by: Terlonian


Life and Love is like a pool of quicksand, the more you fight it the deeper you sink into it

Every lawyer dreams of making partner in a law firm. To be able to throw your cock on the table with the big boys and piss on those less than you is truly the American dream. Tobias Beecher had this dream. Coming from a family of lawyers, his career was decided before he exited the womb. All those years of college, law school, all those late nights studying, the midnight runs to Kinko's, all of the crap he had to put up with to be able to stand in line with the big cocks (including his father) and say "I'm a partner".

Tobias knew it took more than being a good lawyer to make partner. It's not who you know, it's how well you blow who you know. Tobias knew he was one of the best blowers at the bottom of the totem pole.

Like clockwork, he arrived for work earlier than the other lawyers. He usually spent his time looking over briefs and reports and a multitude of charts so he could "be in the know". This morning was different. Tobias had his head buried in the law volumes. One of the janitors, an elderly black man surprised him.

"Didn't mean to scare you son"

"Oh, don't worry about it, I'm a jumpy guy anyway"

"Can I work 'round you"


"Thanks, so whatcha working on"

"A subliminal message case. This kid went nuts at a dance club and killed a few people. He claims this techno song made him do it."

He pushes the button on the tape player. The music blares loudly causing the old man to cover his ears. "The song was specially made for this club...uh...Club Kaos. He said he heard voices in the music that told him to kill."

The old man looked at Tobias with great disbelief. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with kids today"

"Yeah and what's worst is one of the kids was the son of a major pharmaceutical CEO that we represent. He doesn't think the D. A. is doing his job so he came to us to make sure this guy gets the maximum sentence. He also wants us to find out who did the song and get them too, well basically he told us we either win the case or lose his business."

"Shit man....he got ya'll between a rock and a hard place"

"Tell me about it."

"Well you'll do it, you're a smart kid, bet your wife is proud of you"

"She left me a year ago, just took the kids and left"

"She didn't give you a reason?"

"Alcohol, I drank to much, turned my home into a war ground"

"And you want her back, you miss her"

"I miss my kids more, but I do miss Gen"

"Like I said, you're a smart kid. You'll win this case and you'll get your family back"

As the janitor left, Tobias sat silent. Talking to the janitor made him realize just how much he missed his kids. Sure he saw them on the weekends and holidays, but he was their father. He needed to be there every night. He wanted to be the one fighting the boogie man, tucking them in at night, waking them for school in the morning. There was only one way to get that back. He had to win Gen back. Tobias loved Gen. For some reason, he was never able to make a complete connection with her physically or mentally, but for the most part, he loved her. As he sank deeper into thought, his father's secretary came to the door. "Mr. Beecher?"

"Huh...oh...um...what can do for you?"

"The Partners are having a meeting this afternoon at one o'clock. They want you to be there."

"Me...you sure their not talking about my dad"

"He's the one that sent me"

"Um, ok?"

Ok, there are three reasons why you are summoned to a partners meeting. 1) You're fired, 2) Your fired, or 3) there's an opening at the big cock table. All morning long he wondered why he was summoned to the partners meeting. He sat nervously in the seat as the men filed into the room. The men had stern legal looks on their faces which intimidated Tobias even more

"Mr. Beecher, Anderson tells us that you've been doing rather well on this subliminal message case."

"Only doing my best sir"

"Mr. Beecher, have you noticed something different about us today?"

"Mr. Anderson isn't here?"

"You're a bright guy." Beecher hated the condescending talk. "Mr. Anderson went to the doctor yesterday and received some rather disturbing news"

"His heart?"

"He's old..... forget his heart.....anyway, Mr. Anderson has decided to retire and of course we agree. That leaves a seat open. This subliminal message case is a big one, an important one, one that could kick us in the financial ass if we lose it. Yet, Anderson thinks that not only can you handle it, but you can win it. Let me cut to the chase. You have a high profile case. Mr. Green also has a high profile case. One of you guys will fill the seat beside your father. The one that wins his case. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir, but what if we both win?"

"We'll cross that bridge if we come to it, but you should know that we have never said no to your father."


"That's all for now"

Tobias walked out of the room with an uncontrollable grin. Could this be happening? Was he just handed a chance to make partner? He stopped by a water fountain to replenish the moisture that had drained from him during his agonizing wait. As he wiped his mouth, he heard a voice.


"Huh....oh....hi dad...is all of this for real"

"Yes it is son, which is why I have three words for you. DON'T FUCK UP! You fuck up, you embarrass me and I don't like that. WIN THIS CASE!!!! I don't care what you do. Lie, cheat steal, do whatever you have to do to win this case. Do you understand me"

"Dad that's a lot of stress -"

"TOBIAS! Do whatever it takes to win this case."

"Yes Dad." As his father walked off, Tobias looked at him in confusion. How could he shit on his parade before it got out of the gate? He didn't understand his fathers actions but he knew one thing: He had to win this case. The next morning, he met his janitor friend again. "Hey, I talked to your daddy yesterday...said you have a chance to move on up like the Jeffersons."


"And this case you're working on, you think winning it will help you get that pretty lady back in your life?"

"It could help"

"Well how bout I help you with that" Tobias looked at the old man with a puzzled face. What could the old man offer him that his law journals didn't? At this point in time, Tobias didn't care where his information came from. If the Easter bunny had offered him advice he would take it.

"How can you help me"

"When my grandbaby came over to the house yesterday singing that song...scared me to death after what you told me what that kid did. I asked her where she heard that song and she tried to lie, but I caught her. I knew she had been to that club and more than likely it was with that fag friend of hers.....calls himself Natalie. Anyway, she says that everyone goes to the club to dance to that song but she didn't hear it there first"

"Where did she hear it"

The old man crouched in low to Tobias as though he was sharing a secret "At a strip club, she goes with that fag-"

Tobias quickly interrupted. "Could you not use that word, please"

"Oh, ok...anyway she goes to this club with this punk and there's this guy that dances to that music....now I'm thinking to myself: you said that song was made for that club only, if that's true, how the hell did that dancer get it?"

"And the club received the tape out of the blue. It just showed up in the mail one day.......what club is this?"

"It's called the Men's Room....get this, the guy your looking for is called The Lawyer....she said his real name is Chris Cale....Kells.....Keller...something like that."

Tobias scratched the info on a sheet of paper as fast as he could. Turns out the old man had a lot to offer. "Anything else"

"Yeah, she said he takes a seat at table 5 and starts his show from there. She and that fagg-...I mean..that friend of hers reserve that table when they go..... and he dances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Maybe you can get one of these pretty girls here to go with you"

"No, that's ok"

"There going to think you're a...well, one of them"

"Oh, That's ok.......I mean....I don't care because I'm not....anyway, thanks for the info"

"No problem son, just invite me to the wedding"

Tobias called information on his cell phone to get the number to the Men's Room. He made reservations for nine o'clock .

Continued in Part 1

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