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Oz Fanfic

A Case of You - NC-17 57K
My one sad little Oz fic. God, never let a writer try to describe her own fiction. This one is episode related, sort of a what were they thinking and picks up where the episode left off kindof thing, for Out O' Time (Season 3 finale). In this Beecher and Keller solve some problems nagging at their relationship and come together to ring in the New Year. That explanation sucks. Just read the fic. It's pretty hot, but not great. Like I said, never let a writer describe their own work to you. I'm my own worst critic.

It's not the best thing I could ever do, but it was a good first try at slash fanfic. I'm working on some X-files M/K stuff. Most of which I just refer to as, *the fucking epics*. Let's just say the Oz fic was short in my opinion. I'm not capable of PWP's. So the epics are still in my head. I have to have the whole story worked out to write them. Some are getting close to escaping my brain, but not there yet. I won't tell you to check back for them. No telling when it will be done. Not making promises. If it sucks on paper, may never see the light of the cyberspace.

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