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All stories recommended here are V/M

Men at Some Time by Sylvia
After his break-up with Lianne Victor decides he needs to make some changes in his life. Not so much to win Lianne back, more in the sense that he feels at a loss. Like he isn't so sure anymore of who he is and where he fits in his life anymore. It's like he's had far too many upheavals of late and just can't stand it anymore. The stress and depression from the break-up and the job is getting to him. He needs some changes in his life, even if it isn't the best idea in the world. He decides to change the way he dresses, redecorate his apartment, and even put his truck up for sale. He just doesn't like himself very much at the moment and instead of dealing with the problems causing it he opts for redoing his whole self-image. Can't change who you are inside though, without alot of work, so in the end you can't run from yourself. Where have you got to go? An assignment takes them to a gay bar and Vic thinks that just maybe he might take a guy up on an offer. He's at a low point wanting someone, anyone to just want him, choose him. He doesn't even particularly care who. Mac manages to talk him out of it with promises that if he wants to get fucked, Mac will do it. Vic doesn't buy it, but he's in a state that he just doesn't care. He's lonely and tired, not able to muster up enough reason to care. Mac does follow through after some reluctance and Vic finds that maybe it was a change of person that he needed. Someone who likes him for who he is, even though it doesn't seem like it. That Vic didn't need to change who he was, just find someone who accepted him as is. Don't we all wish for that.

So Inclined Series by Lefey
Note: There are a couple of companion pieces to this that are written by Nicole S. on this page also. Also, the main pairing is V/M, but in one part there is a little V/m that evolves into V/m/M. I usually don't like multiple partners or pairings, but I let it slide in this one.

A drunken bet goes way to far and leads Vic and Mac somewhere they never expected. It's the after effects of the bet, that eventually turns more into a competition, and the guys trying to decide what to do now that really hooked me on this series. This is a another case of 'Why haven't I rec'd this yet?' There are some heavy dosages of denial in this one. Mainly, Vic having trouble coming to terms with being attracted to another man. Through the course of the series the guys try to figure out what they want from one another and come to terms with being not only attracted to one another, but the fact that they are falling in love. Mac deals a little better with being attracted to Vic and the realization he is fall in love with the man. Vic finds that his self-image has suddenly shifted and he doesn't know who he is anymore. He's trying to figure out if being in love with a man makes him a different person or if this is a part of himself he is only coming to understand was always there waiting to be revealed. It's a hard road for the both of them, because Vic tends to take out his insecurities and doubts about himself out on Mac. This causes make pain and Vic unending guilt for hurting his lover. I thought it was a nice exploration into the angst of two people who are really just coming out to themselves. I mentioned the Original Character above in the Note, that to me is what kept it from being a 'Suddenly Gay' story. The guys realizing that they could find another man attractive. The other guy is one of the steps to realizing that they do love each other and just want to be together. I've always liked this series and can't believe I haven't rec'd it before. Shame on me, I've corrected that mistake now though. I just love emotional angst and this one has it. If your an angst slut like me, a definite must read in this fandom.

Tulips Series by Orithain
This series is hot, hot, hot. This is a long series that starts with a hot first time and only gets better as it goes along. Vic and Mac have to go undercover as a gay couple to stop a terrorist. This leads to a discovery of their true feelings for one another. It occasionally X-over with another of Ori's series called Sinful. You can skip those and it won't make much of a difference plot wise. These are basically a bunch of PWP that are just too hot to even describe, they have to be read. They have a good bit of humor to them too, which keeps it from being angsty.

Going Deep by AnneZo
Everyone recs this OAT story and with good reason. There isn't alot of sex in here and nothing too explicit, but the UST can't be beat. The boys go undercover as a couple in a gay community to investigate the disappearance of several gay couples. Hmmm, three guesses as to what happens once they get there? It's a really long story with a good bit of angst and some UST, that sortof gets resolved. There is some sex, but nothing heavy. The plot is pretty good, even if the OC(original characters) are a little weird, but that doesn't really differ from the show. Good writing. I was totally engrossed in it. It's really long so no jumping into bed together without working through some amount of shit. Hate it when they just fuck without even getting over some crap first.

Other Lives by Lianne Burwell
This story is an Au that I love, I have read it several times and never grow tired of it. What if Mac and Vic had taken different paths and never done the things that brought them to the attention to the agency? What if even though their lives were different, they met anyway? That is what this story is about. The two have diverged and made different choices from the Vic and Mac we know, but they are still essentially the same people. When they meet sparks fly and what do you know they fall hard. What a shock? I am truly shocked and shaken by this....Not! It is one of my favorite OAT stories and Lianne is a great OAT writer.

The Drowning Sorrows Series by Lianne Burwell
Another rec for Lianne, for her fabulous Drowning Sorrows series. This is really novel length. It is divided into three books; the first Drowning Sorrows, the second Always a Thief, and the third Revenge of the Bolsheviks. The first book Drowning Sorrows follows canon and wonders what if the boys had started a relationship right after Lianne postponed her engagement to Vic. We see the relationship evolve and the boys love grow in this one. The second book starts up several years later, after the boys have escaped the agency after being presumed dead. They are brought back in to help find out who is trying to kill the agency's directors. The second and third book X-over with From Eroica With Love. In the third one Mac and Vic have settled back into the life they have made together. Everything is pleasant and peaceful, that's about to change. I love this series. I love a good long story or a series and this one is great. I think I may have listed just about all the really long series in the OAT fandom on this page without realizing it. So you have a good start on the juicy stuff.

Pretty Baby Series by Angel & Rina
This is another AU. In this one Mac and Vic meet at a different time in their lives. Mac is still a teen, just barely 18 and Vic is a cop working in Vice for a woman who is remarkably similar to the Director. Vic is instructed to seduce Mac so that his boss can get some dirt on the Tangs to blackmail them with. Both are drugged in a bar, but one look at Mac and Vic just can't do hurt him like that. Vic didn't really want to be part of the blackmail plot anyway. So he takes Mac somewhere else and since both are so turned on by the drug they ingested, well you can guess what happens. While Mac is getting to know Victor's better, well his body anyway, tragedy strikes his family. After realizing Vic betrayed him, losing some family members and being hunted by others, well let's just say he is pissed by the time the second story in the series comes along. He and Vic catch the eye of the director and get recruited into the agency. From their things get really interesting. The boys work hard at building a relationship and it takes a while, but eventually they do have some pretty hot sex again. I love this series and it is relatively new, the last part is just a week or so old. I am delighted every time I see a new part has been posted to the lists and waiting in my inbox.

The Connections Series by Rina
This series is cute little thing that endeared itself to me right away. In it Vic and Mac go online trying to find a killer who is using Internet chat rooms to stalk his victims. All of them are relatively inexperienced at the net stuff and sort of shy, trusting kindof guys. Vic gets chosen to be the potential victim while Mac is his backup looking for where the guy might be. Vic ends up meeting someone on the Net and striking up a friendship with them. This person isn't the guy they are tracking, just some friendly chatter Vic hits it off with. Vic starts falling for the guy and growing closer to him every day. His not paying attention to his assignment could put Mac in danger though. The killer has spotted his next victim and Mac may be the one who has to stop him. I think I have figured out that Angel is the one who is good at writing the hot sex, either that or she brings out or encourages it in Rina. The sex takes a while coming and when it does it is good, but not as graphic as some other stuff. It is a great series though and I love it.

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