Quicksand 5
by Terlonian

Touched by a Devil

The week went by fast for Tobias. He sent his ideas and notes to the partners and got kudos for it. It was Friday and the day felt ironic because at the first of the week, he lied about being sick. Now he actually was sick. He hadn't heard from Gen or his dad or Chris in the past three days. The absence of Gen and his Dad was a vacation, but he had to admit he missed Chris. The smell of the man had dissipated, there weren't any souped up cars, million dollar smiles or kisses down his back. He shook his head to relieve himself of one bad memory to focus on another. He was being sold online and tonight he was going to meet the highest bidder. All morning he felt like a cow at some cattle auction.

As hard as he tried, he couldn't fight the urge to log on and see how much he was worth. The page loaded and there was his name. He clicked on the names of the other guys to see what they were going for. Some guy named Travis had the highest bid. He was up to five-hundred dollars. This other guy named Ben had the lowest at one-hundred dollars. He clicked on his name and it took forever to load. Was this a sign? When it finally came up, he saw the bids. At the time, he was up to three hundred and fifty dollars. The bidder was named Sand Castle. Tobias laughed because he knew that was Sandy. When she sent him emails, she always included a pic of a sand castle after the salutations. Tobias was ecstatic. He knew who he would be going out with and he didn't care. Sandy was a burger and fries kind of girl. She wasn't like Gen at all. Gen wanted the ritzy restaurants and the Opera. Sandy wanted burgers and the latest romantic movie. Chris would want nachos and the latest slasher movie.

Nevertheless, he and Sandy would have a good time. He decided to check out early. When he got home, he logged on his computer to find that he was no longer worth three hundred and fifty dollars. He was worth one thousand. He also found out that Sandy was no longer the highest bidder. It was someone named The Devil. The phone rang. Tobias prayed that it would be Sandy or even better, Chris. He pushed the speaker button.



"Gen what is going on with the bidding. Less than 20 minutes ago I was worth three fifty and now
I'm a thousand?"

"I don't know, but I've stopped the bidding."

"Who is this?"

"I dunno."

"You don't know? Don't you have names?"


"So you're sending me on a date with someone you don't know?"

"What's the big deal?"

"THIS IS NEW YORK, GEN. There's no telling who or what you've set me up with."

"Stop being a bitch Tobias. The bidder is sending your costume over and-"


"You're going to a masquerade."


"I dunno."


"Tobias shut up and go with the flow. Mandy is on her way to do your makeup."


"Anyway, I have to go. The bidder is sending a car for you."

As soon as he hung up the phone, there was a knock at the door. The delivery boy brought him his costume. He opened it expecting to find a pirate suit, a clown suit or an alien. He found a pair of skin tight white hip hugger pants and a pair of angel wings with a glass eye mask. What kind of weird shit was this? He was supposed to go out in public in this shit? He heard a knock at the door. Gen's friend was there to do his make up. Fortunately, it was nude colors and a little pink to the cheeks. He was thinking red lipstick and blue eye shadow. He dressed in the angel garb and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't help but laugh, but he had to admit he was quite cute. The driver came up and took him to the party. He was taken to a far out place, to a building he hadn't seen before. The building was a huge sky scraper. He was told to go to the fifteenth floor. The doors of the elevator opened to a grand banquet hall with flashing lights and fog hovering the floor. A woman in a Snow White costume ran up to him.

"Hi there, angel"

"Do, I know you?"

"Oh no. Your date wants you to mingle and they will be with you shortly."

"Who is it?"

"You'll find out?"

"How do I find them?"

"You don't. They will find you."

She left with three of her dwarfs and rejoined the party. Tobias walked around the room looking at the guests. Being a lawyer, he had seen a lot of weird shit, but none as weird as Saddam Hussein and George Bush dancing. To his left, the big bad wolf was dancing with all three of the little pigs. Bill Clinton DJ'ed the event. He walked around until he heard someone call his name. He turned around to see a shadowy figure haloed in a red glare walking toward him. He felt his heart sink. Who the hell was this? Should he run, stay, or just pass out? As the figure got closer, he could see that it had on a pair of pants like his but they were red. The figure also had on a pair of what looked like bat wings and two horns on it's head. He looked to the side and coughed. If there ever was a time he needed Chris, it was now. Fear took over. He turned to walk away when the figure grabbed his arm.


Tobias turned around slowly to find Chris in a devil's outfit. He had long sideburns that curled at the end, a mustache and a little devil hair on his chin.

"God you're pretty."

"Chris, please tell me you bought me?"

"The best thousand dollars I have ever spent."

"Thank fucking god."

"Breathe baby. Hey, come with me!"

He took him to the roof of the skyscraper. Chris had set up a plush mattress with music playing in the background.

"You ever been on top of the world angel?

"I thought you were mad at me?"

"Well I was, then I got over it. I decided that I'd rather save you than be mad at you."

"You don't know how much I worried about this. You spent a thousand dollars on me?"


"I'm not worth a thousand dollars."

"No your worth more."

"Give me your account number and I will wire the money to your acct. on Monday."

"No way baby, I bought you and you're mine tonight."

"Chris, I'm so glad it was you. This is New York City. This city is full of creeps and evil just waiting to get you. Gen didn't even know where the party was at. What's worse is my dad doesn'teven care. They're supposed to love me, but they don't. I'm not used to all of this shit!"

"Toby look at the city. There are millions of people in this small town and all of them are looking for the same thing you are."

"What's that?"

"Their fair share of love. They go days, weeks, years looking for the love they are owed. Then one day, they find that love and they have a decision to make. Do I accept it or walk away from it? Toby, I talked to my mom about you. Don't freak. She doesn't know your name. She told me that I should tell you the truth, make you understand how much I care about you."


"Toby, when I walked behind you at the club, and you looked up at me so innocent, so clean and pure, you melted all the frozen parts of my heart. At the art show, you in the moonlight... WOW!....I kept thinking that all these guys are staring at you, wanting you, desiring you and you were there with me. For once in my life I felt special because I had something that everyone else wanted. Toby when you smile at me, you do things to me that I never knew could happen."

Toby could see the tears welling up in Chris' eyes as he talked. The sight brought tears to his eyes.

"Last weekend, when you were asleep in my bed with the candles glowing around you, I just watched you. You were so beautiful. You could very well be the best things about me. All the things I have longed to be. Toby when you touch me you shut down every defense I have, but when you kiss me...shit, I fall to pieces."

Tobias' face became flush. Never had he in his life been told anything like this. Never has the love for him brought anyone to tears. Here was a man that was used to letting his cock speak for him. Now he was speaking with his heart. The hurt, the honesty, the feeling in his words welled up inside Tobias.

"Tobias, could you do me a favor. You don't have to mean it if you don't want to, but do you think you could lie to me and tell me you love me?

Tobias couldn't believe what he was seeing. "The Lawyer" was a tortured soul. Tobias walked toward him with the same animalistic walk Chris used on him.

"Chris, I want you to listen and listen good. What I'm about to say to you is the truth."

He took his finger and wrote the words on Chris' chest.

"I- love- you."

"God I wish you meant that."

"I do."

"Toby, I'm ok with-"

"Ok, I will say it in a way that only you can understand.

"Chris, my boyfriend with the big cock. I - love - you."

Chris started to laugh but ended up crying. It was the first time he was able to emit emotion and not be called a bitch for it.

"Well that's nice for you to say, but all of this has happened so fast for you. Hearing you say it is enough I guess. I guess you should take what ever you can-"

The angel grabbed him and kissed him before he could get his sentence out. The devil was completely shocked. He was used to being the one who instigated things. The angel slid his hands down the devil's back till he cupped his ass. He kissed him like he did the night he was in the spider web. He licked his way down to the devil's nipples and sucked as hard as he could. The devil became weak in the knees and fell backwards onto the plush mattress bringing the angel with him. The fall didn't hinder the angel at all. He drove his tongue further into the man. For once he was in control. The devil was penned under him with his arms spread out. The angel unzipped the devil's pants and grabbed his cock. He grabbed him so hard that the devil roared in pleasure. As the angel stroked him up and down, he began to breathe heavily. The angel wanted to drain the devil like he had done him so many times before. He kissed him on his chin and then on his chest. The angel felt small stings of coolness on his back. He looked up to find the rain pouring down on them. The rain was peaceful, no thunder at all. The rain felt a lot like the devil's massages, hitting him in all the right places.

The rain wasn't enough to cool the angel's sexual rage. He grabbed the devil's cock even harder and kissed him on his neck. The devil grunted like a mad animal and batted his eyelashes. The angel did the one thing he shouldn't have if he wanted to remain in control. He found the one area of the devil's body that will turn him into that panther that strolled up to him earlier that week. The angel bit the devil's nipples and then sucked them. The devil threw his head back and screamed for his life. He grabbed the angel and turned him over. He was on top now. He was in control. He plunged his tongue into the angel's mouth and raped the man from the inside. He scratched his way down the angel's chest and unzipped his pants to free his cock. He massaged the man fiercely.

The rain poured down even heavier. Soft rolls of thunder inherited the New York sky. The devil kissed him on his chest till he found his cock. He paused. The last time he tried this, the angel stopped him. The angel's neck was arched. The devil knew this was his chance. He spread the angel's legs as far apart as they would go. He took the man into his mouth and sucked long and hard. The angel felt a cool sensation followed by waves of heat go through his body. The devil tasted the musk of the man's cock mixed with the saltiness of the rain water. He didn't care. He fell on the angel's cock continuously as if his life depended on it. The angel felt an overwhelming sense of urgency fill up inside of him. Every single eon of energy flowed from his body to his cock. The devil could feel the angel's cock harden in his mouth. He continued till the angel cried out in ecstasy. He stroked the angel as hard as he could till he came. The devil sat on his knees and breathed heavily as he gazed at the angels wet body. The angel was completely drained. The rain flushed the dye out of their costumes. The devil fell on the angel and they rested on top of the world in a pool of cool pink water.

Continued in Part 6

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