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I've got a thing for the little blonde, though
Tyr is pretty hunky so who knows later on.

Shifting by Viridian5
I just love Harper, even if they have used him very little this season. Or so it seems. <sigh> I swear I really am trying to find more Andromeda slash I like. I am really. I went searching just the other day, but I couldn't find anything that I just fell in love with. So this page still looks like a big old rec fest for Viridian and Cassiopeia. I'll keep looking. I see some definite slash possibilities between Tyr/Harper. In one ep recently he risked his own life to save Harper. Hello! He's a Nietschean they don't do that sort of thing. Gotta have a thing for blondie, only explanation I could come up with. I keep wondering if Nietschean's would be gay though. Or if they would see that as a genetic defect. Might not, they might see homosexuality as just sexual release. On the other hand they aren't big on anything sexually that doesn't have to do with procreation. I'm still in a quandary about that. So I have a little trouble with Tyr slash. I'm going to have to profile him more to figure that out. When a guy is all about lies and deceit, that isn't easy. So for now I'm stuck on Harper/Dylan slash. I think Harper is an absolute cutie and Kevin Sorbo...need I really say more. Though he's not completely my type, I do drool over his some. Viridian picked up on the Harper/Tyr thing too in this fic, but she couldn't seem to find her way to the two of them having anything either. So it's a Harper/Dylan fic. Speaking of needing to say things...Do I really have to say this fic is good? It's by Viridian, of course it is. It's a nice read that doesn't shy away from the bad thing they are doing to Harper this season. Takes that into account. Nice, sweet, and sexy. Just the way I like my fics. It's a great fic. Click on the link up there to check it out.

Pride by Cassiopeia
Note: This story is a sequel to Shame.

Well, I decided to move the Andromeda recs from the Miscellaneous Page to one of their own. Wanted to clear up some space on the the other page. It just looks like a big old rec fest for Cassiopeia doesn't it. That's because she's damn good. I also need to find some more Andromeda slash to read. I haven't bothered mostly, because I'm pretty sure I've found the best author in the fandom hidden over on Viridian's page. Like I said in the note this one is a sequel to Shame, which you'll find a rec for right below this one. I just love the way Cassiopeia writes Harper. I like her Dylan too. In this one the boys find out they have some family connections that they never knew about. No, they aren't related to each other. I won't tell you how the connection comes about. I don't want to spoil it for you. It occurs early in the story though, so you won't have to wait long to find out. It's hard to do this rec without mentioning the major plot point, I'll try though. I just love the way she approached this whole situation in the story. None of it is easy, but the guys are resilient. So they rise up to the challenge they face and meet it. I'm quite proud of the guys here. This one has a great plot that just draws you in and leaves you wanting more. I hope she writes another sequel to this. Hell, I just hope she writes more Andromeda stories period. This is one of those stories that once I read it I wanted to turn immediately around and read again. There is another story I rec'd in this update I felt the same way about. Seems the time for those.

Shame by Cassiopeia
Ok, I was over at Viridian's site, browsing around it the other day. When what should I stumble upon, but the fact that Viridian is hosting some Andromeda fic by Cassiopeia here. I've never heard of her before, but I must say I am loving her fic. I poured through them all over a couple of days. Which is an accomplishment, she might have just four fics, but they are all long. Which I love. This one is my favorite. In it we go into Harper's past some and see that he lived a pretty hard life in this fic. The main thing I liked about this fic is that it didn't portray Harper as some poor hapless victim. Some weak little wimp who just gets crap piled on him over and over again. To the point you wonder how the guys still alive. I hate those types of fics. You often wonder how the person managed to survive the violence heaped upon them. If the horrendous crap inflicted on them doesn't kill them, you'd think that they would justifiably kill themselves to escape it. Harper does have some shit happen to him, but he does escape it. On his own, he doesn't need anyone to help him. He takes it into his own hands and deals with it. Which I think is totally in character. Harper is a wild little punk. I've seen him stand back to back with Tyr and face down a hoard of Magog descending upon them. He's definitely a guy you want at your back in a fight. He can take care of himself and probably has been doing that for a long time. I read some truly awful Andromeda fics a while back that had Harper raped in like every story and forced into prostitution. Which none of his friends or shipmates helped him escape from. Does this sound like anyone on Andromeda to you? Not to me. Please. Dylan himself would die trying to get a crew mate out of such a situation. Give me a fucking break. None of that crap here. Harper is a man and can take care of himself, quite well. He and Dylan have an adult relationship. One that isn't easy and they have to figure out what all the rules are along the way. Dylan wasn't a complete jerk as so many tend to portray him. I admit he is rather to much of a goody goody for my tastes, but I like him none the less. I really like this story. How Harper was characterized. Not just relegated to being the weak one or the feminine one because he was smaller. He never seems that to me on the show. She really caught that fighting essence of him. Tough, strong, intelligent, and all over the place hyperactive. I think she did a wonderful characterization of him here. A damn good one of Dylan too. Made me like him a little more, thanks to this fic. I've started getting into the show more lately and even hooked others in the household on it. So I'm looking for more quality Andromeda fic. You can check out all her fic at Viridian's site, just look on the Andromeda page. Oh, do I need to point out that Cassiopeia was Andromeda's mother in Greek myths? <g> Though not.

Moment by Moment & Magnetism by Viridian5
I watch Andromeda from time to time. I forget when it is on alot, but I like it well enough. Hell, I've come to the conclusion that if it has Gene Rodenberry's name attached to it somewhere I'll watch it and like generally like it. I absolutely love Earth: Final Conflict. Though I must say about Andromeda, that if a ship got anywhere near a black hole's event horizon it would not remain in tact. It would be pulled apart, all of it molecules lined up like a big string, and once pulled into the black hole the atoms would be smashed upon reaching the singularity point. Where everything is drawn down to one small point in space and time. The energy left from that would be stored in a pocket in space beyond that point. So you may guess the first episode annoyed me a little. (Don't even get me started on the bad plotting of the time line and events in Terminator 1&2. You don't want to go there with me.) Due to that I skipped the first few eps, but then watched every now and then. Then I caught an ep where there was alot of Harper action. Man, I love him. I am like so totally gone over his character. I think he is adorable. He's a little guy, but who cares he's as brave, strong, and agile as any of the men and women on board. I've read a few stories that had like Harper and Tyr in them, but I never really liked them much. Harper is just so not a bottom boy or a weakling. Despite his appearance and stature he is a tough little bastard who bravely stood up to a whole group of Magog who surrounded and nearly killed he and Tyr. He went down fighting and raging all the way. I don't know what ep that was in so who knows if it was a spoiler. I'm just trying to stipulate that he is a strong man and this story really shows him as that. Really lets that shine through. I think Viridian captured him in his essence. Someone who has lived a hard life, but doesn't let that weigh him down. I like the interaction between him and Beka in this one too. She does seem very sisterly and protective of him, she refers to him by his first name as much as his last. So I'm a Harper kind of chick, Kevin Sorbo is just to pretty for my tastes. His characters tend to fall under the heading of 'goody, goody' alot too. Viridian lets him loosen up a little in this story, though. I found it believable enough for his character to cut loose this way. These stories in their first incarnation were actually part of a series Viridian has in the Due South fandom. That series is sortof a trek into the past lives of Fraser & RayK. Someone mentioned to her that Dylan/Harper reminded her of them, from there two stories were born about a future lifetime of Ben/RayK. To tell the truth I can so see Fraser as Dylan and RayK as Harper. It worked for me. Then someone, maybe the same friend who spawned the idea, told her that if she just cut the vague references to Fraser and RayK then it would work as a straight Andromeda story. So she did and these two are the edited version. The first one is edited only a little, the second more so. Both the stories are great and like I said I'm a Harper kindof girl. Viridian obviously likes him too, she captured him just so well, as I mentioned above. A definite must check out in this fandom. Both these stories are just great.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Cassiopeia
Ah, another lovely Andromeda fic by Cassiopeia. I do love her Andromeda stories. Mainly, because most of them are so very long. I just love getting lost in a good long story sometimes. She weaves some wonderful tales to get lost in too. This one gives a different outcome to what could have happened in this new second season of Andromeda, which is just starting up. TPTB did a bad thing to Harper that just makes me whimper when I think about it. This story gives a little twist to things so that the bad thing doesn't happen. Denial is a good thing sometimes. What I like most about her versions of Dylan and Harper is that they are both just...Men. They have trouble communicating most of the time and that, of course, leads to many a misunderstanding. Neither of them is ever diminished because they get together. That's the main thing I think I hate to see happen when a writer suddenly feminizes a male character who has never been at all femme on screen. They suddenly make the guy out to be pathetic fop. The character's intelligence tends to drops to staggering levels (even when the guy holds a Ph.D. or two), he loses any ability to defend himself, cries if he get so much as a hangnail, and become pretty much useless in any given situation. That doesn't happen with the guys in Cassiopeia's stories. They both remain the strong and intelligent men we see on screen. No one has to play the conquering hero who rushes to the rescue of their distraut paramour. They can defend themselves and anyone else who needs it. Also, just because Harper is smaller he doesn't suddenly become the weak one or the designated bottom boy. They both have their moments of being weak, being strong, being dominate, and being submissive. The guys in her stories really respect one another. I appreciate that. In many a fic out there that is absent. Which I hate. It takes away from the characters we see on screen and adds up to bad characterization in the end. Another thing I like about this story (as well as several of her other works) is that they take their time. She works up to the guys getting together and once they do it isn't all smooth sailing (mainly due to that not communicating thing). She lets the relationship develop within the story, there is an actual plot in here. Not just hot sex. One that sucks you in and leaves you wanting for more. I just adore her work. When I found she's written a new one I never miss it. Reading her Andromeda fics made me want to watch the show more religiously. I used to just catch it every now and then, now I always watch it if I can figure out when it's on. (They keep moving it around to different time slots on my channels.) Once I found this one I just knew it had to be included in this update. Couldn't resist it. You might just like it too.

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