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I just think this pic of Chris Meloni is cute.

    Like my site and want to join either my Update List or Slash Slut's Discussion group. You can find more info on how on this page.

Slash Slut's Update List

    If you would like to know every time Slash Slut's Recs is updated. Then this is the list for you. Simply enter you e-mail addy here and click the button. If you have any problems with it. You can also go to and join from there. No Age Statement Required to become a member of this one.

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Slash Slut's Discussion List

This list is for my discussion group. You can talk about pretty much anything on this list. Any fandom and any pairing. Only rules are No Flaming and No Fighting. Everything else is pretty much a go. To join this one same procedure as above, just enter your e-mail addy and click the button. If you have any problems you can also try clicking on and join from there. An Age Statement is required to join this group.

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If you have any problems with joining either list you can contact me at: I'll see what I can do to help.

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