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Two Words: Alan Rickman

Origins, Haven, & Belong by Ivy Blossom
Pairing: Harry/Draco

Warning: Some mentions of sexual molestation in Draco's past. He didn't have a pretty childhood in this story.

Notes: If you have any problems with links or parts of the story not showing up right. You can also go to Ivy's page and read it from there. The first story is in 18 parts, the second in 9, and the third in 18. They are all very long. I've linked you to pages with links to all the parts compiled together just to make it easier. The PSA is good about that, you don't have to hunt for parts to a story there.

Notes Part Deux: By the way the boys are at least 17 in Origins, with Draco turning 18 in that one. They are in their last year of school. Just FYI.

These are a fabulous series of stories. Last night I was looking for just anything to read, I didn't care what at the Potter Slash Archives. When I stumbled upon these stories. I was looking for something nice and long and this series fit the bill. By the time I finished the first one I was eagerly anticipating what happened in the other stories. I will warn you and say that the second story isn't as good as the other two. As happens sometimes it was the first story written and Origins was written later to explain some things in it. Haven was Ivy's first fic in the fandom. With it she was just testing the waters and trying to see where she was going with the story. Origins and Belong are wonderfully plotted and the characterization are just great. She gives great back story to make you believe that Draco truly is in love with Harry, long before he ever acts on it. Even Ivy says she isn't happy with Haven and is in the process of re-writing it. So I'm looking forward to reading that. Haven does talk about some events you'll need to be aware of for Belong to make sense, so you should read it. It's not a perfect fic, but it's ok. When Ivy gets Haven re-written I'll put a link up to the newer version. Ivy is such a wonderful writer and weaves such a beautiful tale in this universe she has created I look forward to more of her work. The fics in this series are just truly mesmerizing. I really love them. I just devoured them in one sitting. They have that haunting quality that sticks with you. Makes you think. Makes you view things and characters another way. I can't recommend these stories enough. Read them, you won't be sorry.

The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Notes: WIP, story is in 14 parts so far and they haven't even kissed yet. Also, this is sort of a futurish fic. This link will take you to a page with all the parts on it.

This is all Alan Rickman's fault. I don't even like the Harry Potter books all that well. I read part of one of the HP books, it wasn't bad, just wasn't my thing. Then I got really bored one day and nothing good was coming into my favorite fandoms. I'm on this list for recs in any fandom. I saw some HP recs and decided what the hell. I'd give them a shot. I found out that Alan Rickman played Snape and that was pretty much all she wrote. I mean hello, Alan Rickman people. Anyway. This was probably one of the first fics I stumbled upon. It has an interesting premise. In this one Harry is sucked into a mirror where he experiences an alternate universe. He gets thrown back into his world after what seems like a few moments to every one else, but over 10 years to him. Mentally, he's aged and there is no way he can go back to being what and who he was. Even if his body is still that of a teenager. So he goes about using magic to create a new life for himself. In the hopes that he can change his world for the better. Prevent mistakes he made in the mirror one. He has a second chance to get things right and use this hard earned knowledge he's gained to try to defeat Voldemort.

Resolutions by Josan
Pairing: Severus Snape/Sirius Black

Notes: This story is in 8 parts, it is finished, it's just long. Just look at the end of each part for the next section

From what research I've done on the net just to catch up on the canon of the books it appears that Snape and Sirius are enemies. Well, in this one with a chance to get to know one another they find that that might not be the case. Sirius is shocked to find that for Severus that might not have ever been the case when they were young. This story was written in response to the Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest. It's a great piece of work that takes it's time getting the guys together. I've seen Josan's work in other fandoms I read in, so it was nice to see someone familiar in this fandom. I've seen several in fact. I'm a big romantic sap and so this story fell right into. It takes place in the future right before the eventual last battle with Voldemort. Everyone plays a part in it and the guys have to face the fact that they may not both survive it. The story has some nice romance and a good dose of action towards the end. I really enjoyed it, you might too, give it a shot.

Too Wise to Woo Peaceably & Look Pale With Love by JayKay
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Heh. Any fic that centers around a Shakespeare play has me interested pretty much from the word go. I'm a big English nerd, so I love anything to do with Shakespeare. In this one after Voldemort has been defeated the school decides to lighten things up by performing Much Ado About Nothing in the old Shakespearean style. Meaning that all the roles will be played by men, even the female ones. (The girls get to do the production work and direct the play.) The students as well as the faculty are getting involved in the production. Both Harry and Snape are chagrined to learn that they have been cast as one of the couples in the play. The action pretty much starts from there. The two try to work out their differences for the betterment of the play. Along the way finding out that they just might like one another more than they ever thought. Due to the age difference and student/teacher relationship Snape tries to keep their relationship held at bay knowing what it might cost them both. I really liked the way the second story ended. It seemed very real to me. I even respected Snape for it in the story. These are two great reads that are fun and humorous. With just a smidge of angst for flavor. Great reads that you shouldn't miss out on.

Love Under Will by Aja
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Warning: The boys are in their fifth year, so about 16 in this one. Nothing really graphic sexually, more hinted at in many ways. R rated stuff I'd say rather than NC-17.

Notes: WIP

In this one Draco and Harry are both a little shocked to realize that their hatred of one another might be masking an attraction that neither has allowed themselves to realize. A class project where they get paired together gives them the chance to get to know one another better. It's hard for them to accept their attraction to one another in the beginning. No matter how hard they try to fight it, inevitably they can't deny it. There is a slow build up here that I liked. We really see the guys slow progression of realizing they are attracted to one another. Having to deal with that and decide what they are going to do about it. The sexual tension eventually just hits the boiling point and something has to give. From there the boys just can't turn back, as much as they might wish too. Once they decide to proceed and see where this takes them. They find out what it actually means to be together. Hiding their relationship from friends and family, knowing none of them will understand. Trying very hard to accept who the other person is and not attempt to change them. At the same time, secretly wishing that the other person might change themselves. There are some sweet romantic moments in this fic and some angsty moments when the pressure of hiding and who they both are get to be to much. It's a really great fic, I'm just waiting in anticipation wondering where it's going to go.

Wicked Game I, II, and III by JayKay
Pairing: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Notes: There is an AU to this story that ponders What if...? the guys had worked things out when then were still in school. Yes, it is actually titled What if.

These are probably the first Snape/Lupin stories I read in this fandom. This is a lovely little series of stories that takes it's time getting the guys together. In this one Remus and Severus came close to having a romantic relationship back when they were in high school together. Things happened, however, that ended up tearing them apart before anything ever really had a chance to begin back then. The first fic takes place during the time that Lupin was the DADA teacher. In it he and Snape try to fight their way beyond the mistakes of the past to see if they can have a future together. I think things follow pretty closely to canon for the most part, but it goes AU and picks up where things left off towards the end of the first story. The second story is my favorite. There is such lovely sexual tension in it. Circumstances keep the two men apart during that whole fic. Forcing them to communicate via letters. That is when they really get to know one another again. When their feelings rekindle and deepen. Just so you don't behead me I'll tell you that the last fic is the NC-17 rated one. Things don't really "climax" until that one. There is a nice long teasing quality to these fics. One thing I like about many of the HP fics I've found is how the writers really build the frame work for the characters in stories. They take the time to truly make me believe that these people who at the best don't like one another and the worst sometimes out right hate one another actually could fall in love. This one takes it's sweet time and I enjoyed every moment of it.

If You are Prepared I, II, & III by Cybele
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Notes: WIP (Work in Progress)

Dumbledore comes up with a plan to keep Harry and Snape safe. It involves the two being isolated and Snape using the time to teach Harry skills the other students aren't learning yet. Get you minds out of the gutter. Magical Skills. Not those type of things. Well, that's not what he was sent to teach him anyway. There is no way for that not to sound dirty. Moving on. The forced isolation causes the two to become closer. Learn to trust one another and put aside their differences. Snape really fights himself in this one, as he should. Since Harry is far younger than he is and he's the boy's teacher. It's not an easy situation all around. Tons of angst to spare you can imagine. I love a good helping of emotional angst and a slow steady build up. Which is just what we get here. All the stories I've rec'd in this fandom seem to have that same theme of two enemies getting over their differences to become lovers. Most pairings in the fandom seem to have that theme, at least the ones I'm interested in any way. The mixing of romance and angst is just so much fun. Fighting past prejudices and old anger/pain to be together. My favorite type of fics. This one is no exception. The first two fics are finished. The third one is still in progress. So even if you don't like WIP's read the first two and wait around till the third is finished. Me, I enjoy the ride a WIP can give you. In fact I think I might have to go read this one again, just for the heck of it.

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