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Stealing Minnesota by Biblio
Man, just when I thought that Biblio's writing couldn't possibly get any better. She surprises me yet again. I thought her last fic A Quiet Victory was good. This one is so much better. Her talent just grows as she gains more experience under her belt. One day I may just hate her, so jealous will I be of her talent. I doubt it though, I've talked to her and she's a lovely person. I talked to her after this fic was posted. We got to talking about how we both agreed that Danny was a big old alpha dog and that what we both loved with the J/D interaction was the give and take. How they challenged one another. Neither of us see Danny as an absolute bottom. I personally think both he and Jack fall into the top/bottom range. It's that give and take of their relationship, the balance they have that leads me to think that. In this fic the guys get together and then really have to define their relationship. Danny challenges Jack's pre-conceived ideas about how their sexual relationship is going to be. Who's going to take on what roll and so on. He really makes Jack see beyond the shit hot lust and to the love. Jack knows it's there he just has to realize that Danny doesn't want to give up anything of who he is to please Jack. That they have to find a way to allow their personalities to remain in tact. Keep that give and take. Both be alpha dogs and share everything with one another. I really like how Danny challenges Jack, which is something he does all the time on the show. Makes Jack step back and think, see another option, another way that things could be done. I think she captured Daniel and Jack beautifully in this. I just love how she writes a mature Daniel and a smart Jack. Neither a stereotype, both truly the guys we see on screen in this romantic relationship. I always say one of the things I like best about slash (besides the sex <wg>) is that the writer has to face the challenge of convincing the readers that these two men, who might be het on the show, would be in a loving sexual/romantic relationship. I've found a lot of fics that didn't convince me at all. Biblio never fails to make me believe these two guys are in love and attracted to one another. The fact that her fics just keep getting better is a true delight. By the way, there's a problem that has arisen with A Dinner of Herbs, which she promised would come out around Christmas. She felt there was so much to tell that she had to split it up into two stories. So there will be another story coming along in the A Curse and a Blessing series after Dinner of Herbs. Which is going to be coming out around Christmas like promised. I'm so disappointed. NOT! I'm all giggly because there's going to be more of Joe, Kate, and Aunt Ruth. What a hardship. I'm all bouncy at just the thought of it. More adventures of the O'Neill clan. Tee Hee!

Diversion by Biblio
Note: This story is really loong. It's has about 12 parts to it. So look for the link to the next section at the bottom of each page.

Ahh, Biblio. She's finally finished Diversion. This was actually her first fic. Begun about a year ago and now it's reached it's culmination. It's hard to believe that she only started writing fanfic a year ago. The girl is just so damn good and she just keeps getting better. I fell right in love with her last fic A Quiet Victory. I'm sitting around in eager anticipation for Dinner of Herbs to come out around Christmas time. This story was a great introduction for this wonderful writer in this fandom. Her talent and potential really shine through in this. Reading it you just knew she was going to make a big splash here. I just love her version of Jack/Daniel. Both of them are always so passionate, intelligent, and strong. There is a great original character in this one that is just a hoot. So often in fics you see Danny getting sexually harassed by various males. Well, in this one Jack gets his turn in that particular hot seat. The OC Brin is, quite literally at times, chasing Jack all over the place. You almost feel sorry for Jack, but then you think of how often this happens to poor Danny and decide 'Nah, it's about time Jack got his'. You can definitely see why Brin won as best OC in the Stargate Fanfiction awards. He's a laugh riot, that just drives Jack to nearly the end of his tether. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely need to check this fic out. It's a great way to see how good she was in the beginning and how much Biblio's work has evolved so beautifully over time.

A Quiet Victory by Biblio
Note: Story split into two parts for easier downloading. So look at the bottom of the page for the link to the second part.

What to say about this story. Honestly, this one is hard for me. It is so damn good that it actually shocked me speechless. I want to say so much about it that I'm not sure what to say. In my reading of Stargate slash I've come across far to many case of writers feminizing Daniel. Biblio never really does that. On the surface it can almost seem that way, but Daniel is always strong in her stories. Always brave, always intelligent and always a grown-up. Something I greatly respect. Jack doesn't treat him as if he's a child, but he does treat him with respect and love. Also, there is always a fair amount of humor involved. Biblio has a wonderful sense of humor that she always lends to Jack and Daniel. The show always has that edge to it, or tries for it on occasion, Biblio never forgets that. In this story neither man is feminized. Both are just so much...*guys*. Selfish in bed, without forgetting about their partners needs. No suddenly gay stuff, both have been with men before or had attractions to other men over the years. Both have realized that they have been flirting like crazy over the years, know they are attracted to one another. A Quiet Victory so sums up how they come together. It's not some big explosive coupling with tons of angst. It's quiet, expected. Like something inevitable finally coming to pass. Something they've been wanting for and longing finally happening. I love that. I love this story. I walked away from reading it wanting to turn right around and read it all over again. It's just so damn good. I'll close on that note. I will give you a little heads up though. Biblio has said that she's got a few presents in store for us around this holiday season. She's just about finished with her stories A Dinner of Herbs (which is a sequel to Passion Play in the Curse and a Blessing series. If you'd like to read a teaser for that story you can read Dinner of Herbs: Inbox by Biblio) and she's also just about finished with her Diversion series. One is supposed to come out in November and the other December. I can't remember which is which though. Keep checking back, I'm sure I'll be rec'ing them when they are finished.

Accidents and Understanding by Biblio
Note: Story is in seven parts for easier downloading so look at the bottom of the pages for the links to each new section.

Yes, another rec for a story by Biblio. Oh, shut up. I love her work.<g> First off, I want to send out a thanks to Biblio for releasing this story when she did. A few days after the terrorist attacks here in the US a person on one of the Stargate lists posted a request for fics to help take their mind off things for a little while. Biblio said she had a story that was ready to post, but had decided to hold off due to all that was happening in the US. She told the person she'd send it to them privately if they would like. Then someone else asked if she would send it to them as well. She posted an offer to send it privately to anyone who would like it. Well, this started a whole slew of people who just couldn't stand watching the news any longer and needed something to divert them asking for her for the fic. So many that she just decided to post it to her website at the request of all the list sibs. I, by the way, was one of those who requested the story. After 2 days of being glued to the news I just couldn't take much more emotionally. This fic provided me several days worth of comfort and a respite from all the horror going on here in the US. I am so grateful to Biblio for this fic, it was a wonderful long read that offered me a safe place to go for an hour of so when I just couldn't take the news one more minute. It seemed like I was glued to the set for days on end, like most in the US were, but every now and then I just had to get away.  This is a great fic with a rather in touch with his desires and feelings Jack, coupled with a clueless Daniel. It has a wonderful little twist that you don't really see coming until it's upon you. It happens when they are on a parallel Earth. I kept wondering about when Jack had taken Danny fishing. You'll realize what I'm talking about when you find it. It's a great long read, that really takes it's time with getting the boys together and both of them realizing just how in love they are. I really loved this one. Gotta say Thanks to Biblio one more time. She may never really know how much having something to keep my mind off things for a little while truly helped. Thank you.

Owing Silence by Biblio
Note: This story is loong.(Bonus!) So it is broken up into about 5 parts, look for the links to each new part at the bottom of the pages.

Have you noticed I rec Biblio a lot? You have? Ever wonder why? She's damn good is the very simple answer to that one. This story is a brand new one of hers. As of the time I'm writing this rec it just got posted to the lists and her site yesterday. I stayed up all night pouring over it. I never can put a good story down. I'm a fast reader, but it still took me all night with this one. It's a good long story. Which just made me so happy, I love long stories. This is a J/D first time story, another big bonus. I'm a sucker for first time stories. I like knowing how the guys ended up getting together. How they moved from just friends to lovers. I like to see that process, to see if the writer can convince me that there is indeed some steamy slash heat between the pair. I'm usually pretty easy to convince, I've often seen it there myself. I just want to make sure the writer and I are on the same page usually. In this one Danny is pretty aware of the fact that he's fallen in love with Jack and that he's physically attracted to him. Poor Jack just needs a little time to catch up. Danny is scared shitless that Jack is going hate him and that he'll lose Jack's friendship if he gets a clue of what Danny's feeling. So he's sure as hell not going to be much help guiding Jack through his own jumbled up emotions. Leaving Jack on his own to make the realization. He can be slow on the uptake sometimes, but he tends to get there in the end. (Man, there's a pun I didn't even intend.<g>) This story also has some great OC's (Original Characters). The thing I like best about Biblio's stories is she writes wonderful OC's. They are never there just as a Mary Sues, the guys are often together before the OC's even come along. They are there to enhance the story and are fully flushed out. Actual characters in their own right. I love Kate O'Neill from her Curse and a Blessing Series. That woman is amazing, all of Jack's family is in Biblio's stories. The Barre in this one are terrific also, they are decendents from an ancient Celtic culture.(Which means some female warriors, who are just as strong as the male ones in their culture.) Speaking of the OC's, Sam finds a nice OMC in this one to have a brief fling with. Biblio gives Sam a chance to be a little feminine off screen in this one. Hey, getting Sam laid can only mellow her out, I'm sure. So I didn't mind that. Didn't have to see the het sex so I was ok with that. While I'm on the topic of sex this one has some hot m/m sex in it. It's more than hot really. You can feel the connection the guys have just coming off the page. How their physical intimacy is only drawing them closer, gotta love that. It doesn't get in the way of the story either. There is a fabulous plot in this one that you just get carried away in. I really loved this one. I never can say enough about Biblio's work. I just love it so much. She's one of my favorite authors overall. She's one of those authors whose work I tend to reread when there's nothing new or good coming up the pike and I'm in the mood for a little sci-fi. A great author whose work I'm sure you'll see more of rec'd here. Before I go Biblio has a new part to her Curse and a Blessing series (a sequel to Passion Play) that is due to come out sometime soon. It's called a Dinner of Herbs and she's posted a teaser for it up at her site. A Dinner of Herbs-Inbox, it's a series of e-mails between the characters to give us a teasing glimpse of what's to come. It's really funny and great, check it out while your there. Look for A Dinner of Herbs to come out soon as well. Oh, virtual cookies to anyone who can spot the oh, so subtle Rocky Horror Picture Show reference in the beginning. I love that movie.

Deja Vu by Biblio
Ok, I don't know why I haven't rec'd this one before. Must be some case of brain freeze. Or maybe I was saving it up for a rainy day. I don't know. I love this story. I have gone back and read it I don't know how many times. It's one of those that whenever I'm in the mood for J/D slash and haven't found anything new I liked I go back and reread. I'll warn you that on my first reading of it took me a minute to orient myself on the situation. I'll give you a little heads up so you can get a little perspective on how it starts out. Save you from having that moment of needing to figure out what's what. This story takes place in the canon Stargate universe and an alternate one that J/D jump into through a quantum mirror. So two universes at play here. You can sort of figure that out in the beginning when Kowalski pops up, but I just thought I'd save you that moment of trying to catch up. We come in on the guys right after they went through the mirror to escape some trouble. Where they fell into more of it, before being rescued by an SG team. I gotta say I just love the alternate Jack in this one. He's so fabulous. I think in some ways I like him a little better than regular old Jack. He treats Danny better right away, that endeared him to me. Biblio has a way of creating original characters that just fit so well into a story. Some you fall in love with and some you hate. I just adore Kate O'Neill from the Curse and a Blessing series (Prodigal Son, Passion Play, and the soon to come out A Dinner of Herbs). She is wonderful, Joe and Ruth are faves of mine too. I totally hated Lt. Colonel Alex Devoe in the Starting Points series. I wanted Jack to pound him so badly. I just love the alternate General Jack O'Neill in this one too. As I said, this is one of my favorite stories by Biblio to just go back and reread. Like comfort food, comfort reading. I probably have stories in several fandoms that fall under that category. Many are probably listed on these rec pages. This is one of my comfort stories in the Stargate Fandom. It's one you should definitely check out. Oh, did I mention it totally hot too. Just thought I'd throw that in if you weren't enticed yet. I love how Biblio can combine sweet romance (that doesn't hit the sugar shock meter) and wonderfully hot sex in a story. I just love her Jack and Daniel. You couldn't tell could you? Nah! I don't rec her stories much do I?<g> I'm silly so sue me.

Fire and Ice by ELG
Ok now, if you've read my bitch fest, you know how I feel about the 'Suddenly Gay' phenomenon that can be so prevalent in slash. If you are going to go that way with a story though, this is a proper way to do it. One of the main problems I often have about the 'Suddenly Gay' thing is how easy the guys slip in to it. They have just realized after 30 or 40 years of believing they were heterosexual that they have fallen in love with a member of the same sex and they have no problems with that? Hello! What planet are you from? Like that would ever happen. Such a shocking realization about yourself at mid-life can be stunning and life-altering. It throws you for a loop and changes the whole way you look at yourself. I hate it when it is so damn simple for the guys in stories to deal with this abrupt about face. In this story though, the guys don't deal with it well. Jack fucking freaks. (It's told from his POV.) It takes him quite a while to come to terms with things and even once the guys work everything out he's still trying to process things in his head. Get used to it, work things out as it goes along. This isn't exactly a first time or an established relationship story. As it goes along we find out the guys had a brief (albeit drunken) interlude sometime back. They decided it could never happen again, compartmentalized it in their brains, sublimated any further desires, and thought everything was ok. Denial is one of those things you can use to put things off until later, but they are really just sitting there festering waiting to explode outward. It takes some jealousy and a whole lot of build up before things really reach the boiling point and everything either comes to the surface and they deal with it or things are fucked up forever. Some angst in this one, but it is manageable. Not to heavy. I liked the fact that she made Jack fucked up about this. Throughout season 4 Jack was pretty shitty to Daniel, though this current season things are better. She uses those attitudes and some events from season 4 to prove Jack's angst and sublimation. Or maybe she explains season 4's troubles between the guys using all that repression and denial going on in the story. Hmmm. Works both ways. It's a great story that I just fell into and really liked. First 'suddenly gay' story that I ever really thought showed a good helping of angst and freak out. I mean the guy is in the military, big homophobic environment. So it should be expected he'd angst. I mean the guy could get thrown in prison for it. Even with the 'don't ask, don't tell' thing. Gotta expect him to have some issues.

Alpha Jack by ELG & Brenda Anders
Over at the jd_diva's site they've started a new challenge type of thing. They set up a new Alpha Males page, for stories and pictures where J/D are in full on Alpha mode. We've seen them like that countless times over the years and aren't they just scrumptious when they go into that mode? Nothing sexier than a man pumped up with adrenaline not knowing whether he's going to fuck you are kill you. To hot. That isn't just me and my Big Old Alpha Female side getting excited is it? Whatever. In this one Jack is full on pumped up after a battle and his libido is pointed straight at his true north. You guessed it Danny. Seems the two had a big fight about Jack going and Danny not before he left. You know Danny wanted to go and Jack refused to let him. Danny's sulk mode colliding straight with Jack's protective one. Well, Jack has returned from the mission and in need of a little TLC. In the form of hot sex, with him guy. Danny is still pissed though and not going to have any of it. Jack can be quite persuasive when he's so turned on he's practically vibrating with it. So you just know Danny is going to cave at some point, quite willingly. With screaming a whole lot of "Yes, Jack". I really liked this one. It has just enough angst to make it interesting and the right edge of humor to keep it from sinking down into some angst pit. Plus, you know hot sex. Sometimes your in the mood for that. Sometimes your not. The day I decided to rec this, I guess I was. It was the major Alpha behavior. I so love that, such a turn on. Appeals to my Alphaness. *dreamy sigh*

Commanding Daniel & Commanding Daniel: A Rebuttal by PheeBee
First of all, PheeBee is the pseudonym used by Biblio and Phoenix E when they pair up as a writing team. This story is even more hilarious than the one I rec'd below. It is meant as nothing, but humor. On their pages that is the category they firmly stuck it in, it belongs there too. The first story is in the form of a memorandum sent out by Jack on the rules to which the other teams must swear to follow if they are going to borrow Danny for any length of time. It lists the rules that must be followed and must be signed before they are willing to release Danny to whichever team requires his services. I thought this was hilarious. I mean like they all don't get in enough trouble together as SG-1. Whenever their resident archeologist is loaned out though, he is never returned in the condition he was lent out in. Usually, the have to go rescue him and the rest of whichever team he is helping. I wouldn't let him out of my sight either without a written affidavit swearing his safety. The second story is Danny's response to the memo. In it we discover just how unserious the first one was. There is a wee bit of mentioning of slash, which should be your first clue that Danny might be the only recipient of the memo. There's 'dont' ask, don't tell', and then there's 'well, why don't you just state your intentions toward your favorite archeologist to the entire Armed Services, Jack.' I thought this one was truly hilarious. I was laughing out loud. It's a wonder the other people in the house weren't asking me what the hell was so funny. I loved these two pieces. I might go back and read them again just for another laugh. What the hell.

flyboy_fanfic by Biblio
Warning: I couldn't put it better than Biblio did in her header when she posted the story announcement of this on the lists. "Sentinel fans of a sensitive disposition *SO* should not read this story." I'm a fan of the Sentinel and it's fanfic, but I totally agree with all she said in regards to it, so I didn't have a problem with it.

Note: Story is in three parts so look for the links at the bottom of each page. Also, check out the picture of the guys on her page. You gotta love that, whew. Sexy! Wonder where she got those.

This story is hilarious first of all. I've got to say that right out of the starting gate. I was LMAO through out it. I just love the way Jack and Daniel are in this story. I was talking to someone in e-mails recently and we were both lamenting on the amount of fiction out there that just has a guy acting so feminine or like they are about 10 years old. If you've read my bitch fest or some of my articles, you know my feelings on the subject. We were talking about how so many slash stories have Daniel acting like some clumsy, helpless, fop who has the emotional stability of a manic depressive. First off, Daniel is  grown man not a child. Secondly, Daniel always acts in nothing, but a professional manner. He is an intelligent grown-up, acts as nothing but. Why so many writers tend to play up to characterizing him as a pouty child I will never know. The same thing tends to happen in the Sentinel fandom. It's poor little Blair and Big Bad Jim. In Stargate it's poor little Daniel and Big Bad Jack. Well, that ain't how it happens on the show. Daniel is a very strong person, he states his opinion very loudly and despite Jack's warnings to shut up. If he feels he's right about something he will follow through until Jack and everybody else usually owe him a big apology, because he was absolutely right. This story, in a non-offensive way, brings light to those cliche' and makes fun of them. It sort of breaks the characters out of those molds. Daniel and Jack are both just as strong in this fic as they are on screen. Neither let's the other have any slack and they both know how to wrap the other around their finger, so that everyone gets their own way. Pretty much how it is on the show. I just loved how biblio takes on this topic and brings it to light in a humerous way. Some Sentinel fans may not like it, but I like I said I love the show and the fanfic and I wasn't offended. I'm a realist. I may love a tv show, but that doesn't mean I don't know when it has problems. I'm not blind to them. I love the X-files, but that show has plot holes in that mytharc shit that are a mile wide. I won't go into that though. I think complaining about one or two fandoms at a time is really the most anyone should do in one conversation. Go on and read the fic, if your a Sentinel fan you'll know what she is talking about when it comes to the fic. If not, don't worry all of it isn't like that, so don't let that shy you away from it. There are some great Sentinel authors out there. Anybody, snarks at her though, you answer to me, you here. I'm not nice fucking remember that.<nasty grin>

No Consequences by Brenda Anders
Warning: Spoilers for the ep Window of Opportunity, Major ones

Ah, the slashers answer to what really went on in the episode Window of Opportunity. Ok, I don't want to offend any Sam/Jack shippers out there, but I just don't see any chemistry between them. I mean none, there is like no spark there. It's just sad watching them try to fake this. There's more fire between Jack and Daniel. So that kiss in Window of Opportunity was just sad to me. It was almost as bad as the couple pathetic ones Mulder and Scully have shared over the years. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at least have some chemistry, I've never thought they had an sexual chemistry. I think they proved that with the final scene in Existence. Please, that was sad. They do have that antagonistic chemistry though and play off each other well. Sam and Jack have just enough of that to play subordinate and superior officer. So this story was just begging to be told, by all of the J/D slashers anyway. In it we find that Jack decided he would go for what he really wanted and gave Daniel more than one little peck in public. More like a whole lot of smooches in private. Oooh. Happy thought. Damn those two are hot together. Just gorgeous.<sigh> So that is what this story revolves around. If Jack could do anything without worrying about consequences why not act on his desires for Daniel. So he does, boy does he. I was just waiting for a really good telling of this story. Found it in Brenda's fic. If you have been dying to hear this story told too. Go check this one out. It has a scorching quality to it. No real sex, but whoo the kissing. Gotta love a story that just the kissing can drive you up a wall and leave you squirming in your chair. <g> This one has that in spades.

The Steak Series by Keiko Kirin
Aw, I decide to go back and read this one so it would be fresh in my mind. So I could do a proper rec for it. What a hardship that was with a series this good. I'm telling you. Suffering. Not. It starts out when Jack and Daniel are on a planet, get captured by strange aliens, who some weird tests on them. They end up in a dark place talking so they don't fall asleep which is when the aliens do the weird experiments on them. Have you ever been stuck in a dark place with someone for a while. You say shit to strangers you'd never say to them in the light of day. So they talk and some stuff is revealed and as they talk they realize that they might just be dating. Seem to be having alot of Sunday night steak dinners together. Well, they get rescued and from there things get heated. They start thinking a whole lot more about what they want. That's just the beginning of the first story. From there the guys try and figure out what they have with one another and what they want. They have some awkward sex and first, but it gets better. What I really like about this one is they take it slow. They have no idea what you do with another guy so they take it slow. Work up to things. Try things here and there. Figure out how far they want to go as they go along. The relationship progresses gradually and they settle into the physicality of it as they do their emotions about one another. I love that. We're up to story number 5 and their still working through things. I love that. Talk about a slow build up. I love a good tease. This one has that. The guys trying to work on their relationship and decide what the hell they're doing and what they want from each other along the way. Great story. The guys are just so 'Guys' in it. I love that. Great characterizations of Jack and Daniel too. I wasn't sure I liked this series at first, but as it's come along I've found that I love it. Absolutely, falling in love with it. If you haven't read this one you definitely need to. It's a great read and a fabulously sloow tease.

Note: I'm not slamming Keiko here, but I've mentioned this before. Sometimes you really need to know when to end a series. The latest piece of her Steak series, Steak and Motility, I really could have done without. I think the end should have been the one before this. She really lost a feel for the characters in this latest one. Having them act in ways I don't think any of them would. I was wondering where the hell everyone was in that the story. Or more to the point who the hell these people were. They weren't the members of SG-1. That's for sure. No one was acting in character, I was shocked how out of character there actions were in fact. That she could think any of them would act this way truly amazed me. I shudder at how bad she characterized everyone in this story. I was really looking forward to it too. It's like she freaked out and wanted to reassure herself that J/D were still straight even though they were fucking like bunnies. Do slash writers have moments of homophobia? I swear to god that's almost what it was like. That story was so bad I cringe when I think of it. Ok, this might turn into a slam if I don't stop now. Let's just say my rec stops at whichever story comes before Steak and Motility and leave it at that. Take my advice, don't read further than that. You'll thank me for it.

Slow Burn by biblio
Note: This story is broken into several parts for easier loading. So look for the links to the next part at the bottom of the page.

Slow burn that's a good way to describe this story. It has a nice slow build up and the guys don't just hop into bed together before they even know what they're doing. The best thing about this story is that the guys are like lost in the 'how do I have sex with a guy?' zone. So what do they do about it. They go out and buy some book thank you very much. Thank god, someone finally decided to have the guys do that. Lately I've been finding that a bit more. Writers are having either one or both of the guy be experienced in gay sex, watch some videos or read something that gives them a little 'how to' help. Nothing I hate more than two guys who have never had anal intercourse before just knowing how it works somehow instinctually. Doesn't happen here, they don't know jack shit about it. So Daniel being Daniel goes and gets them some books on the subject. Jack being Jack and not wanting to hurt Daniel or get hurt himself is happy to do a little sex ed research. The experimentation scene is quite hot. They work up to things in this one, start slow. The story screams sequel knowing biblio we might just get one. Oh, by the way it's damn funny too. Biblio has a great sense of humor and it is well expressed here. During the restaurant scene I was laughin my ass off. Great story here and yes, I know I rec biblio alot. She's damn good and I love her work. What more can I say?

Passion Play by biblio
Sequel to Prodigal Son. Click here to read the rec for that story. Where Prodigal Son was pre-slash, this one is oh, so slashy! tee hee!

Biblio wrote a sequel to Prodigal Son! Biblio wrote a sequel to Prodigal Son! No, I'm not thrilled about that, why would you ask? I'm that obvious, huh? Oh, well. When this story was posted to the lists in the header notes biblio wrote that alot of people had written to her wanting her to do a sequel to Prodigal Son, I was one of them. I also wanted to see more of Jack's family. The interactions between Jack and his family were just hilarious in the last one and equally hilarious in this one. There is some angst here in this one, as the guys work through their crap so they can come together. I also mentioned to biblio once that she can't seem to write scenes with the more alpha guy, Jack in this case, (Not that Danny isn't alpha, he's totally in charge of the relationship.) in the bottom position. Not only in her Stargate fics, but in some Tour of Duty stuff she wrote. She seemed to want to, would even mention that they had subbed, she just didn't give us the scenes where it happened. Only mentionings after the fact. She has apparently gotten over that with this fic, for Jack does bottom. Does he ever, and loves it too. That scene was totally hot, mainly because it's something she hasn't done in her work before. I loved it. Love all her stories. This one is fabulous, alternately angsty, humerous, hot, sexy, and extremely loving. Sometimes more than one of those at a time. A definite must read. I mentioned in my rec for Prodigal Son (see below) that it was sortof gen, but you could think of it as pre-slash if you want. Well, it is definitely pre-slash now. You sortof need to read it first to get that introduction to Jack's family, so you can fully appreciate them.

Burning Books by Azpou
This is a slash story, but the slash itself is really secondary, and only mentioned really. More like implied. It is the damn story, this strange world that Azpou has created that really sucked me in and I found so unterly fascinating. She did an absolute fabulous job creating this planet and it's religious tyranny. I found the ending a little abrupt and some things she mentions happening to Jack were not dealt with really. The world she came up with is, hell, better than some of the ones they come up with on the show. It shows how introducing a new element to such a closed off enviroment can promote change where it is ready to happen. I love the story of Aalii, her voice was enthralling. The way she views the newcomers (SG-1) in her world. The observations she makes about them, how she views them as someone never seeing them before was refreshing. I'm so used to the show and it's characters I take them for granted. The way they open her eyes to what she already sees, but hasn't really wanted to look at closely or question was a grabber. I found myself wanting to know more about this world and it's people. It had me hooked with that alone. I didn't care the slashiness factor was sortof low. Check it out, it's quite compelling.

The Starting Point Series by biblio
Spoilers: Major ones for The Curse & Chain Reaction

Yes another rec for biblio, her writing just keeps getting better and better. I read the first part of this one and liked it, but didn't love it, then I read Prodigal Son (which I love) and is rec'd below. It definitely made me start looking out for this writer. The rest of this series was posted in the just the last couple of days, I found it yesterday and loved it. I knew I had to rec it. The first one centers around Jack realizing he has competition for Danny's affections and decides it's time to make his move. The competion never stands a chance though, because Danny already loves our dear colonel. The first one has it's moments of humor where Jack is staking his claim and Daniel is teasing the shit out of him for not speaking up sooner. The next two follow closely the eps The Curse and Chain Reaction. It is amazing how well she incorporated their relationship into these eps without missing a beat or changing all that much. She followed closely to the eps in alot of places, only adding things to include their relationship, not changing them. I liked that and found it amazing she did it so smoothly. I also found it fascinating how she got such word for word transcript off of Chain Reaction seeing as how it only aired for the first time Friday Night Jan. 5, 2001. The Curse just reaired that night too. She got the eps nailed so well she must have rewatched them endlessly. All the stories are well-written, with touches of humor and plenty of lust and love. Oh, there is an attack on one of the guys that is very minor, but could/would have been more if not interrupted. Warning you here since it is so minor, but in case you get really sqemish here is a heads up. I swear it is barely anything and is stopped. You can either follow the link above to get to her main page at Area 52 and all her stories or follow the links below to each story. This is a three part series.




The Enlightenment Series by Nessessitee
Warning: As the story progresses there is a mention of a past rape occuring. It isn't extremely graphic, not really relived in a flashback, just talked about.

This is a really long series, with tons of parts. Look at the bottom of each page to find the links to the next section. You can either click that link above or you can go to Nessessitee's page at Area 52 where you can access this series and all of her other stories. Even though, I rec'd another of her series here, a male preggers story (I know, stop looking at me like that), I had almost forgotten about this one. I have loved it for the longest time, but forgot the name of it. I can always remember the plot of stories, but have the hardest time trying to recall authors and titles. I started thinking about this one yesterday and shockingly remembered who wrote it. Nessessitee writes some of my favorite Stargate series, this is one of them. In this one we see the slow progression of a relationship between the guys. There is plenty of angst, lots of love, and some pain that gets healed along the way. I am an angst magnet, so if it is in there, I'm there. As long as it gets resolved. I don't go in for physical owwies, but emotional? Yep. I especially appreciate it if there is hot sex involved. Which in this one there is plenty of. Had me crying in parts, loving it so much in others. A fabulous series. Settle in for a long read though. It takes it's time getting through it. Is still a WIP, by the way. So more to come. Which I think is a good thing.

Prodigal Son by biblio
Ok, don't smack me, but it's sortof a Gen fic, slash undertones, but still sortof gen. I usually don't read gen, but it was at a slash site and well, I didn't realize there was no sex, until I already got into it and started liking it. You can think of it as pre-slash and hope maybe she'll think of doing a sequel getting the guys together. That's how I prefer to think of it. I don't really read gen, anymore than I read het stuff. I'm a true slash slut. Anyway, moving on to the rec. The story has a really beautiful sweetness to it. In this one it is the one year anniversary of the death of Daniel's wife Shar'e. Jack knows Daniel is suffering, but trying to put up a brave front and hide it. So he talks him into coming with him to a little visit to his parents house. Intending to give Daniel a little comfort and pampering from all sides during this difficult time for him. I absolutely love Jack's family in this. They are great. Not your typical Ozzie and Harriet here. Jack's mom flirts with Daniel like crazy and pampers him silly. They tease and joke with each other constantly. I think his family was the thing I liked most in this, they weren't perfect, but I hate those perfect families we always see. They are a little weird, but they truly care for one another and just adopt Daniel as one of their own. They think he's so damn cute they practically don't want to give him back. This respite from his hectic and, at times, harsh life is just what Daniel needs. Jack knows better than anyone what it is like to lose someone you love and he knows Daniel doesn't need reminded of that. There's no need to remind someone of something they never forget, think about every minute of the day, in fact. They need reminding that there is life out there and people who truly care about them. That is what he gives Daniel, a reminder that he is loved. Jack is completely gone for Daniel in this one, though I'm not even sure he realizes it fully. His mom sees it, so it's not to hard to identify. I would love a sequel to this, maybe biblio will do one if we beg nicely. I liked that she didn't get them together in this one, that wasn't what the story was about. Wouldn't have worked between them if she did, not the right time for romance when your mourning the anniversary of your wife's death. I knew I was going to rec this one as I read it, even though it does lean heavy on the gen side with only slash innuendos. I loved it you probably will too.

This is me series by Jennifer Lyon
I love this series I have ever since I first read it. It has a wonderful sweetness to it that has always made me like it a great deal. Most of it is rated PG-13, except for Parts 3 and 7 which carry an NC-17 rating. The first two parts are even pre-slash. The characters don't really get together until the 3rd part. The buildup is necessary though and shows you the feelings that are undercurrent and about to rise to the surface. Jack and Daniel really care for one another in this series and it shows. It's one of those simple pleasures that you just can't miss.

This is me

Coming Clear

Coming Together

Coming Home

Who are you?

Coming to Terms

This is us

Posession by Claire
This is a hot little number. I swear the build up teasing to the sex is nearly better than the sex. There is a shaving scene that makes me break out into a sweat. In this one Jack and Daniel get trapped on a planet where anyone with fair hair and light eyes is designated a slave. Jack has to fight off some evil and persistant suitors of Daniel's while they bide their time waiting till they get gate home.
Part 1 Part 2


The Altar Series by Nessessitee
Warning: Male Preggers story.

I know, I know. These stories are often weird and occassionally, albeit quietly, detested. I often just find them humerous myself. Just the thought of a guy going through that makes me laugh. The visual alone is enough to paste a goofy smile on my face. This one takes itself seriously, though for the most extent. It isn't really the pregnancy thing that is so interesting, but rather the difficulty that occurs with it and the fear of losing someone you care for when their bodies just aren't capable of caring a child. Also, the last part where the loss of a child that you hadn't even really had yet is taken into effect. The pain of getting attached to someone one who doesn't exist yet and never had a chance to is addressed and moving. The stories are very touching and the last one made me cry, which isn't easy to do, so they got rec'd. I have read this story several times, because it is the only male preggers story to ever really touch me. It's written pretty well and is chocked full of emotional angst. Like I said it's not so much the physical aspect that are interesting, but the emotional freakouts that make it good. There is also some hot sex mixed in, as well as some romance.

The Altar

Gifts from the Altar

After effects of the Altar

The Price of knowledge & Equilibrium
by Jennifer Lyon & Graculus
What if Jack and Daniel had gotten trapped on Ernest's planet? This series which is novel in length and now has spawned a sequel asking the question 'well now what happens after they are home?'. I love this series. It is probably the best Stargate slash out there. I fell in love with it when I first read it and still love it. I can't wait until Equilibrium is finished, it is still a WIP. They are working on it though. I am itching to see where they are taking things from here. In the story trapped alone on this planet together they explore it and ackowledge their feelings for one another. It is a fabulous tale, woven well. It alternates POV back and forth between Jack and Daniel seeing what ones take on things is and then the other's. Jenny writes Jack's part and Graculus writes Daniel's. It is a fascinating piece that overlaps sometimes to show what each is feeling or thinking during a scene. I just love it. I know you will too, it's to good not to.

Guilty Pleasures

The Widower & the Bartender by Yanthee
I just couldn't hold off rec'ing this story anymore. Had to. Ok, I admit yes I have a 'guilty pleasure' thing going on with this story. This is an alternate universe story where things are different, but the same in alot of ways. To start with Jack is a general in this one and has four sons, all of whom are alive. His wife, however, is dead. Daniel is still an archeologist, but working as a bartender to help pay some bills. At this point, your probably understanding the title now. I'll admit this story doesn't have perfect writing in it. Some of her language choices are weird, but she doen't really use them offensively. In some way I think it is like how if you take a word some might use as derogatory and use it in another context it takes the power from it. It can't hurt you if you use it to me a good thing. Oh, she doesn't use any big one, small ones that don't really bug you. It has some problems, but I see promise in the writer. It's the damn characterizations I think that I just love. This story is AU, but Jack is still Jack and Daniel still Daniel. Situations may be different, but the guys are still the same, mostly. I absolutely love Jack's kids, Brad especially. The way he accepts them all as they are, no strings attached kindof love. The way the whole family just absorbs Daniel into them without him really noticing or minding. It's still sortof pre-slash, but I think the guys are getting there. I can't help it I just fell in love with the damn story from the start and eagerly await each new section. I'm listing this as my guilty pleasure, it's a rec for it, but go in knowing it's not perfect. The plot has some holes in it, but not big ones. The plot really is interesting and I am looking forward to where she goes with it. It's my guilty pleasure, you may hate it, but I'm owning up that I love it. Check it out, but realize I'm not saying it's perfect. Who needs perfect all the time anyway. Sometimes things are just good and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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