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Pairings vary

    This was my first slash fandom. Beecher/Keller are my faves in this one, but I really don't have a whole lot of loyalty to anyone in this fandom. I've seen stories I've liked with both the guys paired with others.

23 Leroy Street by Dorilon
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: AU, but just a little bit. Beecher went to prison and got out, but Keller managed to escape the cops. So the guys never met in prison. Also, you should know it's a WIP that is just getting started.

The opening scene alone like to have melted my brain. Only one part has been posted of this fic so far, but it was so hot that I just had to rec it right away. There isn't even any sex in it, yet. The imagery was just so powerful it was positively steaming up my screen. I had to rec it, if it starts out this good I can't wait to see where it's going to go next. When I was first reading it, I could swear it was Chris standing up against that wall. That is until he pulled up on hs motorcycle. Toby in this one seems broody, angry, I'm sensing filled with attitude, and probably has buckets full of angst stored away. We'll just have to wait and see though. I hope Dori posts a new part to this one soon. I'm sooo looking forward to finding out where she's going to go with this one.

Let's Give Them Something To Talk About by Riley Canon
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: AU and an WIP

This is a fic that I just love. It's a WIP (work in progress) like I mentioned, but just so good who cares. It just leaves you wanting for more. Plenty of sappiness, with some angst thrown in for flavor. This is one of those stories that I just got sucked into and can't wait until each new part is posted. From what Riley's mentione on lists it sounds like one of those fics that just gets away from a writer. Grows into something you don't quite expect. Riley wrote a few fics that were just short little pieces of the boys in an a happier AU world. Riley made the big mistake of asking her muses how the guys met, this fic is what came of that question. You never ask a muse that. I'm always asking mine that and unless you want to know, you just shouldn't ask. I always want to know. I just love first time stories. I always want to know how the whole thing started. How the guys got together. Otherwise, I feel like I've walked in on a conversation half way into it and feel like I've missed some stuff. Plus, my big muses are X-Files M/K muses, knowing how they got together is generally an important thing to help ensure the fic is good, as well as believable. The time period of this one jumps back and forth from the past to the present alot, but it's not so much that you get lost. I've been able to follow it pretty well. Chris is a cop in this one and Toby's still a lawyer. Chris being a cop is a popular concept in some AU fics. I think it has to do with Chris Meloni (the guy who plays Keller) also playing Det. Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU. I kind of like Chris the cop AU's. I'm just a big sucker for them. So sue me.<g>

Desperately Seeking Redabow by Lora
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: AU. This is a response to a Movie Challenge. Where the point was for a writer to take B/K and whoever else they wanted and place them into the scenario of a movie. The movie Lora picked was The Thin Man. She threw B/K in a somewhat altered version of the roles of Nick and Nora Charles.

This one is a WIP, but it's really long so far. Up to part 13 as I'm writing this. The boys are in an established relationship here. Often times they are like an old married couple who are still incredibly hot for one another. Like I said this story takes place within the plot of the movie The Thin Man. If it helps remembering this movie think the dog Asta. So you can guess it's way AU. Toby is an ex-soap actor turned writer in this one and Chris a former cop turned private eye/ film consultant. That should help you out a little. Lora sums that and more up for you in the beginning anyway. Just giving you a little heads up to let you see where she was going with this. Story has a good plot, however borrowed, that pulls plenty of Oz characters into the mix. It's has a sweetness to it that I love, some intrigue revolving around a mysterious disappearance Toby and Chris are trying to solve. A disappearance that it's uncertain whether it involves foul play or not. Good romance between B/K. Plus, some humor that has to do with Beecher's parents. Or rather his mother really and a shift in her personality that has Beecher wondering if he should start looking off the pods. it's a really good story that I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. One of the reason I joined an Oz list after I don't know how long. Found several stories lately that I just had to find out how they were progressing. Didn't want to wait till they were archived, wanted them hot off the lists.<g>

Summer in the City by Riley Cannon
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

This story by Riley takes place in back in 1990, before anything in Oz even came close to occurring. Beecher has either  just passed the bar or about to take exam, he's only started thinking about proposing to Gen, and Keller is a parole trying to straighten out his life. Well, those thoughts about marrying Gen (which he was only luke warm about really) definitely change when he meets Chris. The world takes a big turn for both of them once they meet. You know what happens, the usual sparks fly and can only lead one place. To a steamy romance. Riley said in the intro she figured she could either sit around complaining about the heat of channel it into something. So she channeled it into this story. I can relate, I live in Texas. It's so fucking hot here and humid beyond belief. I groan every time I go to the weather channel and see one of those maps depicting the temps in colors. It's always flaming red over where I live. Plus, lately it has been raining everywhere around us and we've only gotten one small shower a couple of days ago. I mean it is like this big patch just cut out around Texas. I sign whenever I see that map too. I'm starting to hate the weather channel. This story didn't really succeed in cooling me off, more like heated me up. Might just you too. Has a wonderfully slow build up. This version stops right before they get to the sex I think. She posted a new part to the lists where they finally consummated things the other day. I won't gloat over it. As soon as that part gets added, I'll make sure to change the link. Good sex, trust me. Build up sex. Hope there's much more to come. Ok, maybe I am gloating a little bit. You can mutter bitch under your breath at me. I'll understand.

How Toby Fell by Lora
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: This is a prequel to Desperately Seeking Redabow. See above. This story is just about finished. Lora says there is a postscript she's going to do, but basically it is done. Maybe now she get see about finishing up DSR.

This is another AU piece. Hell, I think most on this page are. Even those that started out following the story by the eps, they went AU after a while. So why bother even mentioning it really. Most stories in the Oz fandom have been AU's lately. It's way to painful to try and write the fandom after season 4.<sigh> Finding out that Keller is coming back and some ideas that popped up from these movie challenges has finally perked my B/K Muses up. TobyMuse has finally gotten off of the floor, where he's been curled up in a ball whimpering and crying pitifully ever since the start of season 4. If yo don't know already, don't ask. It's too hard to talk about. Anyhoo. In this story Keller is a homicide cop, yes I said cop quit looking at me like that. I figure it's Chris Meloni's role as Elliot Stabler on Law and Order:SVU, that probably stuck that one in her mind. I can see it in the context of this story. Toby is an actor in this one, he attended law school, but dropped out to pursue a career in acting. Much to the chagrin of his uptight parents, you can well imagine. Still he's doing what he loves. It's when a friend of Chris' gets him to go see a play Toby's in that things really start to heat up. It's the usual big bang chemistry moment when the boys meet and a bon fire starts up. I swear Lee Tergesen and Chris Meloni have better chemistry than most het couples on tv today. In a recent article in TV Guide Meloni put it," Let's face it; we're the new millennium's Luke and Laura." I couldn't help but laugh at that. True enough in the chemistry department. Also, true in that both couple put each other through numerous crap over the years. I prefer B/K to Luke and Laura though. I'm a true slash slut in that manner. I swear B/K are practically mainstream. Scary.<chuckle>

Home for the Holidaze by Riley Cannon
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

This story takes place roughly around the time when the boys first met in 1998. Hard to believe Keller's been on Oz that long, seems like no time at all. That first moment of B/K interaction is what really got me hooked on Oz. That did it for me totally. In this one Beecher is a still a lawyer, no Oz, and Keller is a private eye who works for one of the other lawyers in Beecher's firm. A case Beecher is working on is what brings them together. We see this story in two time lines. November of 1998 at which point they are already in a relationship and five months earlier in July when they first met and got together. The story is a WIP so we are getting to see how they came together slowly. This story has a Guess Who's Coming to Dinner feel to it. In that in the November time frame Toby is trying to figure out how to come out to his parents and break it to them that he's involved with a man. He has yet to figure out how to disavow them of their misconception that Chris is short for Christopher, not Christine as they assumed and he didn't correct them of yet. I'd give the guy a break though, he's new at the coming out thing and it has only been 5 months. The heat between the guys is well captured in this story. They've only kissed so far and I nearly melted right out of my chair. I've noticed that alot of Oz stories are being posted piece by piece as they are written. Which I don't mind so much since we get new pieces bit by bit and the stories are really long. I love a good long read, something you can really sink your teeth into. Yet, another story that I just can't wait to see where the author is going to go with it in the future. Seems like this whole update is just full of recs for series and WIP. Oh well, hope you don't mind. It is my site, I'll rec what I want. Riley is turning out to be on of my favorite authors in this fandom right now. I really enjoy her work.

Nine Tenths of the Law by Gwen
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Notes: AU. The year is 2001 and Beech is still a lawyer, no Oz. Hell, none of the guys that appear in the story have ended up in Oz. That should give  you a clue as to how AU it is.

Like I mentioned above Beecher is still a lawyer in 2001 in this story so that should give you some clue that things are different in this story line. You know the saying though, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." True enough here. Some things may be different, but others remain the same. Beecher was acquitted of killing Kathy Rockwell in this story, but that doesn't mean he isn't still assuaged with guilt and plagued by nightmares. He is also still indulging in his drinking and drug habit, among other things. It's his drinking that lays him wide open to a blackmail scheme that is actually a cover for something much more elaborate. A betrayal with and very familiar feel to it. I like the way the plot is unfolding here. The setup that Beecher finds himself the victim of. It really made sense to me and had me going 'Wow!'. I found a copy of this at one archive that didn't have as many parts to it. Then the C5 archive got updated and I discovered a more up to date version with several more parts to it. It's still a WIP, but a damn good one. The one that prompted this page to get updated this time around. I've been on an Oz rec'ing fest this time around. This Oz update is just full of so many stories I can't wait to see the next part to. My Oz slash addiction has returned. The B/K girl in me has resurfaced.<sigh> Well, I always love pretty boys who just burn with passion and confidence. What more can I say. I don't want to tell you much more, I don't want to ruin the plot for you. It was to much fun for me to find it out as it's developing. So I'll just leave you with this. Enough to get you started and hopefully make you want to go and read more.

Covert Series by flyboy
Pairings: Too many to list. Everybody that was on the show at the time is in this. Pairings change sometimes, but not without good reason. Some times the reasons are dark ones.

Warnings: I loved this story so much I forgot about warnings when I wrote up the rec, so here they are. Rape, Violence (definitely). Well, it's an Oz fic, if you watch the show, just assume lots of bad shit happens.

This is the best Oz fanfic series out there. I was on an Oz mailing list when flyboy first posted this and was just salivating to see how it would turn out. We never had to wait long. Flyboy supplied us with parts so often we had to wonder if the person was chained to the computer being fed intravenously. We all chanted hoping for the pace to keep up. It is a wonderful series that has 40 parts with the epilogue. So settle in for a long, but fabulous read here. This story is just amazing. It sucks you in and just doesn't let you go. I couldn't believe how good this was when I first found it. I still can't. I had to search out the old version of the Em City site to find it. The  new version doesn't have flyboy listed in the authors. Which is a shame. Note to the Emcity archivist: Bug him until he lets you archive this series! It is a good story to get lost in. So read it when you have a day or several hours to spare, depending on how fast you read, but don't miss it. When I thought of what to rec in the Oz fandom, I knew it had to be this one. If I hadn't been able to find it I wasn't going to rec any Oz stuff. It is that good. All of the Oz characters are in it and it changes POV from part to part so the pairing are to many to list.

Note: I changed the link from a copy I found at the old EmCity archive to one at the C5 Archive. I was never sure when the old one might disappear. This one has the whole series in one convient file. It is really long, 570K, so settle in for a good long read.

To take arms against a sea of troubles by MJ
Pairing: Ryan O'Reilly/Miguel Alvarez

Note: Since Em City closed some links to the older Oz stories were lost. I'm trying to find alternate links, but no luck so far.I'll see what I can do.

This is an Ryan O'Reilly/Miguel Alvarez series. It had several parts and a hot little PWP in between. It is really good and sweet. It starts out with Miguel in the padded room way before season 4. It is somewhere in season 3 I think this takes place. I love the internal dialogue of Miguel's and the relationship that develops between he and Ryan. The whole thing just lights me up. I don't think there is alot of graphic sex in it, but it is one of those that seems like there is whether there is or not. It is so hot and the way the boys tease one another can nearly set you on fire. I love a good tease. This has that. Alot of sex is off screen and I like how MJ hints somewhere in there that Ryan isn't always on top. That he lets go enough, trusts, and loves enough to let Miguel in all the way. It is an interesting way their relationship starts that you wouldn't think about and even better how it evolves. I really love this one. I love any story that takes it's title from a Shakespeare quote though. This one is from Hamlet, in case you don't know, his monologue.

Hi, Society Series By Riley Cannon
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: This story is a WIP(Work in Progress), don't let that stop you though. It is a damn good one, well worth the read. It's also way AU. Part of the Movie Challenge.

Ok, how to explain this one? This is part of the movie challenge. Set in the theme from the movie The Philadelphia Story, the title gets it's name from a musical based on that movie. Basically, the Oz fandom has been in a tailspin since season 4 (this past season). The story lines got so fucked up and everything was just so wrong that the fandom is not doing well. (The Em City archive, one of the best and oldest archives for the fandom is no longer taking submissions. It's still there, but no longer being updated.) I personally found season 4 hard to take and hated the way Keller was portrayed. People have been loving this challenge though, been getting a kick out of it. I've seen I don't know how many stories based on it. Some of the best ones lately have stemmed from it. Basically, you take Beecher/Keller, along with anyone else on Oz, and stick them in some movie, keeping their names and such, adjusting the plot as needed. Pretty simple. Just reading stories from that challenge you can pretty much figure that out easy. The story is "along the lines of those old Cary Grant movies from the 1930s ­ like The Philadelphia Story" to quote the author. It is wonderful and just mesmerizing. The characterizations of everyone are not lost, even though they are thrust into another story line. Some things have been changed a bit, "a world where there are no serial killer or child murders" is how another Oz writer described this type of story. If you didn't see season four don't ask, you don't want to know. I just got lost in this story and the time period, even if it isn't set in Oz. Just keep in mind the "Philadelphia Storyesque" quality and you'll do just fine. I just love this one and the world she has thrust the characters into. I can't wait to she where she goes with it next. A definite must read if you think Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen are hot and don't mind seeing them outside an Oz setting. I'm going to have to bug this writer to do more of this one. Let her know she has a fan here who is loving the story.

Hi, Society 1
 High Society 2
High Society 3

Heat by Lora
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: AU, way AU, very AU.

This is another of the stories from the "B/K Through the Ages" challenge. I have been meaning to rec this one for a while, but forgot to. I was waiting to see how it ended and what it looked like finished. Then I finally found the finshed product, had a brain slip, and forgot to rec it. I don't read Oz much anymore. Just see an update to the C5 archive posted to the lists every now and then and that's usually when I check stuff out. I loved this one upon first reading it. It takes place in about 1898 in Liberty, OK. It's another one of those stories where the characters are just so who they are on the screen, just thrust into another time and place. Honestly, I don't think Beecher is this much of a bottom as he is in this story, but 'every person's POV is differnt' is what I always say. We all view the characters in another light, colored by our own view of people, the world, etc. Moving back to the rec. I just love how these two are drawn to one another, how we see Toby's angst over this like we did on the show, but how he is still just so drawn to Keller he can't resist it. I swear Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen have the best chemisty I've ever seen on tv. Their first scene together , when they first laid eyes on each other I swear it was like 'boom lighting bolts crashing in the distance'. Not just static charge, but hard cracking thunder and bright flashes of electricity. I've never seen any het couple on tv who had this explosive a chemisty, never seen another gay couple who did either. Those two guys were just fabulous together. Amazing. That is what drew me to slash, seeking out fanfic that would take those two characters further. Had to see that, I'd seen fanfic on the web before, but never wanted to read it. Then I found slash, not just in the Oz fandom, but as you can well see many fandoms. In my head I'm picturing the heavens opening up, bright light, and chorus of angels singing Halleleuhah! In praise to slash.<g> Never said I wasn't goofy. I was always a slash slut. Anyway, check this one out. Not to be missed the time period description is great and the characterizations are true to form, not lost like so many AU's of this type can be.

Oh, yeah there's a sequel to this one out there by another author if you run into it...Don't read it, it's not of the same quality and the characterizations are lost. Not going to name the title or author, don't want to slam them, just be careful if you find one to this out there. The sequel is like a bad original fic and if you've read any of those you know most are bad. Yeesh!<shudder> Trust me on this one. Sorry to that author, but I just wanted to warn everyone. If that author wants to snark at me go ahead I'll take it and not say anything. Don't get to nasty on me though, I am a bitch. I'll be nasty back.

Is it safe? by MJ
Pairing: Keller/O'Reilly

Note: Again, was lost when Em City went down. I'll look for an alternate link. Keep this up for while.

Let's face it most stories written before season 4 or going to be way AU at some point. It wasn't really an AU when it was written though, just another possible way for things to have gone. I think this was set sometime around the beginning of season 3, a possible way events could have occured. In this one Ryan is attacked and hurt badly. Keller is working in the hospital, which is essential for the plot of this story. He ends up helping Ryan out. The two guys finally get fed up with chasing after their unattainable loves and try for something a little easier within their reach, one another. No sex in this one, but a plot that made me believe these two could fall for one another. Two master manipulators letting their guard down around one another and trusting enough to let the other in. I liked that. I'm still basically a B/K girl, but I think Ryan is pretty damn cute too. So anyone with him I'm in for too.<g> This one had a sweetness to it and some revelations about Ryan that I found believable in the context MJ put them in. This is an older story, in that it takes place before all those horrors from season 4. One of my old faves. From not long after I started reading this fandom and got into slash altogether.

Solace Series by Alexa
Pairing: Beecher/O'Reilly

Note: Lost when Em City went down. I'm looking for another link to it. No luck yet.

I said I wasn't really loyal to pairings in this fandom. After dong these recs I've found basically what I meant was I can stand seeing the guys (B/K) slashed with Ryan or Ryan slashed with someone else. So I guess basically I like Beecher, Keller, and O'Reilly slashed, who could resist the three hottest men in Oz slashed. I can't. The title pretty much describes what's going on between Beecher and Ryan in this one. Both have been spurned and hurt by those they love, so they seek some solace within each other. This is a sweet little story that is like a respite for these two guys. A little shelter in the storm that no one else can touch. They've found a place where they can find comfort and love in each other. Found someone who won't cause them any pain, just some joy. I don't think either fool themselves into thinking they are the loves of each others lives, but there is love there and they make each other very happy. They're content together and after alot of pain, both that they have felt, and pain they've caused others. They need that little space of peace and quiet. The eye in the middle of the tornado, the place where there is no raging winds and brutal force. Just quiet, ease, and gentleness. I liked that about this series. Shelter in the storm of their lives and emotions. Oh, it one a stiffie award a few years back too. Found that out at the top of the page.<g>

Gift: A Solace Interlude
Quid Pro Quo: Another Solace Interlude

Quicksand by Terlonian
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: It's an AU.

In this AU, they aren't inside of Oz. Toby is shock...a Lawyer. Well, with the way Lee played him at first what else did he look like, upon arriving at Em City. Chris Keller is a stripper he meets while looking into something for his father. They meet and sparks fly, who knew? I found this one and just fell in love with it. I loved how Chris was so determined to win Toby's heart that he wasn't going to let him get away from him. No matter how afraid he is of what he feels Toby is drawn to Chris in this one. He's so drawn to him that he doesn't fight it as Chris reels him into his orbit. Like a moth to a flame he just lets himself fall. The story has a sweetness to it that I just loved. Toby facing what he feels for another man and Chris gently coaxing him along. Gently, but not subtely. He's as subtle as a brick to the head. He wants Toby and knows he's wanted back. So he is determined to get his man over his fear of the homosexual thing and his fear of disappointing his family. He just wants Toby to live and do what he wants. To free himself from the constraints of what his family thinks and feels he should do before it breaks him. This story is unfinished. I don't know if there is a finished copy out there. The Em City site is no longer taking submissions and I have yet to find another copy out there. Anyone knows of a copy floating around that is finished or has more parts than this let me know.

Another Time, Another Place Series by Annie
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: This is one goes AU after a while, but it starts out following events that occur in OZ. This story is in several parts (15) and is the first one listed at the top of this page.

This story is sortof about a better place and time. It spans about 30 years time all total. In and outside of Oz. It's about finding a way out, getting a chance to make up for past mistakes and just live somewhere else outside of Oz. Getting a chance to reclaim your family and become a part of one. Toby gets out and tries to start up a new life, hoping to have Chris still a part of it, even though he is still behind bars. He intends to visit, but never really does, can't bring himself to. He does return when Chris needs help though. Chris eventually get paroled and has to start a new life. His life and Toby's intersect again when Toby ends up being the one in a dark place. A friend of Toby's pulls them back together for Toby's sake. They do alot of coming together and seperating. They always end up back in one another's orbit though, continually finding it hard to find a way to live together, even though they are in love. In the end it all works out though. They can't let go, don't really want to, so they stay bound together. It takes them years to really work it out, but eventually they do. They get it right. It can be a little sappy at the end, but I like a little sap now and then. Like it mixed with a good bit of angst to liven it up, this story has both. Oh, little bit of a song fic, but you can ignore it. I usually do if the story is good enough.

Forever you and Me by Brian
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

I almost forgot to rec this story, it's one of my favorites too. I was writing up the rec for Another Time, Another Place when I remembered it. I was almost mixing the two stories up, when I realized I wasn't rec'ing the one I thought. I wanted to rec them both, just forgot which was which. Then I had to remember Brian's name because it isn't on the Em City site anymore. It's on his personal site and I was able to conjure his name from my memory, luckily. This is another Chris and Toby get out of Oz and try to start a new life stories. This time Toby, Chris, and Toby's kids make up the family. It starts out on the trek to get from Oz to where Toby and the kids are living now. Things are a little tough at first and yet again adjustments have to be made. Things work out eventually though and we get some happily ever after action going. I think it only takes account events that happened up to the end of season 2, which is around the time it was written. It's a great little story that is one of my favorites. I've even written Brian telling him how much I liked it. I always try and let authors I really like know how I appreciate their work. I'm an angst lover, but sometimes a show gets so filled with it, you need a little bit of sap and romance to make up for it. This is one of those that does that. This page wouldn't have been complete without it on it. Stands still as one of my favorites, even though it was probably one of the first Oz fics I read. Ah, one of the first stories I started out on in my slash readings. I might just get misty-eyed.<g> Not really. I do love it though. Go ahead and read it. It's great.

Covenant Series by Alexa
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: Lost when Em City went down. Trying to find new link.

This one takes place like the beginning of season 3, after Beecher is out of the hospital and goes AU from there. It's a really wonderful story that I loved from the first time I read it. It really goes into Chris' head and deals with how hard it must be for him to keep it all together. To try and play so many sides against the middle hoping that he won't drop the ball and have everything go to shit even further. There are no serial killers in this story. This happened before that fucked up and pathetic story line came into play. Have the writers ont he show ever heard of profiling. The way they set Chris up at the beginning didn't fit that of a serial killer. He doesn't angst over his sexuality, nor is he a loner, and nor is he hard up for dates from either sex. But, I digress. I'm just still angry over that. No sense in shotty profiling I say. I'm a natural profiler know of several others to. I profile everybody all the time, do it without thinking. No need for doing it poorly. If you can't do it well, don't do it. I do like the profile of Chris in this one though. I think the way she portrays Chris in this story could fit into his self-asteem issues. I'm not going to tell you the 'what' it is I'm referring to. You really have to read it to find out. It comes about in Part 1 so don't worry, you don't have to wait. I think it should be a surprise though. A problem Chris has, that involves a way he chooses to deal with his pain. In the absence of drugs and alcohol as sublimaters I think he might do this. I know I sound cryptic, I just don't want to give aways a plot point. There is some excellent characterizations, writing, and plot development in this one. You can just so visualize everything that is going on in it. See it clearly in your mind. You can understand Chris and why he does the things he does. She set him up well for this. I really love this one. It definitely is one of my faves in this fandom. Oh, I didn't realize it until I went through it reading it again, but it's unfinished.

Advocacy Series by Star
Pairing: Beecher/Keller, a tad of B/f, he gets over it. Non-graphic the m/f thing.

Note: Takes events in season 4 into account, but goes AU after a certain poiint. Still a WIP.

In this one Toby gets out and takes up being a prison Advocate. When the story starts he's gotten some people out of jail already and is working on getting Chris out. This one kindof goes into what it must be like being in love with someone who is in prison. Having only stolen moments with them and clinging to some hope that maybe they can get out, eventually. What a shock that Toby does manage to get him out after a while. Their relationship hits some rocky skids on the way. Going up and down, having to reclaim some trust and reaffirm their love.<g> I started reading this series and just fell in love with it. It is a WIP, but parts are being added to it all the time, so it's not like some just dead in the water. As I was rec'ing some stories on this page, I realized a few of them were unfinshed. To me unfinished means the rest of it is never going to be posted, the writer has lost interest. While a WIP (Work in Progress) means that parts keep popping up, that it's an active story. The writer is still working on it. It's a really well-written one, even if I don't think even an act of god could ever get Keller out. The way she does is believable enough, I was able to hold my suspension of disbelief enough to allow for it. It's up to twelve parts now, I hope the writer keeps it going. I'd like to see where she is going to take Chris and Toby now that she has them out of prison. It's pretty damn good. I've fallen in love with it. Oh, some hot sex herein too.

Advocacy 1
Advocacy 2: First Visit
Advocacy 3: Letters 1
Advocacy 4: The Kids
Advocacy 5: Consequences
Advocacy 6: Recovery
Advocacy 7: Reconciliation
Advocacy 8: Carol
Advocacy 9: Domesticity
Advocacy 10: Election 2004
Advocacy 11: Release
 Advocacy 12: Back to Oz
Advocacy 13: Afternoon Delight

Surprises by LadyArmand
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

This one is a great hot little piece that sortof taps into that heat and draw of the B/K relationship. Of how no matter what they do to the other they just can't seem to let go. They are drawn and pulled to each other, no matter the price and the pain, they always keep coming back. No one ever said love was perfect or that it was easy. I've always said that love is like a bed of roses. Oh, not a nice, comfy mattress covered with soft petals. I mean a real bed of rose, like the garden type. Filled with sweet smelling flower, with soft petals, sharp thorns, and hard stems. Love makes you bleed sometimes, makes you suffer. Prove your worth, not to love itself or even your beloved, but to yourself. Makes you bleed so you know you deserve it. There really is no deserving in love, someone doesn't love you because you deserve it. They just love you for who you are. Good, bad, ugly, and really ugly. Often, you'll find they are as screwed up as you are, maybe more in some ways. No one said true love was easy and perfect either. It's just the one you won't let go of and will fight to keep over anything. That's what I always liked about the B/K relationship, it might be screwed up, but only to the level that the men were screwed up and didn't know how to love without hurting. Neither of them knew how to be loved unconditionally. They both may have wanted it and needed it, but they didn't know how to accept it. Isn't that always the way it goes. This story dips into the inner draw of these two and how they feel it, but can't explain it. There's plenty of hot sex in it too.<eyebrow wiggle & wicked grin>

Dragon's Tale by Pamela
Pairing: Beecher/Keller

Note: AU, like way AU. Fantasy AU.

This is another of those "B/K through the ages challenge stories". This one takes place in medieval times in a fantasy world of dragon's magic and whatnot. Don't look at me like that. I know, but it's well written. Even though I'm not really into fantasy stories I liked it so you might too. She made sure to throw in that instant white hot heat attraction that B/K just radiate, like...well, magic. There is some definite hot sex in this one, steaming hot. I loved that. The plot is good too and pretty well formed. It's a WIP, so it's not finished. There are some questions that probably need to be answered later, but it's pretty damn good so far. This one takes all the Oz characters and just throws them into this medieval time period. I throughly enjoyed it. I mean after season 4, we all freaked out a little and wanted to see Toby and Chris anywhere, but in Em City. I was talking to another writer not long ago, I mentioned I'd written an Oz story to them. Her comment was that it was a tough fandom to write in, or something there about. It is a little hard to sink into that dark world of the prison enviroment and the difficulties of the B/K relationship. Sometimes we all need a little bit of fantasy respite. This one can fit the bill if you are so interested. Has Toby sexy as alwasy, Chris a fiercely seductive as ever. Just love the heat between these two guys, never seen any couple on tv come near the chemistry they had. Whether they were m/m, f/f, or m/f. Nobody can beat Lee and Chris in the pure, unadulterated chemistry department. They were like a wildfire, unstoppable, that's what made them so much fun to watch, even when it got downright painful. You just had to keep staring at the fire, even when it just caused more and more destruction. Fire can be beautiful, as well as dangerous. Kindof relates back to the myths of firebreathing dragons in a way, I guess. Maybe I'm seeing why she thought the guys would work in this one.<g>

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