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    I'm a Wesley slut so expect quite a few stories to be Wesley paired with someone. I'm not particularly picky who. Some characters and/or fandoms I just don't have a pairing loyalty to. Others I do. Buffy/Angel is one I can go with alot of different pairings.

Deliverance by Debchan
Pairing: sort of Wes/Connor, nothing graphic

Man, this story is like how I hoped things would turn out on Angel this season. It is for everyone who would just like Wes and Connor to both get disgusted with the lot of them and leave town together. I was really leery when Connor came onto the show. Baby Connor's very existence just confounded me. Teenage Connor I wasn't sure about until I learned Vincent Kartheiser was going to play him. I've seen his work before and I knew he was a good actor. Thanks to VK it turns out Connor one of the best characters on the show now. He and Wes are about the only ones I can stand any more. I'm just disgusted with the pathetic character arcs the others have gone through. What goes on in this story is so what I'd really like to happen. I've even joked with friends about this exact scenario occurring. So I truly enjoyed this story. It needed to be written, I'm glad Debchan stepped up and did it. Makes me feel a lot better to know I'm truly not alone in wishing this scenario would happen.

'Til It Bleeds Daylight by Sarah T.
Pairing: Oz/Giles

Notes: Takes place in the Wish Universe

This is the story of how things came together in the Wish Universe. How the White Hats in that world got together and started fighting demons. The pairing of Giles and Oz really worked in this for. The two of them form a bond much needed by them both in that universe. They help one another fight back the darkness not just in the outside world, but within themselves too. They give one another something to hold onto. A tether to keep them grounded. A reason to keep going. They've both lost everyone that was important to them in this alternate world. Both are in need of someone to care for and to care for them, even if they don't realize it right away. Even if they don't realize it's already happening between them without their noticing, though it's apparent to others. This story is about pain, loss, and finding something to help you continue to go on in a time when all seems lost. It really moved me and drew me in. When it comes to the Buffy universe Wes, Oz, and now Connor are my favorite characters. I love good slash featuring any of them paired off with just about anyone.

Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee
Pairing: Ummm...Buffy/Angel (A little bit of het sex, you can skip over it if need be, I swear.)

Notes: GEN FIC This goes pretty much AU with the Buffy season 5 finale and skews into a whole different universe from there.

One of the other Gen Fics in this update. I don't read gen very often, like once in a blue moon. I also don't usually read it unless someone recommends it to me. I don't read enough of it in any fandom to know who the good writers are and where to find them. So I never wade in without a life preserver, in the form of a rec. This is another of the fics I heard about on an all fandom recommendations list I'm on. I decided what the hell I'd give it a shot and if I didn't like it no harm done. I am glad I did. From the first part it sucked me right in. Left me wondering what was going on and what would happen next. I'm not going to give you many details about it. The premise of the story is set up in the first few parts, so I don't really need to. Besides the surprise of what's going on is half the fun. The story is in a bunch of parts, but it is finished. The het sex isn't really all that graphic and there isn't very much of it. In case like me you really aren't into that very much. This is a good plot driven story. There is a great universe that Yahtzee creates in this one. It just sucks you in, leaving you wanting to know what happens next. I really liked this one. It's a good long read, so when you've got plenty of time to spare just to sink into a story this could be the one to indulge in.

Antitype by Sarah T.
Pairing: Giles/Ethan

Mmm...Giles and Ethan. Anyone tells me those two didn't screw around in the past and I'm just not believing them. To much heat and sexual tension there for them not to have been lovers once. This story is sort of a missing time/missing scene thing. What Giles was doing right before the events in the season 6 finale. How he found out that Willow and the others were in trouble. I mean was I the only one who when they found out Giles had "borrowed power" from someone went, "Ethan?" That's right where my mind went. Glad I'm not the only one. This story has a note of longing, things that could never be to it. Trying to help someone find their way home. Deeds unfinished. Things that need resolved. Giles is trying to help Ethan in this one, but finds that Ethan really helps him more than anything. That maybe Giles was the one who needed the help and closure all along, even though it seemed the other way around. This is a bittersweet story of old lovers, letting go and finally being able to move on.

Sea Change by Yahtzee
Pairing: Angel/Lindsey

In this one Lindsey is trying to escape it all, get the heck away from his old life. So he decides to hop a ship so he can have plenty of time to think on his way to where ever he's going. It just so happens that Angel is doing a little escaping of his own on the same ship. He's just found out about Buffy's death and seeking a little time away from the pressures of his life. At first, the two try to avoid one another at all costs. Eventually they find themselves offering one another some temporary comfort and solace along their journey. The two guys aren't schmoopy around one another. I don't think I could have bought it if they were. No one is really in love here. These are just two broken men, who feel like they are lost and have no idea where to go from this point on. They find some physical connection with one another. Ground each other in reality for a short time before going their seperate ways. I found I could really buy these two getting together this way. Bonding over loss and sadness. Finding an unexpected refuge in one another's arms for just a short while. It's really a good story that is one of the only A/L scenarios I can buy. The pairings is pretty hot, so I wish I could find more I liked.

Find the River by Seana Renay
Pairing: Wesley/Oz

I so want to read more Wes/Oz fics. I really do. I'm a big old Wesley slut so I'll read him paired with just about anyone. I stumbled across this one somewhere and being the Wes!Slut that I am dashed off to read it. I was just wriggling in my seat in anticipation. I just loved Oz, I miss him sometimes. So loving both Wes and Oz this seemed like just the perfect combo to me. Both of the characters are just so dead on in this story. I think Seana really nailed both their characterizations in this. Plus, there's the delicious sex. We can't forget that now can we. I so want people to write more Wes/Oz fics. In my head they are looking so incredibly hot together. Really, the thought nearly melts my brain. I'll beg. If you know of any more, please tell me. I'd love to read them. Remember begging is promised if you do. So if the image of these two getting it on is a nice happy thought in your head, that puts a big smile on your face. Well, rush right on off and read this one. It's really not to be missed.

Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson by Shrift
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

Before I start the rec, would anyone mind if I just made a little comment here. Actually, it's more of a question that's been bugging me. What in the fuck is up with Wesley's hair this season? It's started to look better in the last few eps. So I think at the beginning of the season it might have been some transition thing of Alexis (Denisof, actor who plays Wes) growing it out. Still, I wish they would fix it. He was among People's 50 most beautiful people this year, that was before they saw that hair, I'm sure. Ok, rant over. On to the rec now. I just love this story. Who could resist a story with a title like that. It just begs to be read, so you can see what it's about. I think Shrift captured the boys quite well in this. I could really hear Gunn's voice in it. There's a certain routine to the story that tells you the guys have been together for a while, so it's an established relationship. I think the guys are just starting to figure out that they want each other for more than just a buddy fuck. Starting to care, but no one makes any great protestations of love. I don't think they are at that point just yet, but getting there. Sort of a glimpse part way into the relationship. After the beginning, when everything is settling into comfortable, but close enough to the point where the "I love you's" should be popping up. There's some sexy scenes of just making out, hot sex scenes, and in between just everyday relationship stuff. Shopping, watching tv, killing demons you know the everyday stuff of being in a relationship that we all experience. Ok, minus the demon fighting, what we all go through. The stuff that tells you if you can stand having this person in your space a good chunk of the time. Letting you figure out if it's going somewhere or not. I really liked that aspect to it. The guys just trying to get on with their lives and see where they are going with this thing between them. A great fic, that explores that really well. I just love Wesley slashed. Mmm...Wesley. I will seek out much more of it. Trust me on that.

Soap and Water by Kath
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

Mmm...Wesley taking a shower. All sleek, soapy, and slippery then 'oh, my' who should show up to join him, but Gunn. Now there is an image that will fuel several happy thoughts for me. This isn't much more than a PWP, a damn good one too. Mainly, the story is about just when you resign yourself to not getting what you want something comes along and changes all that. Sometimes you have to be bold, take a chance, throw a little caution to the wind. Test the boundaries and stop assuming that things are a 'certain way'. Sometimes you never know until you ask, whether with words or actions. Sometimes you just have to make a move to alter things. Have a little hope that it will be for the best. Things get to a boiling point sometimes and you can't help, but make an attempt to change things. Sometimes it's for the best and you get the reaction that you hoped for. The story's really not all that angsty, but this short fic packs alot of meaning. I really just stumbled upon it when I saw it on an update, I was happy that I had. It's an enjoyable read, filled with a great deal of passion. Going to go read it again, just for the heck of it.

Latency by Shrift
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

This is the second story by Shrift I've rec'd this update. There's a Sports Night story by Shrift and Nestra I'm rec'ing over on the Miscellaneous page too. I just keep finding fics of hers/his? (don't want to presume) that I like lately. This one starts out with Gunn messing with Wesley's glasses. I've worn glasses for ten years, you have no idea how annoying it is when someone messes with them if you've never had to wear them. So I was sympathizing with Wesley there. In this one Wesley has been hiding his attraction to Gunn for quite a while, because he doesn't want to lose his friend. In an unguarded moment Gunn accidentally discovers how Wes feels about him. Not through anything Wes says, but a look he's able to read all to well. Gunn freaks a little and Wes figures he's lost his friendship. Little angst ensues there. (Like that's ever a bad thing.) Everything manages to work itself out in the end though. This story is really just a PWP, but a darn good one. The sex has a slow build up to it that hints of this being more than some one night stand. Where it goes from here is an open question. I really liked this one. It's short, but doesn't have alot of angst to it and has the happy ending thing going on. I've so needed some happy endings lately. Thoroughly enjoyable.

When we last met by James Walkswithwind
Pairing: Xander/Graham

Note: I just found that the Big Guns archive has moved. When I went to go update the links to it on my pages, I found a finished version of this story there. So I've updated the rec with a link to the completed fic, that's all in one neat little file (instead of several parts). It's finished so no more cliffhangers leaving us hanging, thank goodness. I really wanted to know what happened. Now I do.<g> *sigh* Such a sweet ending. I'm a big romantic sap, so sue me.

At first, I just thought this was a really cute, sweet story. I really liked it and knew I was going to rec it pretty much by the time I had gotten to part 2. Was in fact working on the links before I got to part 3. It has a really great humor to it that isn't forced and just catches you out of no where. Alot like the show can. I kept reading and I kept liking it. I almost forgot about a little seed of plot that had been placed in the first chapter, then came part 9. I was just reading along, enjoying myself, and then that little plot seed took root and started to come together. Suddenly, I was getting hooked on this story, I was really wanting to know what was going to happen next. Beyond were Xander and Graham going to have sex again. (Though on the sex side it's tame really.) I was really wanting to know what came next. Then, wouldn't you know we were left hanging at part 12. Dammit. Right at the part where things were coming together, and the question that had been hanging since part 10 was going to be revealed, James just cut us off. I'm so not happy about that, because I really want to know what happened next. Yes, I'm whining. I got all caught up in this thing and then *cliffhanger*. To be continued, I'm presumming/hoping. I always hate when it says To be continued at the end of a tv show. Drives me nuts. I know I'm not revealing much plot here, but if I gave you the set up it would spoil it. You'd really enjoy it better if you find out what's going on in the story for yourself. Oh, I will say, that if your wondering who Graham is? He's one of Riley's Initiative buddies. Dark haired and cute, really cute. You should see the pic of him at the Big Guns Archive (all Graham slash). Totally hot, it's right on the front page. You can't miss it. The plot build up to this one takes it's time. It really just hits you when James decides it's time to let that plot seed develop. I'm so looking forward to more of this story. I hope more gets posted soon. No, I'm not whining. This time I'm pouting. It's very pretty too.<g>

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Kath
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

This one isn't really much more than a PWP. In it Wesley talks Gunn into going to a movie with him. Want to guess which one? Just look at the title. Gunn likes the movie well enough, but he likes spending time with Wesley more. It seems to make him hyper-aware of his friend in this one and just sends him right over the edge of wanting him just so badly. He at least manages to make it to the car before pouncing and ravaging him. Not that Wes is complaining. Not in the least. More like moaning in ecstasy. Hell, I can't blame Gunn, Wesley is just too hot. I am such a Wesley slut. I totally admit it. I love seeing him hot and wanton. This story really did it for me in that respect. Kath said this was her first experience in doing a story from Gunn's POV. She seemed a little worried, hoping she got it right. I could hear Gunn's voice pretty good there, so I'd say she did just fine. Captured him well. I really liked this one. Why don't you check it out. You just might too.

We Came, We Sang by Shrift
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

Another hot and sexy PWP. I told you I'm a Wesley. I like seeing him get fucked or fucking someone in any manner or position either party would like. (As long as it's somewhat vanilla, I don't like the darker stuff.) This one picks up right after Angel fires Wes, Gunn, and Cordy. It's a Gunn POV thing. Where we follow them to the bar and watch them get blindingly drunk to not just drown their sorrows, but kick them while their down. So they drink way to much, sing some really bad karaoke, hen in the midst of it Cordy has a vision, and they go kick some demon ass. Afterwards, Gunn takes an injured Wesley home. You want to guess what goes on then? Do I really have to say it? I already mentioned it was a PWP. That should clue you in enough. Ah hell, I just like saying the word, so I'll say it. SEX. They have sex, really hot sex. Wesley the one on top. Which is hot enough in it's own right. I love seeing Wes fucked, but the only thing better is when he gets all aggressive and takes charge. Gotta love that in a guy. Well, that's about it. It's a PWP what do you want. It's well-written. Like it would be here if it wasn't. So just go read it. It's a hot little piece that will set your screen on fire.

A Question of Style by Janete
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

This is a great little Janete piece where Wesley ponders about friendship. About what it means to have friends. About the fight they all face against the darkness. How their group in L.A. differs from the Scooby Gang in Sunnyhell. Friendship is the main theme of this one, even with the hot sex. It is still the closeness of his friends that Wesley is pondering here. How for the first time really he has some very good friends. People he is close to. Not lovers or peers, but friends. They may all come from different backgrounds, but they have all come to care and respect one another. Been able to see past their differences and find the commonalties among them. Their shared goal in devoting their lives to fighting evil only a stepping stone to becoming close friends. A way for them to see past all crap that makes them seem so far apart. I liked how Wesley and Gunn had gotten so close on the show. Seen one anothers strengths and really become good friends. It was sweet in a way. They didn't know what to make of one another at first, but they became close friends. You feel that in this story the closeness that they've come to share. There is also an added heat that I really liked. It all starts to come together when Gunn is hurt in a fight and Wesley take care of his wounds. Seems to be a recurring theme, but then they probably do need patched up alot on the show after some of those battles. You can just imagine where things go from there. The story flows really sweetly and takes it's time. Builds the heat up slowly and gently. Till it's just overflowing. I really liked this one. Knew I had to rec it right after I read it. This story sent me trolling for more Wesley slash, which led to the other two recs here. This is truly another fabulous one by Janete here. Definitely worth checking out if you like Wesley slash.

Done by Mimesere
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

This is basically just a PWP where Gunn ponders what exactly is going on between he and Wesley. Not a lot of graphic sex in here. More Gunn thinking about what he and Wesley are doing. Why are they fucking like bunnies? At first,its one of those life affirming things they sort of stumble into doing after a battle. 'We won! Good god let's fuck so we can really and truly feel like we made it out alive.' That sort of thing. Then he starts to show up at Wesley's when he has no excuse like that. He just wants to be with him and he doesn't exactly know how to put it into words. Wesley is as confused as he is, not really knowing what Gunn wants from him. In the end I think Gunn just starts to realize he wants Wesley. He likes him and wants him. Wesley feels the same. You get a feeling that maybe there was something underlying that caused them to turn to each other those first times after the battles. That they might have been harboring a desire there and the after battle interludes were just a way to express that. Who knows really though? Ask Gunn maybe he's figured it out by now.<g>

Coterminous & Tangential by Jane St. Clair
Pairing: Wesley/Spike, Wesley/Angel implied

The last time I was on Jane's page was when I think I developed my Wesley slut issues, with her Restaurant Dogs Series (which you can find a rec for below). I was back over at her page browsing around to see if anything was new when I decided to give her other Buffy & Angel fics a try. Like I've mentioned I like to see Wesley fucked by just about anybody. I'm not real picky about whom. So I thought 'what the hell?' I'd give her Wesley/Spike stories a try. The first one is really just a set up for the second. Not much really happens in it except a chance meeting and it for yourself, you'll find out. The second one picks up some time after that and isn't much more of a PWP. After reading some of Jane's Wesley fics I think I can finally pinpoint what bugged me about the eps where Faith appeared on Angel. That she tortured the shit out of poor Wesley, who held up under that admirably by the way, and she got the poor baby treatment from Angel. He spent more time taking care of poor evil Faith than giving a shit about the fact that Wesley had to be hospitalized after that probably. Angel is so not Mr. Sensitivity here. I understand that he could relate to Faith, but from what has been mentioned on the show I think he could probably relate to Wesley when it comes to problems with fathers. Thankfully they addressed that in a later ep where Wesley got shot. Angel shows up and Cordy calls him to task about 'Why?'. Telling him to just get out, they didn't need him. This story has some Wesley angst about how he has no idea what Angel wants from him. Spike in this one really just wants to claim something before Angel has a chance to. Conquer some territory before his Sire does. (Though technically his Sire was Dru, why he kept saying it was Angel for so long I don't know, guess the writers don't either.) No real promises of love here, just an extremely hot interlude that is really just about going with your desires. Letting go and maybe both of them getting back at Angel a little bit. I think they both have an understanding of Angel not living up to their expectations. Both of them punishing him in some way for who they wish him to be that he just isn't and probably will never be. I don't know what it is about Wesley that gets me so hot when I read a description of that lovely Englishmen getting fucked. It's not even that I think he is a total bottom. I think he could top, he would just have to be offered first. I don't think he quite has it in him to ask to do it. That he has the self-esteem to push for it or if he could get around that proper English attitude long enough to voice that he wants it. Not that I mind. I like the idea of Wesley being fucked, who knew. I like him slutty. I can just so see that hidden under that repressed exterior.

To take you in by Jessica Walker
Pairing: Spike/Angel

Note: The story is really long and in several parts so look for the links in the frame on the left side of the screen to continue. Look for where it says next part.

Warning: Only a teeny one really. Mention of past abuses, but not to graphic. Not really going into great detail. Also, blood as lube. Not gross like raping tearing. More like a bite on the neck, let the blood run down the back and so forth. Oddly sexy in an Anne Rice kind of way. Didn't squick me and I hate it when writers uses spit for lube. I usually prefer the more conventional water-based market brands in stories. You'll have to decide though. The sex is consensual when they use the blood for lube, no violence in it. Sort of the point of the scene, 'we can do this easily without pain for once'.

This whole story is about trying to gain some penance really. Angel trying to make it up to Spike for all that he did to him in the past. This one is a sort of 'What if Spike had shown up at Angel's door after his run in with the Initiative instead of Buffy's?' It takes you through why Spike would come to him and why Angel would take him in. (Before I forget this was before we found out that Dru was Spike's Sire instead of Angel. Why the writers insisted it was Angel for so long guess we'll never know. Lovely of them to change their minds after several seasons.) Guilt is the main motivator for Angel. There is so much pain in his past that he has caused people, which he can never make up for. So much he did to both Spike and Dru that is done and he can't take back. He wants to make it up to Spike, though he isn't even sure why. Spike has done so much to him, he wonders if he's sane. Still he needs to do something, have a chance to change things with Spike. A chance for a new relationship with him, a new beginning. We see a different version of Spike before his transformation than TPTB showed us. I must say I kind of like Jessica's version better. Spike wants help from Angel I think because he feels he was owed it. Also, he loves Angel as much as he hates him. He just wishes things were simpler between them. Which Angel has to figure out. In the end I think it is about forgiveness and a shot at changing something that you really fucked up. Making a change in your life, your relationships while you still can. Oh, that pesky can't have a moment of pure happiness thing? Well, we learned with Darla that if he isn't truly happy when he is fucking someone he gets to stay all souled. Same with Spike here, he isn't perfectly happy with him. He's just close enough. How the hell is anyone ever perfectly happy, anyway? Must have been some fuck with Buffy that first time. Him being able to forget centuries of angst for one moment. For a virgin she must have really been talented, or he was just really hard up after a century or so dry spell. Maybe he was just thrilled to be getting some again.<g>

Faded Photographs by Saber ShadowKitten
Pairing: Angel/Spike

Note: This story is in several parts so remember to follow the links to the next piece at the end of each section.

This is probably the first Spike/Angel fic that I have truly loved. I think I knew I was going to rec it a couple of parts in. It is truly sweet and shows a part of Angel's demon side that is unexpected, but I found believable. We get to see Spike before he was turned, not that freaky one that was shown to us on Buffy, but yet one similar in some respects all the same. An innocent young man who is teased and taunted that strangely enough touches the demon within Angel, touches Angelus really. We find that Angel may have only loved one person, Buffy. Yet, Angelus the demon only loved one person too, a young human by the name of William Tanner, who would one day become Spike. There is a bit of a time travel aspect to the story. Tanner (as he prefers to be called) gets thrust into the future before he ever really met Angel properly, before he and Angelus fell in love, and before he became a vampire. Angel then has to decide whether to send the young man back or not. The past changing is causing Spike, who is off in Sunnydale, to begin to disappear. He is being erased from the time line the longer Tanner stays. Angel has to figure out what the right thing to do is, save Tanner from ever becoming a vampire or send him back and preserve the time line as is. I liked that the writer brought up the issues of 'would changing the past make things better or worse?' Spike's atrocities would be removed from history, but how would that effect all those that have known him since. Angel is also struggling to deal with the memories and feelings that his demon self felt towards Tanner. Trying to decide if he has a right to take away the only love Angelus, and Tanner, ever knew before they even had it. Quite a quandary. Lots of questions and bitter-sweet remembrances of the past. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Knew I had to rec it before I even finished it. A great little piece that got the Buffy and Angel recs their own little page here. I have a rule if there are more than 4 recs for a fandom on the miscellaneous page it gets its own. This one pushed it to five so it got moved. This is a wonderful story that is nice and long and had me weepy at moments, but I didn't mind. Hey, if it can get me to shed some tears it usually gets a rec.<g> I hope you enjoy it because I thoroughly did. I found a tiny rec for it somewhere else and just had a feeling it would be a good one. It was. I'm glad I found this gem.

Controlled Circumstances & Fractured by Jessica Walker
Pairing: Angel/ Wesley

I've been wanting to read some Angel/Wesley slash and today decided I'd see if I could find some. I stumbled across these after some looking. They are angsty to the max, I must say, but I love angst so who cares. These stories are about loneliness and wanting things you can never have. For Angel it is the feeling of being alive again, being human. For Wesley it's a little more simple, he wants Angel. Though there's really nothing simple in that at all. The main thing I liked in this was how Wesley doesn't fool himself. Doesn't make excuse to himself that this is more for Angel than it really is. He doesn't lie to himself about what Angel wants and feels for him. He understands Angel's desires better than Angel does in fact. Being truthful with himself doesn't make it any easier or less painful for him. But it does show a level of maturity I equate with Wesley quite well. I didn't like Wesley much on Buffy, but he has become endeared to me on Angel. I like him quite alot. He isn't as much of a geek as he was when he started out on either show now. Still a geek, just not as big a geek. He has some hidden pain though that I find gives him some depth. I'd freaking pay to see them put him in black leather again. Damn, he was hot dressed like that, almost didn't recognize him at first. His characterization is pretty good in this, as is Angel's. I think the hidden aspect of who they both are is shown in this. Pain and wanting, that's what this one is about. Universal feelings you can always identify with. Gotta love that.

Restaurant Dogs Series by Jane St. Clair
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn

I've officially become a Wesley slut, I realize that now. Just have to find your nitch in a fandom. Apparently, mine is Wesley/whoever. I wouldn't say I'm opposed to him being paired with any number of people. Even though, the only ones here are Wes with Angel and Gunn respectively. I still hate multiple partners and pairings though, so you won't see that rec'd here. This series by Jane is pretty much what clued me into the fact that I love seeing Wesley slashed. Hell, I love seeing him fucked. I must say I agree with a comment Jane made in the headers of one of these stories. More Wesley naked, Wes naked is a good thing. I think the only sight that compares in my head to Wesley naked would be him decked out in leather again. Damn, the powers that be for teasing us with that and then never letting us have a glimpse of it since. Gunn is ok on the show, not my favorite character on Angel. I must say I'm quite fond of The Host, or Lorne as we now know him. (The green guy with horns who does the mojo spirit reading at the bar.) I like Gunn in this series though. Like the way he sees Wesley. In this one Jane lets Gunn see a side of Wes no one else does. I'm talking about more than just sex there so get your minds out of the gutter.<tisk> Man, Jane makes Wesley hot in this one. You know every time I say his name I think of the movie The Princess Bride, which I saw far too many times when I was about 13 or 14. Anyway. This is a great little series of stories. That shows a very sensual Wes that I would just eat with a spoon if I could. I linked you to her Buffy/Angel page, so just scroll down until you find the listing for them. They aren't hard to find. There are a couple of other fics there, one a Wes/Angel pairing, I think. I'm sure you'll enjoy these. I loved them.

The Epiphany Series by Brat Queen
Pairing: Wesley/Angel

Note: I found a link to Brat Queen's site that has all the fics in this series listed. Some I hadn't read before so be sure to check it out.

Ok, apparently I'm a Wesley slut. Who knew? There were clues, though. I just missed them. Like the first time he appeared on Angel in those leathers I like to have fell out of my chair. I don't think it was till he spoke that I recognized him. Man, I would pay to see him decked out in all that black leather again. I wonder if all of us who find the 'Biker Wesley' look hot could petition TPTB to have a couple of more eps with him in leather. I don't care the story line just give me some screen time of him like that so I can drool. Sorry, I got lost in my lust there. To summarize my slash leaning fall to Wesley/whoever. So far I've only found some with Gunn and Angel paired with him that I like. I might be open to others, however. I can see that already. Spent half the night looking for more Wes slash. Basically, pared down to it's essence. I like Wesley getting fucked, totally turns my crank. I'm getting that. See I have a type and he pretty much fits it. Tall, dark hair, green or hazel eyes ( blue on occasion, brown preferred over that though), and thin yet muscular. He fits it. That also explains my lust for David Duchovny and Nick Lea , they so fit that bill too. I bet you'd like the rec for the story here sometimes wouldn't you? I didn't forget about it I just had get that out first. The thing I liked about this series by Brat Queen is that she so had their speech patterns down. I could just hear Wesley and Angel in my head. I mean I could picture them saying these things. She has just got a lock how these two speak. I've read so many stories where I just find myself going, 'Since when do these guys talk like this'. It isn't obvious sometimes, but others it is just so blatant you can't miss it. She totally zeroed in on it and caught their speech patterns. If you want to know how to write dialogue or even monologues for either of these characters. This is an example of how it is done. I thought they did jump into I love you a little quick, but it wasn't overly so. I was so caught up in how well she wrote them speaking I didn't mind. I could just hear these characters so clearly that I didn't have any trouble picturing them in my head.

Friday Nights by Lori J
Pairing: Wesley/Angel

This one is short, just a hot little PWP. You may have noticed me lamenting the lack of Wes in his leathers on the show. Well, Lori must have loved him in them as much as I did. She thought he should wear them more often. Thank God! There is mostly W/A UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) in here.  I love Wes in this. He decides that if he can't have who he wants (Angel), that doesn't mean he should sit around pining away for him like a sad little puppy. He decides to go out, take some time for himself, and have a life. He decides to be exactly who he wants. That outside of work he is going to be who he has always wanted to. He is hot too. All cool confidence and bravado. Taking what he wants from life. I think Wes could be like this if he wanted. At work he has alot of angst over the job and being adequate for it due to family and peer issues. Outside of that he could be this guy. Cut lose and not worrying about who knows who he really is, what his life is really like. This to me seems like a reaction to stress and a difficult life that is possible. I just loved Wes like this. He is hot. I love confidence and passion in a guy. Those are two qualities a guy has to have at least one of for me to even blink in his direction. I'd prefer both, but take passion any day, if it's all I could get. Wes has confidence, I'm not sure he has passion in this, except for his somber boss. I liked him none the less. He is so totally hot like this. I could see him like this to, he's showed alot of strength and courage while on Angel, some leadership skills that he is coming into too. So check it out. It's not very long, but one that steams. The visualization of him like this is clear and just great. Way to hot for me. Go read it. If I ever gave ratings, which I never will this one would fall under the Steamy category.

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