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5-31-02:(12:15 am CST) Ooh, Jane has updated her Imaging the X-Men project. It is just so beautiful. If you haven't checked it out before you definitely should. It's sort of a pictorial project of hers. There is some nudity and semi-nudity in the pics. It is more of the artistic variety than the pornographic. It's just beautiful, go have a look.


5-30-02:(11:32 pm CST) Was over reading Te's Blog and came across a link to this little test thing. Since I'm a big whore for them, I took it. It's a compatibility test that matched my score up against Te's. I really didn't need to know I matched up that well to her. If you follow the link below you can find out how well you match up to ME. You know you want to see how compatible you are to me. Come on, try it. Compatibility Test

Your match with Te you are 97% similar you are 57% complimentary
How Compatible are You with me?


5-30-02:(2:15 am CST) Nothing much really. Just bored, up late, and was re-reading this for a chuckle. So I thought I'd share it. It's absolutely hilarious.

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

Don't forget to check out the list of suggestions that others have submitted to Peter in Cellblock A and Cellblock B. Equally as funny. You will find the links to those right below the list of the original 100. There are over a hundred more that were submitted.


5-25-02:(12:29 am CST) Just wanted to add this. Another test. I'm a sucker for these when I'm bored.


5-23-02:(11:26 pm CST) Saw this on another site and decided to give it a whirl. Seeing as how I'm in a good mood now that we at least got some good news about my mom's shoulders from the orthopedic surgeon. See next post.

10 Things About Me

1.) I have a congenital (means, 'born with') heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. That required surgery to correct when I was 4 1/2 years old. I have a scar from this about 5-6 inches long on my chest. The doctor said when I was a kid that it wouldn't even be noticeable when I got older. Big liar. <g> I don't mind though. It's part of me. I've never not known it to be there. It's a battle scar and I'm damn proud of it.

2.) I seem to have an inability to name my cats normal names. My girl cat is named Goo and my baby boy cat (he's over 3 and I still call him my baby) is named Squishy. Goo's name is actually Magoo. Over time it was shortened to Googey and then even further to Goo, we actually still call her both of those. Squishy is so named because he's squishy. He's so trusting of us when he pick him up he just relaxes all over, goes boneless. Thus we call him Squishy. Neither of them started out with those names. I tried out several on both cats until those stuck.

I'm a firm believer that when you get a pet just to let them hang around for a while. Try out some names and eventually the animal will trust you enough to tell you it's name. It'll just sort of come to you. You'll just get it, the name will fit, and the animal will respond to it. Case in point, we once knew a man who had a dog named Dammit. He had called the dog every name he could think of and never got a response. One day he got frustrated and yelled at the dog, "Dammit! Come here." The dog came to him and so that became his name. It was the only one he'd respond to. It was totally weird.

3.) I'm a Texan. I was born, raised, and still live here. I love it here.

4.) I'm a semi-vegetarian. I know sounds like being 'sort of' pregnant. There actually is such a thing in case you don't know. Vegetarians actually fall into three categories. I've been some form of vegetarian since I was 16.

Semi-vegetarian: which means you don't eat any red meat, wild game, pork, or also in my case duck. What we do eat; veggies, poultry (chicken and turkey), fish, and seafood. We drink milk and eat eggs too.

Lacto/Ovo: Which means they don't eat any meat of any kind. No poultry, fish, or seafood. They eat the veggies of course, but they'll also eat or drink any products that contain eggs or milk in them. (I started out being this, but cracked and switched to semi years ago. It worked better for me.)

Vegan: Only veggies. Won't eat any type of meat, no eggs, and no milk.

5.) I hate onions, bell peppers, and I'm not real fond of tomatoes. I cannot stand onions at all. Everyone else in my family loves them. I hate them. I don't like the taste, the smell, or the texture. I don't mind the taste of bell peppers or tomatoes, but I hate the texture of both.

6.) I love mustard and absolutely hate mayonnaise. I can't stand mayo, never have. I hate the smell of it and the taste is just nasty to me. I love mustard, however.

7.) My favorite music groups or artists are: The Doors (Jim baby!), Aerosmith, Dixie Chicks, Johnny Lang, and Susan Tedeski.

8.) My favorite book is I am Legend by Richard Matheson. It has the best first line ever in it, "On cloudy days Robert Neville was never sure when sunset came and sometimes they were in the streets before he could get back." I absolutely love that book. It's in print again too, so you can buy it. My favorite author on the other hand is Kahlil Gibran.

9.) My favorite movies is Grease. It has been ever since I was 5 years old. I never wanted to be Sandy, I never drooled over Johnny Zucco. I wanted to be Rizzo and I drooled over Kinicki. I was a bitch in the making way back then. I also had taste back then. Seeing as how Stockard Channing has always been able to act rings around Olivia Newton John.

10.) I'm a Capricorn Sun, with a Gemini Moon. I don't give much stock in it really, but if you slap those generalized personality types together I'm in there somewhere.


5-23-02:(10:33 pm CST) Good news from the orthopedic surgeon regarding mom. He thinks she just has Bursitis in her shoulders. He gave her a cortisone shot and told her to come back in three weeks to see how that is working. That they'd go from there. So that's good news. At least no surgery there. Which is a relief. Still, has the back problems to be dealt with. Thankfully she isn't facing surgery on her shoulders on top of that. I am so damn relieved about that. We had to get some good news at some point.

We may not get to go to Mudbug Madness this weekend. My step-dad got a ticket for a moving violation that cost over $100 dollars. So that cut into the money for that little trip. [grumble, grumble, mutter, grumble]

My mom, grandmother, my step-sister (if we decide to invite the skank), and I will have a little Memorial day lunch together. I've got a recipe for coleslaw I'm wanting to try out. One with no mayo in it, thankfully.


5-23-02:(2:42 am CST) I meant to post the entry from last night onto my site yesterday, but my net connection got really slow and my computer decided to follow it's lead. So I thought it best to just shut it down and wait until the next day. It was getting late anyway by the time I finished it, I needed to be heading off to bed.

My mom is going to see the orthopedic surgeon today. I'm still awake, I'm nervous about what he has to say. Especially, after the bad news from the neurosurgeon. I took a shower, decided to finish proof-reading the entry from last night, and post a quick one for today. I'm hoping it isn't so bad. There's only so much more bad news my mom can take. So much more any of us can take. I've cried a little since last week, but I'm still repressing. I have to get through this next appointment today too. Fuck, this is all making me feel so useless. There's nothing I can do and I hate that. I have control freak tendencies I'm trying to overcome.

So we'll see what this one says tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't strangle the guy if he gives us some bad news. Though the thought of it does make me sort of happy. That would just be killing the messenger though. No one says that isn't fun, still...


5-21-02:(11:31 pm CST) I was in a cookie making mood tonight. I saw this recipe on the show Sweet Dreams on the Food Network the other day and found a copy of it on the net. I've been dying to make them and tonight I was in the mood so I did. They are really good. The recipe is for Extra-Spicy Gingersnaps. They have cayenne pepper in them, you don't even taste it. You do feel it after you've swallowed the bite. You get that tingly, spicy feeling of you've just eaten something Hot. The cookie itself is sweet, it's just this after feeling that's wild. I liked them a lot. I'm a sucker for spicy food. In Texas if it's not spicy and we can't fry it, we don't know what you want us to do with it. My mom makes salsa with habaneros peppers in it, she leaves the seeds in. So I've grown up eating spicy food believe me.

Ok, *Spoilers* coming up for the Buffy season finale and possibly for the Angel season finale too. Look away if you don't want to know what happens. I'm warning you now. I'm going to talk about them both. This is the only warning you get.

Buffy: I loved the finale I really did. They brought Giles back for the finale, I'll forgive them for anything. Well, bringing Giles back and having James Marsters run around without a shirt on for all his scenes in the eps. Both those things insured I'd forgive them just about anything. Though if Giles had died, I would have forgiven them nothing. Nothing!

I have a thing for skinny yet muscular guys. Have I mentioned that before? That is a main factor in me thinking that JM is hot. I have always liked skinny guys. It should be pretty apparent by now. I mean Callum.

So I didn't hate it at all, even if none of my predictions about Willow came true. Except for my fearful prediction of a Tabula Rasa (clean slate) moment. Dammit, Joss couldn't have worked with me a little? I really was hoping that 1 & 2 of my predictions wouldn't come true anyway. I didn't want Willow to die. I was hoping for Evil!Willow, but I'm not overly upset that didn't happen either. I wonder what'll happen to Willow next season? I mean she has killed someone now. So what does that mean for her. For her relationship with the Scoobies now? I hate waiting and seeing. I'm as curious as I was last season when Buffy died, wondering how they were going to bring her back. SMG's contract had another two years on it, so I knew she wasn't going anywhere.

I loved how Willow snarked at Dawn about her damn whining. It is well past enough of that shit. I was sick of it when she started in on it when she first "appeared" last season. "Shut up Dawn!" is something I frequently yell most of the time when she is speaking. I was so hoping that Willow would turn her back into that green little ball of light she once was. Buffy had to stop her though. Dammit. She couldn't have waited 5 minutes to burst in for the rescue. Willow might have been finished by then. My hopes were dashed last night, we'll never be rid of her. If she shuts the hell up and starts fighting with the gang next season I might just like her more. She can stay then. Otherwise I'll be back to wishing she'd perish at every opportunity that becomes available on the show.

Did anyone else yell out "Daddy's Home!" the minute Giles appeared, before Willow did? The moment she was zapped with that burst of energy from no where I knew it was Giles. I shouted that out the minute I saw him. Before we came back from break and Willow said it. I'd been spoiled that he was coming back before hand, but I'd almost give up hope when he appeared out of no where. Thank you so much for that Joss. I love you man. I love Anthony more, but he's heard the man sing, I'm sure he understands. The Musical ep would not have been as good with out ASH, JM and Amber Benson. They were fabulous in that ep. I just saw a rerun of Buffy tonight on FX where ASH was singing, I nearly melted out of my chair.

I love how the minute Giles saw Buffy he noticed that she had cut her hair. This was in contrast to a couple of season's ago in Gingerbread where we first met Willow's mom. She'd cut her hair months before and her mother never noticed. I love how Anya wanted him to notice her too. She felt the need for comfort from surrogate dad too. Amidst it all he took a moment out to hug his girls. That was a moment that made me smile. I loved that, as inappropriatly timed as it was.

I loved his reaction to Buffy recapping everything that had happened to the gang since he'd been gone. Instead of recriminations or chiding her, he just cracks the fuck up. Starts laughing his ass off until she joins right on in with him and they are both laughing like crazy as she finishes giving him the highlights. I so love Giles, I missed him.

Spike. I mentioned that when Spike finished his 'Trial by Fire' that what he got as a reward wouldn't be what he expected. Wanted the chip removed so that he could kill Buffy. Which was stupid since he could do that with the chip in his head. It doesn't work right around Buffy. So he didn't need it removed to be able to kill her. I'd heard some rumors that he might get his soul back. I knew that would be true when that demon he went to kept saying he'd return Spike "to as you once were." I knew he was going to do that. I just hope he doesn't give Spike his original soul. He called Angel a poof, "Pot meet kettle" there buddy. I'm wondering if he's still a vamp or if he's human now. I guess that's what Buffy deserved. A vampire boyfriend with a soul who wouldn't go evil on her if the chip in his head was removed or if he got a little to happy. That's supposing he is still a vamp and that he doesn't have some curse laid on him too. I don't see why he would be cursed though, but who knows. Next season and all that.

One thing I missed but when some people pointed it out I realized was there, were the Xander as Christ images. The simple carpenter saving the world. I thought the blatant Judas images were bad on Angel. Which would make Angel Christ. Wouldn't it? Now Xander is. Can't have two there Joss. I'm starting to think that Joss does have a God Complex. Maybe he and Chris Carter will get in a big old cat fight over who really is god. Now that would be fun to watch.

I taped the ep, I'm going to have to watch it again in a little while.

Angel: The only thing I like about this show anymore is Connor/Steven and Wesley. Everybody else is just bugging the hell out of me. I used to like all the characters. Then in one fell swoop they seemed to turn to crap. That episode where Cordelia became half-demon was the death toll. I liked that ep, it's every one that's followed after it I've been going "Huh?" over.

St. Cordy, or is it Angel Cordy now. Becoming a Higher Being. Just go away. Stay ascended. Then Angel can stop mooning over you and become all broody again. Fluffy Angel is driving me crazy.

I think I've ranted enough about Fred and Gunn that you can figure out how I feel about them. Just read one of the entries below, that way I won't have to rehash it.

When Lorne was talking about Angel and Cordy being 'meant to be' I was cracking  up, not just because I don't buy the whole C/A thing. Those two have less chemistry than Mulder and Scully did. It was when he started talking about how they finished one another's sentences and such. What cracking me up was that across town Groo was at Cordy's giving her the same exact speech. He and Lorne weren't even in the same building and were finishing one another's sentences. Does that mean Lorne and Groo are 'meant to be'? Now that I can believe. In my head Lorne and Groo went off to Vegas together. They'll be living and loving together in Sin City. That is so much more believable to me than the Cordy/Angel crap. Please, spare me.

You know the weirdest thing is the dichotomy between the two shows. One [Buffy] is all about forgiveness, love, friendship, and how it can heal you if you let it in bad times. The other [Angel] is about not forgiving anyone, turning your backs on people, love that is so lame I couldn't care less, and everything falling apart because trust was lost. One of those is working, the other isn't. It's not even hard to guess which one, Angel. You can tell which show has a female in the lead of everyone, the one who knows how to forgive other's faults. Never turn their backs on people. Angel is just a petty, self-righteous idiot who I wish would shut up most of the time. Hell, TV Guide recently had some shows that they mentioned had Jumped the Shark. Angel was right there among them.


5-20-02:(1:00 am CST) Ok, The X-Files Season Finale. The Hell? I hate CC's crack head self. The Truth is apparently what? That Mulder knows the truth and refuses to tell anyone. Coupled with Mulder and Scully really are having sex. That's it, huh? Well, since the shippers are the only ones left watching the show, I guess that makes some kind of warped sense. Whatever the fuck 1013.

I'm ashamed to say that the last scene with Mulder and Scully in bed together did make me go "Aww," even though I'm a big Noromo. Honestly, I think it's just because DD looked so damn gorgeous in that shot. His long body wrapped around another. GA just looked uncomfortable with all the touching. Like she wanted to get it over with already so she could go home. In my head I was picturing Mulder wrapped around Krycek like that. GA's reaction just aided in me phasing her out of the shot in my head. Thanks Gillian.

Oh, the shit about the Myan calendar having the end of the world landing on Dec. 22, 2012. True. I've read that before. In fact several religions agree on that being the date. Ok, whatever. If 2013 rolls around it'll be a big laugh on them won't it.

I didn't even watch the whole ep. I even missed the Krycek scene. I'm not upset about it either. So what. I couldn't bear it. I didn't want to be that pissed of today. I taped it, I'll watch it later. When I can fast forward through anything that makes me groan and want to throw something at the tv.

I really wanted to see the Andromeda season finale again. (Which is why I just bounced back and forth during commercials over to TXF, when I could remember that is.) See the post below this one to see me gushing over it. Plus, Earth: Finale Conflict's Series finale was on tonight. I really wanted to see that. They brought Liam back. I'll forgive them for anything. They'd already brought Boone back to life, so they'd gotten bonus points for that already. Now they brought Liam Kincaide back to life, they are so totally forgiven any faults for bringing Robert Leeshock back for the finale. I'll love them forever. Add to that the finale made sense pretty much and shit was resolved. It was ten times better than the crap that has become the X-Files.

Yesterday I decided to read some recaps for Six Feet Under over at TWoP. I used to watch the show before my crap ass cable company canceled the premium channels for all but the digital subscribers. We tried their digital cable service, sucked the big one. Do you know what happens when you have 6 or 7 HBO's? They play the same damn movie all day long. It goes off on one channel, it comes on one of the others. Again and again ad nauseum. Not just any movies 80's movies, crappy ones. That everyone has seen 20 times and ceased being funny 17 times ago. There were probably 2 dozen premium channels all of them doing this every damn day. Add to that 10 thousand pay per view channels and about as many music channels. Where they show nothing, all you get is music and a blank screen. I want to listen to music I'll turn on the radio. It was that and basically the same damn channels you get with regular cable. It fucking sucked. Call me when there's something actually frigging different you bastards.

I'm sorry. Went off on a rant there, I'm still pissed at those blackmailing bastards. 'Take the digital cable or lose your premium channels.' Thanks I'll skip it. Anyway, TWoP. I started reading Aaron's recaps of SFU. So damn funny. He is right up there with Omar, Jessica, Strega and Demien as just being hilarious. I love his recaps. In fact I'm off to read one right now. He just posted his one for last week's ep today. So I'm heading off to read it. Speaking of Jessica, I can't wait to see what she said about the XF finale in her recap. Should be a hoot. I wonder what she's going to recap now that the XF is over. I hope it's some show I actually watch. I just love her. I'll probably seek out her recaps regardless.


5-18-02:(10:12 pm CST) So not going to talk about any RL stuff today, I did enough of that yesterday. Nothing's changed really, nothing new that I feel the need to vent here. Plus, if I talk about it to much I'm sure my head will explode. So trivial stuff, talking about that will make me feel much better.

There are probably going to be *Spoilers* here for Mutant X, Andromeda, and Buffy. This is your one warning. Don't want to read that stuff, slide on down to another entry or something.

Mutant X: The Hell? What the hell is going on with this show? I really think I should have paid attention more during the earlier eps. The finale, or I guess it was, I'm not sure. I could swear they said it was the finale at first, but then they started advertising a new episode for next week all throughout the show. So beats me. That is just point one where I got lost.

Next for some reason all of the members of the team started having their powers morph for some inexplicable reason. They have all started developing some new kind level of their powers. Every single one of them at the same time. On the show they explained it as some kind of puberty where their powers were concerned, a growth spurt.

Now this wouldn't bug me if it had been caused by something they were all exposed to at the same time. A chemical or something, but no this is a natural occurrence apparently. Happening to them all at one. Which I don't get. Why is it happening to all of them? One of them ok. Or each of them over a period of time. Like on Charmed. Where all the sisters gained new powers as they went along, but slowly and each at a different rate.

Why all of them at once is my question? They are all of varying ages, ranging from early twenties to early thirties. How does that make sense? Is it like when a group of women friends hang out all the time  and their periods get in sync with one another for some weird reason? Cause I'm confused there. I'm confused a lot when it comes to this show though. It doesn't make a great deal of sense most of the time. If I wasn't mainly tuning in to drool over Brennan, I might care more. I shouldn't have tried to follow the plot, that was my first mistake. I see that now.

Speaking of Brennan. What the fuck was up with him tonight? Last week he looked hot. This week he looks like someone went at his hair with a weed whacker. He was pasty and looked like he seriously wanted to go hang out in the rest room and throw up for a while. I guess that'll teach him to go to work with a hang over.

The Brennan/Shalimar thing. They've teased us with it for a couple of eps now. At the beginning of the show I could swear that Jesse had a thing for Shalimar. Now it's Brennan. When it happened exactly I'm not sure. Like I said I didn't pay attention a lot of the time. I'm fine with that, I don't care enough about whether they pair them up or not. I just hate the fucking teasing they are doing. Oh they are about to kiss...nope they get interrupted. Shucks. Maybe next time. Fuck you. Like I care if they kiss or not. It's the first season. Like I'm invested in any of these characters enough to care about them completely yet. Kill one off, I won't mind. So why the hell would I mind if two of them get together or not. Bite me TPTB.

Besides the guy who plays Brennan, acts like he is really bored with the B/S scenario. Right before that almost kiss he let out this big sigh. A 'let's get this over with' kind of thing. I think he was supposed to be breathing in a sigh of anticipation, but he didn't really work it up to that. It just came out kind of bored. Like he really didn't care. Whatever. He'd do his job anyway. He recovered by the time he kissed her, but even then you could tell he knew it was going to be interrupted. So what was the point.

The new villain I highly approve of. I actually understand him. The previous villain on the show was just a joke. He looked like a clone of Andy Warhol, seriously. Why? I could never figure out what the hell his bitch was. Why he was so intent on destroying new mutants. This show is made by Marvel comics. These people created the best villain ever. Magneto. The man was complex and no matter what he did you understood him, his reasoning, and his position. Even if you didn't like the way he went about it. I love Magneto. He's one of my favorite characters in the Marvel verse. This Warhol clone. Please. What was his problem? I never got it. He wasn't even scary. He was just uber annoying. I really hope they don't bring him back. I won't miss him in the slightest. Good riddance I say.

The new villain is being played by Michael Easton, who is way hot. He's a pretty good actor too. I actually feel sorry for him being on this show. He was on a soap a while back though, so this might be a step up. I don't know. At least, his character cunning, compelling, charming, sexy, and scary. The other guy was just stupid and I never understood his motives. This guy is a psychopath with a god complex who killed his parents with his mutant abilities. He was the first known new mutant and is real pissed that he was imprisoned in stasis for quite a while by the very people that caused his mutation. He's formed a cult and has taken over Genomex, the evil corporation on the show. He goes around seducing chicks left and right to get them to join his cult. With a little help from his psychic brainwashing ability. He has all the types of mutant abilities, instead of just one. He is an interesting guy. I hope they keep him.

I know all this about him after one episode. Warhol guy has been on the show all season and I still have no clue about him. All I ever knew was he and Adam used to work together. Now they hate one another. Hell, tonight was the first time the name of his company stuck with me. Genomex. That's because the new villain said it. I actually cared enough to pay attention to him. That says alot.

I seriously hope he kicks some Mutant X ass. They were way to stupid in this ep. They didn't even try and capture or take him out. They had him knocked unconscious and they left him at Genomex. Did nothing to stop him or anything. Dolts. Why the hell do I watch this show? Am I going to watch it again next season? I'm really not sure. Is it a good sign when you like the bad guy so much you hope he kills the good guys and the show becomes all about him? Didn't think so.

Andromeda: Ok, I'm starting to like this show. I found it hard to get into at first, because of it's crap ass theories on black holes and shit. I won't get into it though. That's a whole long rant on it's own. I'm really not in the mood to try and explain it. I've learned to ignore it. Now I really like it and make sure to tune in every week. I even remember when it comes on and shit.

What I want to talk about it Dylan and Tyr. I seriously think that Dylan has a thing for Tyr. I totally think Kevin Sorbo is playing him that way. I've just started noticing it the past few eps, but I swear it's there. Sort of hit me upside the head. I wasn't expecting it. Just all of a sudden there it was. I love it when slashiness just sort of creeps up on me like that. It's fun when that happens.

In last week's ep Tyr was lost and assumed dead, by everyone except Dylan. Dylan forced the crew to search the wreckage of a battle for Tyr for 5 days straight. I don't think he let any of them change clothes, I'm not sure if he let them sleep. He didn't look like he'd gotten much sleep. I mean he was desperate to find Tyr. No one could talk any sense into the man, though Harper did try. No go. Tyr was alive and he was not giving up until he found him. I was shocked that he liked Tyr so damn much. Or cared whether he was alive or dead so strongly. I mean he was seriously in denial over even the possibility that Tyr could have been dead.

Tyr, of course, was alive. Surviving is what Tyr does best, after all. So then Dylan dismisses everyone else, Harper being the only one who had more than a chance to say more than "Tyr" to him. Because Dylan really wants some alone time with his studly man. Tyr then proceeds to tell Dylan the story of how his son and wife died. (Dylan was the only one who knew Tyr had a wife, by the way. How I have no clue.) It's somewhat bullshit, but mostly the truth. Dylan nearly cries. He figures out Tyr was lying (naturally), but it's ok by him. He know Tyr had good reason to, what with a good chunk of people probably wanting the kid dead and the rest possibly wanting to control him. So safely hidden and presumed dead is probably for the best. Dylan gets that. Huh? When is Dylan so open minded and understanding. Oh yeah, whenever it seems to come to Tyr.

In tonight's ep of the finale. There wasn't much Tyr/Dylan interaction. There was really only one scene. The one where Beka tells Dylan she's going off to drop this bomb and save the universe. Yadda, yadda. (By the way Beka damn well better be alive next season. I like her. If they killed her off I am going to be highly pissed.) Dylan is pretty much fine with Beka going and even taking Trance. He understands her reasons for going and he's good with it. Then it turns out Tyr is going with Beka instead of Trance. Dylan doesn't want him to go. His whole demeanor is screaming it. He let's him go though, like he could stop him. Again, the man nearly cries. From the moment he finds out Tyr is going. It's a dangerous mission, one he might not return from. Dylan is heart-broken.

KS is doing this on purpose. I swear. It's subtle, but it's there. The man has to know what slash is from playing Hercules, that is one big ass slash fandom. Hell, on Xena the subtext was text, no doubt about it. He is doing this intentionally, I just know it. He's playing Dylan as having a thing for Tyr. Hell, I've always thought Dylan had a thing for Rhade back in the day. He's got some thing for Nietzschean men.

I'm telling you this one blindsided me. I didn't see it coming. Can't say I hate it though. KHC is pretty damn hot and though I never though KS was really steamy he is cute in his own way. I think I've stumbled on another pairing dammit. Now I'm going to have to look for some Dylan/Tyr slash.

Buffy: So the Evil!Willow thing. I'm really not minding it. When Buffy and Xander found out about Tara dying and Will going all evil I think they seriously did not realize how broken she was. I think they get an idea now. I can see pretty much three outcomes to this whole thing.

1.) Willow forces Buffy to kill her.

Now my mom (who also watches the show) said she didn't think Willow would do that. That she wouldn't want to hurt Buffy like that. She has a point, but I'm not absolutely convinced of that though. So I'm withholding judgement on that one.

2.) Willow killing herself.

Which considering her state of mind I have no real trouble seeing. I'm pretty sure this is a likely candidate. I think Willow doesn't really want to come back from this. I haven't heard about AH leaving the show, so I'm not real positive that option 1 or 2 would really happen.

3.) Willow is being set up right now as the Big Bad for next season.

Now personally I would love to see that happen. That would definitely get me to tune in next year. Not that I wouldn't any way. Still, I would love to see that happen. I mean they all love Willow, fighting her would be the hardest thing they ever did. Emotionally, it would nearly wreck them. Plus, Willow was a member of the Scoobies from the beginning. She knows everything about them. All of their weaknesses. So she'd be the toughest foe they've come across. That would be interesting to watch.

What I fear will happen is Tabula Rasa (which was the name of the ep Willow mind-wiped everyone in), it means Clean Slate. That the slate will just be wiped clean. They'll stop her, undo what she has done to herself and that will be that. All is forgiven, or will be eventually. That would annoy the hell out of me, especially if it isn't handled properly. That would just suck. I don't want the easy resolution. Sometimes things just aren't resolved easily. It's just not possible. Willow has killed someone, even if there is no body. She's gone to far. There isn't really a coming back from this. No one would ever forgive her completely for this.

X-Files: I realized I wanted to comment on this too. Just a little note about the fact that I'm going to watch the finale. Not really because I watch the show anymore. Or even like it all that much. (My reigning theory is that CC is on crack, that's why the show is so fucked up.) Still, I watched the first episode when it originally ran and I'm going to be there for the last one. I loved this show for years. I used to have some hope shit would be answered. Now, I just hope they don't kill Mulder off too. DD is coming back and NL has at least a small part in the show. So that's enough to make we want to see it. I no longer have any hope for anything to be answered. In fact, I nearly crack up every time I hear the ads saying it will be. Bullshit. I'm not believing that one.  In the words of Mulder, "Sure, fine, whatever." I'll watch it, probably gnashing my teeth the whole time. I will see it through. Even if it irks me to no end doing it. I'll see it through.


5-17-02:(10:47 pm CST) Well, mom went to see the neurosurgeon today. He said she will have to have surgery eventually. She'll only get worse if she doesn't. She has these bone spur on her spinal column that are pressing against the cord. In some places the cord is practically pressed flat, instead of being round as it should be. This is causing spinal fluid to not be distributed properly. He wants more tests done to find out all he can before operating, so it's going to be several months before she has the surgery. He wants another MRI done, this one of her whole spine. (The first one was only of her neck.) He says two bones in her neck are going to have to be replaced with bones from her hip. I hope the second MRI doesn't show that any more will have to be replaced. I'm not sure if knowing for sure she'll have to have surgery is worse than just sort of knowing.

Also, the pain she's been having in her arms and legs for some time, he wants her to go see an orthopedic surgeon about that. Get his opinion, because he thinks there is a problem in her shoulders too. She's losing some mobility in her arms. I guess he doesn't think that all has to do with her back. So she gets to see yet another doctor next week. Doctors and tests, just seems like it's one long series of nothing but that lately.

Want to know the weird thing. My mom and I both had this feeling that something was going to happen this year. Something big. We both felt it coming, but didn't know what it was. I guess this is would be it. It was this heavy sense of foreboding that something would happen to one of us. Which would really involve both of us. Since my step-dad is a long haul trucker, that means I'll be taking care of my mom mainly when she has the surgery. My grandmother will also help when it's the worst probably. Oh joy! My grandmother most likely living with us for a while. We'll be lucky if we all survive.

My mom was joking today that, "I've been telling all of you that I was falling apart for a while now. Turns out I was right." She was trying to lighten the mood.

My step-dad had worked his off time so he could be in this weekend and go to the doc with my mom. (I went too.) We went out to lunch and shopping after her appointment. For some reason we were all in the mood to buy books and magazines. I got two books and a mag. My mom a book and two magazines. My step-dad several books in a series. I'm not sure what's up with that. We are all big readers, but today was buying books day. Stocking up for something.

I kept feeling the need to reach out and touch my mom all day. Kept wanting to put my hand on her arm. Just to make sure she was still here. She caught on every time and kept reassuring me that she was all right. I probably should have been doing that for her. Maybe saying it out loud for herself helped. I hope.

Her MRI isn't until the end of June so things are going to be moving pretty slow in this whole process I guess. At least, this will give us some time to do some things we've been talking about before the surgery. She can finish teaching me how to drive. We can go to Mudbug Madness (a crawfish festival) down in Shreveport next weekend. To a family reunion in two weeks or so in Arkansas. We were also talking about going to Six Flags over Texas amusement park this summer with my sisters, my niece and my nephew. Maybe we can fit that all in before she has to have the surgery and is laid up for no telling how long. I hope we can have the summer for us all to do some stuff together. That would be nice.


5-17-02:(3:18 am CST) Mom's appointment to see the neurosurgeon about her back is today. I'm scared shitless. It's late and I can't sleep. I think everything will be all right. She might have to have surgery, but it'll be ok. I'm settling into a disturbing calm now. I'm still scared, but my panic is on the back burner. I repress, it's what I do. Live it now, deal with it later. Might not be completely healthy, but it works for me. I'll have a good cry about it one of these days. I'll just snap. I'm not big on crying. I don't do it often, I hate to. My preference is for no one to see me do it either. So stuff builds up and then one day it'll all just come pouring out. I'll be like reading a book that's pretty sad and weep like fucking crazy. When it really isn't that sad. See right now, I'm avoiding. I do that to. I'll fucking flip out later when I have the time, when mom doesn't need me to be strong. Right now just isn't the moment to do it. Maybe later I'll get a chance. If she does have to have the surgery, it'll all hit me and I'll break down. Just can't right now. Later, I will. Later.


5-15-02:(12:14 am CST) So my computer mouse started to die the other day. So I had to go out and buy a new one. Got one that has a scroll button on it. It was a good price and a little upgrade from the last one. I like it, it's pretty neat. Also, picked up a new keyboard while I was at it. The letters had rubbed off of various keys and they were starting to stick from having one to many Dr. Pepper spilled on them. There are some keys on the new one that I have no idea what the hell are for. There was no instruction book, not even a diagram to tell you what was what. So unless I accidentally stumble on what they do, I may never know.

My mom's appointment with the neurosurgeon is this Friday. So by then we should know something. If she'll need surgery or what. I'm sort of scared. My mom's arms are really starting to hurt her to the point where she's not able to do as much with them. So she's looking forward to finding out something. I'm freaked by the whole prospect. I hate hospitals, get panic attacks if I'm in them for to long. Comes from being in them to much as a kid. I won't go into it. Let's just sum up at I hate them and trust I have reason to be freaked by them. So I'm scared she'll maybe have to be in one for a while.

Spoilers for Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Smallville, Roswell, and Andromeda are below. Read at your own risk. I'm not leaving any space.

Buffy: I like the story line they have going right now. The whole Willow going dark side story is pretty cool. What she did to Warren tonight, bad assed. There were definite shades of the Evil Vampire Willow from the Wish Universe in that scene. "Bored Now," then what she does to Warren. Man, if I hadn't seen the Hellraiser movies several times I would have been squicked by that. I'm still stunned by it. It happened so fast, I'm not sure it's settled in how gross that was. The thing is, I don't think they are going to be able to pull Willow back from this. She doesn't plan on coming back. I think the only way this situation is going to be resolved now, is a bad one.

The Spuffy (Spike/Buffy) thing. Some are upset by how it went. I'm not. No less than I expected. Buffy being with him was self-inflicted punishment, self-hate. No happy endings were coming from there. It was a nice ride, but I'm not broken hearted it's over. So Spike has gone off to try and change shit. Going through a 'Trial by Fire' so to speak. I think when he finishes, what he gets as a reward isn't going to be what he expected. That's the way those things go, never quite get what you asked for.

Angel: As much as I groaned at the site of Baby Connor (not to mention screamed every time I saw pregnant Darla), I really like Teen Connor. I knew I probably would when I saw VK was going to play him (see below). The boy is a damn fine actor. Shockingly, most people on the Angel boards over at TWoP like him too. He's hard to hate. What I really want is for Wes to take the boy in (not in the man/boy love way, more the step-dad/son way). They can bond over their mutual hate of Angel. I really want Connor to beat Angel up some more. I like it when he does that. From the looks of things, I think the kid is going to be around next season.

I am still loving Pissed Off Wes. He is hot. I just wish they'd put him in black leather again. That would make me insanely happy. Not to mention turned on. I'm wondering if he's going to turn to the dark side now, he's getting tempted by Lilah. If he does I wonder if it will be for the sole purpose of spying on Wolfram and Hart or if he's really going to turn. Either way, they can keep Angry!Wes. He's hot as hell. Alexis does alpha dog angry stalking around the set well. I'm still wanting Wes to take Connor in. For Wes to like his ex step-dad better than Angel. That'll really piss Angel off. These days, I'm all for that. I cheer it on, actually.

What the fuck is up with Cordelia? She's become like St. Cordy now. Where the hell did Bitch!Cordy go? Can they find her and bring her back? Also, "Charisma. Honey, leave your damn hair alone." It gets shorter and an uglier shade of blonde every week. Pretty soon she's going to be sporting a platinum buzz cut, like that creepy fitness guru chick from years ago. She should have kept the long dark hair, it suited her skin tone better. The blonde mixed with her tan just makes her look old. It's like they are trying to make her look like Buffy, more and more.

Charmed: Cole is dead, or he isn't. I'm not sure anymore. Alyssa Milano bugs the shit out of me. She has got to stop the baby talk crap. I want to smash the tv every time she does it. I love Piper, she's only gotten more bad ass this season. Paige has grown on me to where I'm growing to love her. Though I wish they would put the girl in better clothes. Her outfits make me cringe. Phoebe I can't stand. They fired the wrong one. Should have dumped whiny ass AM and kept Shannon. I loved Prue. The more I hear Phoebe whine lately, the more I miss Shannon. I don't want to get rid of Paige, they can keep her Rose is doing a great job. They should have killed off Phoebe. Then we wouldn't be tortured by AM's baby voice every week. I'm not even sure what happened last week, with the Evil Spawn of Hell Phoebe was carrying. I do miss Debbie Morgan as the Seer though. I agree with Demien (TWoP Charmed Recapper) I think that potion the Seer was giving Phoebe a couple of eps back was the Seer's urine too. <g>

Smallville: Good god, bring back the fucking HoYay people. The show really can't survive without it. It's starting to bore me. I still watch it and well I'm thankfully they stopped with the Clark and Lana shit in favor of Clark and Chloe, but I miss the CLex. I want Clark and Lex to keep flirting and staring at one another's crotches. How I miss that. I can only get so worked up over the ChLark.

Roswell: Well, it's over. I didn't hate the last ep of the series. It was left open, interpret it how you wish. Make it up for yourself. I like when they do that. It was sort of lame, but they were trying to wrap everything up due to cancellation. So they were in a rush. I'll give them leeway because of that. It was ok. Max and Liz finally got married in the epilogue. Everyone was going to stop lying to the 'rents. It worked in it's way. I'll miss the show somewhat. I'm just so happy they killed of Tess last week. I hated her. I knew from the moment I saw her she was an evil character. The whole baby thing was contrived, it's been done to death lately. Why should they be any different?

Andromeda:  Ok, I didn't see it before, but after the ep Immaculate Perception I see the Dylan/Tyr slash now. Dylan has a serious thing for Tyr. (He must have a thing for Nietzschean men. I'm pretty sure he was hot for Rayde too. Both of them Gahris and Temelecus.) He spent 5 days looking for Tyr, refusing to give up the search even when everyone told him it was hopeless. He was the only one who knew Tyr had a wife among the Orca. How did he know? I'm not absolutely sure I can see Tyr telling him. I suppose he used his amazing powers of insight and made a really good guess. He was also the only person Tyr told the story of losing his wife and son to. It was partly bullshit, but I don't think Tyr was lying over his sadness over finding out he had a son only to lose him in the same day. Dylan figured out Tyr was lying about the kid being dead anyway. He knew the kid was alive and Tyr was right to not only hide the kid, but to lie about the his fate. (I'll chock Dylan figuring that out the kid was alive, up to those amazing powers of perception of his too.) There was no way they could protect him on Andromeda (the ship). I was proud of Dylan for realizing that. I actually liked Tyr's wife, I was sad to see her die.

What was up with the damn Storm troopers from Star Wars on the show? They forget that Gene Roddenberry's estate doesn't own them?

One last thing. Dear lord Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr) is gorgeous. I just want to lick every inch of that man's body. I like the show, but I watch mainly to drool over he and Harper.

Rant: I feel the need to rant, look away if you need to. This time on babies as plot devices. Since I've mentioned several shows where this has been used I thought I'd rant a little on it. What the hell is up with that? I have seen no less than 5 shows (5 people) lately that have used this little plot contrivance. The whole thing that bugged me about it, all of them got rid of the kidlets some how.

On Angel Connor was whisked off to a hell dimension as a kid and came back a teenager. Baby conveniently gotten rid of in favor of an older kid.

On Charmed the Evil Baby was destroyed when taken into the Seer's body, because she couldn't control it's powers. So baby brought on the show, baby gotten rid.

On Roswell, they brought the kid of Tess and Max's back. Only to have Max give him up for adoption to protect him.

On the X-Files, same thing. They tortured us with the whole MiracleNoLongerAlien Baby [William] only to have Scully give him up to protect him. (I hate CC and company.)

On Andromeda Tyr found out he had a kid only to send him off for fostering to protect him as well.

Why in the hell do these shows bring these babies on if they only intend to use them as a little plot annoyance for a few eps? They end up putting the babies up for adoption, kill them, or foster them off at the earliest convenience. Do they hate us? Do they think we like these plot developments? Or are they just evil? I'm not sure which. I just wish they would stop. The babies are cute and all, if they stayed I wouldn't mind them. It's the bringing them on only to ditch them in a few eps that bugs me. They want to use them for the plot, but they don't want to have to keep them around to raise. I think that's what bugs me most. In the end they are just an inconvenience that they have to get rid of. One they created themselves. Like some unwanted pregnancy in RL, they can't wait to get rid of the kidlets once they get them. If they don't plan on keeping the kid around, just spare us. It only annoys the fuck out of me.


5-3-02:(11:43 pm CST) Heh! Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. This should not excite me as much as it does. I'm a big comic book geek though. So it excites me quite a bit. If you're into them too and haven't heard about this, you can check out a site about it by clicking on the button below. Hell, if you aren't into them, but might be thinking about trying them out tomorrow is the day. The site below has all the info on the event. Like what publishers are participating and what comics are being offered for free. There is even a store locator so you can see if one (or more) of your local stores is participating in the event. One of mine is, which is why I'm so happy. I'm a giddy little comics geek girl right now.


5-1-02:(11:08 pm CST) Went down to Shreveport Tuesday with my mom and a family friend. We had lunch at Olive Garden, went to a mall there, and then went to a riverboat casino and played the slots. I won $31, I'd been playing on about $7. So good profit. Made me happy.

Confession time. I'm 28 years old and I can't drive. Well, I couldn't drive I should say. I've finally been learning to drive. I won't go into the various reasons why I never learned before. There are many. I took driver's ed in high school and even took the written test, never went past that though. I'm learning to drive now. My mom's teaching me. I'm actually having fun. I'm pretty good at it too. Getting better and more confident about it all the time. It's cool. I've been scared shitless of driving for years. It's not so bad though. I actually want to drive now.

I drove a lot today practicing. Did really well. So after I treated myself to some video rentals. There is one video store in town that is really cool, usually has all the movies I'm looking for. It also feeds my lust for Callum Keith Rennie on a regular basis. I was browsing around today and happened upon a copy of Torso, which has CKR in it, grabbed it off the shelf right away. Didn't think I'd be able to find it here, but like I said that store has all the hard to find stuff. Rented one other film and then found copies of Hard Core Logo and Memento for sale on the previously viewed tape shelves. I nearly squealed in delight. I now own a copy of HCL. It's a small thing, but it made me very happy. Going to have to be on the lookout for when they throw a copy of Slap Shots 2 and Torso up for sale. I really like that store.

Cause I'm all happy. Here's one of my favorite pics of Callum from HCL.

I just love his smile.

While I'm at it. I've been meaning to do this. I should have a while ago. At the bottom of the page from now on you'll see some links telling where I got the pics that appear on these pages from. It's the polite thing to do after all. Hence, why I should have done it long ago. My bad. I've been trying to remember to. So now I'm going to correct that faux pas.

The only down note today is that my allergies have been kicking me in the head lately. I've been coughing my head off and my throat has been sore. Last year around late august and september when my allergies kicked in (I'd never had them till then.) I had laryngitis for a month before the doctor got it straightened out. So I took some meds in the hope that I can curtail it before it gets bad. They have steroids in them so they tend make me even more hyper than I usually am. So I'm trying to work that off now, so I can get some sleep tonight. I'm crossing my fingers.

In this fit of hyperactivity I've redone these web journal pages. Added a fourth one and moved some stuff around so there is less on each page, making them easier to download. Hopefully. In theory anyway. I'm going to upload them to my server as soon as I finish this entry. I've stocked up a couple of days entries here. About time I uploaded it onto my site.

Oh. For those of you wondering when I'm going to update my recs site. Due to various things going on in RL no update to the recs is happening just yet. I do have an update planned. I've got a list of recs a mile long in several fandoms. I just haven't written them up yet. I'm having sort of a block, so just bear with me and be patient. I'm hoping to get it done eventually. I haven't given up on the rec'ing biz. Just taking a break due to RL stuff.


4-29-02:(3:24 am CST) So my site moved since my last journal entry. It's now located at Heh! I got my own little domain there. Kat the owner of had to do this because of problems with bandwidth. Separating the sites should help with the problems like sites within a certain section disappearing because it exceeded it's bandwidth limit. Which was happening to my site when I know I'm not taking up enough bandwidth to cause that. I've still got a ton of space and try to keep the pages quick to load on purpose. This is a site mostly focused on the text within the recs so I try and keep the images low. I've had sites with tons of pics and images on them before. This one I wanted to be simpler, easier to load and maintain. So I kept it that way. Hopefully, things will be straightened out with it now.

On to other things. My mom's doing pretty good. Her appointment has been moved up to May. So we should know something in a couple of weeks. Surgery will most likely be in the works, but we don't know for sure. I'm still shit scared. Moving on before the panic attack sets in.

My CKR obsession  is still growing strong. He was in an ep of Mutant X this week, called Ex Marks the Spot. I get the show in syndication on 2 channels. Each one shows an ep once and then reruns it the next week before showing a new one. So all in all, I'll get to see it four times. Not to mention how many times I'll watch my tape of it. (Might have to make a back up, just in case I wear the other one out.) He looks damn good in it. He spent a good bit of time getting his ass kicked, by a chick. She's a tough chick though. Still, that annoyed me. Since they were lovers once, seemed to abusive to me. Sometimes I don't think men really think women can abuse them. Abuse is all in not fighting back, however. Whether you can't (physically) or you won't (emotional and mental). So it made me wonder. Still, he looked damn hot. Still got the hair cut from Slap Shots 2. Which grew on me quick and I like it. He looks kind of old and haggard now. I like that. I've never really been the pretty boy type. I like a guy who looks like he has some mileage on him. Which totally explains my thing for Lance Henriksen, right there.

Angel: I so hate the Fred/Gunn thing. I really want Gunn to get his balls back from her. She seems to have taken possession of those and his brain to boot. Where's the bad ass of the past episodes. The man gets laid and becomes a pussy. Just shoot me. I used to like Fred, before they started shoving her down our throats. It's like they are on a campaign of YOU MUST LOVE FRED ABOVE ALL OTHERS. Sorry, for the all caps there, but it seems like they are screaming it at us. Loudly. Stop already, we get it. Gunn and Wes aren't gay. Sure. Whatever.

I still like Wes. In fact I feel so bad for him. Lately the FX channel has been showing the season 3 Buffy reruns where he first appears. He annoyed the shit out of me back then. (I didn't start liking him until he showed up on Angel. All black leather and motorcycle bad boy. I drooled and have been hooked on him ever since. Mmm...) I feel so bad for him, I cut him some slack and I'm even liking Wes the early geek years.

I know we're supposed to be pissed at Wes because of that damn baby and what he did. Honestly, I just couldn't have cared less about little Connor. The whole plot line was just so stupid. This week they are bringing him back though. All grown up,  teenaged, pissed as hell, and wanting to take revenge on Daddy. Now that I like. From what I've heard he's going to be played by Vincent Kartheiser. I love him. I first saw him in Masterminds (CKR was in it also, which explains partly why I watched it. Other part was that one of the damn movie channels showed it 20 thousand times. I was bored and succumbed.) He was also in Another Day in Paradise with James Woods and Melanie Griffith. He was damn good in that. Skinny little rat. I like him though. So I'll  forgive them the baby Connor shit, if they give him some good screen time. I really want him to beat up on Angel. I'm so hoping for it.

As far as books go. I've started trying to find new authors to read. My old faves are starting to bore me. They've become to predictable. Wanted a change. There is one set of books I stumbled across recently and just loved. Archangel, Jovah's Angel, and The Alleluia Files by Sharon Shinn. They are a trilogy of books. The second book takes place about 150 years after the first and the third abound 100 years after the second. You're watching this society within the books evolve over time, it's wild. The writing is great and I just fell in love with the characters. Strong, intelligent women who can pretty much handle any man who comes their way. Gotta love that. The women are the heroes plenty of times. The main characters are different personalities in every book. You don't get the same old character stereotype with a different name each time around. Which I liked too. It's was really fascinating to me and I just couldn't wait to see how it ended. They are sort of sci fi/fantasy books. I really fell in love with them. Though why pretty much all the chicks had to be blonde and the men brunettes I don't know. That bugged me a little. I'm dark haired and don't want to be a blonde, so sue me. <g>


4-3-02:(1:22 am CST) Callum Keith Rennie. Mmm...God, that man is so fucking gorgeous. He only gets better looking with age too. I've been in a mood to watch his movies lately. Went to the one really good video store in town and rented Hard Core Logo and Slap Shots 2. I love HCL, Callum is just fabulous as Billy Tallent. Slap Shots 2 pretty much sucked, but that had a lot to do with Stephen Baldwin in the lead role. Yeesh! Somebody send that boy to acting school stat. See if they can't teach him to give an impassioned speech that doesn't come off sounding like he's doing nothing more than reading from a cue card. CKR's role in it was far to small for my taste, his character was pretty sleazy too. Still, he looked fabulous in it. He's getting older. Somehow that just makes him seem all the more gorgeous. His features have defined. Making him seem all sharp angles and hard edges. So fucking masculine that it's just beautiful. I love it. Can't get enough of it.

Got my hair cut today. I was just in the mood to do it, in the mood for a change. My hair was really long, like all the way down my back. To give you the full visual it's really dark brown, almost black. Sunlight hits it all the red in it stands out. I like my hair, it's good hair. The beautician (who is a girl I went to high school with) called my hair 'virgin hair' meaning I'm 28 and have never dyed or permed it. I also usually let it dry naturally (rather than blow drying it) and don't use any styling products beyond a detangler in it. So I do have really good hair.

I never dyed it because I like my natural color to much. I've thought about it, but in the end I just couldn't do it. I never wanted to perm it. Most hair dressers are amazed to see hair that hasn't had a lot done to it and is in pretty such good shape. I'm vain about my hair you get that now, right?

So I got it cut to where it's now just a little bit above the middle of my back. Got some long layers put into it and some shape added to it. I like it. Feels weird not having as much hair anymore. It's good though. Will be cooler for summer. I live in Texas being cool in the summer is a goal we strive for, but may never reach. So got a new hair style, I like the change. I keep a hair style for a while and then every few years I change the style some. My hair is still long, just not as long.

One weird thing about my hair. Last year for some reason it started changing texture. I've always thick hair (as in volume), but each individual strand was baby fine. When I turned 27 each strand of hair started getting thicker for some reason. It's also started to get wavy curly. It just gotten more curly over the past year and doesn't seem to be stopping. It  used to be straight as a board. Now it's all wavy and when it gets to humid frizzes like crazy. I don't know what is up with that. Happened to my sister too when she turned 27. Never happened to my mom or my grandmother. My sister and I don't even have the same father. So I have no clue what's up with my hair. I just go and 'Huh?' and let it go.


3-27-02:(10:33 pm CST) I was just over reading Thamiris' Live Journal where she was exalting the virtues of Michael Rosenbaum's hips. I love hearing others share their love of that man's hips. It makes me feel like so much less of a freak to hear other people talk about drooling over them just as much as I tend to.

MR and his beautiful hips!

From the first moment I saw him walking in the Sorority Boys adds in those heels, his hips swaying, I was literally hypnotized. I was just a big puddle of goo. That image is now happily seared into my brain. I spent the whole moving just focused on his character. I couldn't honestly tell you much about what happened with the other two. I couldn't have cared less. Michael looked so good in drag that I was just waiting for the next scene he was in. It totally thought that I would hate Sorority Boys, but I actually liked the damn thing. Much to my shame, just not my usual thing. Not that I go around only watching independent films that all have a point to make or something. I'm up for crap as much as the next person. I just usually prefer crappy sci-fi tv shows or action movies, maybe a nice romantic comedy on occasion.

Speaking of non crappy movies. I just watched The Laramie Project on HBO tonight. I spent the whole time crying. Especially, when they came to the part where Matthew Shepard's dad pleaded the jury to not give one of the guys the death penalty. Not because he or his family were against it, but because he wanted him to live and think about what he had done every minute he was in that jail cell. To suffer there for the rest of his life, with his demons. That was a proud stand to me. Something I heard my mother express about the woman who killed her 5 children down in Houston. That she didn't want her to die, she wanted her to live and think about what she had done. That was punishment enough. I was actually doing shuddering crying at that point when Matthew's father gave his speech. I'm glad I saw it, but was an emotional lump afterwards. Thinking about MR's hips made me happy again. It's a small thing, but it was enough.

Well, it looks like is back up so I'm going to be posting this to the net as soon as I finish with this entry.

RL is hitting a little bit of an upswing and I'm starting to get some time to write up some recs. I'm getting some inspiration on some of them. So hopefully I'll be able to start on the new update soon. I've got a ton of stories I to rec. I'll try and get to work on it.


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