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I just love this picture of DD.

    Herein you will find several articles I and others have written pertaining to their views on topics concerning anything having to do with the slash genre or fanfic in general.

Slash Articles

Why are the slashier tv shows so rarely slashed? By Clio
Feminizing Men: A Male POV By LuckyD
Feminizing Vs Effeminate By Clio
Suddenly Gay?!? By Clio
We Have Seen the Enemy and She is Us By Lefey
(Lefey gave me permission to link to this
wonderful article she wrote. Thanks Lefey!<g>)
The Muse's Bitch By Clio
Oww..oww...Stop that! It Hurts!! By Clio
How to Write Bad Fanfic in 10 Easy Steps by Snarkybitch
4 Characters in Search of a Plot - Slash Version by Snarkybitch

If you have an article that pertains to any aspect of slash that you would like to see archived here. You can send it to me at: I'll read over it and if I like it or think it is something that definitely needs to be said and out there, I'll post it here. So come on send me your thoughts, feelings and what have you about slash. I'd love to archive them so it can get out there to the masses.

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