the only story I've ever read that dealt with what it must be like being a hooker truthfully and with brutal honesty so it isn't easy to get through. Don't go there if you aren't in the mood for a hard read.

The Poetic Series by Scribe
Warning: There is non-con (non-consensual sex) in Summer Redundant.

I'm not sure exactly how new this story is, it was for a challenge on the Slashing Mulder site. I have no idea what goes on there, because I'm an M/K girl as you know and that site mostly ends up with M/SK stories on it. I was on the list for it, but it just didn't appeal to my tastes, you may have guessed I left it. If you know anything about the M/Sk side of the street you know they pretty much see Mulder as a bottom. Why in the hell I don't know, since he is as alpha as you can get. He's got that lone wolf, pack all unto himself, answers to no one thing happening. Mainly, the chicks on the M/K side of the street think Mulder's a top/bottom kindof guy, that he likes both. I'm mentioning this, so you'll know Mulder gets topped by Alex in this story alot. Most M/K girls also think Alex is both a top/bottom kindof guy too, so yet again don't be shocked he's doing so much topping. This story doesn't have a ton of sex in it, mostly it's inside Alex's head and what he thinks and feels about Mulder. He isn't a perfect guy is what I like most about him in this series, I think. He's sortof fucked up. Scribe has captured some of that. She(he, I won't assume) has tapped into Alex's inner sociopath I guess you could say. You see Alex isn't as balanced as he could be, I think that might be what Alex is really like. There's a passion to this series too, that I found fascinating. The reason I always find M/K slash believable is that Mulder and Krycek are both just too fucked up to ever have a normal relationship. There is no way they could ever really live normal lives, much less be with a partner who wasn't mixed up in this whole thing too. Their lives are just too dangerous and bizarre to pull some poor hapless bystander into them. Mulder and Alex are both too wild and untamed to ever be with Skinner, I don't care what anyone says, so don't write me. They both need another wild, lone wolf to compliment them. I think that is what the passion in this one evokes, through the use of poetry (hence the name), that they are an odd kindof kindred spirits. Inexplicably drawn to one another. The author has been posting new parts to this to the lists every few days, so I may be adding more parts to the list below later.

Change One Little Word
As One Shuts an Open Door...
Like a Two Edged Sword
Like a Perhaps Hand
Little Cat Feet
Summer Redundant
Proud, Broken Heart
Song of the Seducer
By the Wall
One Way of Looking at a Fox
Tired of Pretending
The Essence that is you
When Thou Dost Go
Heart, We Will Forget Him
Neither Toying or Talking
Love's Trinity
I Find No Peace
A Deep Sworn Vow
Because you would ask me why I love you

Resistance by Imajiru
Yet, another moment of why the hell haven't I rec'd this yet. It isn't a new story, but it is one of my new favorites. I almost thought I had rec'd it and then called myself an idiot for not doing so. (I just love it, don't know what I was thinking, guess I wasn't.) I don't know how many times I tried to read this story and never made it past the first few paragraphs. Then one day I was browsing around Imajiru's site intending to reread the Departure series again (click here to read the rec for that series) when I stumbled upon this one again. I don't know why, but this time I was just able to get into it so easily. I got where she was going with it and it fast became a favorite of mine. It's an AU, set in a world that is post colonization with a resistance force just trying to survive. It is an M/K story and both the guys are on the same side. It chronicles the lives of Fox and Alex from the time they meet and become friends as young boys in the resistance camp to later in their adult. It is beautiful, sweet, angsty, and the relationship that develops between these two over time is just amazing. This is one of those stories that the love in it never ceases to bring tears and few sniffles to me. I just love it, I've talked to others who it didn't make a great impression on at first either. Just making past that opening scene and it will all make a little more sense. I love this thing and it has become one of my favorite rereads. Even if you have read it before and were not really sure if you liked it give it another shot. It's definitely worth it. A must read in my opinion.

Tails by Amirin
Warnings: Death Story, Assisted Suicide

Ok, yes this is a death story. It is absolutely the best one you will ever read though. It is so beautiful, I don't know of anyone who has ever read it and not done some shoulder shaking crying throughout it. Since this is my time for some classic M/K recs, this is definitly one that had to go in. I was at someone elses rec site when I saw this mentioned and again went, 'why the fuck haven't I rec'd that?' I knew I had to add it as soon as I saw that title starting at me. This story is so beautiful, that is the only word to describe it. Since it's Valentine's Day today, the romantic sap in me came out and called me to rec this story. Yes, someone dies in it, it is with dignity and with someone they love who loves them back, though. That is part of the heart breaking aspect to it. Finding a love you wanted so badly, but could never bring yourself to act upon until it was too late. Death gives us courage to go for things sometimes and frees us from our hatred in order to allow our true feelings to surface. That is what happens here. Love found and lost all in a few stolen moments. If I don't stop now I'm going to be crying just remembering the beauty of this story real soon. I couldn't even bring myself to read it again to refresh my memory, I skimmed it though, and found I remembered it perfectly. Some stories are to beautiful to forget. Even if you don't like Death stories, try to read this one if you read no other. I don't usually like them, but this one has a true beauty and peace to it that makes it so powerful and touching.

The Black Lace Series by Katy Deery
Ah, The Great Slash Drought continues, finally striking all fandoms including DS. Thus, I am searching through all my files trying to find old stories that I loved and have yet to rec. Just sitting here I have thought of two X-files series that I have always loved and reread several times. They tend to fall under the catergory, "Was I brain dead to have forgotten to rec these, yet?" This series I intended to rec from the beginning. I even asked some list sibs for the addy to her website, then some how my insomniac brain forgot about it. The first two stories are really just PWP's, some hot sex that sets up seeing how a deeper relationship can start to develope between the two guys. The third story however is the real winner. It is long and fabulous. Got some h/c (hurt/comfort) going on in part of. There is some angst and the two guys try and fight there way past all the shit that lies in the expanse between them so that they can find their way together. Was that line sappy enough for you? Despite my sappy rec, (did I mention I loved this series and I am declaring myself an idiot for forgetting to rec it, think I did) it is a wonderful story. I absolutely love it and I'm hanging my head in shame for not rec'ing it until now.

Something in Black Lace
Desert Hearts
My Oxygen

Bits & Pieces Series by Amy B.
This is in several parts so look at the end of each fic for the link to the next part. There are eleven parts in all, The Possiblities of You is the last one. I just linked you to her X-files main page so you could get to them all.

The first few stories are really the set up guiding us into the fact that the boys feel more for one another than they are letting on. Some UST and Unrequited Love in there, that is the build up. I love stories, or series, that start you out slow and build you up to something hotter. The second one has a little heat in it, but no real sex, it'll get to it though. Hell, the guys don't actually touch one another until part 7 and then due to some circumstances they can't do much. Some hot phone sex does ensue in the mean time though. I just love a long slow tease and that's what you get with this series, a slow tease that builds up the heat as it goes along. It's so beautifully written the tease just drags you along and you don't really mind it, enjoy it throughly is more like it. It really is a sweet little series, with not very much angst in it that is quite a respite from some of the more angst filled M/K stuff out there. It will definitely leave you with a smile on your face, I've always loved it.

Half Moon Bay & Strawberries Series by Nightcloud
This isn't a new series, it's been around for a little while. I can't believe I forgot to rec this one either, because I absolutely love it. It's an AU, in it Alex was never the RatBoy spy/assassin we know and love. He was exactly what he seemed to be, a young, green little Febbie. He worked with Mulder for a short while and then they didn't see each other for several years. I think this was in response to a personal ad challenge on RatB, or that is how it started. It grew into something much more. This is a very plot/case driven story. In it Alex is an FBI agent stationed in San Francisco working on a serial murder case. He and Mulder meet up again through a personal ad and go on a date. The morning after is cut short by a new victim found and Mulder offers up his profiling skills to help Alex. The story has some hot sex in it, but the guys never forget their jobs and throw down for a quick fuck. Nobody is professing undying love yet, they just met again. It is a really good fic, with none of the complaints on my Bitch Fest that I can think of. It's a great story that is well-written and a great read. It's still in progress so hopefully Nightcloud will give us some more delicious parts eventually. As soon as the DS muses stop sucking energy from other fandoms and let those writers get back to work. Hell, even my M/K stories that are still in my head are suffering. I'm starting to get Due South story lines working up in my M/K obsessed brain. Even my muses are affected and they love Mulder & Alex.<g>

Just Talking 1 & Just Talking 2 by Frankie
Are you in the mood for a hilariously funny M/K fic? Well, these two are the best you will find out there. They are the kindof funny that if you are reading it in the middle of the night you will strain something trying to keep from waking everyone in the house. I love these two stories. They crack me up like nothing else. I only like about 3 humorous stories in this fandom and these are two of them. They intend to be funny and succeed. Which is a rare success. I often find that if a story strives to hard for humor it can miss it's mark and fail miserably. This one doesn't fail in any way. Both are an Alex POV kindof thing, one picking up right where the other left off. His internal dialogue and narration of the story is so hilarious, Frankie really did a fabulous job here. It just flows so damn well and the laughs just keep coming. There is also an underlying sweetness to it and the characters as she portrays them that I love. Big romantic sap that I am I love a little sweetness, I have and awful sweet-tooth, seriously. These stories won a Lisa E Krysa Award last year in the category of Best Humor story. Deservedly so too. Check them out, you won't be sorry, these are must reads in this fandom. Outrageously funny, with some sap and romance thrown in just for the heck of it.

Hit & Run Series by Frankie & Lucy Snowe
You can thank Jami Wilsen for reminding me of this gem and getting me, inadvertantly, to realize that I did really like this story. When it first came out I wasn't sure whether I did or not. I must have saved and deleted the copies of the thing from my computer several times before I decided to keep it. In this one M/K play a little game of online sex that leads to much more. In a way they are a series of PWP that have some deep talking to them thrown in for fun. The title really says it all about these encounters between the two. They are like hit and run accidents, leaving you breathless and wondering just what happened. They have sortof a non-ending, I'll warn you. That is what turned me off about them at first. Then Jami and I got to talking about it and I realized I liked that non-ending. Frankie & Lucy posted an invitation to anyone who might like to write an ending for it. Only no one ever did. I think because if it doesn't have an established ending you can make one up for yourself. Decide on your own what happens. At first I didn't like that unfinished quality to it. Now I realize I do, I'd hate for anyone to say what happens, I like what I think occurs better. Gives me a little hope, you know. They did a smart thing, leaving us hanging. Makes the story unforgettable and it is truly good. I really do like the thing, even if you are not sure what is truth and what are the lies half the time. What else is new with the X-files. Try it out for yourself. Once you read it, you'll probably be glad it doesn't have an ending, as frustrating as that is. Make up your own, it's more fun that way. Makes it satisifying to have your own idea of what happened. There are about 6 parts to this one.
Hit & Run Series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Hit & Run 7: Epilogue by Jami Wilsen
Ok, my first thought when I read this was: "Why?" As, I stated above part of what I realized I liked about the Hit & Run series was how it was left open to the reader what they felt the ending should be like. Frankie and Lucy had challenged someone to write the ending, but no one ever did. Jami, with the consent of Frankie, wrote an ending for it and decided to post it to the lists. If it had ended any way, but happily and anyone but who we all hoped was at that door was I probably wouldn't be rec'ing it. It did give an ending that was pretty satisifying though, so I thought I'd throw a link up her for it. I still feel that since Frankie and Lucy haven't written an ending it isn't an official one. So anyone else who wants to write an ending to it is free to do so I think. Even though Jami's ending is similar to mine, I'll keep the one I have in my head too.

The End of the Cold War by Kadru
Ok, not exactly a new story, but one I think deserves some attention. I loved it when it first came out and still do. It is a story about coming in out of the cold and trying to forgive someone and be forgiven. I love how M/K just can't seem to resist one another in this one, even though it isn't always wise. This is a 'post-colonization we won and chased the alien bastards back' story. In it Krycek is in a bad way and Mulder helps him even though he doesn't really want to think about why. In a way he just can't stand to see Krycek like that and wants to ease his conscious by helping him. Some part of him feels Krycek deserves nothing less and he hates that voice, so he succumbs and helps him. Along the way he figures out why he really helped him. This story doesn't have any of that 'Suddenly Gay' crap in it or any of the 'I love you, let's fuck' stuff. It is a slow tease that naturally progresses it's way into a loving and trusting relationship. Giving everyone time to figure out what they want to do, if they want to pursue this, sort through conflicting feelings, and get over past betrayls. I think that is one of the best things about this one. It doesn't leave a whole lot undone. It gets them through every thing. A great read and damn, there is a masturbation scene in a shower that nearly singed off my eyebrows. Kadru also wrote a great Due South story called The Sea Wolf that I rec'd over on that page. You can see what it is about by clicking Here.

Enemy, Friend by Ladonna King
"It is always the case that the one who is not your friend will request your neutrality, and that the one who is your friend will request your armed support," Machiavelli.

That quote is where this story gets it title and what it is about. Many of you have heard the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Well, the quote above is where it is derived from. How you can tell which one is your enemy and which is your friend. This is sortof an M/K story, not quite in some ways. It takes places during Triangle. Like a missing scene type of thing, where we see that maybe there was a version of Krycek on that ship along with all of those other faces so familiar to Mulder. It's quite a hot story, a nice hot sex scene. Mulder also gets some advice about looking a little closer at why Krycek does things. Advice to ask Krycek himself why, something Mulder has never done. I just love that quote above. It's from Machivelli's The Prince, a little advice on war and choosing sides. I always remember this story due to that quote. Just made me love it.

Truth, Lies, and In Between by Garnet
There are two sequels to this story: Duty and Guilty Pleasures

Have you ever been in a relationship that was doomed from the start and you knew it? It was screwed up right from the get go and yet you wanted it? For however long it lasted, you wanted that person. You were drawn to them and you couldn't even resist, didn't want to. Not for a minute. You knew you couldn't keep the person, there was no way you could stay with them. Yet, you wanted them. Something about them just pulled you to them, you couldn't even define what. You just couldn't get away and didn't want to. A moth to a flame. You felt reckless and even though you saw the big sign, 'There be dragons here', you went ahead anyway. You felt free and be damned you were going to be with this person. That is what this story is about. A relationship where one night is enough, because to live a lifetime without it would be too much to bear. One night is better than never having been with them at all. That pretty much sums it up. It's a story set right after Sleepless where Alex does just this. Let's just say I could relate. I could so much I started writing up the rec to this story before it was even archived at RatB, just posted to the lists. Such beautiful emotional POV and internal dialogue of Alex I couldn't resist it. Ever heard that song by Trisha Yearwood 'The Song Remembers When', that's what this story did for me. Took me back to a time I had forgotten and made me remember why I did it in the first place. Something I had forgotten, why I had even been with the person. I finally remembered and damn it felt good to feel that. Ready to read it yet? Probably. Damn, this is a good rec for it. It lives up to it. I think Garnet drew from experience there. Best stories always are.

The Believe series by Hiro
I had almost forgot this series existed. I loved it when it was first posted to the lists and while looking for a link to Garnet's story above I stumbled back upon it. I knew I had to rec it the moment that I saw it again. The story was originally posted in 16 parts, but the version I have linked has all the pieces put together in one file. Each piece wasn't very long, but well-written and intense emotionally. It is similar to the one above in not being able to let go of something you want so badly. Even if it isn't the smart thing to do. Isn't that the essence of M/K fics anyway. UST and unrequited love finally resolved and requited. In a way this one is about the lies you tell yourself to keep going. To make something out to be something it isn't. Something you know it is, but can't stand to admit it. If you do admit it then that would mean that there was something valuable and important to lose. A thing, or person, that is becoming vital to you and if lost would be too much. Would shatter you. The lies we tell ourselves. My I am maudlin in my recs today. Oh well. We all have those days. Each piece of the series wasn't very long, but it kept me enthralled and wanting more with each post. Lucky you, you get to read it all at once. I had to get it bit by bit through the e-mail. I opened my mail each day hoping a new part would be posted. This is one of those little gems that stands out at you and you never quite forget. Hope you enjoy it, I'm sure you will.

Out of the darkness series by Lexi Krycek
Warnings: Character is raped off screen so to speak and this story deals with the effects of that rape. The rape is discussed. Also, a warning for violence and child abuse. No Alex didn't rape anyone. Neither did Mulder. Though I'm not going to say whether or not one of the boys might be the victim. Read and see.

This series of new stories is quite refreshing for the M/K fandom which hasn't seen anything this good in a few months.  It is an enthralling story that comes up with such valid reasons why Mulder might fogive Alex and for their being together you are just shocked no one has thought of writing about it yet. As the warnings state this isn't an easy piece to read. Alot, has happened to some of those near and dear to our hearts. This is about getting over that and trying to heal from the pain. The story is up to 3 parts now and doesn't even try to make out that it could be done so quickly. I fell in love with this series quickly and am eagerly awaiting each new piece as it comes out. I am also falling in love with Lexi's characterizations of the boys and who they are in this universe she has created. There is promise of a crossover with Stargate SG-1 later that I am waiting to see how it fits in and if Lexi can make it work. I just love the Strgate and hope she can work the crossover believably. I am still too stunned by how powerful an effect it has on me to really go into too much about the series. It is  still so new and I am still just delighted when I open my e-mail and find a new part posted to the lists. Lexi is geting alot of praise for this rightfully so. I suggest you go and check it out yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Out of the darkness: Love and Hate
Out of the darkness: Secrets Unkept
Out of the darkness: Alex's Journals

Departure Novel by Imajiru
These are a series of novel length stories that are absolutely wonderful. I'm not sure how to describe the story in a way that won't give away any spoilers for it and yet will tell you how terrific it is. I think I'll just highly suggest you read it and leave it at that. Imajiru is a wonderful writer who can weave a wonderful story. I can't say enough about how good this series is, even though it starts out rough, it ends beautifully. I love her characterization of Alex in this, tough and vulnerable both at the same time. The way she portrays Mulder is beautiful too, he is fragile after certain events occur, but gets stronger as it goes on. I also liked how neither Mulder or Krycek were designated the weak or strong partner, as is with life they both have moments of each and the other is always there to help them through that. Don't think this story is too schmoopy though. It has its moments of real angst, of fights, of hot sex, and some true love thrown in for good measure. It is a truly wonderful story that is one of the best in this fandom and pairing. A must read for M/K fans.

This story, especially part 3, has me weeping every time I read it, just as strongly as the first time. So high emotional angst warning there, but it is beautiful. Though, I don't really consider angst a warning.
Departure 1
Departure 2
Departure 2.5
Departure 3

Hardened Criminal Series by Orithain & Nicole S.
Warnings: Rape/ Non-Consensual sex, but it only lasts for so long. Then it becomes consensual. Yeah, like that ever happens in real life, sadly sometimes it probably does. No one ever said all relationships were healthy.

This series is an AU in which Mulder works as a prison guard and Krycek is a prisoner convicted of a hate crime. It is way AU as you can tell. It is really good though. In lots of ways. it starts out really rough and totally angsty, but it gets better as it goes along. Part 6 has it's angst moments, but is ultimately more about true love overcoming than anything else. The boys have definitely worked out a lot of shit by the time that part rolls around and have moved on from overreacting and lashing out. You'll find they do alot of that. The series is basically finished, though we have been teased with the hope that maybe they might come back to it one day. Who knows they might just . I hope so. As I said, the story starts out violent and majorly angsty, but moves into the realm of happily ever after or close enough to it.

Hardened Criminal Part 1
Hardened Criminal Part 2-Lessons
Hardened Criminal Part 3-Restoration
Hardened Criminal Part 4-Correspondence
Hardened Criminal Part 5-Adjustments
Hardened Criminal Part 6-Lessons Learned

Names & Numbers Series by Mona Ramsey
I love this series. The first time I read it, I didn't stop until I had read the entire thing all the way through. Which is a feat considering how long it is. The series is fairly long and detailed, taking place over several years time. Mona is an excellent M/K writer, but sadly she isn't in the fandom any more. She still writes in a ton of fandoms, but I think she has left the X-files fandom.  In the fandom still or not, Names and Numbers stands out though as some of the best M/K out there. There is really too much going on to really tell you what it is about, but it is a read that will keep you interested from beginning to end. I love this series, it has a sweetness to it that is genuine and doesn't go so sugary you think you'll go into shock from it. It is one of those sit back and enjoy yourself reads that keeps you pulled in all the way to the end.

Small hours by Te and Pares
This fucking story is just so fucking sweet, so fucking painful, so It gets to you under your skin, starts to pulse in there. In the M/K side of the X-files slash fandom you can always find a little violence, mixed with a little love, angst, longing, and desire. This story has all of the above, woven so well together. It is like a tapestry. A beautiful one at that. It isn't much more than a PWP, but it's not one that is just filled with aimless sex. It has a ton of emotional angst and some internal dialogue that shifts back and forth between the boys. The story is about longing and obsession in a way. Wanting someone so bad and every now and then tasting a little of just how much they want you. Finding out what it is like on there end, how much they love you, want you, give to you, and give up for you. Loving like there is no end. Craving like there is nothing else you could ever want. I love rereading this story it is just filled with so much passion and want. It tells how sometimes no matter how much you get of the thing you want, you only want more.

There is an old Chinese proverb, "It is better to spill a glass of wine, than to drink it and get a taste for it. If it is the only glass of wine and there will never be another."  I think that sums this story up pretty well. An unquenchable thirst for something you have and yet can never get enough of. Craving something you don't know if you can ever keep. Thirsty for it yet? Go on you know you want a it.

Challenges of Everyday Life Series by Orithain
Ok, I was on a list and someone asked for recs of non-angsty, happily ever after M/K stories.?! (picture me trying to stifle a choked guffaw, here) What the hell could I rec to them? This story was the only one I could think of that even came close to that and there is some angst here, but the boys do end up happy. It was the only one rec'd. Guess no one else could come any closer than I did. Angst is pretty much a requirement for M/K I have found and I always liked it that way. The person who requested these recs also asked why there is so much conflict and angst in M/K stories. I said 'oh, couldn't have anything to do with Alex killing Mulder's father could it?' That seems to require some getting over and angst ensues. I was wondering if this person watched the show at all and why they read M/K and complained about angst. If you don't like that you are in the wrong fandom.

This series is lower on the angst level, though not completely free of it. The boys are totally hot and gone for one another, if that is what you are interested in look no further. The series gets it name, because each story is based on story challenges made on mailing lists and such to write a story with  some specific thing(s) involved. Each one tells you which challenge she answered, you'll figure out what the specifics of each challenge were as you read the stories.

Blood, love, and rhetoric by Ladonna King
Warnings:Yeah, there are some. Definite violence warning. Some rough sex, sub/dom stuff. Nothing too incredibly squicky, though. Not by my standards at least. I don't really read S&M so you won't find that on any of these pages. A little knife play, but mostly as a threat. Though I find that hot, I have a thing about knives and swords what can I say. Why do you think I like Highlander so much? All those guys sword fighting. High angst warning, but I consider that an attribute. It was a little on the angsty side even for me and I love angst. Not too bad though.

This story is kindof complicated. I don't think I could adequately summarize it, it's not easy to do so. Things aren't what they seem though. You think they are one thing and it turns out your wrong. The end will shock you, trust me, but its a good ending. The story is basically about giving someone what they need even if it isn't necessarily what you want or need. Doing so because that is what they want and you love them too much to say no. That is what is at the heart of it and makes it the saddest. Ladonna has a way of jerking tears out of me, some of her best Highlander stuff has me weeping through a good chunk of it. I didn't actually cry during this, but I felt them prickling in the back there through most of this story. Giving people what they want isn't always easy and sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking someone is something they aren't. We make people in our minds up into what we need and in reaction they become it, even if they don't want to. That is the best way I can some this up without giving anything away. At least I hope I didn't.

A boy and his rat by C.M. Decarnin
Warnings: There are like a ton of warnings listed, including death, but the story is up to like part eleven and I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of them. So I don't know what is going on, I think it is still a WIP, maybe we have yet to get to them. Just check out the warnings, but I haven't found any of them in the story yet. *The story is finished and the warnings were bullshit. I don't think even one of them happened. So if they make you nervous, just forget about them. They don't happen.*

This is one of those stories that you just go Wow! when you read it. It is sort of a long PWP, as the author states and I agree. All I can really say is Wow!, I'm like stuck on that. The story stunned me, it's well written and just shocks the hell out of you with how good it really is. I just stumbled on the thing one day, when I discovered Zen & Nancy's Homeless shelter. I thought I had read everything there was M/K at that point; good, bad, and indifferent. Then I came upon this and was amazed I had never read it. A few days later on one of the lists I am on someone else sent out a message strongly recommending this story and telling people how great it was too. I concurred as vehemently as possible and told everyone I agreed that they should read it. This is one of those rare finds you didn't even know was out there, but when you find it you are really glad you did. Can't really describe it, like the writer said basically one long PWP. I can just tell you it is fabulous and don't miss it. You'll be sorry if you do.

Note: This story has finally reached it's conclusion. I tried to read the last few parts (13-16), but found them confusing. I wasn't sure what was going on. Also some of the situations just didn't gel with me. Didn't think that was in the realm of what some of the characters would do. Just my opinion. I think the series hit it's high point with part 11.

Responsibility by Ladonna King
It's a Samantha fic. One of the few I have ever read where she was truly found. It's a sweet story and in this Alex isn't such a bad guy. This is just one of those stories I have never forgotten since the first time I read it. It fast became one of my favorites and has stuck with me all this time. It's a wonderful read and I highly recommend it. Ladonna, AKA Sleeps with Coyotes, is a wonderful writer and you will find a ton of her stuff on my Highlander recs page. This one and Blood, Love, and Rhetoric are the only two of her M/K stories I really like. One is highly violent and the other, this one, is really quite sweet. It's such a dichotomy of takes on the characters that when I first realized she had written both of them I was shocked. The interactions between Alex and Sam are wonderful, that adds up to some amount of the story and are really fascinating. There is no m/f stuff here, don't worry if you don't like that sort of thing. This is an M/K story and Alex is totally hung up on Sam's brother, not her.

Altered Perceptions and Fun in the Sun by Orithain
Mulder forced to take a vacation, let's the Gunmen pick where, ends up on a cruise ship, and is determined not to enjoy himself. That is how this story starts out. On the ship who also should be there, but lovely Alex. The boys fight, they have sex, decide to spend more time together, and start a relationship. Minor angst, but you know they are going to end up together. Fun in the Sun is more of an PWP interlude than a sequel. A flashback to a port stop while on the ship, where they pursue some extra curricular activities on the beach. Hmmm....wonder what that activity is. Nothing to painful here and it leaves you wondering what will happen next. I really enjoyed it and have reread it when I was in the mood for something not to violent that ended well. This is one of those lighter fics that is just so refreshing after you have spent so much time wading through angst that you just need a pick me up. It is well written, like Ori would do any less and just leaves you feeling happy and like you need a cool shower to turn the heat down.

A couch isn't just for sleeping on... by Sandra Lee
I don't usually read PWP, but I happened upon this one and thought it was just fabulous. It is one of those great little finds, you didn't even know was out there. Though  it is short it's extremely hot and loving. It had me both squirming in my seat and smiling over its sweetness. I showed it to a friend and she agreed it was just as wonderful. It is definitely a must read, because so much is packed into this short story. Took me forever to find the bookmark to it, it was lost among my bookmark hell. I just stumbled on it when I was cleaning out dead links one day and was so glad. I had begun to think I hadn't even bookmarked the thing and had even e-mailed the author to ask for the URL, I found it by the time she replied. It was worth having to wade through all those fanfic bookmarks to rediscover where it was though. It is definitely one I had to rec.

How to throw a curveball series by Courtney Gray
I don't really know what it is about this series that I like so much. It's hard to really pinpoint. The writing is wonderful and in some ways I think it is possibly as close as you can come to what a real relationship between the boys would be like. It's definitely angsty and both of them are wise enough to know that this is a bad idea, but yet the attraction they feel for one another is so strong that they can't seem to stay away. There are no sappy declarations of love here and neither of them really know what the hell they are doing. Not thinking and just going with what they feel and desire is basically what they are doing. Telling their heads to shut up and listening to the bodies desire and what their hearts are feeling. Mulder is confused as hell and angry at himself for wanting Krycek, which he takes out on Alex, which I find very believable and Mulder like. Alex is feeling more for Mulder and in touch with that better, again not shocked and think that fits. Alex has a vulnerability to him that Nick Lea puts into his performance and Mulder is angry and definitely in touch with his guilt if nothing else. I think the characterizations are what I like most about this series. They are so dead on that you just really see the guys in this. Courtney has just posted the last and final section of this wonderful series, called Strike Zone. Check it out to see the conclusion to one of the best M/K series out there. I just read it and it is just as good as the rest of the series. Some people know when to end a series. Some don't and the thing goes bad like rotten fruit. Luckily, Courtney knew when to end hers and it is still wonderful. Check it out. It is worth the read just like all the rest.

How to throw a curveball
Wild Cards
Double Play
Strike Zone

Classic Rec Alert:

Ghosts series by torch
Ghosts and it's sequel Lovers are like the proverbial X-files M/K fanfic. If you haven't read it, then you are seriously missing something. It is obligatory to rec this story just in case some newbies have yet to discover it. It is one not to be missed. It is angsty, sexy, and defines everything that is the M/K fandom. I'm done singing it's praises for the moment. You may have noticed that many of the stories I rec I have a hard time just summarizing what they are about. I usually describe how they make me feel or the essence of what I got they were trying to say. This is another one of those difficult to summarize stories. Just saying it is about this or that would be too simple. It is complex and rich in that way that just draws you in. Torch is a wonderful writer who weaves a fabulous tale centered around the boys. Whether new to the fandom or maybe you just haven't gotten around to reading this yet it is a must read. A fabulous story with an intriguing plot and definitely plenty of love, longing, and angst to satisfy any M/K fan. Go on now, shoo read torch's fics. I insist.

Ghosts 1: I know where I'm going
Ghosts 2: And I know who's going with me
Ghosts 3: I know my dear love
Ghosts 4: But I don't know who I'll marry

Remembrance and Reminder by torch
A short interlude set between Ghosts and Lovers.

Lovers series by torch
Sequel to Ghosts.
Lovers 1: Carrion comfort
Lovers 2: Darksome devouring
Lovers 3: In turns of tempests
Lover's 4: Sheer and clear
Lover's 5: Heaven-handling
Lovers 6: Of now done darkness

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