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3-26-02:(1:58 am CST) So is having some kind of weird problem with and bandwidth usage exceeding it's limit every month. Which means that the site disappears for a few days. I'm thinking of contacting the admins and asking what is up with that. Maybe I'll get the time later in the week. So I can't post this right now, but I feel like writing in it any way.

News on my Mom. No cancer. Yeah!!!! She got a second opinion from a surgeon. He felt around and didn't find anything. Said the lump might have been a cyst that burst. She still isn't exactly out of the clear yet though. The MRI she had showed that she had spondylosis, a deterioration of the spine. She has some bone spurs that are poking her spinal cord. Which is why she's had pain in her arms, legs, and neck for some time now. She wasn't sure what was causing that, choked it up to getting older or something. So she may have to have surgery for that. We don't know. She had to make an appointment with a neuro-surgeon and he couldn't fit her in until July. He's one of the best we have around here, so she really wants to go to him. We only have about 3 neuro-surgeons in town. One everyone we know warned her away from. The one she made the appointment with is said to be good. So we're kindof in a holding pattern to see what will come of that. Whether she'll need surgery or not right now. Most likely will, it'll only get worse and it's actually a 'severe case' of it. That's quoted from the report of the person who examined the MRI. So we'll see about that. Spinal surgery, that gives me the major cringies. I'm scared about that, but we don't know when that will happen. So I'm trying not to worry about it right now.

Moving on before I go into a panic attack thinking on that to much. Been downloading shit like crazy off the net. Updating all kinds of things on my computer. New versions of Adobe Reader, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Realtime Player, and a new version of Netscape. The computer is running better now. Even if my net connection, the only one available in town with the ISP I've got is shit. Dial up, slow as hell.

Michael Rosenbaum as Adina in Sorority Boys

Thanks to my *Rosenbaum* Syndrome (tmRivier TWoP Message Boards) I had to go see Sorority Boys this past weekend. I liked it a lot more than I ever expected to. I thought I'd be horribly embarrassed that I ever went and would spend the whole moving groaning and rolling my eyes back in my head. It didn't suck. That was mainly thanks to Michael Rosenbaum, I must say. He gave a great performance. Greasy Barry Watson is so not the "pretty one". Not on this planet. MR was totally hot as Adina. Though as Adam I swear his guy wig was so hideous it looked like a small woodland creature curled up and died on his head. Harlan Williams was quite funny too. I actually liked his character, when I figured he's the one I would hate. Go figure. I actually found myself laughing hysterically during one part of the movie. The dueling dildo's scene. Don't ask. This is definitely a check your brain at the door type of film. If MR hadn't been in it, I never would have went to see it. It's not my type of film. Still, Michael looked way hot and it was a good bit of fluff to pass the time.

One scene that has disturbed pretty much everyone, including me. Is a scene where his character was pretty much drugged and date raped. It was the fact that it was pretty much glossed over that bugged us all so much. It's just a movie, but still disturbing that they included that and then decided not to deal with it at all. I mean it's not really in the realm of humorous and if your going to include that in a film fucking deal with it. Don't bring it up and then do nothing with it. To do that, however, they would have had to delve a little deep into a story and heaven forbid that. So there has been some criticism of that, even from people who found they liked the movie. Nothing much  you can do, but bring it up and point it out. So there you go. It's not a big scene and some of the part before it is damn funny. Still, they should have dealt with it if they were going to point it out in the first place.

Still, waiting for Omar to post his recap for the Smallville ep Nicodemus over at TWoP. I hope it's soon. I'm going into Omar withdrawal. I can't wait to see what he says about this one. Should be a hoot. I'm not sure the show is even trying for subtext anymore. It's pretty much becoming text. I mean in the ep Zero Ma Kent gave Clark a 'I think you should cool things down with your boyfriend' speech. In Nicodemus Bo was yelling at Lex that he 'doesn't like his friendship with his son'. Also in the same ep Pete was mad at Lex for stealing his boyfriend. Smallville is going down in the slasher's hall of fame. If we had one that is. Clark and Lex are right up there with the greats; Starsky/Hutch, Jim/Blair, and Mulder/Krycek. Such fabulous chemistry between the guys. Who knows where it's going, but it's a damn fine ride. Leaving you squealing in slashy pleasure all the way. No matter how they try to force HoNay on the show, it just gets more HoYay. It's the show that refuses to be straight no matter how hard they try. How I do love it. Reruns for a few weeks. So I'll just have to watch my tapes and glide along blissfully on the slash high. <sigh> The power of the CLex is mighty. It cannot be defeated. I'm a happy little slasher I tell you.

What Rocky character are you most like?


3-3-02:(10:31 pm CST) First off, is down due to problems when their server changed over to a new one. So I can't even post this right now. Still, I felt like writing something. So here it is.

My mom went to the doctor, but he couldn't find the lump either. Said it could have been something else. A bubble in a gland or something. He's not a dumbass, thank goodness, so he's going to run more tests. He listened when mom said she had found something and that her arm was still pretty sore. So she has an MRI set up for tomorrow. She'll be going back Wed. to see what the results are. He said it could just be a pulled muscle that caused the soreness or a pinched nerve, the bubble thing for the lump. That is so what I'm hoping for. I'm scared shitless. He also said he wanted her to go to a surgeon to see what he said. I don't know if that will be affected by what he finds on the MRI or not. Like, will he still want her to go after that. He might just want a second opinion either way. Which is good, I'm all for that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What mythological creature are you?
I totally feel like this sometimes.
The Erinyes are better known as The Furies, spirts of vengence.


2-26-02:(11:15 pm CST) I know I hoped to update by or a little while after Valentine's Day. Didn't happen. RL has not been that great lately. It's been the equivalent of a knee to the groin, and I'm a chick.

First, my grandmother had both a brother and a sister die in one week. That was bad. My grandmother was the youngest of like 8 or so kids. I can never remember the exact number. Both her parents were married before and had kids from those marriages. Then when they got together they had two kids of their own. Most of her brothers and sisters died before I was even born. There was one kid left alive from each of those marriages. Now with my grandmother is all that's left of that generation. All her siblings have died. I can't imagine how she feels.

Now my mom has found a lump under her arm. My dad and I checked and could find it too. Now none of us can feel it, but it's still sore under there. She's also had some numbness in her arm and some pain in it. She's going to the doctor tomorrow. We have cancer in our family so know waiting and seeing. We can't afford that. I am scared shitless. I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best. I feel like throwing up. I don't pray a lot. I like to save mine up for when they are really needed and not bug whoever listens to these things. I hope they are listening to me now.

This has not been a great year for my family, from the get go. Besides my grandmothers brother and sister dying, she also had a cousin die. One of her brother's wives died too recently. All of our older family members seem to be dying off all at once. I don't know what is up with that. My grandmother and mother had better fucking hold on. I can't lose them. I just can't. The members of my family tend to live a long time, if we don't die of cancer first. My grandmother is the only one to have had it and survived I think. I'm so fucking scared.


2-11-02:(2:27 am CST) Hmmm... been a little while. What's up with me. Smallville still in possession of my brain. It's totally taken me over. I'm now just a big Lex/Michael Rosenbaum slut. I'd be sad if I didn't have plenty of proof that I'm not alone in this. It's still the slashiest show on tv and I'm loving. Even Evil Lex was just yummy. He was all swishy and gayer than ever. Gotta love that.

Swishy Lex!

I've been feeling sort of lazy for a while now. So no new updates to the rec pages. I'm still collecting story recs by the bucketful, I just haven't written them up yet. Bad, bad me. I'm hoping to get it done by Valentine's Day, but RL has been damn busy too. So coupled with feeling lazy, I'm pretty tired too. I haven't given up on rec'ing I just haven't had the energy to do it lately. The next update should be frigging huge. So many Smallville recs, so little time. (I told you it had taken over my brain.) So many good writers are popping up in the fandom, I can't not rec them. So the recs keep piling up. While I keep hoping to find the time and energy to do them. Keep your hopes up. I'll get it done eventually.

Oz the musical episode. Do I have to say much more? It was weird, but not as awful as I feared. I want Tom Fontana's head on a plate for all the teasing he's been doing with B/K. Keeping them apart for no reason known to anyone. Teasing us with maybe they'll see one another this episode and they don't. I'm starting to hate the man. He's just evil. Bastard. That's what fanfic is for. To relieve the tension.

Mighty Big TV has changed it's name to Television Without Pity. Which used to be their motto. No one really knows why they did that. The gist of their answer is, "Don't ask." So everyone has just taken it in stride and moved on. So instead of referring to it as MBTV from now on I'll be referring to it as TWoP. They changed their url to reflect this, but the old one should redirect you. Omar's Smallville recaps still hilarious. So nothing really, but the name has changed. No biggie.

I'm watching Good Eats on the Food Network right now. I love Alton Brown, he's hilarious. I'll even watch the endless reruns of his show. I never mind. He's great.

I've become like a slut for these online test things lately. I don't know why. Here the latest ones. I'm a Capricorn Sun which is an Earth Sign, but my Moon Sign is Gemini which is an Air sign. So it fits somehow. I'm not really huge on astrology, but trust me if you don't know your moon sign, find it out. It fills in a lot of blanks that might not fit you with your sun sign.

What spirit are you?

"Thought above feeling and mind over matter are your mottos. Others come to you for advice and guidance. Some see you as introverted and snobbish, but they are merely jealous of your common sense knack to think things through. Don't be afraid to listen to your heart though."


1-22-02:(1:42 am CST) Oh, last time around I meant to mention, but forgot to say that MBTV have gotten their new servers so the problem of getting kicked back to the homepage is pretty much cleared up. I had some problem getting into the forums one day, but I think it was just heavy traffic. I heard someone else mention it going really slowly one day, but for the most part I haven't had many problems with it. So it look cleared up.

I found out today I am going to be delivering flowers on Valentine's Day. It's a temp job that I do once a year for a local florist. It's pretty fun seeing the surprised pleasure on people's faces when they get them. It's a treat, even if it is tiring. I enjoy it. Doing it with my mom. She's been doing it for years and kindof sucked me into doing it too. Last year we did it on Mother's Day too.

Ever think your grandmother might just be evil? No. Maybe? My grandmother can make you want to pull your hair out. Woman has a mean streak a mile wide. Anyone ever asks me why I'm such a bitch, I'm going to point to my grandmother and say, "It was a defense mechanism against her." If you don't stand up to her, she will beat your self-esteem down to nothing. She hasn't got any so she likes to make sure those around her don't either. She is the most infuriating woman on the planet. If I didn't love her I'd avoid her like the plague. That my grandmother is a class A bitch is the general consensus of anyone above the age of puberty who has spent even five minutes alone with her.

Sorry, but she was extra-special snarky to me today and I just had to vent. She loves to pick fights with me because I fight back. She, my mom, and I went out to lunch today. The moment she walked in the door she started in on me. She toned down after I went off on her later. Sometimes that's the only thing that will shut her up with that shit. I've spent years trying to get her to realize her behavior is atrocious at times. On her good days, she's great. On her bad ones, clear the perimeter. No one wants to be within a fifty mile radius of her. She can be mean as a snake some days. Sadly, the bad days tend to outnumber the good.

My mom and I just grit our teeth and try not to kill her. Let's just say there have been days when my mom and I went out with her and thought of ditching her at a restaurant. We, of course, had the only vehicle. Oh, before you start picturing some sweet little old gray haired lady I'm bashing. The woman has few gray hairs to speak of and takes care of herself just fine. She has no physical ailments. She's healthy as a horse and always has some project she's doing in her yard. She's not weak and helpless here. Just the opposite. She vital and energetic. So don't pity her to much. She's just a mean old bitty. End of rant. I'm tensing up here, just thinking about her at her worst.

Got bored earlier and saw this posting for a quiz of who among the Winnie the Pooh characters are you. Turns out I'm Pooh. I was quite shocked. Took the test twice and changed one answer I was a little iffy on. Still, Pooh. So I got me a banner and saved it here, just for the hell of it. Pooh isn't even my favorite. I like Tigger really. Huh, go figure.


1-20-02:(1:25 am CST) By the way, Omar's Smallville recap for Rogue is up for anyone who hasn't read it yet and wants to. It is so fucking hilarious. I was LMAO reading it. Hell, during just the first few paragraphs I was laughing so hard I had to stop and go get a cool rag to put on my face. I literally came close to falling out of my chair. He didn't like Vapid Vicky anymore than we did. He used the name we call her in the forums for his recap, Boobs McChesty.

My favorite line from his recap, "Wow. My Gaydar just broke."

You can find his recap here:
The Breastplate and the Bad Cop

There be spoilers within it, so consider yourself duly warned.


1-19-02:(7:04 pm CST) On on of the LOTR lists I'm on someone posted a couple of online questionaires where you find out which character you're most like. Similar to the Beatles one I mentioned a few days ago. The list was quiet, we were trying to liven it up. What can I say. One of them said I was most like Legolas and the other said I was Arwen. Legolas is a little cutie, so I'm quite cool with that. Arwen is still an elf, so of the cool here too. Plus, she gets to hook up with Aragon. Woo Hoo!!!

You can check out the tests here:


1-17-02:(11:56 pm CST) Well, it's official. After months of severely declining ratings The X-Files has been canceled. No kidding here, it's been all over the news services. Here's an article over at Yahoo News about the X-Files cancellation. They are finally having some mercy and taking the damn thing off of life support. Thank goodness. I guess they realized people really don't care about The X-Files: TNG.

Chris Carter proving he's more in denial than Scully about that damn baby said he "wanted to go out on top". What does the man not read the ratings for his own show. There is a reason a show gets canceled, no one is watching it. Guess we know now why Scully lives in denial land, that was CC's reflection in her character. That man is a sad little one hit wonder, whose one hit just went under. That was a awful rhyming thing. I'm sorry.

You know I've watched this show from the first episode. I remember back when it was just a little 'cult tv show', way before it was a tv icon. I was one of those 'cult viewers', though I had no idea I was at the time. I just liked the show. So seeing it slowly and painfully decline over the years has been difficult to watch. I hated seeing the show I really liked inflicted with bad writing and pathetic plot points. CC & company took a good show and turned it to crap. So I'm not sad to see it go, nor am I going to join any campaigns to keep it on the air. It's just not worth saving at this point. DD knew to abandon that damn ship while he could, he was the smart one.

I'll still have my memories of when the show was good, back before that god awful movie. Plus, there's always fanfic. I've got some fabulous M/K muses in my head. Don't ask when the stories are going to appear on the web. We'll see. There are always the reruns of the Mulder eps too. <sigh> Mulder....

The final show will be number 201, it should air sometime around in May. They have plenty of warning so they can wrap things up. DD might be in it, who knows. We'll have to wait and see. Whether anything ever gets solved...the thought that they might actually do that just makes laughter bubble up inside me. I won't hold my breath for it. I held out hope for as long as I could. This season pretty much killed what ever little hope I had in that. I'll probably tune in and watch those. Maybe we'll see Krycek again. I'm not holding my breath for that either. We'll see.

Oddly enough I don't feel any sadness over it being canceled. More like relief that they aren't continuing to beat that dead horse anymore.

The characters are ours now. TPTB are done with them. They don't want them anymore, so we get to have them to play with. All we want. That's where that happy feeling is coming from. Knew I'd pinpoint it eventually. <g>


1-16-02:(11:46 pm CST) I just want to make a little comment here, albeit a snarky one about the incident recently involving President Bush and the pretzel. The idiot nearly choked to death on a pretzel. I nearly did that once. I was around 3 or 4. Ever since I've mastered the art of pretzel eating. Anyone else wonder if this was a truly horribly pathetic distraction from the whole Enron thing? Man, what a fuck up that thing is. I'd mention here what exactly went wrong with the company, but no news source I've been able to find can truly figure it out. The company's business plan was so complicated that even some of the higher up members of the company didn't understand it. Never a good sign. Way to go Bush and Cheney for getting mixed up in that shit. Sheesh. I'd hope for impeachment over this, but I'll settle for it tarnishing his ability to get re-elected next term.

You know I'm from Texas and I didn't vote for that idiot as governor. I sure wasn't voting for him as President, no matter who is daddy was. The man only used the governorship as a stepping stone to the Presidency. He didn't give a shit about serving this state and I didn't buy for one minute that he ever did. I'm a die hard democrat so threats of death wouldn't make me vote republican. I shudder just at the word. Sorry, I'm a liberal. Way liberal. I not only think gays and lesbian should be allowed in the military. I think they should be allowed to get married too. I only get more liberal from there trust me. Let's just say that every view point I have is in direct opposition to the republican platform. Fill in the blanks yourself. The only thing I'm iffy on is capital punishment. It really depends on the person and the crime where I'm concerned. I don't know that I could ever vote on a jury to send someone to the death chamber, so you see why I'm iffy. I couldn't stand that on my conscious if in those shoes. So Liberal, big time. A pretty loud mouthed one too. Let me tell you.

Moving on to more trivial things.

Spoiler Alert!! Be aware that I am going to talk about Angel and Smallville in this entry. There will be spoilers herein. So scoot on if you don't want to be spoiled. You have been duly warned. I'm not giving spoiler space.

I'll start with Angel first. I really liked Monday night's ep, Birthday I think it was called. I love how much Cordy has evolved over the years. She's gone from a self-absorbed, vapid, bitch to someone who truly cares about others and sacrifices for them. In the Birthday ep we learn that she's been slowly and painfully dying for about a year now thanks to the psychic visions that Doyle passed on to her in the first season before he died. They weren't meant for a human to have as the mythos of the show goes and it's been destroying her brain slowly.

They've been doing a pretty nice set up for this for some time now. Letting us know that the visions are really taking a toll on Cordy. Causing her lots of pain and such. Just little small glimpses that make this plausible. She hadn't said a word to anyone about it. She likes having the visions, no matter how painful they were to her. She felt useful and like she was contributing something to this life. She didn't want to have them taken away. The price of her death was sufficient in her mind I guess.

Well, in Birthday she had finally hit her limit. She was down to the wire on how many visions she could possibly have before they did her in. She slipped into a coma and got to play 'It's a Wonderful Life' Joss Whedon style. It wasn't a big sap fest and Cordy was still the strong bitch she always is. (I use bitch as a term of reverence for her, she's great.) A demon who works on the side of good named, of all things, Skip got to play her guide on this little journey. We first saw Skip a few eps back. When Angel had to break a really bad son of a bitch out of a hell prison to save Cordy from some evil nasty shit Wolfram and Hart were inflicting on her. It was nice to see him again. I like him, he's kind of cool. So he gave Cordy a glimpse at a different life she could have in compensation for her service. A great life where she got all she ever wanted. Where she gets to be a rich and famous actress. The downside (there's always a downside isn't there) was that she got to see how her guys were fairing without her. Not good is an understatement. Wesley only had one arm (lost it in a demon fight), but Gunn was still there trailing behind him. Those two are so gay. Anyone who's seen my Buffy/Angel Recs knows I'm a big Wesley slut, so don't act surprised. Doyle had given Angel his Seer psychic ability and he wasn't handling it at all. He was just nuts. (By the way, slash alert there. Doyle gave the visions to Cordy through a kiss and in the end of her little IaWL quest she took them back through a kiss. So he had to give them to Angel that way too presumably. Doyle also gave them to Cordy because he loved her. Another slash alert. Was he in love with Angle in the alt world? Possibly. All the slashers out there swooned at that.)

So here we come to the whole point of the piece, Cordy is doing a good job with the whole vision thing. She likes having the ability so that she can help her guys out, just the death thing was spinning it toward the bad. So solution she has to become part demon, only way to solve the problem. The only other solutions were Cordy dying or her guys in bad shape without her in the alt world. I think Cordy saw this coming, but just needed a chance to see the options. She needed to be informed so she could say yes or no. She said yes, without hesitation. Knowing what it meant, but realizing it was the only choice she could live with.

The thing was Skip had asked her at one point early on, before the trip to alt world, if when she was working with Angel and company if she ever had any niggling feeling like she'd left something undone. Like she forgot her car keys somewhere or left an iron on. She said no. It was like a throw away remark that made no sense at first. Turns out it was a clue that helped her decide what to do later on. When she was this rich and famous starlet, that's all she felt. Like there was something she was supposed to be doing that she wasn't. It helped lead her to the right path. Which was subtle and cool.

So Cordy's half demon now. She's not even sure what kind of demon. That's a wait and see kind of thing. We got a hint that she has the ability to levitate at the end of the ep, so that's something. She also isn't in pain anymore when she has a vision. So big change there too. She isn't the same kindof demon as Doyle because the visions gave him killer migraines, just like they did Cordy. Everything else? We'll have to see about. It's cool. I really like this development. Cordy is becoming quite the mature, strong woman. I'm really loving her on Angel, I hated her most of the time on Buffy. I like what they are doing with her. No complaints. This show is so damn good.

Now, on to Smallville. The gayest show on tv. <g>

If there is anything het about this show I've yet to find it. In this week's ep, Rogue, they brought in a new love interest for Sexy Lexy. Her name is Victoria Hardwick, from here on in she shall be referred to as Vapid Vicky, or just Vapid most likely.

First off to truly understand this you'll need to know that some WB execs pretty much forced the Smallville producers into creating a role for her. They've as much as said so. Some exec got hot for her and the next thing you know he's trying to make a star out of her. I'm not saying she slept her way to the top. Who knows really. The fact that she had very little acting experience (she was a model mainly before this) and has proven to have little talent speaks for itself in this situation.

I don't even hate the character. For me to hate her Vapid would have to pose some threat to the CLex loving. She doesn't at all. She's even less a threat than Lana. She was dull, boring, and totally uninteresting. As for her acting talent. Let me just say that people saw some earlier versions of the script and she was supposed to be in several scenes. There was one supposed scene that all the actors kept mentioning. It was to take place right after Lex and Vapid meet up again. Within a few minutes of seeing each other again they were supposed to start making out at a party behind a pillar. That scene was talked about all over the place. It didn't appear in the final version. It's no where to be seen. Her other scenes were cut down to practically nothing. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

The final proof of evidence is something that I saw more than once in discussions on message boards over at Mighty Big TV. The character is supposed to be British. People were complaining about how fake and awful her accent was. She's British. She couldn't even pull off her own damn accent convincingly. Need any further proof. People who didn't know she was a Brit weren't buying that she was British at all. Now that speaks of a lack of talent more than anything.

You know I wouldn't even be so upset about this thing if I hadn't heard about instances of it before. Bimbos chatting up to guys in clubs and complaining about not having a job. Next thing you know Mr. Business man is creating some job for the slut of the moment. Or guys giving jobs to slutty ho's who have no experience or skills just because they got their dicks hard. It's fucking pathetic. It doesn't just happen in Hollywood. It happens all over the place. Even in little medium sized towns like where I live. It fucking sucks. Which is why this bugs me so damn much. End of this rant. Back to talking about the show.

So Smallville, that's what I was rambling on about before my rant. One must congratulate the WB execs on finding this girl. I mean really, they have found the one person on the plant male or female, young or old that MR has no chemistry with whatsoever to play his love interest. Congrats. We applaud you. During a scene where they kiss MR looks so uncomfortable you'd think she was a snake about to bite him instead of his characters former love interest about to kiss him. His whole body looked stiff (not in the good way, minds out of the gutter), like he was bracing himself. Couldn't wait to get this over with. As one person on the Smallville boards over at MBTV mentioned MR has chemistry with just about everyone on the damn show. He has chemistry with pool cues, water bottles, and various inanimate objects. The girl who's supposed to be his old flame, nadda.

I had to wonder if the actors resented her being on the show. I mean most of them won their parts. Even Tom Welling, who didn't have much acting experience and was a model before being on the show, had to try out for his part. So you have to wonder if they resented this chick being foisted on them all, when she had so little experience. She was on some talk show (which she was fired from) before this, but not much else in the way of tv experience or acting. Annette O'Toole was offered the part of Ma Kent, but she's a veteran actress with tons of credits under her belt. No one questioned if she could do the job. I just have to wonder.

On the MBTV Smallville boards there is a term we've coined called HoYay, it stands for Homoeroticism Yay! It's opposite is HoNay, or Homoeroticism Nay. We were talking about how Vapid just seemed to increase the evidence in favor of HoYay. Lex seemed so disinterested and bored by her that she might as well have not been there. He spent the whole episode chasing around after Clark. Trying to either help him or figure out what this dirty cop had on him. Some people were worried that Vapid would take away from the slash factor, that was needless fretting. Didn't happen in the slightest. The difference between the two was so glaring it only proved the HoYay more.

We got into a talk about how few people are actually in the HoNay category. Most people can plainly see how gay this show is. Some are just in denial that there is anything het about this show. For me if the chemistry isn't there it's no use. I just don't see any between the het couples on the show. I've looked too. I'm a die hard M/K girl in the X-Files fandom and even I'll acknowledge seeing some level of MSR. I think Scully's been in love with Mulder since the first season. It just took him a long time to figure it out. I just never thought that a relationship could work out between them. It takes more than just attraction and the two people being het for it to work. I couldn't see those two lasting. I'm not seeing of the chemistry between Clark and Lana or Lex and Vapid on Smallville. Not in the slightest.

Oh, one final proof that this is the gayest show on tv. After last night's ep most people, including me, have to agree there were some femslashy vibes between Chloe and Lana last night. Even people who'd never really seen it before, me included again, were commenting on it. Plus, it turns out Omar (MBTV Smallville recapper) was right Bo Duke is "a little swishy". Those who couldn't see it before picked up on some between Bo and the Bad Cop last night. Personally, I saw some between Bo and Lionel before. So I was convinced. Man, can Omar call 'em or what.

On an end note, my mom was talking about seeing Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) making some guest appearance on a soap today. She said compared to John Schneider man had he aged. She and I got into a discussion about how JS had hardly aged at all since his Dukes of Hazzard days. I swear the man made a deal with the devil or something. Same one Ted McGinley made I'm sure. That man is as good looking as any of the young guys on the show. Looks about as young as they do too. Makes Annette look older and she doesn't look all that old. Freaky.


1-14-02:(1:03 am CST) I just read this fabulous new story and had to share it with people. It's going to be rec'd on my pages in the next update, but I thought I'd spread the word about it right now. It's an X-Files fic, Mulder/Krycek (duh! Like I read anything else.), and just so damn good. I just got caught up in the rich visuals of it. It's one of the best M/K fics I've read in a while. I saw an announcement posted for it on a list and gave it a try. I am so glad that I did. It's so rich in detail, I could just see the whole thing unfolding before my eyes. It's a story to lose yourself in. It's only Book 1 too. There is another part to it in the works. I'm eagerly awaiting that one. I can't wait to find out what happens next. It's called Second Grace by DS. It's is a must read. It is just so damn good.


1-11-02:(11:01 pm CST) HBO has been showing the shit out of Six Feet Under lately. They're running a marathon of it tonight in fact. Seeing the first eps reminded me again of why I hated Brenda so much in the beginning. I simply referred to her as 'slut'. So as not to be sexist I also referred to Nate by that name. I think I called her 'ho' sometimes to just to distinguish the two of them. Man, I am gonna have to see the later eps again to remember why I started liking her towards the end there. It's not really coming to me right now. What can I say this show totally appealed to my warped sense of humor. I'm just thankful that they stopped showing the commercials after the first episode. TMI!!! (To Much Information). Totally. I did not need to know that much about funeral practices. Gave me the creeps. They reaired that one tonight and I caught one of them. Ewww!

Meanwhile, JP3, or specifically Alan and Billy have taken over my brain. See one of the previous entries below for more about that. I'm managing to get it back some though.

Spike and Buffy. One of the few het pairings I really like. I would be really happy if they gave us more nekkid James Marsters. More, please. I don't mind that at all. I kindof like this thing they are doing with Buffy right now. She's really not dealing with the coming back from the dead and having to handle grown up responsibilities thing well. She's kind of going buck wild. I think they could handle it a little better, but I think overall they are getting the point across. It's nice to see a show really handling the emotional impact of being a 'superhero'. It all seems to be hitting her at once and she's sort of shut down alot. No one seems to know how to handle that. Spoiler coming up. Sadly, they are bringing Riley back to rub some salt in that wound. He's supposed to be married to someone else. Thank God. I so didn't want her getting back with Whiney Bitch again. She's supposed to get all angsty over what she does and doesn't have with Spike. Joy. More angst. Still she won't be mounting Whiney Bitch, so I can live with it. I like SMG's new hair cut. It really is quite cute. Reminds me of her in the second season. What is up with that? She dates a vamp has to cut her hair short? It's still quite cute on her.


1-8-02:(1:33 am CST) Sunday(1/6) was my birthday, I turned 28. Woo Hoo for me. Decided I wanted to spend the day with my Mommy. Awww! Aren't I just sweet? Sad, whatever. We had lunch, shopped a little, and went to the movies.

We saw Lord of the Rings. Damn it was good. I'm not even a big Tolkien fan, I've tried to read Fellowship of the Ring several times and never could get into it. The movie made me want to go out and buy the books, give them another try. I cannot get over how beautiful the visuals were in that movie. They were just stunning. There were times I couldn't tell what was a set and what was computer generated. Some times I could, you could tell where they had pasted someone into a scene because the lighting was just a tad it off in a few scenes. Other times it all flowed together so beautifully I really couldn't distinguish the real set from the cgi.  I really loved that movie. So did my mom. Even if I did have to nudge her awake a few times. (The women has the most remarkable ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. It takes me 45 min to an hour to fall asleep on a good night.)

I thought it left off at a good spot too. There are supposed to be three movies in all, I've heard that they have all been filmed already. They are just waiting to release them. They found a good stopping point. Didn't leave you feeling gipped, more of a feeling like setting a book aside to pick it up and finish reading later. So much had happened in that one part there was no way to feel cheated. Tons of action in that one film. I can't wait to see the other two. I am definitely going to buy these on video when they come out. It lasted nearly three hours, but didn't seem like it. It's quite an epic tale. I'd say go see it. If it interests you at all.

I got Jurassic Park 3 as a Christmas present. The movie could have been better. Needed more plot developement, they could have worked a little more on characterization, and it really just wasn't long enough. I hated the Kirby's (Tea Leoni and William H. Macy's characters), they were just excruciatingly annoying. I kept hoping the dinos would eat them. Neither of Tea nor William were acting to the best of their abilities. Tea was to over the top and William was That's the best way I can describe it. He wasn't bad, just didnt' have enough to work with. I liked their son Eric, he was pretty cool, thought his parents were idiots and I agreed with him.

Alan and Billy, I've seen some slash based on them. I must say it is there. You don't have to look very hard to see it. The first scene with Billy in it he's on a dig and helping this girl figure out what part of a dino skeleton is fossilized bone and which is plain old rock. It seems very seductive and all, he's touching her hand, together they are stroking the dino bones and shit. Then he catches site of Alan,  they shout out hellos to one another, Billy gets up, and beats his ass straight over to Alan. Girl forgotten and left spitting out his dust. Something I noticed is that Billy decides a good chunk of things for them. Gives Alan these 'we are going to do this' glares. Alan just gives in and goes along. Billy is so in charge. They are like an old married couple. I really liked the Alan/Billy interactions.

As for the dinos, they all looked computer generated, but they were damn good. There is one fight between a T-Rex and Spinosaurus Egypticus (? not sure of the spelling, I'm pretty sure I've got the right dino) that was totally cool. Beyond that it wasn't all that great. I liked seeing Alan again, I always did like his character better than Ian. We got to see Ellie again too, that was nice. Laura Dern is always a treat.

The slash factor is what made me want to watch it again, though. <wg> Got some Alan/Billy thing cooking up in my head. I'm not sure where I'm going with it just yet. I think I hit on a key thing with both their characterizations when I realized Billy was in charge and Alan just sort of mentally sighs and goes along with things. So who knows might happen one day. I write reaally slooowww. So don't expect it anytime soon. Or any stories I mention. I have perfectionistic issue too. So factor that in on top of it. Plus, I have to have the whole thing in my head before I can write it. I only ever get bits and pieces. Then I have to fill plot holes in later.

By the way, I took a online quiz to find out which Beatle I'm the most like. This was my result. John always was my favorite Beatle. So I'm cool with it.

To find out which Beatle your most like just click on the banner.

Happy New Year!!!

12-31-01:(10:45 pm CST) Just thought I'd send out a Happy New Year wish to all of you out there. It's a little early, but I'm working my way to a good drunk so I thought I'd do it while I was still somewhat cognizant. So there it is. Let's all send out our hopes and prayers to those that have lost someone near and dear to them this year. Let's hope we have a more peaceful year than the previous one turned out to be. Let's...Hope.


12-27-01:(5:43 pm CST) We took down our Christmas lights and decorations today. Also, got a lot of odd jobs done around the house. So a pretty busy day, but a fruitful one. Got plenty of stuff done that we've needed to for a while now.

I'm sitting here watching a Buffy re-run. It's a pretty good one, Passions. I really like that one. I swear I wonder about Joss Whedon sometimes. He thinks like a chick. He's subtlely been dealing with various boyfriend issues over the years.

Angel was the guy who treats you really great, but after he sleeps with you acts like a jerk. Then gets possessive, jealous, and mean. Moving on to stalker territory eventually.

Though later Angel became the ex who things just didn't work out with, but you can still be friends with him. Still, love him, just can't stand having a romantic relationship with.

Parker was the guy who flatters the shit out of you, but once he gets you into bed dumps your ass. He then proceeds to move on without the slightest bit of remorse. Leaving you a confused and angry puddle for a while. Trying to figure out how someone could be such an ass.

Riley was the boyfriend who sleeps with hookers and seems to think it's not cheating. The one who has self-esteem issues.

In one episode he also dealt with issues of abuse. This wasn't one of Buffy's relationships, but between some other characters. Though Buffy and Angel had some mutual abuse going on when he reverted back to Angelus.

Willow and Oz had the great relationship, that's going really well. Then someone else catches the guy's eye and the whole thing spirals downward. No matter how good things are, they can get fucked up quick.

Lately, he's dealt not so subtlely with drug abuse, in a story line involving Willow. That one could have been a little less like an After School Special. During that one using Willow and Tara he dealt with a relationship that suffered because of substance abuse problems. The lies the druggie will tell to cover up their substance abuse. The lies they tell to buy time and the promises they break. How leaving is the only thing you can do sometimes, to help both of you.

Buffy and Spike. I guess he's the bad boy you can't resist. Even though you know he's bad for you and things are just so fucked up. He's just so damn hot and something just draws you to that person. Something connects you, they get in your blood, and you're not sure you want to get free from them. You worry more about you running to them, than them coming to you. You just can't control yourself around them and it just feels so damn good. Your not sure you want to stop, even when you know you should. (At this point you are probably guessing that one of my few het 'ships is Buffy/Spike. I don't read het fics, but still I like them together on the show.<g>)

He's damn good at this shit, most of the time. I have to wonder how the man manages to get so in the mind of chicks. Is he gay? He has way to much knowledge of how shitty guys can be. Maybe he just polled all the chicks he's friends with and who work in the office. I don't know.

By the way, this is on another topic. If any of you have been having trouble with Mighty Big TV. Like you keep getting thrown back to the homepage for no reason? It's not you. They had a message up on the homepage for a while there about it. It's still there, but all it basically mentions now is that they will be getting new servers in 2002. Basically, their current servers suck and they have to get new ones. I think their site traffic must be up and it's causing some problems. Keep trying and checking back. Things should get straightened out after the new year.

That's about it for today. Boring day, but productive none the same.


12-26-01:(12:27 am CST) Well, it's after midnight here, so Christmas is over. We had a pretty good day today, though I was in a particularly pissy mood for no reason that I could ascertain. Must be some hormonal crap or something I don't know. I'm one big bundle of hormones most days anyway. I've got a nasty temper at times and I swear worse than a marine. I'm not exactly a dainty little lady. Southern bitch is more like it. I've known quite a few so I'm in good company.

Dinner was good. My pear pie sucked and the pumpkin trifle wasn't all that good. Oh well, can't win them all. My mom made some pretty good fried chicken and as usual her creamed potatoes were quite good. We had already exchanged gifts before hand so no big surprises on that front.

Various members of the family have been involved in games of Rummy for two days. Whoever has been in the mood to play has jumped in on one. I think we may have burned out on it nearly. Some good bonding time and comic relief once we start to get silly. We're trying to figure out some other game to play. Maybe Uno, though no one likes to play that game with me. I cheat. I get bored and they are stupid enough to go to the bathroom and stuff, leaving me with the cards. I start stacking the deck and dealing from the bottom. We lost our last pack of Uno cards. I might get us a new one. If I promise not to cheat and not shuffle the cards when no one is watching I might get people to play with me again. No one will play poker with me for the same reason.

My tv is thinking of going out, but it's been trying to since last year. We had the thing repaired once and it was fixed for a while. Don't know what's wrong with it now. We'll probably just change out one of the other tvs in the house for it.

I tried to find some Stargate fiction I liked by someone other than Biblio. I came across one that I liked at the start. I was worried it was going to fall into some awful cliché, but hoped it wouldn't. My hopes got dashed. Hit one point in the story that just knocked me right out of my suspension of disbelief back to reality. So I just rolled my eyes, fought back a laugh, and hit the back button until I was out of there. I'll keep looking, but I can't promise anything. By the way, Dinner of Herbs premier is pushed back to sometime between Christmas and New Years. I thought it was supposed to be posted yesterday. Turns out she mentioned it on list, but I missed it. I caught part of the conversation, I think, but obviously not all of it. So keep looking for that.

In the world of professional writing, as in they get paid for this shit. One of my favorite writers Dean Koontz is coming out with a new book today. One Door Away From Heaven is supposed to come out Dec. 26. I think it got pushed back due to the events of 9-11, I originally heard it was coming out in November. I'm looking forward to it. I love his writing. It's an easy read for me. I usually know where he's going with a story after the first couple of chapters. His last book From the Corner of His Eye was so damn good. It was somewhat of a departure from him. I loved it. Cried through a good chunk of it. The fact that the main character shared my birthday and I was reading it on said day (got the book as a present) had little to do with it I'm sure. My mom loves his writing too. She cried through alot of that book too. That was one of his best. I'm not sure he can top it. If you want a book rec, there's one for you. From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz, it's out in paperback right now.

That's about it for now. Just thought I'd jot down a few lines since I have time and felt like writing. Expect more eventually.


12-24-01:(10:28 pm CST) It's Christmas Eve here, about an hour and a half away from Christmas. So I'll wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS ahead of time. Everyone else in the house is heading off to bed, but my insomnia has been fucking with me for days so I'm not tired yet. I've only been sleeping a few hours a night, but at least I've been getting some sleep. Got the last of my cooking done tonight. These were actually the easiest to do. I may make some cookies next week or if I have trouble sleeping again and get bored enough, I might do it tonight. Never can tell.

Ok, I'm going to warn you there is going to be a Stargate Spoiler here so if you don't like to be spoiled read no further, skip ahead or something.  I'm not going to give any space so know now that it's on it's way. Run while you can. Don't blame me if your skimming and find this out without meaning to. I gave a warning. Michael Shanks who plays Daniel Jackson is not going to be returning full time, he'll only be in a few eps of season 6. (For more info on that read this article.) I hate that, I really like Daniel and don't know how to envision the show without him. Jack and Daniel really are the show to me. I was a fan of the first movie and came to the show with knowledge of them from that. I'll give the new team a try, but I'm really not sure how it will be without Danny. For those of you who don't know season 5 was supposed to be the last season. They were in fact advertising it as such when the first few eps aired. The Sci-Fi Channel saved the day by buying the rights to the show from Showtime and is going to be making a sixth season. Michael Shanks has been unhappy with how little screen time he's been getting, which I can't blame him for, and has elected to appear in only a few eps of season 6. They are going to be replacing him with a new member of SG-1. It hasn't been officially announced who it will be, but there is speculations it could be this person. This is not absolute, just a rumor. Alot of people are really upset by this. They are trying to do a write-in campaign to encourage TPTB to sweeten up a deal that will get Shanks to stay. More screen time, more for his character to do, etc. If you would like to help in this campaign and state your displeasure to TPTB here are a couple of websites where you can do just that.

Save SG-1
Stargate Solutions

Both sites have contact info that you can you if you wish to participate in a write-in campaign. That's about all I wanted to say in this entry. Just throw up that info and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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