Quicksand 9
by Terlonian

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.

Tobias woke up in a cold sweat. As he lay in his bed, the room started spinning out of control. He grabbed his head as he yelled for it to stop. In mid spin, he stood up and swayed from left to right. The moon cast his shadow against the wall and he watched it fly in circles around him. He thought if he stood still, he could catch up to his shadow and after a while he did. He made his way to the living room and crashed in his lazy boy chair. He stared at the clock with energy drained eyes. The seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours. Before he knew it, it was time for him to get dressed for court. He pieced together an outfit that didn’t match and made him look more like a bum than a lawyer.

When he arrived at the court house, he mentally commented on how dark the clouds were. He entered the courthouse expecting to smell Chris but was disappointed when he smelled the harsh musk. He entered the court room, fell into his seat and laid his head on the table. Time passed and Chris arrived. The courtroom had an ill smell to it and he immediately looked for Tobias. Tobias opened his drained eyes. To him he had only closed them for a minute but people had arrived so apparently more time had passed. He saw the judge come in and realized he wasn’tprepared. He opened his briefcase and pulled documents out very fast. His father, whom was seated behind him, whispered in his ear.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

The nervousness and sickness made tears well up in his eyes.

“Dad, I’m begging you, just for today, please leave me alone.”

“What the fuck was I thinking? I should have taken this case because you are going to fuck it up. Why do you repeatedly find ways to embarrass me and where is this super witness of yours?”

Tobias’ eyes grew very large. He turned to scan the audience for Chris. He found him sitting five rows behind him. In a delirious state he smiled at Chris. In his right mind, he would have never done that knowing what the consequences were. Chris gave him a smile back and noticed how sick he was. Tobias didn’t even look the same. The old feelings came back. He wanted to take Tobias home, put him in bed, and nurse him back to health.

When prompted for an opening statement, Tobias stood very fast and fell to his seat. His father grunted with disapproval, the defense snickered and Chris was concerned. The judge addressed Tobias.

“Mr. Beecher, are you ok?”

“Yes sir, Just stood to fast.”

“Son, you don’t look to good.”

“I’m fine, really I am.”

“Ok, if you’re fine then approach the bench.”

Tobias stepped from behind his table, took two steps toward the judge and fell to the floor. His father grabbed his head in embarrassment, the defense laughed with their client and Chris was on his feet.

“Son I admire you for being a hard worker and all but you need rest and a good doctor. I’m sure the defense wouldn’t mind setting another court date."

A tall lanky gentleman stood behind the defense table.

“Your honor, we sympathize with the prosecution but Mr. Turner has been awaiting this day to be exonerated.”

Tobias stood to his feet and addressed the judge, “Your honor, I am well enough to carry on. If I could have ten minutes to pull myself together I would appreciate it.”

The judge granted the request and Tobias headed to the rest room quickly followed by his father. Chris waited a few seconds and followed.  Tobias splashed water on his face and reviewed the case in his head. A few minutes later his father entered followed by Chris. Chris ducked in a stall and listened to the conversation.

“I’m gonna ask the judge to set another date because you’re a fucking loser and you’re going to lose this case.”

Tobias ignored his father and kept splashing water on his face. His father grabbed him by the neck and forced his head towards the sink.  He splashed  his face with water over and over while yelling at him.

“Does this make you smarter... have some more.”


“No, son have some more.”


He broke away and fell to the floor. Chris wanted to rip off the stall doors. To do that would mean jeopardizing the case and above all things, losing Toby. He sat on the toilet and listened to Tobias’ father cut him down.

“You know, your brother is kicking ass and taking names in law school. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear how good he is. Yet here I am in a fucking bathroom with you and wet clothes because you can’t get your shit straight. Tobias when are you going to wake your dumb ass up and live up to the Beecher name?”

“Dad, will you please....”

“NO I WON’T.  This case is going to hurt us because you are going to fuck it

“I have this under control.”

“What the fuck ever Tobias...you know when we found out we were pregnant with you, your mother wanted to terminate the pregnancy. I wonder what I would be doing at this very moment had she not changed her mind?”

He left the bathroom in a very pompous manner. Tobias sat on the floor for a moment. He really didn’t like his father and he didn’t like his wife, but the one person he cared about, the person he loved more than life itself was his mother. Now he was dealing with the fact that the one person he would die for, at one time didn’t want him. Chris peaked through the slit long the side of the door. He saw Tobias’ eyes grow big with disbelief and then give in to the tears welling up in them. Like before, he wanted to go to him, but he couldn’t. So he sat there and cried in silence with the man he loved. He looked through the slit again and saw a weird kind of strength come over Tobias. The fact that his father cut him down, the defense laughing at him and this new information made him angry.  Tobias stood up, brushed himself off, ran his fingers through his hair and walked out. Chris followed a few steps behind.

When he entered the courtroom, he was a mess but he had a look in his eyes that was pure Tobias Beecher at his legal best. He was addressed by the judge.

“Son we can postpone this.”

“No, I am ready.”


Tobias was one of those lawyers that had a card for everything when it came to cases. He was different this time. He didn’t need it. He stepped before the audience and dazzled them with an opening statement. His father frowned with jealousy, the defense were amazed, Chris was proud. Every stupid question and point made by the defense was shot down by Tobias. After the lunch break, it was time for Chris to take the stand. As he walked toward the stand, he made eye contact with Tobias and they mentally reviewed what was to happen.  He was prompted to state his full name to the jury. He did it with one of his heart melting smiles. Every girl in the jury thought he was smiling only at them and some of the guys did too. When it was all over, Chris stepped from the chair and did as Tobias told him. He winked at Dizzy and threw him some street sign outside the eye of the judge. Dizzy returned the gesture. He couldn’t believe how smart Tobias was. He played this portion to the hilt from winning over the girls, to the bogus music tape, to befriending Dizzy and even though it wasn’t a plus, looking like a fool. Chris never believed the shit about being a good lawyer. Tobias was making a fool out of himself because he loved him and that was all. The judge recessed for the day.

Tobias grabbed his briefcase and rushed  out of the court house. He didn’t want to get in another yelling match with his father nor did he want to answer any questions from the press. He made his way to the front door and looked at the clouds. They were still dark and the looked the way
he felt. He heard voices behind him and rushed to his car.

Chris went to the gym to check his mail. As he went through the envelopes, a shadow appeared on the floor behind him and a familiar scent came to his nose.

“Hi, Quinn.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I can smell you a mile away.”

“Chris can I have ten minutes of your time?”

“Your going to take it anyway”

“I just want to apologize for what happened at the movie theatre.”

“What, you apologize? That’s new”

“Well I do.”

“That’s big of you.”

“I would like to make up for it.”

“I don’t wanna go to the movies Quinn.”

“ No, I was thinking of something a bit more larger than that.”


“I know what tomorrow is...Happy Birthday to you”

“I would rather forget.”

“Happy birthday to you”

“Shut up Quinn”

“Happy Birthday Mr. Keller.”

A smile crept across his face.

“Will you please shut up?”

“Happy Birthday to you.”

“What do you want, Quinn?

“I want to treat you to a home cooked meal. If I remember correctly, you love Chicken Alfredo with mushrooms and white wine. You also like rum drenched Amaretto cake with almonds.”

“Yes I do, but...”

“Chris, this is nothing more than a way to say I’m sorry. I’m more than sure you have told bland boy...I mean Toby that we aren’t together. I could come by around noon tomorrow and have everything ready when you get there. We’ll eat and I’ll leave.”

“Quinn you had better not be fucking with me.”

“I swear I’m not.”


“Great, I will have everything ready.  See you then.”

Chris watched Quinn leave. He knew something was up but he needed company and Toby was busy so what was the harm in this? It was his birthday and it was one night. The last time he followed that train of thought he ended up decking Quinn.

On his way home, Tobias bought tons of cold medicine and overdosed on all of them but some how he felt worse. He was losing his mind and all sense of time and place. One moment he was in the living room and then he was in the bedroom but he couldn’t remember how he got there.

He laid down and closed his eyes for a moment. When his eyes seemed like they were getting some rest, the alarm clock went off. To his disbelief, it was morning and it was time to go back to court. Today was the day he was going to drop the electronic signature on the defense. He arrived and looked at the clouds as he did the day before.  They were very dark, heavy and rolling. He opened the courthouse doors and was embraced by a welcoming scent. Chris had been there. He entered the court room and found a coffee cup steaming. It smelled of lemon and menthol. The cup was sitting on top of a note. He read the note as he drank the brew.


Don’t freak out!....when I get sick,  my mom makes this for me. If you’re really sick, this may not work for you. Toby, if you are really sick, please let me help you or see a doctor.  I will pay for it. Never the less I am proud of you. You kicked ass yesterday.


A cool sensation ripped through his body. The sickness made him want to go look for him but he had to prepare. A few minutes later, his father came in.

“So how are you going to fuck up today?”

He smelled the brew in the coffee cup.

“What the fuck is this, Tobias?”

“It’s for my cold dad.”

“Well let’s give it a little kick.”

He reached in his pocket, pulled out a silver flask of whiskey and poured it in the cup.


“Giving this a kick.”

“Dad, I’m sober. I can’t drink that.”

“It’s not for you.”

He takes the cup and sits behind Tobias. This made Tobias mad. Chris gave that to him and once again his father screwed with a good thing. Chris came in and saw Tobias’ father drinking from the cup. He knew Toby wouldn’t give it to him, so something else had to happen.

The judge brought the court to order and Tobias flew into big cock mode. When he’s in this mode, he’s aggressive.  He questions everything from your name to your hair color. Either you hate him or love him but if hate him, you love to hate him. So you love him nevertheless. He spouted fact after fact, and thoroughly dismissed the defense. Then came the moment when he would drop the electronic signature on the jury. This was new, innovative, and above all failsafe. When he was done, his father was really jealous, the defense was sick and Chris was smiling from ear to ear. In the middle of the afternoon session, the defense asked to see Tobias in the conference.

“Mr. Beecher, we wanted to see what you were offering.”

“What makes you think I am offering anything?”

“Come on, you guys always have something to bring to the table to make your jobs easier.”

“Once again I will ask you...what makes you think I am offering anything?”

“What do you wanna hear...huh?....that you beat us?”

“I know that already.”

“Fine, we’ll see you in the courtroom and by the way, you’ve won the case against the boy so stop prosecuting him.”

The defense walked toward the door. As much as Tobias wanted to mutilate them, he wanted to cement Chris’ safety even more.



“I pride myself on being a very good lawyer. I take care of the people that help me. I’m scared in this situation because Mr. Turner is one bad ass in the streets. He has the potential to cause Mr. Keller much harm and even though he turned out to be a major fluke, I want him to be safe.. So here’s my deal. You will serve time, but I am willing to seriously reduce how much you serve.”

“In return for what?”

“One hundred and ten percent protection for Mr. Keller on the streets. I want him to be able to walk through the million man march with a confederate flag and not be touched. Do we have a deal?”

“What makes you think  Mr. Turner will hurt your witness?”

“If you don’t know the answer to that then you should research his background.”

“Then why  jail time at all?”

“Because I have to deliver some kind of justice. His tape ruined a lot of lives...besides once he gets out he will be tough in the eyes of the up and coming rappers..everyone will be dying to work with him. Do we have a deal?”


“Let it also be known that if he goes back on his word, I will lock his ass down so tight he will forget he was even born. Am I understood?”


“Let’s go see the judge.”

The judge instructed the audience that a deal had been made and would recess till morning due to a terrible storm brewing. Tobias left via the back door of the courthouse. He looked up and the sky shattered with thunder. The rain and hail came down hard and furious as if it was punishing the earth for something. Tobias ran around the corner to his car. As he was getting in, he heard a voice calling him. He looked up and Chris was running down the stairs. He ducked in the car and drove away. Chris stood in the hard rain and watched him drive away. He knew Toby had to get out of the rain but he was also hurt to see him go.

The rain was so blinding that Tobias had to feel his way up the stairs. He slipped and fell on the ice and hit his head. A single stream of blood flowed from his head and mixed with the water. He grabbed the railing and made his way to the door. Once he got inside, he collapsed on the floor. The rain beat him up badly. He could feel his temperature rise and his chest felt as though it was on fire. He made his way to the chair and rested. He felt miserable and all he wanted was to feel better. Time flew by and he felt worse. He turned his head to left where he had a framed picture of his mother. Immediately he was taken back to the bathroom. Why would his mother not want him? What could an unborn baby do that was so bad? Tears welled up in his eyes and he couldn’t hold back.

Tobias was all alone. He remembered Chris’ cup of brew and wanted more of it and Chris. He found Chris’ note in his pocket and read it over and over again. What was he doing? Here is a man that was willing to leave town to make him happy. He put his life on the line so he could win a case. Chris was more concerned about his health than anyone else. Why was he turning this man away? In a sicken trance, he fell asleep. He started dreaming of the night he was basked in the yellow and blue light in Chris’ bed. He remembered how comfortable and safe  he felt and how sheltering Chris was. Then he remembered the masquerade party and how Chris rescued him from Gen’s stupid death trap of a set up.He remembered how sexually free he felt on the building in the rain, how his hand felt as he rubbed Chris’ six pack.  A crack of thunder shot across the sky and jolted him. In a daze he looked out the window at the rain. The neon  lights on the building across the street. turned the rain a raspberry color. It reminded him of the red wine rivers dripping from Chris’ body. Tobias wanted Chris’ warm body near his. He woke up and realized that he was capable of saying he loved Chris. More than anything, Tobias needed someone right then and there. In a faint voice he called Chris’ name and made his way to the door. He fought the rain again to get to his car. There was no way in hell he would be able to drive in this weather not to mention drive on Canyon road. Canyon road was a high and very curvy road surrounded by deep ravines that led to the outskirt of the city and Chris’ house. Nevertheless,  Tobias loved Chris and it was time he knew it.

Chris finally made it home. When he opened the door, the smell of Chicken Alfredo and cake caught him off guard. Quinn could be a bitch, but he was a bitch that could cook. Quinn came out of the kitchen and welcomed Chris.

“Well hey there...take off those wet clothes, take a deep breathe and try not to fall in love.”

“Yeah, right.”

Chris went in the bedroom and changed. He put on Toby’s XXL shirt and walked to the living room where he met Quinn.

“I am so stealing that shirt.”

“Touch this shirt and I will kill you.”

“Ok Ok....why don’t you go in the kitchen and let the smell torture you. That is if you’re man enough.”

He went in the kitchen and was embraced by the smell.

Meanwhile a dazed and confused Tobias winded along Canyon road very slowly till he came to Chris’s house.He ran to the door and fell head first into a pool of icy, cold, muddy, water. He tried to stand but realized he had hurt his ankle. He wasn’t worried. He was at Chris’ house and he could make anything better. He crawled up to the door, pulled himself up and knocked. No one answered. He knocked again shouted at the top of his lungs,


At that moment, the door opened and Tobias stood eye to eye with Quinn. Every single cell in his body flushed it’s color and he was as white as a sheet of paper. Why was Quinn there? Had Chris ended his pursuit to get him? Chris came around the corner complimenting the food.

“Quinn, I guess I underestimated you. The Chicken is...TOBY!!!!!!!

Chris was shocked and glad at the same time.

“Come in out of the rain, what’s wrong with your foot...come in.”

“No, I don’t wanna intrude.”

“You’re not intruding, please come in.”

“No, you guys are...”

“We’re nothing....Quinn made me a birthday dinner...Toby you have to get out of the rain or your gonna get sicker.”

Tobias retorted in a sad and sickened whisper.

“It’s your birthday?”

“Yeah...uh come in.”

“No, you guys have your dinner. I just wanted to tell you that...well I wanted to thank you for your help and you don’t have to worry about Dizzy or anything....so, um, I’m gonna go.”

“You drove from the city in a torrential rainstorm to thank me?”

“Yeah, I left suddenly and forgot too. Hey, I’m gonna go. There’s this dancer that has the information I need to win my case and I have to see him tonight”


“My mother found this guy that knows a guy that knows about the tape.”

“Toby, I’m the guy, remember? It wasn’t your mother. You came to the club...remember the wine?”

“Was I supposed to bring wine?”

Tears began to well up in Chris’ eyes. Tobias had lost all sense of time. He was a danger to himself.

“No...Tobias please, you’re limping, you’re bleeding, and you are so sick.
Come in please.”

“No, that’s ok. I had better get home. I have to prosecute Dizzy tomorrow. You remember how we are going to do this right?”


“The case against Dizzy.”

“Toby we’ve already had this conversation.”

“Yeah wear the blue shirt and if you can make the guys in the jury fall for you.”

At this point Chris knew how sick Tobias was. Tobias was delirious. Quinn could even see it. Chris tried to fight the tears back.

“Tobias baby we have already done that, today and yesterday. You are so sick, come in please.”

“I’m ok don’t worry about me Mr. Beecher. I will call you after I prosecute the boy and we will look for the red shirt for the trial.”

“Toby, you’re Mr. Beecher and it was a blue shirt, remember....and the boy has been prosecuted...you won.... Toby come in.”

“I have to go so you guys have a good time and happy anniversary.”

Tobias turned and fell in a puddle of water. He quickly stood up and hobbled his way to the car.


Despite his yelling, Toby wouldn’t turn around. Chris ran to the bed room to get some shoes to go after him but by the time he got back to the front door, Tobias was gone. Chris stared Quinn down.


“I didn’t say a word, you were here the whole time.”

“What the fuck am I gonna do?”

“You will sit and wait till you think he made it home and you will call him.”

“But that road is...”

“Chris, wait till he gets home or at least in the city and then call his cell phone.”


“Tell ya what..I forgot the rum for the cake so I will run into the city and get some.”

“In this rain?”

“Well, an Amaretto rum cake isn’t an Amaretto rum cake without the rum. Plus fear of rain is for wussies.  I’ll be back”

“Quinn, if you see Toby will you bring him back?”


“Quinn don’t fuck with me.”

“If I see him I will bring him back, I swear.”

Quinn put his rain coat on and left. Chris wanted to go after Toby; but if he saw him and had a wreck, he could never forgive himself.

Tobias winded his way down the road. He could feel himself going faint. Chris had given up. Chris had gotten tired of chasing after him and found happiness in the next best thing. All the time he had to say those three little words and didn’t. Everyone in the city was looking for their fair share of love and not finding it, yet his was chasing after him and he did nothing about it. In a delirious state, he felt the need to go faster. He took the curves cutting them very close. Sadness, madness, sickness, and delusions are bad mix on a rainy night. Just when he was getting some clearness in his head, he cut the curve to close and drove down the side of the high road. His car hit a large object and flip continuously till it landed in a water filled ravine. The car was sinking fast. As confused and battered as he was, he made it out of the car.  Something trapped his leg and prevented him from moving. Tobias wasn’t much of a swimmer. He rose and fell with the water sometimes going under. The dirty and bacteria infested water flowed in his mouth and made him vomit. He shouted at the top of his lungs.


He started  panicking and kicking as the thunder cracked above him. The rain raped the trees and the wind whistled a violent chord. Tobias could feel the stream of blood running from his head and into his mouth. The car had turned sideways and weirdly enough, the headlights were still on. The two beams shot out of the water like a homing beacon just as Quinn pulled up in his silver PT Cruiser.

Quinn saw the two beams of light and stopped. He got out and ran to the edge to see Toby fighting for his life. He was confused as to what he should do. If he saved Toby, he would lose all chances of getting Chris back. If he left him, there wouldn’t be any competition. Then again if he left him and by the grace of god he made it and Chris knew he was there, Chris would hate him forever. While he was making his mind up, the car slipped again and the head light bean fell on Quinn. Tobias rubbed his eyes to clear them and recognized Quinn.

“QUINN HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Quinn stood baffled as to what he should do. Tobias’ head kept dunking in
the water and Quinn could see him vomiting, yet still he stood there.


Tobias went under and stayed for an unusual amount of time. He resurfaced vomiting dirty water, blood, and cough syrup. Quinn’s  decision making soon turned to jealousy. Here was he, a man with a hot body and a bank account to match...a man that was into every thing sexually under the sun. A man
that could suck cock better than a hoover vacuum cleaner. He would have to pull out all the sexual stops to put a smile on Chris’ face but Tobias could just look at him and have him brimming from ear to ear. He was into expensive clothes, fast cars and late nights; yet Tobias was into ugly business suits and country clubs and legal briefs. What the fuck did Tobias have that he didn’t. The jealous got to be a bit to much. Quinn pulled his hood over his head, got in the car and drove back to Chris’ house.

Toby watched Quinn drive away.  He hoped and prayed that Quinn was going to bring Chris back. Hours passed, the thunder cracked and the rain fell harder. Chris never came. For some reason, and amazing sense of calm came over him. He started to think about his life and posed a question to himself: What was he fighting for? His life was shit. He was a good lawyer that was being held back, a mistreated son, an unwanted child, a used husband, a hurting father and a confused lover. He convinced himself that he was everything his father and wife said he was. Could he really blame Chris for giving up? Who would want to live that way? If he was dead his children would inherit a pretty penny. If he was dead, he wouldn’t be there to screw with his brother’s good name. If he was dead, he would no longer be a pain in Chris’ heart. He never realized how much he loved Chris till then.

A ray of light danced on the road above. Tobias was to weak to look up. The stranger in the Black explorer saw the two beams of light and  jumped on his breaks. He stepped out and looked over the road to see Tobias floating. A major crack of thunder woke Tobias’ brain up and made him return to a distant memory. He remembered a certain rainy summer. He blinked his eyes as they grew larger than they had ever before. He remembered. He now knew where he knew Chris from. But the same question rolled around his head: What was he fighting for?

The stranger stood about six four, very muscular, blonde hair and a kick ass smile to match. He yelled at Tobias.


He threw the rope in front of Tobias but Tobias didn’t take it. Tobias had answered the question of the moment. What was there to fight for? Nothing....nothing at all.  He muttered his final words under his breathe.

“Holly, Gary, I love you....Mom, I love you.... Chris, thank you for loving me and I love you.....God be with me.”

He closed his eyes and fell back. The stranger saw his head fall below the water. He had to make a decision and quick.


The stranger took off his shirt and shoes and made his way down the side of the ravine till he got to  the water and jumped in. He swam to Tobias and tried to pull him to the shore but something was holding him down. He tried to talk to Tobias.


The beautiful stranger went underwater to free Tobias’ leg from a tangled web of branches and limbs. He turned Tobias onto his chest and swam to shore. He was able to drag Tobias to the road where he noticed that Tobias wasn’t breathing and had a faint pulse. He gave him CPR to resuscitate him. He started to breath which sustained him for the moment. The stranger knew Tobias was in grave danger. He tried to dial 911 on his cell phone but he couldn’t get through. The stranger was Tobias’ only chance at survival. He put Tobias in the explorer, made a U turn and headed back to the city. As he drove, he could hear Tobias breathing. It seemed as though he was breathing better. He was still out of it, but he was breathing better.

Meanwhile, Quinn arrived at Chris’s house. He opened the door and was interrogated by Chris.

“That was quick.”

“The rain was worse than I thought.”

“Oh I see...did you see Toby?”

“No, I didn’t. Have you tried to call him?”

“Yeah, no answer....you sure you didn’t see him?”

“I didn’t see him Chris....eat something and maybe you will feel better.”

Chris didn’t feel like eating. He wanted to be with Toby.

The stranger made his way to the hospital where a medical team was waiting on him. The stranger was a doctor.  Once he was inside,  he tried to talk to Tobias.

“Sir, my name is Dr. David Cameron....your at the hospital....do you understand?”




“Sir, I don’t understand.”


Tobias wasn’t able to answer. He didn’t know who he was or where he was. Even though he was out of it, he felt safe with the doctor. He didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Dr. Cameron took over and made the decisions. He looked Tobias over thoroughly to find that he had acute pneumonia, a spranged ankle, broken wrist, sore and broken ribs, various bruises and lacerations and a gash above his hairline. He gave him a battery of shots to kill any bacteria from the tainted water and pain killers. He knew he would be out of it for a while so he let him be. He cut the light off and closed the door.  Dr. Cameron was a professional person but above all he was a caring person. He had to admit that the man he brought in was cute and had a irresistible charm. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to fall for the battered damsel.

The next morning, Chris tried to call Tobias before he left for court but he didn’t get an answer. He decided to get dress and head to his apartment. When he got there, Toby was no where to be found. Maybe he went to the courthouse. He ripped down the street waking up the whole neighborhood. He arrived at the courthouse. It smelled musty. He wanted it to smell sick, at least he would know Tobias was there. Before to long, people started showing up. Something was wrong.This wasn’t Tobias. He would have been here very early. Before he knew it, the judge was in and called the court to order.

“Where is the prosecution?”

The bailiff didn’t know. Tobias’ father was very angry and amazed when the judge called on him.

“Mr. Beecher, do you know where your son is?”

“I’m very sorry. I thought  he would’ve been here by now. If you want to call a quick recess I can try....”

“No, I will simply assume that Mr. Beecher took my advice and is seeking medical attention or he has been detained by the storm. Nevertheless I will disclose the information of an agreement made yesterday with the Prosecution being absent."

Chris’ concern grew to fear. Tobias wouldn’t miss this. He was to much a perfectionist to miss a court date. He had to find Toby and now.

The storms wreaked havoc on the city and sent many people to the hospital. Dr. Cameron helped to stem the flow of the injured, but he made sure he checked on Tobias and monitored his health.  Every time he saw him, he was breathing better. He was still clueless as to whom he was but all he needed was rest and good drugs and he would be better in no time.   Dr. Cameron could feel himself falling in love with Tobias. Tobias reminded him so much of his late boyfriend Jason. Was he falling for Tobias because his boyfriend was dead or was he genuinely in love with him. This was something for him to leave Tobias and figure out.

Five days past and Tobias was nowhere to be found. Chris called Tobias’ mother that Monday morning.

“Mrs. Beecher?”


“Hi, this is Chris Keller...you met me at the award dinner.”

“Oh yes..as a matter of fact I’m glad you called. Have you heard from Tobias?”

“Well ma’am, I called to ask you the same thing.”

“Honey, I haven’t heard a peep out of him since...well before the boys trial. He tried the other gentleman a few days ago. I know he was there for that....”

“Did your husband not tell you?”

“No, tell me what?”

“Toby wasn’t there for the sentencing.”

“Then where is he?”

“Mrs. Beecher, I don’t want to worry you but Tobias was very ill the few days before the trial.  It seemed like he got worse by the day. Due to the storm, they recessed early and that night Toby came here in very heavy rain to thank me for helping him and he was out of it then.”

“What do you mean...out of it?”

“He didn’t know who he was and he regressed back to conversations that we had a long time ago. I tried to get him to come in but he left and I couldn’t catch him. He was very sick.”

“Oh no....oh god where is my baby?”

Chris could feel the pain in her heart. He didn’t want to hurt her but she needed to know. He had to help her ease her mind so he made her a promise.

“Mrs Beecher, I promise you I will find your son, if I have to knock on every door in this state I will find him, do you believe me?”

“Yes, I do”

“Ok, you rest and I will keep you updated.”

Chris meant what he said. He was willing to do what ever it took to find Tobias.

The next day, Tobias started moving on his own.  Dr. Cameron was there to greet him as he opened his eyes for the first time since the accident. He was still groggy and didn’t really understand what was being said to him.

“Hello there?”

“Who are you?”

“Well I guess introductions are in order..again.  My name is Dr. David Cameron. You had a major wreck. You’re in the hospital.”

“I did?”



“How do you feel?”

“My head hurts.”

“Among other things I’m sure. I need some information from you for our records if you can.”

“Like what?”

“Let’s start at the beginning....who are you?”

“I...I don’t know.”

“Ok, where do you live?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know your mother’s name?”

“No..I don’t

“Your birthday?”

“I don’t know”

“You know, I really pumped you with drugs and painkillers so you are still pretty much out of it. Let’s wait on all of this”

Tobias was confused and scared.  For some reason he just couldn’t make his brain work. He felt helpless and handicapped. He had finally reach the level that he knew was coming. He was alone. His eyes filled with tears.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey dry your eyes. You were in a very bad accident.”

“I can’t answer your questions. I don’t know who I am, where I came from or anything. I’m sorry.”

“Hey all you need is more rest and painkillers and you will be better I no time....now dry your eyes for me.”

The doctor cleared his eyes with is thumbs.

“I’m sorry I am such a waste of time.”

“You’re not. I’m going to give you a shot for your ribs and head and I want you to rest and I will check on you frequently.”

“What happened to me?”

“You had a big time wreck.  Tell you what, you rest and I will bring you up to speed when your head is a bit more clearer..ok?”


“You’re going to be out for a while, so I need one more thing from you. I need you to give me permission to do whatever I have too in order to save you.”

“Am I that bad?”

“You’re getting better, but I would like to have your permission just in case. I will take care of you. I promise.”


“Great, now you just lay back and heal.”

Tobias couldn’t believe how comfortable he felt with the stranger. He knew he was in good hands. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Dr. Cameron could feel himself falling for Tobias.  Every time he thought about him, he found himself missing Jason a little more. Was he ready to move on? Only he could answer that.

Meanwhile. In the city, Chris cruised all the joints Tobias frequented. He checked the ice cream shop, the museums, the library and was unsuccessful. For one last ditch effort he contacted the hospitals but no one had a Tobias Beecher listed. At one point he wondered if he should include the police in his search. He was afraid. If he did that, they would wonder why  the witness in a high profile case was looking for the prosecution lawyer and declaring him missing. Eventually it would jeopardize the case and Dizzy would go free on a technicality. Days pasted and Chris was beginning to get angry. He had exhausted every idea he had. He didn’t want to go to his father. That would tip him off.  He wanted to give Tobias’ mother a call, but what would he tell her?

The next morning, Dr. Cameron greeted a weary Tobias as he woke up from his induced slumber. Tobias looked around the room and realized there was something wrong.

“Hey there.”

“Where am I?”

“We moved you since you were last awake. We had a lot of injured people in here due to the storm so in order to free up a bed, I moved you to the maternity ward..”


“So, do you remember anything we talked about the last time?”

“No...well not really...something about a wreck....me in a wreck.”

“Yeah, I did another cat scan on you.”


“You really banged your head up man...but your memory loss is temporary..I give it another day at the most. As promised, I will tell you what happened to you.”


“Apparently you have been ill for quite a while. I don’t why you were on Canyon Rd. in the middle of a hellacious thunderstorm, but some how you drove off the road and landed in a water filled ravine.You were bleeding and vomiting. I think you tried to swim for it but your foot was trapped.”

“How did I get a loose?”

“Oh, I swam below the water and untangled your foot.”

“You saved me?”

“Yeah...you almost didn’t make it.”

“Thank you...for everything.”

“Just doing my job.”

“By the way, does this look familiar?”

The doctor pulled a brown wallet from his coat.

“I dunno.”

“I went looking for some clues as to who you are and found it...just thought that it would give me some idea as to who you are. It doesn’t have a picture I.D. but it has a buy one get one free card to and ice cream shop for a Tobias Beecher. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone named Chris would you?


“Because whomever owns this wallet, loves him to death.”


“It’s written on the fabric of the wallet.”

Out of all the things he had been asked about, this one seemed familiar. How did he know that name?

“Uh..oh, your thinking.”

“I wish I could remember but......”

“Well, your trying to make the connections and that’s good.”

“It does seem familiar.”

“Like I said...all in due time...until then, you will just be our unknown soldier.”

“Ok, I guess...”

The doctor stared at Toby with wonderment. He didn’t want to fall for Tobias and he tried to reject his feelings but Tobias was irresistible. It wasn’t going to be easy to get over him for the memory of his lover. Tobias caught his eye.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I’m sorry...I uh...uh..nothing. You get some rest”

The doctor left the room kicking himself. He overstepped his boundaries by having feelings for Tobias, but showing his feelings were the bottom line. He had to stop this or he was going to get himself in a lot of trouble.

Tobias turned on his side and closed his eyes. What was it about that name that was so familiar. Not only that, it was a comfortable name, a welcomed name. A name that sent a shiver through his body.

Chris watched the mist dance on the window of his skylight.  He tried to think of other places Tobias would be. The storm was violent and the morning news said there were a few deaths due to the rising waters and lightning. As much as he hated to think of it, he couldn’t escape one excuse as to Tobias’ absence. Tobias Beecher was dead.

Continued in Part 10

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