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Multifandom Slash Links
Amothea's Angst Archive

Australian Slash Archive

Brit Slash

The Complete Kingdom of Slash (CKoS)

Fan Email Lists - (all genres gen, het, and slash) - New!

Fanfiction.Net - G-R rated fics only now, no longer accepting NC-17 fics

The Fan Fiction Directory - Now a searchable database

MPREG - Male Pregnancy Emporium (*snicker*)

The NetCafe

Radio Free - Unplugged

Rare Slash Archive

Slash City. com .net .tv .org

Slash Com

Slash Fanfiction Open Archive Project - Multi-fandom archive - New!

Slash Fiction Online

The Slash Page Database Project

Witness List

Wonderful World of Make Believe (WWOMB)

Z and N's Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen

X-Files Slash Links
The Red and the Black (RatB)

The Basement

Archive X/ - All stories are now archived at The Basement

MKRA - (Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association)
All stories are now archived at The Basement

The Annex - Novel Archive (gen, het, & slash)

The Cube - Formerly M/K Fight Club (Now Accepting all types of M/K slash fics)

The Cubicle - A Mulder/Krycek message board. All M/K, all the time baby!

The Gossamer Project - (gen, het, slash, etc.)

All things Rat

The Slipper Archive - X-Files Slash fics rated PG-13 and lower

Focused on Nick Lea Fiction Archive

The Alex Annex

The Nick Zone - Fanfic based on characters portray by Nick Lea

RatB Forum - Discussion forum for the X-files & it's slash

Courtney's Fanfic

Imajiru's Fiction - (slash & het - MSR)

A.S.S - Araxdelan's Slash Site

Lisa E. Krysa Awards - M/K fanfiction awards

Rat and Fox - The Fanfiction of Cody Nelson

Demi's World -Fanfic of Demi X

Katy Deery's Fanfic

Den of Sin- Fanfic by Aries, Nicole S., & Orithain

Tiramisu & Kamio's Site - Wonderful M/K fic

The Sentinel Slash Links
#852 Propect - The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive

Francesca' TS Slash Fiction

Candy's Place

Annabelle Leigh's Fiction by the Sea

Cook's Kitchen- Fiction by Lanning Cook

Josephine's Place

Lemon Drop's Fanfic

The Forest Fanfic Archive

Pumpkin's Slash Patch

The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season

Once a Thief Slash Links
The Agency - (formerly OAT on RatB)

The OAT Zines - Online Fanzines

Lianne's Homepage

Infinitum - Fanfiction of Orithain, Angel, and Rina

Highlander Slash Links
The Seventh Dimension Archive

The Unthinkable Alternative Archive

Dayspring's Desires

The Lair of the Krell - Fanfic by Krell, Killa, Rachel Sabotini, & Ellynross

Lapsus Linguae - (formerly Kamil's D/M Archive)

Methos Boxer Brigade

Stargate SG-1 Slash Links
Area 52

Jack/Daniel's Place

The Alpha Gate Archive -Season 6 free archive (gen, het, & slash)

The Comfort Zone - SG-1 hurt/comfort archive

jdfictions archive

Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Awards - gen, het, & slash

Jenny Ann's Fanfiction

The Grotto

jd_divas - Fanfiction of Biblio & Phoenix E

Save SG-1 - A site for info on how to save the original team of Stargate SG-1

Stargate Solutions - A site whose mission is to save the Stargate SG-1

Due South Slash Links
Dues South Archive

Due Slash - A brand new DS slash archive


due South Slash Virtual Season

Aukestrel's Site - Due to problems her site is now password protected, you'll have to e-mail her to get it.

Kellie Matthew's Site

Speranza's Fiction

Journey's Slash Fics

A Real Adventure - Fanfiction of Bast and Shadow

coffee, cigarettes, and salt - Colleen Kane's Fiction

Chez Crysothemis

Basingstoke's Slash

Terri Botta's Fic

Kat Allison's Stories

Beth H's Fiction

Starfish's Fiction

Serge Protector - DS Online Fanzine

Red Ships and Green Ships


Starsky & Hutch Slash Links
S/H Archive

The Pits Fiction Archive (slash & gen)

Alexis Rogers' Fiction

S&H Slash Virtual Season

Candy Apple's S&H fiction

X-Men Slash Links
X-Men Slash


X-Men Movie Slash Archive - Updated!

The Kinda Mooks

Mo's Fanfic

Mooksville, Earth

Jane St. Clair's Fanfiction

Te's Fanfiction - X-Men, X-files, Buffy, and more

Alara's Spiffy Magneto Page

JB McDragon - McDragon's fic

My Secret Place - formerly known as The Vault

HP Slash Links
Potter Slash Archive - New!

The Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest - New!

Ink Stained Fingers - New!

From Dusk til Dawn - HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest - New!

Pure Magnetism - HP/DM archive - New!

The Snape Slash Fleet Gateway - New!

Chocolate Frog - JayKay's Fiction - New!

Ex Libris Snape - Snape Slash Archive - New!

Ivy Blossom's HP Slash - New!

Walking the Plank - HP/SS Archive - New!

Perfectly Flawed - RW/DM Archive - New!

Azkaban's Lair - RL/SB Archive - New!

The Parapet - Snape/Lupin Slash Archive - New!

Wolf & Raven - Snape/Lupin Fanlisting - New!

Buffy & Angel Slash Links
AngelSlash Archive

Unconventional Relationships

The Human Drama

Dangerous Habits - A Wesley/Angel Archive -

Wesley Slash Archive

Wesley Slash Contest

Buffy Fiction Archive - (gen, het, and slash)

Leather Lust

My Immortal Beloved

Buffy Season Noir - Anna S's own virtual season (gen/het)

The Gunn/Wesley Archive

Love Lorne - Slash fic centered around Lorne (A.K.A. The Host) - Updated!

City of Angels & The Hellmouth

eterniata*eros [unbound] - slash & het

Cordy Slash

Big Guns - The Graham Slash Archive

Riley Slash

Smallvile Slash Links
Smallvile Slash Archive


Smallville Bradbury title Challenge - (gen, het, and slash) -

Smallville X-title Challenge - (gen, het, and slash)

Star Wars Slash Links
Elusive Lover

Master and Apprentice

SWA-L (The SW Slash Archive)

Oz Slash Links
Unit B

C5 Archive

Strange Bedfellows

Brian's Oz Fanfiction

Riley Cannon's Fanfiction

Twisted Sisterhood

Miscellaneous Slash Links
Across the Pond - Queer as Folk archive for both the UK & US shows

Agent With Style - Sells & Produces fanzines from various fandoms

The All Purpose 'How To' Queer Sex Guide -Slashers Must See Site!

Angel Wings Press - Sells Fanzines

Ashera's Archive - Hercules & Xena Archive (Every pairing Imaginable)

Babylon 5 Slash Fic Archive

Blood, Love, & Rhetoric -Ladonna King's fics: X-files, Highlander, & more

Brian and - US QAF Brian/Justin Archive

C15 Operational Control - A New Professional Site - Info & Fanfic

The Circuit Archive - A Professionals Archive

Connection - Tour of Duty Fanfic by Biblio

Crusade Slash Archive

Desiderium Caritas - Caroline Crane's Fics

Fan 911 Auction - Auction and Raffle now over

Fanfic Critics Association

The Fanfic Symposium

Fingerprints - CSI Gil/Nick Slash Archive - New!

The Foresmutters Project - Archive for early slash fiction

The Gay Writers Guild - Original Gay Fiction

Hard Core Logo - HCL Archive

The Hayloft - Dukes of Hazzard fiction (slash & het)

HMS SailSlash

Holmes/Watson Slash - Sherlock Holmes Slash

House of Slack

Invisible Madness - Invisible Man Slash Archive

Ivanova is Captain - femslash

The KSAres Archive or Older Archive (The Ares Archive)

Let the Journey Begin - Jori's JAG/X-files X-Over

Leviathan Farscape Archive - (gen, het, and slash)

Lipstick Traces - Velvet Goldmine Slash Archive

Lost Boys Slash - Warning: Incest (oh, quit looking at me like that)

Male Writer's Archive

Miami Vice Slash Archive

Michael Biehn Fanfiction - Fanfic based on characters portrayed by MB

Minotaurs Sex Tips for Slash Writers - Slashers Must See Site!

MQA- Minotaur's Q&A - Slashers must see Site!

Notes from the Underground - Tour of Duty Slash

Paris Nights - The Tom Paris Archive (gen, het, & slash)

Phoenix-Michael Biehn Archive - Fanfic based on characters portrayed by MB

QAF Archive - Queer as Folk Archive (mostly UK version, tiny bit of US)

The Quantum Leap Slash Archive

The Roswell Slash Archive

Sanguine - Slash Vampire Archive

Schism - Homicide: Life on the Streets Archive

7/7 Slash Archive - Magnificent Seven Slash- The archive requires you send an age statement before you are allowed to enter

Simon & Simon Slash - Warning: Incest (oh, shut up, don't judge my kinks)

Slashonthestreet Archive - Homicide: Life on the Streets Slash Archive

Sports Night Fanfic Archive - (gen, het, & slash)

This Side of Paradise - Valeria's slash; Action, Homicide, Due South, others

Tour of Duty Slash

Viridian5's Fanfic - X-files, OAT, DS, X-Men, HCL, Recs, etc.

Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary

Wolfling's Den - Houston Nights, Sentinel, Star Wars, and More

Slash Recommendation Links
Alice in Stonyland's Fic Recs

Anna's story recs

Araxdelan's M/K Recs - all X-files recs, mostly M/K

BadBatz Slash Recs

Born to Bottom - Sentinel Bottoming Jim recs

Cosmic Critic's Corner

Dance while you can...

The Fanfic Review Boards - Boards where you can rec gen, het, & slash fics

J.R's Multifandom Recs - Fave!

Juxian Tang's Fic Recs

Kamil's Highlander Recs - Highlander only (slash, gen, & het)

Killa's Links

Luthien's Recs and Raves - New!

MaggieFic: The Recs - New!

Maygra's Musings - New!

Meg loves a good bottom - Fave!

Net (dot) Bitch does Fic Recs - Fave!

Odysseys & Ectasy: Thamiris' Recs

Our Boys - West Wing & Sports Night recs

The Pearl Fanfic Recommendations

Polyamorous Recommendations

Radio Free Recs

RatB Recs Board - A board where you can rec any Krycek centered slash

The Reading Room

Rosa's Recs

Slash Fiction Online

Storyteller's Campsite Recs

Te's Recs - Fave!

torch's recommendations

Versaphile - Stargate Rec-A-Thon

We read crap so you don't have to - Recs Page Update Blog - New!

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