Guide to Slash Mailing Lists

Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen
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    The mailing lists on this page are ones I either belong to or have been a member of at one time or another. I can only speak for the lists I've had experience with. If any of you know of any really good lists with lots of traffic and postings, of quality fic, in pairings or fandoms that I have not listed. Feel free to e-mail me and I'll check them out and if they look good list them. You can contact me here:

All of these lists are slash lists, some may allow gen or het too. But they will all contain slash. So therfore, most if not all will require you to send AGE STATEMENTS. Usually, there will be a specific address given for you to send them too, or just look where it says List Owner at the bottom of the page where the e-mail addresses are listed. You can send it there if necessary.

General Sites devoted to Mailing Lists

Usage of this site, joining any groups, is free. Requires you to join Yahoo, though. There used to be a site called Egroups and another one called Onelist, both were devoted to nothing but mailing lists. Then the two groups merged and promptly were taken over by Yahoo. Yahoo is taking over everything lately, they also took over a short time ago. This is causing some major problems for some people and is affecting various aspects of Yahoo. That's been a few months ago now, most of the bugs have worked out. I guess.

Squidge Production Fascilitators

You can find several lists on this site. Some of the best ones in some fandoms. When some people didn't like Yahoo taking over Egroups they moved here. Alot of slash webpages and archives are located at Squidge, as well.

Slash Mailing Lists

These are general slash lists. Any fandom, any pairing, crossovers, what have you. As long as it is slash fanfic, you can post it or discuss it on these lists.

General slash mailing list. Used to be for The Complete Kingdom of Slash Archive (CKoS). I don't know what it is now. Any fandom, rating, and any pairing as long as it is  slash can be posted here. It doesn't matter.
Any fandom and any pairing. Doesn't matter. This is a fiction only list. If you wish to participate in discussions you'll need to join it's sister list, allslash-d. An age statement is required to join. Fics posted to this list will be archived at CKoS.
This is the sister discussion list to allslash. No fiction can be posted here. If you want the fiction you'll have to join allslash. I'm not on this list, but I checked it out and it doesn't appear very active. An age statement is required to join this list.

X-files Lists

You may have noticed I am a dedicated M/K girl when it comes to the X-files slash fanfic. So most of these lists are M/K centered or centered around the wonderful actor Nicholas Lea. There are quite a few girls out there who are just as crazy about him as I am. Some of the lists here can have any pairing in the fandom, though, I'll tell you which are which.

The RatB Lists

These lists are all connected to the fabulous X-files slash fiction site RatB. This is a Nicholas Lea centered site. All stories must contain Nick Lea in them. Pairing doesn't matter as long as Krycek or some other character played by Nicholas Lea is in the story. RatB used to be known as TER/MA (Truly Erotic Ratboy/Mulder Association), the management changed and the former archivist asked the name be changed too. RatB is a fannish term for the X-files episode The Red and the Black, which featured the famous kiss, on the cheek, between Mulder and Krycek. Krycek is also nicknamed Ratboy on the net.

This is the fiction and discussion list for the RatB website. This listed is centered around the character Alex Krycek and the actor Nicholas Lea. You can post fiction and discuss anything about the X-files that you wish. You cannot discuss the actors personal life. No actor fic or RPS. Can do website and story announcements. All fiction posted to the list will be archived at the RatB text archive, unless noted in the headers that you don't want them to. It might be archived at RatB if the owners invite you. You also get notifications when RatB and the RatB text archive are updated on this list.

Note: Recently the RatB and RatBfic list were merged into RatB-K.

This is the list to receive notification when the RatB site or the RatB text archive are updated. No fiction is posted to this list, though that used to be what it was for. You also can't post discussions or anything else to it. It's purpose is strictly to notify you when these websites are updated. Although, you also receive notifications on RatB-K.

This is a slash list devoted to the Mulder/Krycek pairing. Gee, never would have guessed that would you? It is for both fiction and discussion. Any rating of story is fine, as long as you slash Mulder & Krycek. this is a is a pretty good one, I like it. I say any list devoted strictly to the boys is a plus.

This is a list devoted to fiction and discussion of Nick Lea and the characters he plays. I don't think it allows actor slash, most don't. The stories posted here can be gen, het, or slash. Mostly slash gets posted here. Website updates and announcements happen occasionally. Lots of talk of what new stuff Nick is doing and heads up on when tv eps or movies are appearing on tv. I am a big Nick fan so any list devoted to him I am there.

This is a list dedicated to Nick Lea and some of his lesser known characters. In other words fanfic of more than just Krycek. Oh, you can find some fics with Krycek here. but all of his other characters too. This is for both fiction and discussion. Lots of discussion. Of just about anything. I just joined this list not long ago, but I really like it. Lots of fun on this one, most anything goes as for discussion topics. We play it real fast and loose. Great bunch of gals on this one.

This is an XF slash list. This one is for all pairings of XF characters. You can slash whoever you want together on this list, in as many different ways as you can think of. Fiction and discussion is acceptable. Most of the X-files lists are pretty loose. Not too many restrictions and rules. (Not much beyond being devoted to a character or actor.) Pretty cool people too. I like all the ones I am on.

This is a brand new slash fiction only list for the Down in the Basement archive (DitB). All stories posted to the lists will be archived at DitB, once they are archived there, the stories will be removed from the list archive. They can be any pairing as long as it is slash and contains at least one XF character, m/m, f/f or any derivative there of. Multiples pairings, whatever. There are some posting guidelines listed on the page I have linked to. It will tell you the requirements for your header. Title, author, pairing, rating, warnings, etc. Read it to find out all you'll need before posting a story. No discussion allowed.

X/ Mailing Lists

There are actually three slash lists that are mentioned on this page that you can join. The X/ list which is for discussion of XF and it's characters. You can discuss most things on this list. Like I said we are pretty loose in the X-files fandom. The second is the X/ digest. With this list you will get one e-mail containing all the messages that have been posted to the X/ list, in stead of several different e-mails. The third is the X/story list, this is the fiction only list. Only stories are posted to this list. Any pairing (as long as it's XF) and any rating. The first two list you really only need to subscribe to one of them. They are both the same things, the digest is jsut the condensced version of the other list. If you want the fiction, as well as discussion, you have to subscribe to the X/story list also. These lists are old and have been around forever. They started back in the beginning of X-files slash with the MKRA & MSSS, then followed along to the Arhive X/, and now the DitB. (The MKRA, MSSS, and Archive X/ are now all part of DitB.) To join any of these lists send an AGE STATEMENT along with which lists you want to join to Marita.

Once a Thief Lists

This is the new list for the Once a Thief fic from RatB. When they merged the ratbfic and ratb lists they created this new one especially for OAT slash fiction and discussion. You can post fics and discuss anything about the show. No actor fic or RPS. All fics submitted to the list will be archived at the OAT at RatB text archive. Up to the owners if you are invited to join their OAT section of RatB. These are the web addy's of the archives. OAT RatB site and the OAT RatB text archive.

This is the adult fiction and discussion list for Wild OATS. Wild OATS is still out there, but hasn't been updated in a couple of years. The list is for both fiction and discussion. This used to be the only list out there devoted strictly to OAT. It is pretty quiet, not alot of stuff gets posted or discussed. We have picked up in that area lately. Some new people have joined and demanded talk. I think I was one of them when I first joined. To join this list you need to send an AGE STATEMENT to

Sentinel Lists

This is the erotic fiction list for the #852 Prospect Archive. It is a fiction only list. Any pairing. I think you can even do het on this list, but there isn't a whole lot of Sentinel Het fiction. It's mostly slash. Ratings can be from G to NC-17. You can do website updates and announcements on the list, but that is as close to discussion as they get. If you want to join the list you send an AGE STATEMENT to Yeah, I know I'm only on one Sentinel list. But it is the main one and a damn good. Tons of members and tons of stuff posted all the time.

Due South Lists

The DS list's I'm giving you here range from general, to adult (het, slash, etc.), to slash. Most of the plain slash lists are Fraser/RayK. As you may have noticed, I prefer the Polack to the Italian.

This is the erotica list for the Due South Archive. You can post any pairing to this list het(heterosexual) or slash (m/m f/f). This list is the companion list to DIEF, which is listed below. This is where you post all the stories with erotic content. Where DIEF is mainly for anything from the G to R range. Stories here can be that, but anything NC-17 or X rated has to be posted to this list. This is a fiction only list, no discussion is allowed. No feedback or LOC's(Letters of Comment). You can do website announcement's and updates here though.

This is another list for the Due South Archive. This is the non-erotica list. You can post any story here that ranges from G to R. It can be any pairing. Gen, het, smarm (whatever that is), or slash. Just so long as it doesn't contain any erotic content. If you want erotica, you have to join the DSX list above. This is also a fiction only list, no discussion allowed. No feedback or LOC's. You can do website announcements and updates on this one.

This is a slash fiction and discussion list for the Fraser/Kowalski pairing. If you love the idea of Fraser and RayK together then this is the list for you. You can discuss anything about the characters or the actors careers. You can't talk about their personal lives. No Actor Slash or RPS (Real Person Slash). You can post fiction to the list as well. Website updates and announcements are ok. As are feedback and LOC's. Tons of members and traffic on this list.

This list is usually refered to as the Asylum list, so as to differentiate from the Serge list mentioned above. If is a slash fiction and discussion list. The stories posted here can be Fraser/Kowalski or any you can slash any two characters from DS or other roles played by Paul Gross/Callum Keith Rennie. NO ACTOR SLASH. They must be characters from at least one or more tv shows or movies Paul and Callum have been in. You can talk about the actors careers, i.e. a new film or series they are going to be in, or when a tv show/episode or movie they are in is going to air on tv. (You can do that on the Serge list above too.) Feedback and LOC's ok. Website updates and such ok too.

Stargate SG-1 Lists

This is a slash fiction and discussion list for Stargate SG-1. Any pairing, m/m or f/f, multiple pairings is acceptable. Ratings anywhere from G to NC-17. You can discuss the show and it's characters, the actors careers, but no discussing actors personal lives. No Actor Slash. Crossovers and AU are welcome, you have to have characters or places from the show in them though. Like you wouldn't? Got to send age statements. You do with all of these, but this one had it listed in the intro, so I thought I'd throw that in. I've been on the list twice now and it usually takes a couple of days for them to get back to you, once you ask to join and send your age statement. They do get back to you, eventually though.

This is a slash list for the Jack & Daniel's Place archive. The page I linked you to has several slash lists on it that you can join. I am only on the jdfx list, which is the fiction only list. There is a discussion list, which you can find by clicking on the link to Jack & Daniel's Place. This list is for posting fic with the pairing of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson only. Anything from G to NC-17. The archive has recently moved and become automated. So you can either post your fic to the list or upload it yourself. All stories posted to this list will be added to the archive.

Oz Lists
A Keller-centric fiction and discussion list. Slash and mainly Beecher/Keller. You can post fiction to this list, give feedback to the authors, and talk about the actors careers or anything pertaining to the show. No RPS (Real Person Slash). An age statement is not required to join the list. This is a very high volume list.
This is the fiction only sister list of the Twisted Sisterhood. It's Keller-centric. Stories will be archived at the C5 archive, Wanna Wrestle?, and Strange Bedfellows. No discussion is allowed on this list, if you wish to send feedback or have discussion join the TS list. This list is for anyone who just wants the fic and doesn't want to wade through the discussions, which there are alot of on TS. An age statement is not required to join the list.
Oz fiction and discussion list. This is for all Oz fanfiction; gen, het, and slash. You can discuss just about anything on the list; the show, actors careers, etc. No talking about their personal lives. No actor slash or RPS. Any pairing it doesn't matter, as long as it has to do with Oz. An age statement is not required to join this list.

Smallville Lists
A slash fanfic and discussion list whose main focus is the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor pairing. Other m/m or f/f pairings may be posted as well. New group, but already tons of members and posts. Age statement not required to join.
Sister list to clarklex. This is a fiction only list for Smallville slash. Main focus is still Clark/Lex, but other slash pairings are allowed. Age statement not required to join group.
Second verse same as the first. A slash fanfic and discussion list whose main focus is the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor pairing. Other m/m or f/f pairings may be posted as well. New group, but already tons of members and posts. Age statement not required to join.

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